Saturn Mahadasha-Effects, Remedy, Antardasha For All Ascendant

Saturn mahadasha effects

Saturn mahadasha is a period of time in a person's life when Saturn is the ruling planet.

This period usually lasts for around 19 years and along with its slow transit can cause havoc in our life.

There is a general thinking that planet Saturn mahadasha can ruin one's life and can cause various kinds of hardships and is hardest among all Vimshottri mahadashas.

The Mahadasha of Saturn is a time of hard work, responsibility, and restriction. You may feel like you are being pushed to your limits during this time, but it is also a time of great accomplishment. 

You will learn to value hard work and discipline, and you will be able to accomplish a great deal under Saturn's influence. 

There may be some challenges and obstacles during this time, but you will eventually learn to overcome them.

But in reality, Saturn mahadasha can be good also and in many cases and one need to see the Horoscope holistic manner before saying anything on Saturn mahadasha effects.

As per B.P.H.S and other original Astrology commentaries following general effects of Saturn mahadasha are mentioned:

  1. Poverty.
  2. Sickness.
  3. Death.
  4. Living lonely.
  5. Bad relationship.
  6. Bad career.
  7. Negative publicity.
  8. Humiliation.
  9. Loss of limbs.
  10. Depressed mind.

But these effects may not pass at all if favorable conditions are available in the Horoscope and if Saturn mahadasha can give following results also:

  1. Increase in wealth.
  2. Rise in status.
  3. Good health.
  4. Fame.
  5. Powerful friends.
  6. Success in politics.
  7. Good married life.
  8. Long life span.
  9. Spiritual growth.
  10. Interest in charitable works.

This means that there are a lot of dynamics involved here and I will try to cover this topic in detail.

How To Check When Saturn Mahadasha Will Start?

Since we have many Vedic astrology software at our disposal now, it is very easy to find when Saturn Mahadasha will start for a native.

All you have to do is get a good software where ayanamsa should be set to Lahiri Ayanamsa.

Put your birth details in it and in the Vimshottari Mahadasha section see the dates for Saturn Mahadasha.

For example, feed the following birth details in the software:

  • Date Of Birth: 15-12-1986
  • Time Of Birth: 08:30
  • Place Of Birth: New Delhi

Plz note, I will be using the details mentioned above throughout this article.

You will see that the Saturn Mahadasha is starting on 18/02/2033 and is ending on 18/02/2052.

Saturn mahadasha dates

This is how you can determine the starting and ending point of Saturn Mahadasha, you can do manual calculations for this which have its own different procedure.

In order to find out the effects of Saturn mahadasha we should know the rules to assess planet Saturn in a Horoscope and this what will will be discussing ahead.

How To Analyze Effects Of Saturn Mahadasha In Horoscope

We all know in Vedic astrology nothing is plain and simple and the long 19 years of Saturn mahadasha have different phases in it i.e antardasha of planets.

There are many factors that should be accounted for before making any predictions on Saturn mahadasha.

So here I am going to take you on a tour where you will learn many parameters while assessing the effects of Saturn Mahadasha.

The very thing is to check the rising sign in the ascendant and moon sign in the Horoscope.

Rising signs should be given preference over the Moon.

Though always keep an eye on the Moon chart no matter what.

Now we all know planet Saturn owns Capricorn and Aquarius signs.

Check where these two signs are falling, this process will determine the lordship of planet Saturn in the Horoscope.

I could have taken you the other way around where we see the sign rising on the ascendant first.

Rather, I said to look at Capricorn and Aquarius signs and which house they are falling at because here our focus is Saturn mahadasha.

Let's use the same birth details which I have mentioned previously i.e 15-12-1988, 08:30, New Delhi.

Here we can see that Capricorn sign is falling at 2nd and Aquarius sign is falling at 3rd house.

Saturn mahadasha effects

The rising ascendant sign is Sagittarius here.

 As per rules of lordship, planet Saturn is malefic here and is maraka also.

 Which means the general tendency of Saturn is a bit negative.

Though remember 2nd house rules over earnings, family values, speech and many other important things.

The 3rd house rules over courage, strength, siblings, short journeys etc and is a very important house in today's world context.

So here we can not say that Saturn mahadasha effects will be negative only.

Again, I will remind you of the very important rule of planetary strength and affliction.

To summarize it here in simple words, remember that any planet which possesses strength and is free from affliction can cause wonders in its dasha, even if that planet rules over 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house.

Plz note, calculation of planetary strength should be done through natal and divisional charts all together.

There is a method for it and it is known as Shadbala which accounts for divisional charts and many other things.

So here it is important you see affliction and planetary strength of Saturn before making any conclusion on Saturn mahadasha effects.

Now coming back to the example chart again.

In this Horoscope planet Saturn is placed in 12th house with 9th lord Sun and 7th and 10th lord Mercury.

Saturn Mahadasha-Effects, Remedy, Antardasha For All Ascendant

Union of Saturn and Mercury there is causing Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga and this union is auspicious for the native.

These two planets i.e Sun and Mercury in 12th house is good and is known as benefic association.

Saturn is aspected by planet Moon which is lord of the 8th house and is exalted in 6th house making Vipreet Rajyoga.

Saturn Mahadasha-Effects, Remedy, Antardasha For All Ascendant

Now we need to account for this aspect of the Moon here and its general and ascendant wise significations need to be accounted for.

This aspect of the Moon is causing affliction over Saturn.

Now you have to repeat the process in navamsha again.

Above mentioned process will determine the overall nature of planet Saturn in a Horoscope and depending on this, the mahadasha effects of Saturn will differ from person to person.

This process above will determine the core nature of Saturn in the Horoscope and it can either auspicious, inauspicious or something in between also.

Let's see the effects of Auspicious and Inauspicious Saturn mahadasha for any Horoscope.

Results Of Auspicious Saturn Mahadasha

Just like any mahadasha, the results of Saturn mahadasha can be positive or negative in nature. I have written a separate article on this topic which show how Saturn Mahadasha can produce benefic results.

If Saturn is auspicious in Horoscope then the effects of Saturn mahadasha will be as follows:

  1. Great wealth.
  2. Good health.
  3. Elevation in the job.
  4. Possession of house.
  5. Possession of vehicle.
  6. Increase in influence over people.
  7. Leisure abroad.
  8. Spiritual advancement.
  9. A great increase in knowledge.
  10. A gain in confidence.

You can see above that the effects of auspicious Saturn mahadasha can be a great help.

Results Of Inauspicious Saturn Mahadasha

Now if in a Horoscope planet Saturn is inauspicious then the following effects will be observed by the native:

  1. Deformity in the body.
  2. Lack of sleep.
  3. Loss of wealth.
  4. Loss of reputation.
  5. Loss of job.
  6. Loss of near and dear ones.
  7. Useless wanderings.
  8. Danger to house and car via natural calamity.
  9. Depression.

Above mentioned effects of Saturn mahadasha seem very gloomy and are in symphony with the general perception of the public about planet Saturn.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For All Ascendant

Just like any other planet, Saturn can be a benefic or malefic for a particular ascendant, and usually, this factor affects the outcome of Saturn mahadasha the most and I am stating the lordship of Saturn and its nature in table form.

Ascendant Sign

Lordship Of Saturn

Nature Of Saturn


10th & 11th house



9th & 10th house

Benefic & Yogakaraka


8th & 9th house



7th & 8th house



6th & 7th house



5th & 6th house



4th & 5th house

Benefic & Yogakaraka


3rd & 4th house



8th & 9th house



1st & 2nd house



1st & 12th house



11th & 12th house


Saturn lordship is over two houses and during its Mahadasha, planet Saturn gives results of its lordship mainly and depending on other factors like aspect, conjunction, or any other planetary association of Saturn with other 8 planets, the effects will modify.

What I am stating below are only the general effects of Saturn mahadasha for all ascendant signs.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant planet Saturn is lord of two important houses which are 10th and 11th house and Saturn rules over the following significations mainly.

  1. Career.
  2. Status.
  3. Large gains.
  4. Father's health.
  5. Father's income.
  6. Knees.
  7. Reputation.
  8. Friends.
  9. Elder brother.
  10. Network of people around you.

During Saturn mahadasha, Aries ascendant native will get the results of 10th & 11th house mainly. If Saturn is placed in the 7th or 10th house then Panchmahapurush Sasa Yoga will be formed which is a very excellent condition to have.

In such a case planet Saturn will bless the native with amazing all-around success.Planet Saturn should not be afflicted by natural malefic like Rahu-Ketu and functional malefic like Mercury and there are many other factors that need to account for.

If planet Saturn is auspicious via placement, strength, and association then the native will be seeing a good rise in his career, and his status will improve at the workplace.

During Saturn mahadasha, native influence will grow over people and everyone will start to listen to the strategy made by the native.There will be a rise in wealth and natives can buy a house, car or may invest in real estate.

During Saturn mahadasha, health will remain good, and natives will see good interest in physical workouts. Overall Saturn mahadasha gives good results for Aries ascendant provided Saturn is not debilitated in the 1st house.

In such a case, all kinds of bad results will come during Saturn mahadasha.

Let's see in detail the Mahadasha results of Saturn when placed in various houses:

1. When Saturn is placed in the 1st house: Here, Saturn becomes debilitated and the mahadasha of Saturn gives negative results in all areas of life. The aspect of Saturn falls in the 3rd, 7th, and 10th houses and affects the significations related to these houses and any planet placed in these houses.

The native becomes complacent and lazy and lacks the desires and will power required to excel in life. Suddenly everything starts to deteriorate and in the beginning phase of the Saturn mahadasha, the native can lose his job. If the 6th house lord Mercury is weak, afflicted, or placed in the 1st, 8th, or 12th house then legal issues also come over the native. These issues can be related to inquiry at the workplace or allegations against the native.

Mars and Venus union, parivartan, or mutual aspect in the 2nd, 6th, 8th, or 12th house under the influence of Rahu can cause troubles from women also.

Native debts increase and it becomes very hard for the native to manage expenses. Business can collapse and government policies can go against the native. Saturn mahadasha thoroughly tests the native until its own antardasha ends. If by chance native also comes in his Sade Sati then a double impact of the bad period can make the native hopeless.

There can be a possibility that certain planets may be sitting with the mahadasha lord Saturn. Those planets will also come under the influence of Saturn and in its mahadasha the areas signified by those planets will see delays and they won't operate smoothly.

For example, if the Moon is placed with Saturn in the sign of Aries then Saturn mahadasha will bring challenges in mental health and the native can fall into depression.

Plus his marriage can get delayed, if already married then frequent fights with spouse, divorce or separation can also happen.

Union or any form of planetary influence of Ketu, Rahu, or Mercury can prove extremely devastating and the problems will only compound due to that.

Such saturn mahadasha can be extremely testing and requires remedies and changes in one's personality. Further, if Saturn is weak in navamsha also then even remedies can't rescue the native. But if Saturn is well placed in navamsha and Saturn in natal have the influence of 9th house lord Jupiter, then the native can expect some relief in antardasha of benefic planets such as Jupiter, Sun, or even Mars who is the ascendant lord. Provided individually they are well placed and are not afflicted.

2. When Saturn is placed in the 2nd house: Here, Saturn comes in the sign of Taurus which is ruled by planet Venus who is friendly towards mahadasha lord Saturn. But when Saturn sits in the sign of Venus it directly affects the passion, and interpersonal relationships especially marriage.

The 2nd house is also connected with marriage and family aspects of our life. During Saturn mahadasha native sees speech getting harsh and native become demanding in relationships and at the workplace. If planet Moon is weak or afflicted or if mahadasha lord sits with planet Moon then the native can behave very cold in Saturn Mahadasha.

The whole Saturn mahadasha is very supportive for a steady rise in career and under the aspect of benefic Jupiter the career of the native sees important events. Since mahadasha lord Saturn aspects the 11th house which is ruled by Saturn itself.

The path to success becomes easy and the native gains in financial matters effortlessly. This mahadasha can prove supportive for expansion and new plans in family business and if the native has 5th house lord Sun placed in an auspicious house and in trine to Saturn then the native can start his own business in Saturn antardasha itself.

The beginning phase is very crucial for the native and sets the narrative for the rest of the remaining mahadasha.

On the family and relationship front native doesn't experience a smooth ride and since the 2nd house is placed at 8th from the 7th house, the mahadasha of Saturn can cause delays in marriage especially when Venus is afflicted in the horoscope. The married ones also suffer on account of rude behavior from the spouse and due to lack of domestic peace. The health of the spouse also becomes weak and frequent issues arise in this matter. If the affliction over the 2nd house or 7th is extreme then health issues can become worrisome in the antardasha of Rahu, Ketu, or Mercury.

Since the 2nd house is a maraka house and Saturn is a natural malefic this mahadasha have implications on the health of the native too. If the ascendant is weak or if its lord Mars is in an afflicted state then there can be health troubles over the native. The native can engage in habits that are detrimental to health such as smoking, drinking, or under the influence of Rahu this problem can extend to drugs also. Only the auspicious influence of Jupiter over mahadasha lord Saturn, Moon, or ascendant can help the native from such vices.

Remedy: The best remedial measure here is to practice mindfulness and pranayama daily so that the native can fix the negative attributes and conduct himself properly.

3. When Saturn is placed in the 3rd house: Here, planet Saturn comes in the sign of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury itself. Saturn mahadasha is considered auspicious in the 3rd house and increases the valor, hard work, and dedication of the native. During this mahadasha native becomes very action-oriented and becomes very demanding.

If Jupiter is placed in the 9th house then the Dharmakarma adhipati yoga gives full-blown results provided Saturn is not debilitated in the navamsha. Native climbs the ladder of success and with each passing year sees new positive events and patterns.

If the Moon is placed in trine from mahadasha lord Saturn then there will be a mindset of karmyogi and with the support of strong ascendant lord native can reach a high-profile position and that too in a very ethical manner.

Saturn mahadasha here promotes the skills and talents of native also. In its beginning phase i.e in Saturn antardasha the native starts to work on his skills and talents seriously. The aspect of Saturn over the 5th house encourages this aspect and polishes the skills of native. Planets like Venus when placed with Saturn, in the 5th, 9th, 11th, or 12th house encourage leads to mastery over various art forms.

In such a scenario, the native can become successful in arts and cinema. Similarly, in this mahadasha native can start his own business or can run for a political position. With the support of a strong ascendant and rajyoga in horoscope, the native can taste success easily.

Relationship matters usually go smoothly but if Sun is placed with Saturn or in the 9th house then the native can have issues with the Father and his decisions affect the fate of the native. Saturn mahadasha leads to delay in marriage and obstacles in childbirth.

Love affairs of the native usually break in the antardasha of planets connected with the 5th house particularly when they are natural malefic. Native expressions also get affected and people often misunderstood the native. This leads to heartbreaks and pain from the loved one. But since this Saturn mahadasha promotes spiritual growth they handle negative events gracefully and sees it as a learning in life.

Matters of health remain positive throughout the mahadasha of Saturn. Native engages in exercises which gives good results in both physical and mental aspects of health. But if Moon is badly placed in the 8th house then it will be 6th from the mahadasha lord. In this scenario, there can be intense struggles with OCD's perfectionism and lack of empathy.

Despite this, the native sees a good level of energy in the body and stamina. Spiritual growth compounds in the period of benefic Jupiter, strong Sun, or unafflicted Moon. The native undertakes many pilgrimages and if Rahu is placed in the 10th house then this mahadasha of Saturn gives a strong inclination to do Sadhna.

Remedy: Native can gain the best from this auspicious Saturn mahadasha by appeasing Saturn. This can be done via serving poor and needy people. Also, chanting of Shani Chalisa can prove very beneficial.

4. When Saturn is placed in the 4th house: Here, the mahadasha lord comes in the sign of Cancer which is ruled by Moon. The dasha results in this scenario are not considered auspicious for mental health and relationships. If Moon is weak or afflicted then a severe impact can fall on the native's mind and this can result in the spoiling of good results in career and finances.

So it is a must that the Moon is placed in an auspicious house and under auspicious planetary influences otherwise this Saturn mahadasha can lead to disastrous results for the native. The aspect of mahadasha lord falls over the 6th, 10th, and 1st house. Which indicates that native can turn hostile towards his own well-wishers and can become emotionally disconnected from people at the workplace and relationships.

Equations with seniors can become tough and the native gets burdened with pressure and targets. Enemies become very active and the environment at the workplace starts to feel toxic. Only a strong and well-placed Moon can save the native from such negativity and delays.

Since the 4th house is also connected with properties, vehicles, and mother the Saturn mahadasha can lead to events where these significations can get negatively affected. If Venus or Mars is weak or afflicted in the horoscope then the native can face losses in property dealings. Sometimes native even loses the family house or the vehicle due to financial constraints.

The Mahadasha lord also aspects the 10th house which indicates that native will make efforts towards a career but the growth will come slowly. If the 6th house lord is strong then service type of career can be the best choice otherwise native can do well in the business also.

But generally, things go slowly and the native becomes very detached towards material things in life.

During Saturn mahadasha, native relationships also become very cold and detached. Native avoids interaction with people and often prefers solitude. There can be many family responsibilities on the native and the relationship with the mother is usually not very positive. The native gets very little support from his mother and in return native also becomes very cold towards his own family. In extreme cases, there can be situations where the native's mother can fall sick and can become a liability on the native.

Marriage matters usually suffer and native avoids marriage or relationships. Despite this native tries to seek some affection and can end up in a bad relationship which can cause stress in the long run. If the 5th house lord is weak or afflicted then native can suffer heartbreaks and betrayals.

The relationship with the spouse remains weak and doesn't have the warmth which is required in a good relationship. There can be separation or divorce due to career or health issues of the spouse. Overall relationships don't bring good results and create stress and native should be mentally prepared for it. Such a native should be watchful of his health. Saturn here can cause chronic diseases like asthma or arthritis. This is the reason why spiritual pursuits and a religious lifestyle are considered best to handle the mahadasha of Saturn in the 4th house.

Remedy: Native should practice mindfulness to handle his emotions. Practices like yoga can be very helpful. Also, he should wear a Jyotish-quality Moonstone on the index finger to strengthen the Moon and to maintain good mental health.

5. When Saturn is placed in the 5th house: The Saturn mahadasha is usually considered very auspicious. Saturn here is in a friendly sign of Leo and gives rise to a sense of duty and responsibility. Native becomes very grounded in nature and prefers to follow the righteous path in career and personal matters.

In the beginning phase of Saturn mahadasha, the native can experience delays and frustrations because the 5th house is 8th from the 10th house which signifies unexpected events in career. This can take the form of issues with bosses or delays in promotions. Despite this native keeps working hard and with the arrival of Saturn antardasha, the native sees new beginnings and a fresh new start in career matters. If the 5th house lord is in a good house like the 9th or 11th then the native's career takes the shape of business and the person starts to feel relief from the failures.

If the native follows a career in the service sector then slow growth is experienced but a positive environment at the workplace will keep things in balance. When the Moon is placed in trine from Saturn or from the ascendant then the native starts to see job changes and ultimately land in a good position. If the Moon is in 12th or 8th then the job losses will keep coming till the Saturn antardasha starts.

Native during this mahadasha learns new things and if the 2nd house lord Venus is strong and unafflicted then native becomes very skilled in various arts. Many actors and painters go through this phase and rise in their careers. Native gets many opportunities and the support of the father is also there. This helps in the long run and the native slowly sees a rise in all areas of his life. Saturn in the 5th house also aspects the 7th house which is considered a very auspicious aspect.

Native becomes very sensible and looks for a steady and matured partner. If Mars is strong then love marriage can happen provided there are combinations for it in the horoscope. Marriage and relationship issues are not seen and native can expect a loyal and steady partner. Only when Saturn is weak in navamsha then things can be different and delays or issues can come in marriage.

When it comes to health the native doesn't see any major issues but some setbacks can come if the ascendant is weak. Native generally leads a disciplined life and takes good care of his diet and habits. Spiritual growth becomes a part of life and native follows the advice and suggestions of his guru or teacher. Overall the Saturn mahadasha will give a steady rise and the pace of progress will be according to the past life karma of the native.

Remedy: One should offer services to poor and old people to gain auspicious results of Saturn.

6. When Saturn is placed in the 6th house: This Saturn mahadasha is considered very auspicious for growth in career and matters related to enemies and debts. Native becomes very disciplined and focuses on his career with utmost dedication. If the Moon is well placed then the native starts a new job and doesn't face any delays or obstacles in the beginning phase of Saturn mahadasha. If the Moon is in the 12th house then the native can face some issues and with the arrival of Saturn antardasha native starts to see new beginnings.

This phase of 2 years 5 months is crucial for the native and gives the final results of mahadasha. Native wins over his competitors and all of his issues with enemies get resolved. Native also sees himself paying off his debts and enjoys stability in life. If the 10th house lord is strong and forming rajyoga in the horoscope then native enjoys support from seniors and in-laws.

The mahadasha of Saturn gives new opportunities and if Jupiter is placed in the 9th or 11th house then native travels to far places and gets new projects. Native can start his own business also and in the Saturn antardasha itself, he can see gains from his efforts. In the business line, the native can become a market leader and enjoy the results of his hard work.

Saturn here also aspects the 8th house which signifies that native sees new beginnings and long-lasting results in his career. Native can work for foreign companies and can go abroad also. But if Rahu or Ketu is placed in the 9th or 12th house then native can face struggles in foreign land or with foreign people. Native should avoid partnerships and business with foreigners.

Relationship matters becomes good and native gets a matured and understanding partner. There can be some issues in marriage if the 7th house lord is weak or afflicted. The marriage will happen on time but some delays and obstacles will be there.

Native should take care of his health and if the Moon is weak then stress and issues with mental health can be there. There can be chronic diseases related to bones and nerves. Native should avoid eating unhealthy food and should follow a healthy lifestyle.

Remedy: Native should offer services to poor and needy people. Also, chanting of Shani Chalisa can prove beneficial.

7. When Saturn is placed in the 7th house: The mahadasha of Saturn in the 7th house is considered good for career and relationships. Native becomes very balanced and looks for long-term relationships. If the Moon is well placed then native doesn't face any issues in the beginning phase of Saturn mahadasha. If the Moon is weak then native can face some delays and obstacles in the initial phase.

The Saturn antardasha is crucial for the native and gives the final results of mahadasha. Native sees growth in career and new opportunities come in his way. If the 10th house lord is strong then native gets support from seniors and enjoys stability in his career. Native can start his own business also and can become a market leader.

Saturn here aspects the 9th house which signifies that native sees new beginnings and long-lasting results in his career. Native can work for foreign companies and can go abroad also. But if Rahu or Ketu is placed in the 9th or 12th house then native can face struggles in foreign land or with foreign people.

Relationship matters are good and native gets a matured and understanding partner. There can be some issues in marriage if the 7th house lord is weak or afflicted. The marriage will happen on time but some delays and obstacles will be there.

Native should take care of his health and if the Moon is weak then stress and issues with mental health can be there. There can be chronic diseases related to bones and nerves. Native should avoid eating unhealthy food and should follow a healthy lifestyle.

Remedy: Native should offer services to poor and needy people. Also, chanting of Shani Chalisa can prove beneficial.

8. When Saturn is placed in the 8th house: Here, the mahadasha lord comes in the sign Scorpio, whose lord is Mars. Saturn mahadasha doesn't give good results and is known to cause hardships and misery in life. The aspect of Saturn over the 10th house of career completely blocks the path for success and affects the success of the native. As soon as the mahadasha starts, the native can lose their job, and if the 8th or the 10th house is influenced by Rahu, Ketu, or Mercury, then this mahadasha of Saturn can lead to conspiracy at the workplace.

The native's reputation can get affected, and due to lack of luck, the native finds it hard to overcome the obstacles. If the native is running any phase of Sade Sati at the beginning of Saturn Mahadasha (Saturn antardasha), then no matter how hard the native tries, the situation doesn't get resolved. It indicates heavy karma that needs to be fulfilled. The native's ability to concentrate and perform tasks becomes weaker, which affects education (aspect over the 5th house), career planning, and financial management.

Only a strong ascendant and Moon can save the native from such severe impact. As the mahadasha progresses and reaches a midpoint, only some relief comes. Relationship matters test the native; lack of satisfaction from spouse and minimum intimacy leads to frustrations in life. Under the weakness of Venus or the influence of malefics over the mahadasha lord, there can be divorce or separation from the spouse.

The family of the spouse becomes very uncooperative and can be the reason for issues in marriage. Within their own family members, the native doesn't get the required cooperation. The direct aspect of Saturn over the 2nd house causes rift with the loved ones. If Sun is placed in the 2nd or the 8th house, then the native doesn't get along with the Father. Matters related to health take a worse shape with each passing month.

Even though Saturn is known to prolong longevity in this house, in its mahadasha, it can lead to chronic health issues for the native. If Sade Sati is also running and the mahadasha lord Saturn is influenced by Rahu or Ketu and at the same time, if the ascendant lord Mars is weak, then the native can experience near-death situations. Such events shake the native and affect mental health. The native may feel demoralized and can fall into depression.

Under positive influence, i.e., mutual aspect of Jupiter over Saturn, this period can bring positive transformation in the life of the native. Interest in the occult and practicing it with full heart can lead to relief in mind. In similar situations, the native can undertake research and perform well in it. The more the positive influence over Saturn, the better it is for the effects.

Remedies: The native should worship Saturn every day by reciting Shani beej mantra and chalisa. Also, if there is an aspect of Jupiter over Saturn, the native should increase the strength of Jupiter by wearing a Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire on the right-hand index finger.

When Saturn Is In the 9th House: Here, the mahadasha lord comes in the sign of Sagittarius, whose lord is divine Jupiter. As the lord of the 10th and the 11th house, this mahadasha of Saturn significantly boosts the career of the native. It brings new opportunities with better perks and benefits. Long due promotion can happen right in the antardasha of Saturn itself. If Jupiter is placed in the 9th or the 3rd house, then the Dharmakarma adhipati yoga becomes active and can allow the native to pursue their dreams and ambitions. With the support of other Rajyoga in the natal horoscope, the native can make their mark in politics, sports, or in administration.

For such amazing results, it is a must that Saturn is well placed in navamsha and the ascendant lord must be strong. The 9th house is related to religion, philosophy, and long-distance travels. Saturn here brings a deep interest in these matters and brings conditions that make the native's mind more free and create a new form of awareness.

Higher education can be pursued by the native, and upgrades in skills lead to more options. The native becomes more organized at work and follows a strict routine. If the Moon is in the 3rd house or with the mahadasha lord, then there will be spiritual growth, and for truth seekers, it can be said as a golden period.

Similarly, Venus in the 3rd or the 9th house will make the native proficient in various art forms. The native can taste success in singing, dancing, or painting. In short, such a Saturn mahadasha promotes a career in creative fields. The aspect of Saturn over the 11th house brings good gains, and the financial conditions of the native improve drastically. If the horoscope has Dhanyog in it, then such a Saturn mahadasha can make the native rich and affluent. Starting a business or its expansion gives a new source of income, which turns into full-time work as the mahadasha progresses.

The native comes in contact with powerful and successful people who support the growth of the native and encourage them to attend social functions. The relationships of the native see growth and development, though this mahadasha can delay the marriage, but if Venus is strong, then much impact won't be felt. The quality of marriage is usually good, and the probability of an arranged marriage is high in this mahadasha. The aspect of Saturn over the 5th house leads to delays in childbirth, but after the birth, the native plays the role of a parent very well.

The native's newfound interest in religion, philosophy, and spirituality makes life easy. It is a must that the native tries to understand the purpose of life and lives morally and ethically. Health-wise, Saturn mahadasha promotes both physical and mental well-being. It makes the native pursue activities such as yoga, gym, and meditation, which encourage overall well-being.

Remedies: Since the mahadasha lord is in the 9th house, the native can wear a Yellow sapphire to make the prospects better. Also, regular visits to temples and performing rituals are a must.

When Saturn Is In the 10th House: Capricorn sign rises in the 10th house, whose lord is Saturn itself. Here, Sasa Yoga is formed, which gives instant elevation in career. It is well known that the 10th house is the strongest Kendra house, and any planet in it deeply affects the native's manners and actions. This means the mahadasha of Saturn in this house is the most significant period where important events can happen. If Saturn is in Pushkar navamsha, then it indicates the divine purpose of the native, which is fulfilled in this period of 19 years.

The native gains a promotion and becomes famous for their deeds and achievements. It supports growth in all kinds of fields, and usually, during this period, the native does their job honestly. If Mars is placed in the 1st, 10th, or the 11th house, then massive success in real estate occurs. Whereas if Venus is there, then success in arts, in the case of Mercury, then writing and academics. Jupiter, on the other hand, creates some issues with the mahadasha lord because, in Capricorn, it becomes debilitated.

But after a few years of Saturn mahadasha, the native overcomes it, and the neech bhanga effects give instant stardom. Similarly, the financial prospects of the native see a massive boost, and the native can buy a house or car in the antardasha of Saturn itself. The tendency of the whole Saturn mahadasha is to give success and wealth. 

Any antardasha of a planet connected with an auspicious house and with minimum affliction brings exciting results. Such Saturn mahadasha indicates that the native will inherit from their Father, like a business or a political post. The native continues the traditions going on in the family successfully. The aspect of Saturn over the 7th house indicates that marriage plans will be delayed, and after the marriage, physical distance from the spouse can cause some strain in the marriage.

This can be due to busyness at work and the native's job commitments, which may require frequent abroad travels. The spouse encounters health issues also, and if the 7th house or its lord Venus has affliction via Ketu, then heavy misunderstandings can arise. The aspect of the mahadasha lord Saturn over the 12th house affects bed pleasures, and if the native has Rahu or Ketu placed in it, then along with sleep issues, it can lead to a disturbed routine. 

The placement of the Moon in an auspicious sign and under the influence of auspicious planets can help the native in such scenarios. Since the 10th house is maraka for the Father, during this period, he may suffer from chronic health issues. Similarly, the Moon can also see issues in her health due to the aspect of Saturn over the 4th house. The native's own health can take some beating in the antardasha of Mercury, Venus, or Ketu. Chances of hospitalization in the antardasha of any weak or afflicted planet become high. The native tends to prefer isolation and tends to avoid people and important functions, which can affect the social life of the native.

Remedies: The native should recite Shani chalisa daily and should take a bath in the Ganga river on auspicious days like Purnima, etc.

When Saturn Is Placed In the 11th House: Aquarius sign, which is the Mool trikone sign of Saturn, falls in the 11th house, and Saturn mahadasha gives the best results here. If Saturn is associated with Mars or Jupiter, then the results are magnified. The native gains authority, connections, success, wealth, and respect. Desires become boundless, and the efforts of the native give good outcomes. 

Native gains a leadership position and finally becomes the boss. In Saturn antardasha, this event is likely to happen. New ideas come to mind, and the intellect of the native helps to solve existing issues in life effectively. A business can become a reality with the possibility of major gains and expansion in the future.

If benefic planets such as Venus, Moon, or Jupiter are placed in the 5th or the 11th house, then the business can be realized with lifestyle or fashion-related items. The aspect of the mahadasha lord over the 1st house gives focus and discipline. Love life can suffer, and there can be a block over expressions of the native. The partner always misunderstands the native, but still, if the 5th house lord Sun is well placed or with Venus, the native can marry the partner after dating in the initial antardashas.

Delays in childbirth are expected to happen and require remedies and solutions. This period can mark the beginning of stomach issues, but under the auspicious influence over Sun, the situation comes under control after initial discomfort.

Remedies: To gain the best results from this mahadasha of Saturn, the native should worship Saturn daily and at the same time, offering water to lord Sun is must.

When Saturn Is Placed In the 12th House: Pisces sign rises here, whose lord is planet Jupiter. Saturn does well in Pisces, but its results in the 12th house are not helpful in most matters of life. It can bring the native abroad and can give settlement there. But it happens with lots of hard work and obstacles.

Only when Jupiter is strong and well placed, the process become smoother with better prospects in a new place. 

The aspect of the mahadasha lord over the 2nd house indicates that Saturn mahadasha brings separation from the family for a considerable period of time. But the native may usually enjoy the isolation and it can prove beneficial also provided the karaka of mind Moon is well placed in the natal Horoscope.

The influence of Rahu or Ketu over Saturn can cause pain and sorrow. Particularly when they are in deep conjunction. Native may lose his sense and power of critical thinking. Such Mahadasha of Saturn only bring misery and poverty.

Career growth comes slowly, and expenses rise sharply. Unnecessary expenditures can lead to a lack of savings, and this can frustrate the mind. Antardasha of Saturn and malefic planets like Ketu and Rahu period can make the situation worse. The native may have to take debts to fulfill commitments. Stress and lack of quality sleep can happen due to that. Lack of satisfaction from sexual activities due to disturbance in marriage leads to frustrations. The frequency of getting sick becomes higher in Saturn mahadasha, and the possibility of hospitalization in the antardasha of weak and malefic planets is seen.

Such a mahadasha can cause severe mental issues if the Moon is weak, afflicted, or badly placed in the natal horoscope. If the native has an association of Mars, Rahu, or Ketu with the 12th house, then the native can exhibit extreme negative behavior. Indulgence in negative substances like smoking and drinking can also occur.

Remedy: The native should pacify Saturn by donating Saturn-related items such as black clothes and blankets to the poor and needy. It is also important that the native does meditation and worships Lord Hanuman to make the ascendant strong.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Taurus Ascendant

Planet Saturn is the most benefic planet for the Taurus ascendant and is yoga karaka also.

For Taurus ascendant, the effects of Saturn mahadasha are generally good provided Saturn is not debilitated in the Horoscope or in navamsha.

 The good effects will increase by manifold if the following conditions are present in the Horoscope:

  1. Ascendant is strong.
  2. Planet Saturn is associated with Mercury or Venus.
  3. Horoscope has more Rajyoga than Aristha yoga.
  4. Saturn is not afflicted by Rahu & Ketu.

If these conditions are available in the Horoscope then Saturn mahadasha can bring wonder to native life.

During Saturn mahadasha, planet Saturn will bestow the native with good education and achievements at education place.

There will be achievements at the workplace and promotion.

There will be a gain in wealth and a sudden rise in the property portfolio.

If the planet Saturn is placed in the 1st house of Taurus ascendant then it will bring all-around success to the native.

The association of Mercury, Moon, or Venus with Saturn will be making the situation better, and native can reach the status of ultra success and can become a leader among the masses.

If Saturn is placed in 2nd house then the native voice will be harsh, he will talk slow, will be thoughtful by nature, and will be having a good supporting family.

Same time there will be support from family wealth.

Though if 7th lord Mars is not well placed then during Saturn mahadasha there can be marriage issues.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini ascendant planet Saturn is lord of the 8th & 9th house and is an auspicious planet for them.

Usually, Saturn mahadasha proves beneficial here especially when Saturn is placed in 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and even in 12th house.

If Saturn is making a planetary association with Venus, Mercury, or Jupiter, then the results of Saturn mahadasha can be very amazing.

The native will experience gain in wealth, increase in influence, a gain of land, gains from speculation, stable married life, and good health.

There is one unique rule which applies to the Gemini ascendant is that, when Saturn is debilitated in the 11th house, it will also aspect the ascendant/1st house.

As per Parashar, this is a special Rajyoga and Saturn mahadasha can activate auspicious events in native life.

The principle of this Rajyoga is as follows:

When the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th house is debilitated and same time aspects the ascendant, it gives rise to Rajyoga.

In other houses i.e 2nd and 6th house, Saturn mahadasha may cause issues in marriage and troubles from enemies.

Though still, the whole 19 years of Saturn mahadasha will keep the native happy provided Saturn is not afflicted by Mars, Rahu, or Ketu.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Leo Ascendant

Saturn mahadasha can prove very negative here due to the lordship of Saturn over the 6th and 7th houses.

Saturn is most malefic here and is marakesh also.

 During Saturn mahadasha, if Saturn is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, or 12th house, then native can experience the following results:

  1. There can be health-related issues especially in Saturn antardasha and Ketu antardasha.
  2. During Moon antardasha, there can be immense stress to the native.
  3. During Mercury antardasha, there can be nerve-related issues and financial losses.
  4. During Venus, antardasha loss of a job can happen if the 10th house is weak or afflicted.
  5. Marriage can see severe issues in the whole 19 years of Saturn mahadasha.

Saturn mahadasha can prove good also if Saturn is placed in the 3rd or 7th house.

 In the 7th house, Sasa Yoga will be formed and native will see results like a rise in status, gain in wealth, marriage, and depletion of enemies.

 Saturn mahadasha can be tough for Leo ascendant natives and in 9th house can cause severe weakening of luck factor and can induce father related issues in life.

There can be obstructions in all kinds of endeavors taken by the native and constant up and down tend to happen.

In the 1st House: The Leo sign rises in the 1st House, whose ruler is Saturn's arch enemy.

If this period falls under the affliction of Ketu or Rahu, it can lead to various issues in life.

Natives will have an inflated ego, which means they won't get along with people around them.

Both at work and at home, conflicts will arise. Natives will miss out on opportunities, and they won't receive promotions or salary increases. This will frustrate them, and unless they bring about a positive change in their behavior and attitude, situations will not be in their favor.

The entire Saturn antardasha will encourage individuals to make mistakes. The aspect of mahadasha lord over the 3rd house is enough to induce impulses to commit mistakes. When the Moon resides in the 3rd house, natives will experience helplessness as they struggle to effect the desired change.

Enemies tend to become active and harm reputations; toxicity at work can even lead to the desire to change organizations.

Natives will be able to handle the situation and become victorious under auspicious planetary influences on Saturn. But struggles will be hard, and they will require the support of friends and mentors.

This period can bring challenges, for sure, but it is important to recognize them and alter the style of working and behavior. Only then can natives gain success and relief. 

Financial prospects will not improve on their own; time will be against them. This will negatively impact their savings and increase their debt burden. Expenses will rise, and health-related matters will require expensive treatments. Spouse health will need attention because the direct aspect of mahadasha lord Saturn is malefic in nature.

The placement of malefic planets in the 7th house will make the situation worse. Mars, Ketu, the Moon, and Mercury in particular will exacerbate the situation.

Relationships between spouses will also undergo testing. Time-to-time arguments and cold communication will affect their relationship's happiness.

Relationships with fathers and siblings will deteriorate, and if their karakas are not well-placed in the natal horoscope, natives will need to exert significant effort to maintain these connections.

There is a possibility that they will live separately due to massive misunderstandings. Their spouses can play a role in this situation and are often the source of issues.

Lord Saturn controls their health when they are in the 6th house, and being in the 1st house can either make them extremely healthy or cause them trouble.

Malefic influences over Saturn can lead to surgery, loss of hair, skin issues, a lack of concentration, a decline in motivation, etc.

Natives in their old age will have to suffer a lot, and they can age faster than normal.

Remedies: Natives should recite Aditya hridyam stotram to appease the ruler of the Leo sign, i.e., the planet Sun. They should pacify Saturn by chanting its beej mantra.

In the 2nd House, the Virgo sign rises, whose lord Mercury is friendly towards the mahadasha lord Saturn, and its aspects cover the 4th, 8th, and 11th houses. 

During Saturn mahadasha, they face complex situations on the domestic front, and they will have to confront their own family members. 

A lack of peace at home will also affect their performance at work. They might attract unwanted attention and fall prey to manipulation by their adversaries.

Natives should refrain from doing business, but if they are already involved in it, then it will be best that they don't do major experiments, especially at the beginning of Saturn mahadasha.

Losses are expected to happen, and their income will be affected as well. 

Natives may get a sudden, unpleasant surprise in the form of a penalty from authorities. Malefic influences over the 8th house will increase the likelihood of this happening.

The 2nd house is 8th from the 7th house of marriage, and here Saturn mahadasha can cause major health issues for the spouse. 

It can also negatively impact their relationship, particularly when the natal horoscope afflicts the spouse's karaka, such as Venus for the wife and Jupiter for the husband.

The spouse's lack of interest can cause frustration and affect intimacy.

The direct aspect of Saturn over the 8th house will highlight their egos and tussles with in-laws. They may not feel welcomed by the natives, and the law will treat them similarly.

The 2nd house is a maraka in Vedic astrology, and the mahadasha lord is ruler of the 6th house of illness and the 7th house, which is also a maraka house.

As a result, the natives will experience major health issues, and their diet will be of poor quality. They will also naturally crave alcohol or other bad things. The influence of Rahu, Ketu, or Mars over the ascendant or moon will surely lead to heavy consumption of these malefic substances.

In the 3rd House: The Libra sign, which is the exaltation sign of Mahadasha Lord, rules in the 3rd House. This gives Saturn full power, pushing the natives to excel at their work. Hard work and persistence bring the best results in their careers. 

They excel in their field and are recognized as experts.

Their problem-solving skills and ability to handle situations make them excellent managers. This mahadasha gains positive momentum among Natives working in sports or politics.

Venus in the 3rd or 5th house of a natal horoscope indicates an interest in the arts or cinema. Their understanding of the arts will become very fine, and they may give some memorable performances in this mahadasha.

Natives will believe in honesty and use the right methods to generate income and wealth. TheirJupiter's placement in the 5th house will heighten their interest in starting a business, potentially leading them to develop a highly innovative product. SS is likely to happen, and steady growth in business will occur.

Relationship matters will run smoothly, but they may struggle to adapt to new people. Love affairs can become glitchy, and their ability to reciprocate feelings will see a sharp decline. This is due to the aspect of mahadasha lord Saturn over the 5th house of emotions. The placement of the moon in the 3rd or 9th house will undoubtedly hinder their ability to engage in romantic activities. The influence of the Saturn mahadasha will hinder their ability to express themselves freely. However, in a marriage characterized by more traditional dynamics, they will experience positive events and receive support from their spouse. Their relationship with their spouse will blossom.

Native parents will find it difficult to adjust. Also, their health will become a cause for concern. 

In terms of their own health, provided the mahadasha ruler is not retrograde, they will experience a surge in physical fitness and mental strength. They will be able to set a healthy routine and lifestyle for themselves. Natives will also develop an interest in sports and travel, which will help them become stronger during this mahadasha period.

In the 4th House: The Scorpio sign rises here, and its ruler is planet Mars, which is a Yogakaraka planet for Leo ascendant. Saturn's mahadasha pushes native boundaries, leading to significant internal conflicts. Back-to-back defeats and adversities. Natives may develop a tendency to surrender easily and retreat into their own world.

Enemies can easily overpower them, causing a setback to their careers. It is a must that natives fight with full might. Navigating the 10th aspect of Saturn in the 1st house, however, can be difficult. This aspect changes over time, and the Scorpio sign's influence can transform natives into fighters. For this, the ascendant lord Sun should possess strength, and affliction should be minimal as well.

Unfavorable relocations can lead to a lack of happiness in domestic peace. 

They may not be able to spend quality time with family members. Conflicts among family members can increase, and even legal help will be required to sort out matters related to inheritance.

Placement of Mars with Saturn will bring native gains from real estate matters. Jupiter, on the other hand, strongly encourages the pursuit of managerial positions.

If the moon is weak and devoid of auspicious influences, it could impact the mother's health and relationships with her. Ketu's affliction over the 4th house may result in inheritance loss for the native.

Here, the mahadasha ruler is the lord of the 7th house, which denotes marriage and spouse. Natives will notice changes in spouses, and depending on what planets are influencing the 7th house or marriage, these changes can be positive or negative in nature.

It will be necessary to place a significant emphasis on matters related to health, particularly mental well-being, as Saturn mahadasha can lead to negative outcomes. Affliction over the moon can make things more challenging. Issues around the chest area can hinder their physical movements.

In the 5th House: The Sagittarius sign rules this house, whose lord is planet Jupiter. Mahadasha of Saturn can prove effective in their career.

Natives become sharp, competitive, and opportunistic, and they may take full advantage of an opportunity that comes their way.

If the Moon, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu are in the 5th house, they will not hesitate to betray their friends.

But acting in this manner can affect their credibility and reputation.

Natives who work as healers or doctors experience enhancements in their abilities because the mahadasha lord, as the lord of the 6th house, receives a significant boost in this position.

Their growth and financial prowess also improve, but it's best to steer clear of speculation.

In relationship matters, mixed results are expected to happen. Much will depend on the planetary transit.

Sometimes they may have high emotional intelligence, whereas at other times they will struggle a lot with expressions and tolerance.

A love marriage can happen, and despite issues and opposition, they will be fortunate to settle down with their partner. Saturn's influence over the 7th house keeps their marriage stable and free from major issues. However, if Rahu afflicts the planet Moon, their post-marriage behavior may change. This can bring disappointment to the life partner. Obstacles will arise during childbirth, leading to the possibility of using IVF procedures to conceive a child. As the child grows, potential health issues may arise. The likelihood of health issues increases when the child's karaka, Jupiter, is weak or afflicted in their natal horoscope.

There are no significant concerns regarding their personal health. They will become healthier and stronger with time. Natives will have an interest in a healthy lifestyle, and their healing abilities will become stronger. Occasionally, stomach-related issues may arise.

If they have Mars in the 7th house, then its debilitation can cause high blood pressure and injuries, particularly in Mars antardasha. They need to be careful about their physical safety.

Remedies: Natives should read the Bhagavad Geeta daily and recite the Gayatri Mantra after pouring water to Lord Sun, who rules over their ascendant.

In the 6th House: Mahadasha Lord's own sign, Capricorn, rises here, and Saturn's aspects fall on the 9th, 12th, and 3rd houses. This period blesses them with wisdom, hard work, dedication, and focus.They become loyal to their owner or organization and tend to give 100 percent. Their commitment will be unmatched, and people around them will appreciate it. 

They avoid the limelight; they prefer to operate in the background, which is how they extract the most from themselves. Natives working in law enforcement, the army, administrative jobs, sports, and politics will gain special favors. 

Their performance will also increase, and the results will always be in their favor. Their wish to relocate to a foreign country will be fulfilled, and the process will be smooth and easy for them.

If mahadasha lord Saturn or the 8th house is afflicted with malefics, they may struggle with internal (greed, fear, anxiety) and external enemies (jealous people). It will take real efforts to counter and subdue them. However, eventually, natives win over them through dedication and self-improvement.

If Mars does not debilitate in their 12th house, their finances should remain stable. If that condition is present in their natal chart, they may struggle financially from time to time.

Their health will be the biggest beneficiary, with significant improvements expected. Natives will shed weight and become lean and athletic. They will be able to overcome their illness and live disease-free throughout Saturn's mahadasha. This period will bring spiritual growth, and they will develop a keen interest in traveling.

In the 7th House: Sasa yoga is formed by the mahadasha lord Saturn. But since Saturn is ruler of the 6th house, there can also be conflicts, enemies, and controversy in the initial phase of this mahadasha (saturn antardasha).

Sahahrukh Khan serves as a good example; for him, the beginning of Saturn's Mahadasha was not favorable. It sparked controversy and harmed his health.

The direct aspect of Saturn over the first house makes them very stubborn, and they tend to not listen to anyone. 

Ketu, Rahu, or Mercury afflictions can exacerbate this tendency, leading to an inflated ego and overconfidence. They may face wrath when seniors or the government notice them.

They have a tendency to disagree with those who are older and more experienced. Additionally, a reduction in their faith in God and higher power can hinder their spiritual growth. 

In relationships, they grow closer to their spouse, and they receive ample support and love from their life partner. However, their relationships with their father and friends are not always straightforward to navigate. In the later stages of their Saturn mahadasha, they become humble and start to show gratitude. 

Their health may require attention, especially when the ascendant lord Sun is weak or afflicted. If Saturn is under the influence of natural malefics, there may be injuries and hospital visits. Under auspicious planetary influences, along with the strong placement of the ascendant lord Sun, this period can boost their interest in a healthy lifestyle. It also piques their interest in bodybuilding and encourages them to participate in sports and adventure activities.

In the 8th House: The most spiritual sign in Vedic astrology rises, i.e., Pisces. Planet Jupiter, who is friendly with the mahadasha lord Saturn, rules this sign.

This period brings transformation through pain and obstacles. Its aspect over the 10th house brings significant negativity to a native's career. They face unwanted struggles, and their hard work never pays off. 

Enemies could cause them to lose their position and potentially leave the current organization. Natives will become prone to jealousy and become victims of a conspiracy. 

Their lack of understanding and inability to communicate effectively will prevent them from finding a solution to this problem.

If Ketu, Rahu, or Mercury afflict the Mahadasha Lord, significant negative events will occur in their lives. One of them is a legal issue that can bother them for a long time and harm their reputation.

They may have to pay fines to get their name cleared. With a weak or afflicted sun in the natal horoscope, the government can turn against them, and they may lose their credibility. Businesses can shut down, and major financial obstacles can arise.

While sudden gains can bring fortune to natives, inheritance-related matters will undoubtedly bring them positive news. Because of Jupiter's influence over Saturn, this mahadasha can yield the best results, including resolving inheritance issues to their advantage.

Unmarried natives will have to wait longer, and the married ones will experience issues with their spouses. The health of a spouse can also decline. The in-laws may become hostile, leading to a lack of effective communication. Major misunderstandings may arise, leading to significant crises.

The 8th house is particularly unfavorable for health-related matters, and the presence of Saturn in the mahadasha can lead to physical and mental health problems for natives. They have chronic health issues that will be difficult to diagnose.

This period, under positive planetary influences, can bring amazing transformations to their looks and personalities.

However, achieving that will require enduring significant pressure and suffering. Through this transformation, support from the ascendant Lord Sun is a must.

Remedies: Natives should pacify Saturn by visiting the Saturn temple on Saturday evening.

In the 9th House, Mahadasha Lord Saturn becomes debilitated. First of all, this leads to pitru dosha, and in Saturn mahadasha, natives have to endure all kinds of malefic results. Saturn's weakness and Pitru Dosha's additional weight create obstacles in their careers.

Their relationships with seniors may become complex, and their anger may lead to negative consequences. They risk losing their job or facing contract termination. Lack of support from luck will not allow them any relief.

Under malefic influences on the mahadasha lord, they may commit major mistakes; the possibility of them starting a business that can fail is very high. The aspect of mahadasha lord Saturn over the 11th, 3rd, and 6th houses is not going to allow them success in any kind of business.

Debts will mount up, and natives will seek financial help from relatives. They cannot expect this from their father, and they will face challenges in their relationships with him. They will experience a lack of support and harmony even in their spouse's presence. Chemistry and communication with friends also become bad, and natives may find themselves alone without much support.

If the ascendant lord Sun is weak or afflicted, then their health will decline, and the most impact will be on their mental health. Individuals will experience a deficiency in courage, effort, and mental strength. This is truly a very tough mahadasha, and only when Saturn is under auspicious planetary influences can some relief be experienced.

Remedies: Natives should pacify Pitra by performing the necessary rituals. For them, worshipping Lord Hanuman is also a must.

In the 10th House: Mahadasha of Saturn works well in this house and gives natives good work ethics. This period imbues them with honesty and a strong work ethic. They start to take work very seriously and give it their 100 percent.

Their ability to put in long hours and maintain laser-sharp focus yields excellent results. Impressed by this, their seniors reward them with a promotion or a prominent role in management. They also leave their mark by having a very positive influence on the team members.

If Jupiter is in the 10th house, it will facilitate a smooth career growth path. They will drive happiness through work and will constantly gather information and ways to improve further. If Mars is sitting in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house, then this period will prove to provide gains from real estate. Mars, when exalted in the 6th house, can lead to success in fields such as politics, sports, or law enforcement.

Natives can find some challenges in marriage and domestic life, and they must change their way of communication and behavior to maintain peace in them.

Affliction over the 7th house or Saturn, particularly by Ketu or Rahu, can bring challenges, and there can be marital disharmony in Saturn mahadasha. Natives may not have enough time or chances to spend quality time with their loved ones. The mahadasha lord's aspect over the 12th house will keep them far away. They may also visit abroad quite frequently, missing major festivals and functions.

Health-wise, there will be visible signs of tiredness and exhaustion. Ketu's placement in the 6th or 10th house can particularly affect their joints, such as knees.

Remedies: Natives should donate black cloth and blankets to the poor and needy on Saturdays.

In the 11th House: For Leo natives, this is the best place to have Saturn mahadasha. Mercury, who rules the Gemini sign, ascends in the 11th House, providing strong support for the planet Saturn. Native puts a major focus on expanding their network and connecting with new people who support their career growth. They have the potential to advance in their careers and assume leadership roles within their organizations. Under the auspicious planetary influence, this Saturn mahadasha has the potential to achieve major ambitions, provided the ascendant lord Sun and yogakaraka Mars are in a favorable position.

Their ideas can help them succeed in both business and freelance activities. If Mercury is sitting in the 11th house, then their communication skills and analytical abilities will give them an edge in their business.

Despite improvements and growth in their careers and finances, they will face issues in their love lives. The direct aspect of Mahadasha Lord Saturn over the 5th house can surpass their emotional intelligence. They become very demanding and don't settle for less. This can have a negative impact on their partner and potentially lead to a separation. In marriage, they are fortunate to have an understanding partner who manages the native effectively, fostering a positive relationship. The spouse's support and backing will motivate them to do well in life. Delays in childbirth can occur, and natives may encounter unfavorable circumstances. If the karaka of children is weak or afflicted, natives will undoubtedly face challenges. Conversely, if Jupiter's karaka is weak or afflicted, natives will experience happiness through their children.

They feel energetic and enthusiastic about life, and existing health issues start to resolve. They gain a clear understanding of their body type and its specific needs. The 1st house should not contain any malefic planet, as the aspect of the mahadasha lord over it can exert pressure on the body part it represents.

Remedies: Natives should pacify planet Saturn by chanting its beej mantra. They should also worship Lord Hanuman daily.

In the 12th House: Cancer sign rises, and the mahadasha of Saturn is not considered as auspicious in this house. Though natives can get the opportunity to relocate abroad, only when their ascendant lord and 9th house are strong will the process and experience be smooth. Otherwise, events leading to international relocation can be full of hassles. 

Over time, their enemies become active, but the natives subdue them. But if Mahadasha Lord If Saturn is under malefic planetary influences, then they can cause major damage to its reputation and career prospects. The cancer sign denotes mental well-being and inner peace. The mahadasha of Saturn can affect this, and their concentration levels also see a decline, leading to weak performance at work.

They should exercise caution in managing their expenses and finances, as they may have a tendency to overspend on unnecessary items. As the mahadasha progresses ahead, their financial prowess will become weaker, and the aspect of Saturn over the 9th house will reduce their luck to generate income and gains. Therefore, being mindful of their expenses and savings can significantly improve their financial situation. If Mars aligns with the Mahadasha Lord, the ill health of the natives will impact their financial status. Expenses on treatments can lead to bankruptcy. So there is a deep connection between their health and their financial condition. Their general health may decline, and natives will not perform at 100%. Mentally, they may feel lost and defeated. Their ability to focus will also decline, and all this will affect the quality of their lives.

Remedies: Natives should visit temples and undertake pilgrimages. This will boost their spiritual growth, which in turn will bring peace and divine grace.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Virgo Ascendant

Saturn mahadasha brings up significations of the 5th and 6th house on a larger scale and the events of the native experience related to the following areas.

  1. Education.
  2. Passion.
  3. Talent.
  4. Love affair.
  5. Childbirth.
  6. Debts.
  7. Enemies.
  8. Maternal relations.
  9. Sickness.
  10. Health & Vitality.

Generally, the effects of Saturn mahadasha are positive here especially when Saturn is placed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house.

If Saturn is those houses that have the influence of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, or even Moon, then native can read to dizzy heights in Saturn mahadasha.

The native will see a rise in status, increase in income, success in business, travel for leisure, success from speculation, and peace in married life along with childbirth.

In the Horoscope of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Saturn is placed in 1st house with Jupiter and Moon and shows his calm and calculated demeanor.

Saturn mahadasha can prove bad only when Saturn is debilitated in the 8th house and is under influence of Mars, Rahu or Ketu.

Such Saturn mahadasha can bring poverty, sickness, misery, and humiliation to the native.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Libra Ascendant

Saturn mahadasha generally proves good for Libra ascendant natives due to the lordship of Saturn over the 4th and 5th house which means Saturn is yogakraka here.

If Saturn is placed in the 1st & 4th house then native will experience great results of Sasa during Saturn mahadasha.

Provided Saturn is not debilitated in navamsha and is devoid of influence from Rahu, Ketu, and Jupiter.

In another house like 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, and 11th house, the effects of Saturn mahadasha will lead to success in career or business, a gain of wealth, success in education, attainment of house/car, increase in status, win in legal cases and good health.

Same time if under influence of Mercury, Venus, or Moon then effects of Saturn mahadasha can lead to ultra success.

On another hand, if Saturn is placed in the 7th house then Saturn will be considered as debilitated and in such case it is important to see the strength of Saturn in navamsha and a few other divisional charts.

Despite of that still Saturn mahadasha can lead to issues in married life or health issues to the spouse.

In the 8th and 12th houses, the effects of Saturn mahadasha can lead to obstacles in rise of the native.

There can be expenses on charitable causes, laziness can lead to slow growth and native may feel less motivated.

In general practice, it is seen that Saturn mahadasha works very well for Libra ascendant.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpio ascendant Saturn is lord of the 3rd and 4th house and basically is a malefic planet.

During Saturn mahadasha signification of the 3rd and 4th house becomes the topmost priority and the areas which come under them are as follows:

  1. Siblings life.
  2. Desire to bring changes.
  3. Short travels.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Mother health.
  6. Mental peace.
  7. House.
  8. Car.
  9. Land for investment.
  10. Spouse career.

The general tendency of Saturn mahadasha here is to bring negative effects and pressure on the native.

No way, native will have an easy time during Saturn mahadasha and any reward comes with a lot of hard work.

If Saturn is placed in 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th house and is under aspect of Jupiter or Moon then native will see a rise in wealth, increase in status, promotion, expansion in business, and stable marriage.

In the 4th house, Sasa Yoga will form and the results of Sasa Yoga will manifest in Saturn mahadasha.

In the 11th house, Saturn mahadasha can bring business opportunities and gains from trading provided planet Mercury is well placed.

Saturn mahadasha effects won't be good if Saturn is placed in 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th house.

In the 2nd, 5th, 8th & 12th house, the results of Saturn mahadasha will be negative for marriage and kids.

Also, it can harm the career prospects of the native.

If there is an affliction of Rahu or Ketu on Saturn then the native will see a severe downfall in his life.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius ascendant planet Saturn is lord of the 2nd & 3rd house and is a malefic planet.

During Saturn mahadasha the significations of 2nd & 3rd house will be in most focus in natives life and these areas are as follows:

  1. Family events.
  2. The well-being of the spouse.
  3. Married life.
  4. Food habits.
  5. Earning pattern.
  6. Speech.
  7. Life of younger sibling.
  8. Writing abilities.
  9. Interest in outdoor activities.
  10. Intent to bring changes in life.

The general tendency of Saturn mahadasha is negative for Sagittarius ascendant.

Though as you can see above, planet Saturn does rule over important significations for Sagittarius ascendant and they are more related to self-development and desire to bring changes or to make ground for a solid future.

Especially in Saturn mahadasha-Saturn antardasha, native see a significant desire to bring changes.

Natives' effort to bring such changes will be a success or failure depending on the condition of planet Saturn in the Horoscope.

Saturn mahadasha will bring good results if Saturn is placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, or 11th house.

If in those houses Saturn is under influence of Jupiter, Mars, Sun, or Mercury then native will see a rise in income, rise in status, expansion in family, expansion of business, and good life overall.

There will be an increase in physical activity and natives will see good health during Saturn mahadasha.

Married life can improve unless there are severe combinations for bad married life.

Now if Saturn is placed in  1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, or 12th house, the results of Saturn mahadasha will be negative, especially in the 5th and 8th house.

On top of that if Saturn is influenced by planet Rahu, Ketu, Mars, or even Venus.

Then there will be loss of wealth, humiliation, demotion in career.

The native will travel a lot but results from those travels won't be good.

There will be issues on health especially when Saturn is placed in the 1st, 5th, or 8th house and same time there will be issues in marriage.

Mentally native will feel very low and if Moon is afflicted in the Horoscope then native can fall in depression also.

This is due to the maraka influence of Saturn i.e lord of the 2nd house and  3rd house which is 8th from the 8th house.

Saturn mahadasha can be very severe here if Saturn is not well disposed of in the Horoscope.

In 1st House: The divine Sagittarius sign ascends here, and the mahadasha lord Saturn instills an action-oriented mindset in the natives. Due to the aspect of Saturn over the 3rd house, which is ruled by Saturn itself, there will be a rise in natives' abilities to work for long durations, giving them the attitude of a winner.

They manage to overcome all obstacles that arise due to Saturn's malefic nature and its aspect over the 10th house. Saturn refines them, bringing perfection to their work. However, for this process to go smoothly, natives should have a well-placed ascendant lord, Jupiter; otherwise, they will fall prey to dejections and become frustrated easily.

Jupiter shouldn't be in the 12th house or in a weak position, and in navamsha, it should neither be combust nor weak. The more auspicious the influence over the mahadasha lord, the better the results are going to be.

When frequent travel is required, Mars' influence over Mahadasha Lord Saturn can open up new opportunities.

Naturally, during this period, natives' fondness for travel tends to increase, and if Rahu is associated with the 3rd, 9th, or 11th house, natives may travel to foreign places.

In certain situations where the natal horoscope includes placements for overseas settlement, the mahadasha of Saturn can present a strong opportunity for such relocation. This period is very beneficial for those who have a union of the Sun and Mercury in the 9th, 10th, or 11th house.

Under such conditions, natives can expect significant career advancement, potentially leading to a major promotion at the onset of the Saturn Mahadasha. With Mars' placement in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, or 11th house, natives can become inclined to start a business.

With hard work and the support of a well-placed Jupiter and 10th house lord Mercury, they can achieve success. Overall, this Saturn Mahadasha can offer stability and career advancement.

Major career issues, such as stagnation, job loss, unfavorable transfers, and enemies at work, may arise when the natal horoscope contains the following conditions:

  1. Weak ascendant lord (Jupiter).

  2. Malefic influences over the 1st house.

  3. Weak or afflicted 10th house.

  4. Affliction over 10th House Lord Mercury.

Other situations can also lead to career issues. If natives are under Sade Sati, then problems in the workplace may arise and force them to change jobs.

Natives may occasionally face challenges in their relationships. In the first house, the Mahadasha ruler can make them emotionally cold and unresponsive. They will have fewer attachments, and the influence of Ketu over the Mahadasha lord Saturn or the placement of the Moon in the 1st or 7th house can make them disinterested in worldly matters.

The natives will delay marriage further if their 7th house lord, Mercury, is weak. Eventually, they settle down in the planet's Antardasha, forming a connection with the 7th House.

Spouse behavior and health can become a concern, and having a weak karaka of the spouse, i.e., Venus for males and Jupiter for females, will lead to such issues. For those who have well-placed karakas, there won't be many issues. Similarly, this period could potentially lead to difficulties in their relationship with their father.

Not having the planet The sun's strength can certainly lead to clashes with him. Regardless of the sun's placement in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house, natives might engage in emotional conflicts with him.

Sibling-related issues can also demand immediate attention, and there may come a time when individuals become engrossed in trivial matters. Natives with such placements tend to live separately in Saturn Mahadasha, primarily due to a sibling and their spouse's behavior.

Since the Mahadasha lord is located over the 1st house, it carries the potential to cause illness in its Mahadasha chart. The following positions in the horoscope have the potential to induce illness:

  1. Weak or afflicted ascendant.

  2. Affliction of Ketu over Jupiter.

  3. Jupiter and Mars are in the eighth house.

  4. Mercury's placement in the 6th house.

  5. Debilitated mahadasha lord in navamsha.

Other placements can also cause health issues in Saturn Mahadasha. The most dangerous is the union of Rahu and Mars in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house. If natives have that in their natal horoscope, they may encounter severe health issues and even suffer an accident. Ketu's influence over Saturn and Mercury's weakness can cause spine and nerve problems.

Remedies: Natives should wear a Jyotish-quality yellow sapphire on the index finger of their right hand. This will help them counter the malefic influence of Saturn Mahadasha. Natives should also perform pranayama daily to keep their nervous systems strong.

In 2nd House: Saturn's own sign, Capricorn, rises in the 2nd House, and its Mahadasha brings balance to most areas of natives' lives.

Natives often strive to change their negative habits that are preventing them from realizing their full potential. They gain self-realization, which is essential and helpful to making new patterns in life. They may even transform their personalities, ranging from their speech patterns to their positive habits. The process towards these changes can be a bit daunting, but it can become effortless if the Mahadasha lord is under the influence of Jupiter or when Jupiter is in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th, or 10th house.

The divine Jupiter aspect of Saturn eliminates the resistance that arises from Saturn's inherent malefic nature.

The positive changes in natives' behavior begin to manifest at work. Their performance and results will peak, but there will be a price to pay. There will be sacrifices made, and let's see what they are.

We all know that Saturn has two additional aspects: the third and the 10th.

The third Mahadasha lord falls over the fourth house of domestic peace, motherhood, and real estate.

Its direct aspect focuses on the 8th house of in-laws, spouse health, and longevity.

The 10th aspect aligns with the 11th house of gains, friends, and acquaintances.

Natives become absorbed in their work and demonstrate perfection and excellence in performance. Their demand for things to be perfect can take a toll on their co-workers, spouses, and family members.

If natives understand these negative traits, then surely life will become easier and smoother.

During this Mahadasha period, they can anticipate a promotion that will bring complete satisfaction to their career. Natives who are involved in the family business can expect expansion, and excellence in their performance increases their reputation and status among their people.

Natives' wealth prospects become stable, and they make solid investments, particularly in currency, bonds, precious metals, and even real estate. For success in real estate matters, it is important to have Mars in a favorable placement, with the exaltation of Mars in the 2nd house being particularly effective.

It can provide sudden gains and inheritances. However, Saturn Mahadasha accentuates some of its negative aspects. Bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and sudden anger can become part of natives' personalities and aggravate the situation on the domestic and marriage front.

There is a possibility that natives may move from their current residence and opt to live in a better location. They may also buy a new car and do renovations on the existing house. The planet Venus, the ruler of the 11th house of gains, ascends to the 4th house.

Having Venus here is very beneficial for fulfilling material desires, the aspect of the 2nd house lord over the exalted 11th lord, which is placed in the 4th house.

In some cases, where the planet Sun is in its sign, the 10th or 11th house, Saturn Mahadasha has made natives super-rich.

Natives with Ketu, Mars, or Rahu in the 4th house will feel the greatest burn, and in some cases, even separation from a brother can happen. From time to time, they may experience some tense moments at home. In a similar situation, natives will lose their mental peace and will constantly bombard themselves with negative thoughts. Poor placement of the mother's karaka moon can also compromise her health.

As you have observed above, the condition of the 4th house and Jupiter significantly influences the outcomes and characteristics of the Saturn Mahadasha.

In the realm of health, it is important to consider other factors. Usually, their physical health improves. For them, Mahadasha Lord Saturn is maraka, and its placement in its own sign is beneficial for recovering from illness and cultivating healthy habits.

This period encourages them to maintain a healthy diet under auspicious influences. Under malefic influences, there is a possibility of substance abuse.

If natives have Mars in the 8th house along with Rahu, then Saturn Mahadasha can cause a heavy intake of alcohol and even drugs. Similarly, a lunar affliction can lead to mental health issues. But this period has huge potential to spark interest in the occult and spirituality.

For this purpose, Jupiter and the Moon should be in a favorable position. Having exalted Jupiter in the 8th house is ideal for probing the religious and spiritual sides. Additionally, it enhances one's ability to conduct effective research. In this regard, Saturn Mahadasha can bring the best from the natives.

Remedies: Natives should recite Bajrang Baan daily and worship Lord Hanuman. If there is trouble over the 4th house, then natives should wear a Jyotish-quality yellow sapphire on the index finger of their right hand.

In 3rd House: The Mool-trikone sign of the Mahadasha Lord rises, and during this period, the native is blessed with vitality, confidence, energy, and stamina. Natives strive for changes in this period, and they experience a strong urge to break the shackles of restrictions that have been stopping their growth.

They immediately start to learn new things that can upscale their careers, and at the same time, they start to meet and form new connections. Their efforts are always in the right direction, bringing them new leads and opportunities. Saturn Mahadasha gives them energy and courage to confront their demons.

If Saturn is under the influence of Venus, Mercury, the Sun, Mars, or Jupiter, then the results of their efforts will come quickly.

Here, the influence of all planets except Ketu is helpful.

Natives practicing Dharma Karma Adhipati Yoga can reach new heights in Saturn Mahadasha. This period is perfect for extracting the best from their behavior, skills, and talents.

It supports growth in various career fields, especially in areas such as politics, sports, law, real estate, and travel, where the energies are more constructive.

They will defeat their workplace enemies by fighting and taking a stand. They will transform and become calculative, cold, and ruthless.

The new behavior patterns of natives may bring surprise and fear to their enemies. In this scenario, Ketu or Rahu in the 6th house, known for their ability to win and defeat enemies, can be extremely helpful.

Their relationships will also improve, and they won't miss any opportunities to resolve existing issues with their loved ones. But they may have to work especially hard on matters relating to their love affairs and with children.

The association between Mars and Venus can make them emotionally vulnerable, and they may end up spending a lot of time with their partner. They may neglect their other responsibilities, leading to a potential imbalance. Struggles with children in terms of their health and lack of focus on studies can become challenging.

If Mercury is not in the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, or 12th house, natives will find it easy to navigate their marriage. If natives have a weak Sun in their natal horoscope, then the aspect of the Mahadasha ruler over the 9th house can cause issues with the father's health.

There will be noticeable improvements in existing health issues. Native Americans will be able to overcome their illnesses and focus on a healthy lifestyle. They will engage in a lot of outdoor activities and be involved with people of similar mindsets. This will help them see self-development and keep their mental health in good shape.

Remedy: Natives should worship Lord Hanuman to increase the beneficial effects of Saturn Mahadasha. Doing so will increase their confidence and energy level, resulting in a winner's mindset.

In 4th House: Here, the benefic Pisces sign rules the 4th House, and the Mahadasha of Saturn has the potential to do good in it.

But due to a lack of directional strength and its aspect over the 1st house, the beginning of the Mahadasha is tough and often puts natives in a tough spot.

They feel the impact of these negative experiences in every aspect of their lives. A decrease in career growth, issues with enemies, and a decline in physical and mental health can all lead to stress and unhappiness.

The direct aspect of Saturn, the Mahadasha ruler, over the 10th house creates obstacles, and this occurs through enemies, specifically the 3rd aspect over the 6th house.

Natives feel helpless and cannot figure out a way to come out of the situation. If Mars and Jupiter are weak in the natal horoscope, then these issues can also go out of hand.

Sade Sati's operation can further compound their misery.

Jupiter or Venus in the 4th house will shield them from unfavorable situations and promote their growth and prosperity.

However, there is a high possibility that Saturn is sitting alone in the 4th house and may have malefic influences over it.

Following unfavorable encounters in Saturn Antardasha, people can experience a great desire to make adjustments and begin acting to improve their lot in life.

Here, the significance of Saturn's position in the Pisces zodiac becomes evident. Native engagement in self-development can eradicate most of their issues, and they may start to live a completely different life.

The first step is relocation, and natives frequently move, sometimes even changing their country.

Mars' placement in the 1st or 10th house can lead to real estate gains. Natives' financial situations begin to improve, leading them to make wise financial decisions.

Despite their efforts in relationships, the situation may not come under control.

The 4th house represents karmas related to family and mother, requiring both suffering and understanding. The best option here is for the natives to make peace with the situation and not try too hard.

The influence of Ketu or Rahu over the 1st, 4th, or 9th house can aggravate the situation.

Health problems may cause the mother to suffer, especially when the Moon is weak and has either a union or an aspect of Rahu.

Then she may have to deal with chronic health issues.

Natives can face health challenges, and may feel trapped and physically weak. Laziness can also grip them, and lifestyle diseases can affect their productivity. 

Their struggle with health can remain throughout the Mahadasha of Saturn.

Remedies: Natives should make ascendant lord Jupiter strong by wearing a Jyotish-quality yellow sapphire. This will help them counter the malefic aspect of Saturn over their ascendant.

In 5th House: This presents the most challenging position for the Saturn mahadasha.

 The Aries zodiac, which is where Saturn becomes debilitated, can reduce their luck. This period destroys their wisdom and thinking abilities.

 They may not be able to find a solution for their situation, and their efforts often go in the wrong direction. Further influence from malefic planets can increase the severity of the situation. Jupiter's placement in the 1st house of the 4th house is the only way to manage this period. Additionally, a well-placed moon can effectively counterbalance the negative effects of this Saturn mahadasha.

Natives may lose their jobs and face an investigation. There is a high likelihood of losing everything, so it is crucial to approach each step with caution.

 Natives should never consider engaging in any illegal or unlawful activities, as the influence of Saturn's mahadasha can lead to severe consequences. As the 3rd house lord, Saturn's position in the house of entrepreneurship can instill false hopes, leading Natives to consider starting a business. Such actions often result in financial losses. They might also lose important friends and individuals from their social circle.

 When it comes to relationships, they might experience setbacks and initiate a breakup. The aspect of mahadasha lord Saturn over the 7th house causes rifts and troubles in their marriage. Natives with this placement often marry in haste and frequently select the wrong type of partner.


In this Saturn mahadasha, one can discern the true nature of the individual.


During this phase, Mercury's placement in the 2nd, 6th, 8th, or 12th houses can lead to divorce. Natives often struggle to maintain positive relationships with both friends and loved ones.


Despite being guilt-free and giving their best to others, Natives often face betrayal from loved ones. Natives are confused and feel unable to express themselves, which leads to frustration.


Natives suffer from a weak and disturbed digestive system, which negatively impacts their health. When Mars, the lord of the 5th house, aligns with the 8th house, it can lead to extended sickness, potentially necessitating surgery. Their ability to recover from illness and immunity also take a hit. Only when Jupiter aligns with the 1st house can they anticipate improved health. Natives' mental health also suffers, and Rahu's affliction over the Moon, particularly in the 12th house sign, can lead to severe mental illness.


Remedies: Natives should appease mahadasha lord Saturn by engaging in meditation, and they should also light diya and offer mustard oil to lord Saturn on Saturdays.


The Taurus sign rises in the 6th House, providing favorable conditions for the mahadasha lord, Saturn. The natural results of Saturn's mahadasha are beneficial in this house, encouraging hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. The native puts their all into their work, resulting in rewards such as promotions and salary hikes. When Venus aligns with Saturn, natives strive for excellence, and with the support of Jupiter in the right position, they can achieve their desired results. Their relocation abroad necessitates Rahu's assistance (1st, 4th, 7th, or 12th house).


During this phase, natives initially gain momentum, but eventually, the influence of the mahadasha lord Saturn over the 8th house begins to pose challenges. Ideally, the placement of Mars, Venus, Ketu, Rahu, or Mercury in this house should leave it empty. If natives encounter an obstructive force, they will need to expend significant energy and time to overcome it. When faced with enemies at work or a debilitated Mars, natives may consider changing their company to avoid complications. It can be a smart move, but it will only benefit the 10th house lord, Mercury, when he is not weak or afflicted.


Mercury's placement in the 12th house, either with or under Rahu's influence, could potentially turn this move into a mistake. The native may have to remain unemployed, which could have a negative impact on their financial situation.


This period is beneficial to those involved in service and care. It supports growth in careers related to NGO's, doctors, and even animal breeding. A special love for animals and pets marks this period. It brings them peace, calmness, and a sense of purpose. Natives often experience a lack of connection with others and feel disappointed by greed and manipulation. In marriage, they may feel withdrawn from their spouse and don't get along with their spouse's family.


There can be fights with family members over inheritance-related matters. The influence of Mars, Ketu, Rahu, or Venus over the 4th, 6th, or 8th houses can lead to legal work being required in this regard.


This period brings a special focus on health-related matters. Native feels very determined to make changes in their lifestyle. If Mars is in the 12th house, the native may follow an intense workout routine to lose weight. This period can occasionally lead to health issues, particularly when the ascendant lord, Jupiter, is weak or ill. However, major illnesses are rare, and natives recover from illness easily.


Remedies: Natives should work selflessly for poor and needy people. This will result in the beneficial influence of Saturn on them.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn is lord of the 1st and 2nd house and is a benefic planet for Capricorn ascendant.

Saturn rules over following significations for Capricorn ascendant and during Saturn mahadasha following significations activates.

  1. Self.
  2. Body.
  3. Color.
  4. Health.
  5. Speech.
  6. Family values.
  7. Left eye.
  8. Eating habits.
  9. Family wealth.
  10. Salary.

During Saturn mahadasha generally, the effects are auspicious provided Saturn is well placed in natal and navamsha.

If Saturn is placed in the 1st or 10th house then full effects of Sasa Yoga will be experienced during Saturn mahadasha.

In the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house also Saturn mahadasha's results will be good.

The planetary relationship of Saturn with Yogakraka Venus or 9th lord Mercury will bring benefic effects during Saturn mahadasha.

In such a scenario, Saturn mahadasha will bring good health, a robust mind, good reflexes, an increase in wealth, a rise in status, good marriage, and popularity.

The native will see the downfall of enemies in Saturn mahadasha and any legal case against the native will be squashed.

There will be happiness in the family and the native will spend good quality time with his family. His children will prosper and will give be required respect.

Such Saturn mahadasha can truly make the native invincible.

Now on other hand, if Saturn is weak in natal and navamsha then bad results in Saturn mahadasha will be expected by the native.

If in the same situation Saturn is afflicted by planet Jupiter, Rahu, or Ketu then there will be an increase in the intensity of the negative effects of Saturn mahadasha.

Such Saturn mahadasha can bring all kinds of hardships in native life especially in Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu antardasha.

Though due to the core benefic nature of planet Saturn, the negative effects of Saturn won't be consistent for the whole 19 years of its duration.

Native surely will see good results or relief from his issues in Venus, Mercury, and Moon antardasha, provided they are well placed and unafflicted in natal chart and navamsha.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Aquarius Ascendant

Saturn is lord of the 1st and 12th house and is an auspicious planet here.

 Planet rules over the following significations for Aquarius ascendant:

  1. Self.
  2. Body.
  3. Skin color.
  4. Overall health.
  5. Inclinations.
  6. Abroad factor.
  7. Right eye.
  8. Spiritual advancement.
  9. Sleep pattern.
  10. Expenditure habits.

Before making any predictions on Saturn mahadasha it is important to make a good and thorough assessment of the condition of planet Saturn in the Horoscope.

For the Aquarius ascendant generally, the results of Saturn are good when Saturn is placed in 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th house.

In other remaining houses, Saturn mahadasha effects can be bad or average depending on many factors. Here we need to judge the condition of planet Saturn and should see the placement of Saturn in natal and navamsha. In both natal and navamsha we need to see the association of Saturn with other benefic and malefic planets.

Most importantly Saturn should not be afflicted in the Horoscope.Now let's assume planet Saturn is benefic and auspicious after accounting all factors as per Vedic astrology. In such case, Saturn mahadasha will bring all-around success to the native.

There will be good health and the native will overcome his current health issues and will see a transformation in his physical and mental health. The native will see a positive change in his mindset and will make efforts to bring positive changes in his life.

Such Saturn mahadasha can bring a promotion or expansion in business easily plus new opportunities can come which can set native for 19 years of Saturn mahadasha.Frequent abroad travel and luxury life abroad can be witnessed by the native.

Lordship of Saturn over the 12th house can make native very spiritual and charitable and from time to time native makes donations.

Now suppose Saturn is weak in the Horoscope and inauspicious by nature then Saturn will suffer from illness and a lot of his money will be spent on treatment.

There will be frequent hospital visits and the native will be unable to do his work properly. Same time there will loss of money and position at the workplace and business.

Enemies will be active in such Saturn mahadasha and will be able to harm the native. There can be troubles on marriage and the health of spouse will also see a bad time.

Unnecessary wandering will be there and the native mind won't be at rest. Such Saturn mahadasha can make native reckless in his decisions which can backfire and 19 years of Saturn mahadasha can bring immense suffering for the native.

In 1st House: When Saturn is in its mool-trikone sign in the 1st house, natives can expect stability in all areas of life. The start of Saturn's mahadasha brings a new, positive perspective, making the native more optimistic. If Saturn is influenced by Jupiter, Mercury, or Venus in the natal horoscope, its natural malefic tendencies are minimized, leading to beneficial results. Conversely, if malefics like Mars, Rahu, or Ketu influence Saturn, the native might face obstacles, although eventual success is still likely.

The aspect of Saturn over the 3rd and the 10th house encourages hard work, resulting in promotions and career advancement. If the 10th lord Mars is well-placed in its own sign or the 11th house, or if Venus or Mercury is associated with Mars, natives can expect promotions during Saturn's antardasha.

This period can give lots of traveling, leading to new experiences. If Venus or Mercury is in the 1st or 3rd house, they may start a business, and success in it will depend on the strength of the 10th house and its lord.

This mahadasha benefits creative and skill-based occupations particularly.

Unmarried individuals may find a loving partner and settle down. Natives are loyal and honest in marriage, provided the Sun is not in the 6th or 8th house. There might be minor issues with siblings and the father's health. Notably, if the Moon (karaka of mind and emotions) is debilitated in the 10th house, the native might show detachment from family, potentially leading to a withdrawn nature, especially if Ketu further afflicts the Moon.

The health of the native is robust, with improvements in looks, vitality, and stamina. Recovery from illness is quick.

Remedies: Natives should strengthen Saturn by wearing a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire on the middle finger of the right hand.

In 2nd House: Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, rises in the 2nd house, and Saturn's mahadasha performs well here, promoting grounding, traditions, spiritual growth, and work ethics. Natives come closer to family members, with opportunities to resolve existing crises in relationships.

Auspicious family events, such as sibling marriages or childbirths, are common. Family businesses gain stability and prosperity, especially with the influence of benefic planets like Venus and Mercury.

Venus in the 2nd house supports Saturn in bringing good fortune. Natives gain through real estate, luxury, and valuables, thanks to Saturn's aspect on the 4th and 11th houses. Job opportunities for growth and promotions arise, particularly in Saturn's antardasha. The native's mindset becomes more positive, enhancing leadership qualities and communication skills.

Natives may start their own business if the 5th house lord Venus or the 10th house lord Mars is well-placed. They can gain respect and admiration, with significant changes in behavior and mannerisms. This period makes the native's voice influential and powerful, which makes them influence people easily.

Married life improves, although the spouse's health may face challenges, particularly if the 7th house lord Sun is in the 6th or 8th house or if Mars and Ketu are in the 7th house.

They form deep connections with new friends during this mahadasha. Health generally remains stable, but there may be a tendency to smoke or drink, especially with the influence of Mars or Ketu on the 2nd house or its lord Jupiter. If the Moon is in the 2nd house, they may become very religious and may explore spiritual growth through meditation, yoga, and natural healing.

Remedies: Natives should wear a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire on the middle finger of the right hand and engage in meditation.

In 3rd House: For Aquarius natives, the mahadasha lord Saturn becomes debilitated here. This makes Saturn weak, and since Saturn is the ascendant lord for them, its weakness can be felt greatly during its mahadasha. They may become very lazy and fall victim to ignorance and overconfidence. Some massive blunders can be made at the beginning of this period, leading to losses and troubles in their career.

Loss of job can happen, with a high possibility if the mahadasha lord Saturn is afflicted by Ketu or Rahu. Natives may have to move around too much in search of new opportunities, but they may never like anything due to inflated ego and fears. If corrective measures are not taken, this period can ruin their career prospects.

Natives who have auspicious influences of Venus and Mercury over the mahadasha lord may not lose their jobs, but they still suffer at the workplace and face great hardships. Unnecessary travel and even relocation to an unfavorable place can happen. It becomes very important for them to remain calm and cool, especially during the antardasha of Saturn itself.

Making mistakes in this period can prove costly for the remaining period of Saturn mahadasha. Their reputation can take a hit, and they may not be seen as honest and reliable, leading to displeasure in the minds of their boss or seniors. The antardasha of afflicted Ketu or Mars can even cause enmity with colleagues, and natives can become victims of a conspiracy.

Since Saturn is debilitated here, it is important to discuss its neech bhanga (cancellation of debilitation). Those who have placements causing neech bhanga of Saturn can expect relief, but they will still suffer due to the debilitation. The neech bhanga condition of the mahadasha lord will only kick in after a certain period of time, usually after the Saturn antardasha itself starts to deliver results and brings stability. The presence of auspicious benefic planets can accelerate the process.

Financial prospects during this period remain average, and the aspect of debilitated Saturn over the 12th house can cause large expenditures on unnecessary things. If Mars or Rahu also influence the 12th house, debts can pile up in this mahadasha.

Medical emergencies due to accidents or injuries to the natives or a relative can bring massive expenses. Financial planning is a must before entering the mahadasha, and Jupiter, which is the karaka (significator) of wisdom, should be well-placed in the horoscope.

Relationship matters don't go smoothly, and relationships with loved ones may decline. Neighbors can cause significant issues and unnecessary hassles in the lives of natives. Love affairs usually break down as soon as the mahadasha starts, and married life also suffers.

This period often leads to low emotional intelligence and a lack of creativity, affecting their ability to resonate with their partner.

If the planet Moon is placed with the mahadasha lord, it can make natives very cruel in emotions and detached. Unmarried individuals may find it fine, but married ones suffer greatly from such impulses. Children-related issues arise, and difficulties in conceiving can be experienced. Grown-up kids may cause stress, and natives may not get along with them. Mistakes happen from both sides, leading to frustrations. Natives may even close themselves off and become quiet, leading to strained relationships with themselves.

Remedies: The weakness of Saturn can be mitigated by wearing a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire. At the same time, natives should worship Lord Hanuman, whose devotion saves them from hardships (sankat mochan).

In 4th House: In an un-afflicted state of Saturn, its mahadasha can bring wonderful results. One of the best examples of this is Shri Amitabh Bachchan, who did extremely well during the mahadasha of Saturn.

Its 10th aspect over the 1st house makes natives very hardworking and dedicated to their work, while the aspect over the 10th house brings the luck vital for achieving breakthroughs or success in the form of a promotion.

Natives can shine in fields such as politics, management, and administration. Even real estate can bring good returns, provided Mars is placed in any of the Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house).

If Venus, Mercury, or even Jupiter influence the mahadasha lord, then the results of Saturn's mahadasha become more grand and effortless.

As a natural malefic, Saturn in the 4th house can cause health and domestic problems. It is in its nature to create hardship, but beneficial associations reduce the possibility of these issues.

However, the association of the mahadasha lord with malefics like Ketu, Rahu, and Mars can cause disruptions in health and domestic life.

The 4th house signifies internal peace, and with a debilitated Moon, some major mental barriers and challenges can occur. In such scenarios, natives can self-sabotage, which can affect their careers, finances, health, and overall growth in life.

The mahadasha of Saturn make natives very traditional, and they may find it hard to adjust to a constantly changing society. In interpersonal relationships, they become very demanding, and if the planet Sun is not well placed in the natal horoscope, they may feel withdrawn from their spouse. Only a well-placed Venus can save them from domestic issues. Overall, this mahadasha is great provided Saturn is not afflicted.

Remedies: Natives should recite the Shani Beej mantra daily to gain blessings from Shani.

In 6th House: Saturn in the 6th house in the sign of Cancer leads to a mindset where the emphasis falls on service, duty, and responsibilities towards others. Natives become diligent workers and take their duties seriously, especially in service-oriented professions. If the Moon is making a union with the mahadasha lord Saturn, then natives live a structured and disciplined life in their daily routines.

They thrive on organization and methodical approaches to tasks, which helps them manage their responsibilities effectively. This can bring good results at the workplace, and natives can be rewarded with an elevation at work. This period can lead to a desire or inclination towards serving others in a practical or supportive capacity. Natives find satisfaction in helping others overcome difficulties or challenges.

If Mars is placed in the 3rd house, then natives may travel a lot in this period, and the association of Venus with the 6th and 12th houses can bring relocation abroad.

Under the malefic influence of Mars, Ketu, or Rahu on mahadasha lord Saturn, challenges, obstacles, or enemies can arise. These can exist in the workplace or neighborhood. Despite that, this period provides the strength and perseverance to overcome these challenges through consistent effort.

There is a possibility that the mahadasha of Saturn in the 6th house may indicate involvement in legal disputes or matters related to litigation. If natives are senior at work, this period can put a strong emphasis on relationships with subordinates or those under their authority in work or service environments. They start to practice fairness, discipline, and accountability in these relationships.

In relationships, some issues can arise with a spouse or in-laws if the Sun, Mars, Ketu, or Rahu are placed in the 8th house. The 3rd aspect of Saturn over the 8th house creates a negative force that can get triggered in the antardasha of malefic placed in it. Despite that, Saturn may bring a sense of duty and responsibility towards family members, particularly towards nurturing and protecting loved ones.

The 6th house concerns health matters, and this period brings a heightened awareness of health matters. Existing health issues may get fixed if auspicious influences of Venus or Mercury are present over the mahadasha lord. Natives become more cautious about health and may adopt disciplined routines to maintain physical well-being.

Remedies: Natives should serve black dogs and worship Lord Bhairav on Saturday.

In 7th House: The mahadasha lord Saturn doesn't function well in the Leo sign, which rises here. This period brings a special focus on marriage life and indicates some heavy karma related to the spouse that requires fixing.

This placement leads to late marriage, and if natives enter this mahadasha unmarried, delays and challenges in finding a spouse can increase further. Only when benefic planets like Venus or Mercury are placed in the 7th house do natives find success in getting married in the beginning phases of the Saturn mahadasha.

Natives take relationships and marriage very seriously and develop a sense of duty and responsibility toward their partner. Issues in marriage often originate from the behavior of the spouse, especially if there is an affliction of Mars, Rahu, or Ketu over the mahadasha lord. Natives may have to deal with rudeness, lack of communication, and lack of trust during this period.

However, if Saturn is under the auspicious influence of Venus and Mercury, the spouse may exhibit traits associated with positive Saturn, such as being mature, disciplined, and trustworthy. The partner might also have a strong personality, possibly with leadership qualities.

Natives might be cautious in business partnerships, preferring stability and long-term security. The Saturn mahadasha gives a serious, authoritative demeanor. There may be a strong desire to achieve recognition and authority, which can bring good results and elevate the native to a higher position at work.

Natives form new ambitions and adopt a disciplined approach to achieving their goals. Over time, hard work and persistence may lead to respect and recognition in society, though there might be challenges or conflicts with authority figures. Doing solo business is better to pursue than partnerships, as ego clashes and lack of understanding with business partners may arise.

The Saturn mahadasha is good for bringing gains from real estate, provided Mars is placed in any of the Kendra houses, i.e., 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house.

There can be health concerns related to bones, teeth, or chronic ailments. Stress from relationships can also impact health. Natives may start to look older than their age, and their hair can turn grey even if they are young. The body becomes slower, and a lack of interest in physical activities takes a toll on health.

Remedies: Natives should recite Adity hridyam stotram daily.

In 8th House: A very analytical sign rises here, and the 8th house is related to curiosity. When natives experience Saturn mahadasha with this placement of Saturn, it brings a complete transformation in them. For smooth transformation and positive results, it is essential that only benefic planets such as Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter influence Saturn. Out of these, the union of Mercury with Saturn is the best because, in the 8th house, Mercury will become exalted for Aquarius natives.

Under such conditions, natives will become workaholic, efficient, productive, and pragmatic. They may excel at analyzing data, focusing on details, and working overtime to produce the best results. Their work ethic becomes commendable, and they usually work without any expectations. They may get a surprise promotion or elevation out of nowhere. Due to the aspect of Saturn over the 10th house, they cannot expect a promotion or rise in career under general circumstances. Only through upheaval or a shortage of the right people do they get their chance to shine.

This period polishes the natives' qualities and brings a fondness for structure, precision, and personal growth. It also encourages refining skills, improving efficiency, and seeking perfection in work. All these positive qualities help their organization immensely, and usually, natives don't like to take any credit for it. They firmly start to believe in doing karma without any expectations.

Since the mahadasha lord is in the 8th house, there has to be a dark side to it. It only comes out when Saturn is under the affliction of Ketu, Rahu, or Mars. In such conditions, natives become fussy, selfish, and impatient. Shyness and difficulty expressing emotions under pressure become their trademark. This leads to a downfall in career and enemies at the workplace who tend to backbite and create a negative image of natives in front of seniors.

They start to prefer stability over trying new things and don't go out of their comfort zone, leading to missed opportunities. In matters of finances, the auspicious Saturn mahadasha can bring sudden gains and inheritance, but inauspicious influences over it can lead to struggles and even legal battles to get what natives deserve. It may bring financial stability and gains through inheritance or joint ventures.

Usually, the Saturn mahadasha never allows natives to have a cordial relationship with their spouses and in-laws. Particularly with the spouse, there can be issues in their ability to perform sexual acts. The influence of Ketu can affect their ability to produce children as well. Natives often mix sensuality with practicality, which kills the essence of romance for them. The health of the spouse may be affected, and chronic health issues can arise for the partner.

The mahadasha lord Saturn in the 8th house promotes longevity, thus proving auspicious for recovering from an existing illness. However, Mercury must be making a union with the mahadasha lord Saturn. An auspicious Saturn can be helpful for individuals in their old age, ensuring a long life. It can also lead to inner transformation and spiritual growth. Natives maintain a deep interest in the occult and religious activities, excelling in research, occult sciences, or deep study. However, the influence of malefic planets can reverse the situation and cause bedridden conditions.

Remedies: Natives should perform Shani homa by a learned priest and worship Lord Hanuman to appease Saturn.

In 9th House: The Libra sign rises here, where the mahadasha lord Saturn becomes exalted. This empowers the qualities of Saturn and brings growth and stability in all matters of life.

Note: Saturn should not be retrograde because an exalted planet in a retrograde state behaves like a debilitated planet.

The beginning phase of Saturn mahadasha brings stability to career and finances. Natives' struggles start to end, and they become the favorites of their seniors. Promotion may happen in the first year of the mahadasha, provided the transit of Saturn and Jupiter influences the 10th house or its lord.

This period encourages lifelong learning, a love for travel, and respect for higher education. Those who are thinking of pursuing their masters will find this period highly favorable for that. It amplifies natives' desire to explore new ideas and perspectives, leading to associations with publishing, literature, and writing.

It assists natives in finding fame or recognition. They excel at creating partnerships that elevate them toward their life goals. The aspect of Saturn over the 11th house attracts new individuals who share similar points of view.

Saturn mahadasha in the 9th house signifies a significant impact on natives' perception of justice and fairness. They start to feel a strong responsibility towards their beliefs, higher education, and philosophical pursuits.

In the workplace, they appreciate elegance, simplicity, and design, akin to a courtroom or classic structures of law and justice. This period increases their focus, dedication, and hard work, leading to improved performance and output.

They may form new allies and friends who prove instrumental in their growth. People who harbor enmity and jealousy start to appreciate their charisma and charm. The influence of benefic Venus and Mercury leads to more positivity in the Saturn mahadasha.

Their association in any form is a Rajyoga, which becomes active in the Saturn mahadasha. Ideally, the degree of Saturn should be higher than these benefic planets; even if not, results won't be significantly influenced.

Career fields such as politics, administration, and social work start to draw natives, and they can find good opportunities in these areas, provided Saturn is forming a Rajyoga in the navamsha.

This period is beneficial for fulfilling aspirations in fields where skills are used, such as acting, music, and writing. The placement of Venus in mutual aspect with the mahadasha lord Saturn can give a deep understanding of arts and music, whereas Mercury can make natives great writers. With the well-placement of the 10th house lord, success is assured in these areas.

Finances start to bloom during this period, and they see a steady rise in income. Their luck improves, and they may win money in a lottery or betting competition. Gains from the father can also happen, and inheritance-related matters favor them. The Saturn mahadasha allows them to plan their finances better and improves their understanding of investments.

The Libra sign has a significant influence on relationships, love, and sensual pursuits, meaning natives' lives revolve around love and affection. They become very caring during this period, bringing out the best version of themselves. The unmarried ones become lucky in finding a partner for love and marriage.

Relationships play a significant role in their growth, with care and affection coming from the father. They easily integrate emotions and feelings into decision-making. Existing marital crises start to resolve on their own, but if the 7th house lord Sun is not well-placed, they may need to communicate effectively to resolve conflicts.

In matters of health, natives see a direct impact because Saturn is the ascendant lord. This period is auspicious for recovering from an illness. Their general health and body-mind functions peak during this time. Interest in physical activities increases, and they show a keen interest in spirituality. The union of the Moon with Saturn can bring a new perspective on life.

Remedies: Natives should wear a Jyotish quality blue sapphire on the right hand's middle finger.

In 10th House: Having the mahadasha of the ascendant lord in the 10th house can prove to be a boon. The 10th house represents work, career, parents, authority, government, leadership, fame, and legacy. It symbolizes life in the public eye and one's career path.

Saturn mahadasha here encourages natives to take ownership of their careers and shape how they want to be remembered. If this mahadasha occurs between the ages of 20 to 35 years, then natives can extract the most from it, though this is not a hard and fast rule and can vary from individual to individual.

The most mysterious sign, Scorpio, rises here, and usually, Saturn functions well in it. The best part is an increase in intuitive ability, which can open new paths of success for them.

If influenced by benefic planets such as yogakaraka Venus or 5th lord Mercury, the intuition is always right, whereas the influence of malefic planets can lead to mistakes and bad decisions. Natives tend to take on work with great responsibility and emotional attachment, which can prove good or bad depending on the outcome.

Therefore, natives need to have a strong placement of the Moon, as a weak or afflicted Moon can lead to negative emotions in times of failure.

Additionally, the placement of the mahadasha lord in the navamsha will also affect the results of this period. This period can bring opportunities to move abroad, providing a favorable location for the native, although it comes at the cost of leaving everything behind.

Growth and progress will be assured if natives take the bold step. With Venus in the 4th house, such movements will happen smoothly, but malefic influences will make the process tough and emotionally draining.

At the workplace, natives gain prominence and become authority figures. Promotion can happen immediately if the influence of Venus, Mercury, or Jupiter is present over the mahadasha lord. This period makes them feel more organized, brings a sense of structure, and they perform well due to their excellent time management. Natives experience an increase in expenses, but the rise in income balances it out to a large extent.

For financial prosperity in Saturn mahadasha, Jupiter should be strong and well-placed in the natal or navamsha chart. Gains from land and real estate become prominent, and their ability to do speculation enhances dramatically. In relationship matters, caution is advised. The aspect of the mahadasha lord over the 7th house of marriage causes ego tussles with the spouse.

If the 7th house lord Sun is placed in the 12th or the 4th house, this period can cause issues in marriage. However, if both partners work together (a strong possibility), they perform very well as a team. This period can bring issues to the father's health, and natives don't gain favors from him. Individuals with Saturn in the 10th house usually love their father but feel betrayed by him in crucial times, so a similar thing can happen to the native. The placement of malefic planets such as Mars, Rahu, or Ketu requires attention to the mother's health as well.

In matters of health, physical issues can happen only when natives have the influence of Ketu over Saturn or when Jupiter is weak or afflicted in the natal horoscope. They may become prone to mental issues, and if the Moon is afflicted in the horoscope, anxiety and depression can prevail. The union of the Moon with Saturn can make them cold in emotions, and they may feel withdrawn from people.

Remedies: Natives should strengthen Saturn by wearing a Jyotish quality blue sapphire. Worshipping Lord Hanuman can help them maintain their strength and give them fighting abilities.

In 11th House: This is hands down the best placement of Saturn to have its mahadasha. Pisces rises here, which is a benefic sign, and Saturn does very well in it. Its aspect over the 1st house makes natives very balanced during this period.

They can change everything about themselves and become the best version of themselves. Additionally, they can expect a rise in their abilities and performance at work. A better mind and new outlook allow them to achieve success and growth.

They gain new opportunities and, with their abilities, they can easily capitalize on them. If Venus is also in the 11th house, a grand Rajyoga forms, which is very beneficial for success, especially for those pursuing careers in acting, cinema, or any creative field.

The direct aspect of Saturn over the 5th house allows them to express themselves in a very structured manner, which proves essential for success in life. The benefic influence of Venus and Jupiter over the 5th and 11th houses leads to gains from speculation activities.

Business activities also pick up, and natives can excel in them. However, if the mahadasha lord is under the malefic influence of Ketu or Rahu in the natal horoscope, its mahadasha will take time to kick in. If Saturn is debilitated in navamsha, natives shouldn't experiment much in their careers and stick to a job.

Financial growth picks up nicely, making natives money magnets. They understand the value of money, and their wealth management peaks during this period. They can make solid investments and secure their future very well.

In relationships, they move very slowly, and Saturn usually doesn't allow them to make mistakes. Only when Venus and Mars are associated with each other and under Ketu's influence may they become very intense in their love life. Expansion in their social circle happens, and natives start to live with two different personalities.

They may remain quiet among family members and live by the rules, but in their social circle, they may become very extroverted.

If Saturn is not afflicted, their health remains solid, and they put effort into their looks and personality. If Venus is placed in the 1st house, such individuals become very charismatic during Saturn mahadasha. They start to focus on nourishment and engage in regular exercises.

Remedies:  To gain more blessings from this period, natives should wear a Jyotish-quality blue sapphire on the middle finger of the right hand.

In 12th House: Capricorn, Saturn's sign, rises here. When Saturn is in it, natives experience the best results of its signification. The aspect of the mahadasha lord over the 2nd, 6th, and 9th houses indicates a deep focus on career.

Natives may ignore other areas of life while pursuing growth at work. Work-life balance can only come when they have Venus or Mercury placed in the 1st or the 4th house. This period brings opportunities to move abroad and opens up the possibility of permanent settlement, but they never forget their roots and make frequent trips to their homeland.

Saturn mahadasha here promotes jobs but can also support business endeavors if Venus is placed in the 12th house. Natives' work ethics and organizational skills yield great results, but they always have to face resistance in the form of enemies or competition at the workplace. Expenses come under control, and an increase in income leads to financial prosperity.

In relationship matters, natives may suffer if they don't pay attention to the emotional needs of loved ones. Usually, during this period, they develop a tendency to ignore people, which can backfire. If the 7th lord Sun is placed in the 6th house, issues in marriage and with the father can occur simultaneously. The placement of Mars with the mahadasha lord can make them emotionally abusive and toxic during Saturn's mahadasha.

Health-wise, this period has many cautions, such as danger from accidents or injuries, especially when Saturn is afflicted by Mars or Ketu. Their mental health can also be at risk if the Moon is placed with the Sun in the sign of Scorpio or Libra.

Remedies: Natives should pacify the mahadasha lord Saturn by performing its homa.

Saturn Mahadasha Effects For Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces ascendant Saturn is lord of the 11th and 12th house and basically is a malefic planet for them.

Planet Saturn rules following significations for Pisces ascendant natives:

  1. Gains.
  2. Friends.
  3. Networking.
  4. Paternal Uncles.
  5. Elder siblings.
  6. Abroad travel.
  7. Bed pleasures.
  8. Inclinations towards luxury.
  9. Sleep pattern.
  10. Right eye condition.

Depending on the overall condition and strength of Planet Saturn, its Mahadasha effects can be excellent or worse.

Note: It is important to judge the condition of planet Saturn in Natal and Navamsha after applying the all-important concept of Vedic astrology.

Let's suppose Saturn is auspicious, unafflicted endowed with strength than during Saturn mahadasha, the auspicious nature of Saturn can bring large gains, expansion in business, a promotion at the workplace, friendship with powerful people, awards, and honor mainly.

Same time there can be an increase in spiritual activities, visiting holy places, shower in holy rivers. Such auspicious Saturn mahadasha can make native very generous and native makes frequent donations to the hospital or any other charitable causes. Also, it brings native to abroad effortlessly and he experiences comforts and luxurious life in abroad lands.

Now let's suppose if Saturn is weak and inauspicious in the Horoscope then the native will see obstacles in each and every area of his life. There will be loss of money, business will fall, positions at the workplace will be under threat, enemies will become strong, and native mental conditions can go bad. Such Saturn mahadasha can be tough to deal with because here 12th house lordship of Saturn can cause havoc in life.

Married life will suffer and even chances of divorce can be there. Native may face legal issues and can be embroiled in controversy especially when Saturn is debilitated in 2nd house and at the same time is afflicted by planet Rahu.

Let's see in detail how Saturn Mahadasha will turn out for them when Saturn is placed in different houses.

In 1st House: Pisces sign rises here and mahadasha lord Saturn does well in it.

During this period natives may experience events related to abroad in major ways. In the natal horoscope, if Rahu influences the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, or 12th house.

Then this mahadasha is capable of bringing natives abroad right away.

Their mindset and approach towards work and life become better and they exhibit professionalism and dedication toward career goals. Luck also supports the natives and brings an ideal environment for growth.

It is very important to assess the planets' placement in the 1st house. If Jupiter, Mars, Moon, or Mercury are sitting with mahadasha lord, then this mahadasha can be very effective to bring good results.

In such a scenario natives can be involved in a business that becomes successful after a few years of Saturn mahadasha.

Native becomes very demanding from juniors and co-workers. The aspect of mahadasha lord Saturn over the 3rd and the 10th house makes natives feel authority and organized, this leads them to speak extract most from team members at work.

Saturn mahadasha can teach some hard lessons and the antardasha of afflicted Sun, Venus, Ketu, and Rahu can lead to serious hardships but they come to teach lessons with no permanent damages.

Natives having Mars with Saturn, in 4th, 10th, or 11th from it, can expect gains from real estate.

In relationship aspects, they can get an opportunity for marriage in the antardasha of Saturn itself. Only when the 7th house or its lord is weak or badly placed, they may have to wait until the next antardasha which is associated with the 7th house.

Due to their rough attitude and lack of empathy, there can be issues in marriage. The health of the spouse also may turn bad and may require frequent checkups throughout the mahadasha of Saturn.

If the karaka of marriage i.e. Venus for males and Jupiter for females, is weak in the natal horoscope. Then Saturn mahadasha requires special care and attention over matters related to marriage.

Indication of tussles with Father is also there provided Sun is badly placed in the horoscope. If the karaka of Father Sun is making a union with the mahadasha lord, then antardasha of Saturn and Sun can pose challenges to Father's health.

Some friction and coldness with younger siblings can also happen if the 4th house or its lord Mercury is afflicted. Then major rifts can happen in this period.

In matters of health, visible impact falls over the looks department. Hair fall and lack of glow on the skin make natives look older. The body also becomes slower and a lack of interest in physical activities leads to weight gain. If the ascendant or its lord Jupiter is afflicted by the Sun, Ketu, or Rahu, then chronic health issues can occur. Eyesight can become weak or bone-related issues can bring discomfort.

Remedies: Native should wear a Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire on the right-hand index finger. This will make their ascendant strong and control the negative results of Saturn mahadasha.

In 2nd House: Now here, Saturn comes in its sign of debilitation i.e. Aries. This makes Saturn weak and in the 2nd house, its mahadasha is not convenient for good results. Major issues can happen at the job and workplace, the possibility of losing the job in antardasha of Saturn being very high. If the mahadasha lord is under the affliction of Ketu or Rahu, then the situation can turn worse.

Under heavy affliction, Saturn mahadasha can lead to a long spell of joblessness, which will lead to financial strain and debts over the native. Legal issues can also arise and can bring devastating blows. Impact will also fall on business and misunderstandings with the business partner will increase.

Gains will reduce and the business will come under threat. If the native comes under Sade Sati during this mahadasha, then extreme hardships will happen. Troubles will creep into relationships also and all kinds of relationships will see a negative impact.

The 2nd house controls matters related to family and also has a major say in the longevity of marriage and spouse. The operation of Saturn mahadasha will bring such situations where the native won't be seeing eye to eye with loved ones.

There will be pressure on the native to fulfill the unnecessary demands of the spouse. The frequency of arguments with the life partner may increase. The second house is of speech and manners, and a negative effect falls over it, due to which marital issues become more pronounced.

The affliction of Ketu, Rahu, or Mercury over the 2nd or the 7th house can lead to divorce or physical separation in Saturn mahadasha. The health of the spouse also requires attention, which leads to a rise in expenses. Stress and physical health issues become prominent and the native feels stuck and broken in the chaos of life.

These chronic health troubles can last throughout the Saturn mahadasha. Only when the ascendant is strong and under auspicious planetary influences can the troubles of Saturn mahadasha be contained via remedies. For example, the exaltation of Jupiter or its presence in the 1st house creates protection for the natives.

Remedies: It is a must that the native makes the ascendant lord Jupiter strong via a Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire on the right-hand index finger.

In 3rd House: Taurus sign rises here whose lord Venus is friendly towards Saturn plus the mahadasha of Saturn works well in the 3rd house i.e. natural signification of Saturn (hard work, persistence, focus) prospers.

Native faith also becomes strong and his motivation can become high due to trust in his abilities.

Saturn’s influence in the 3rd house emphasizes hard work, persistence, and determination. They may achieve success through consistent effort. During the Saturn mahadasha, natives will get good results in the 11th and the 12th houses also.

If Saturn in this house is involved with Mars or Jupiter, then the Rajyoga formed will deliver results, and the native will gain success and prosperity in life. Owing to a promotion, authority will come to the native. Plenty of new opportunities to travel and gain exposure will be there.

Such mahadasha of Saturn is beneficial for careers in sports and politics. It also supports business ventures and freelancing. But natives do have to struggle in the beginning and doing thorough research of the market situation is a must for them.

Native can pursue perfection and excellence, which can cause issues with the business partner or with people in the workplace. Financial conditions become better and each antardasha brings a rise in it, particularly of Jupiter, Mars, and Moon. Gains from real estate can happen if Mars is making a union or is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th, or 11th house from it.

On the other hand, Jupiter's favorable disposition i.e. union, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house leads to accolades and fame. The 5th house lord Moon's favorable disposition from the natal ascendant and Saturn is a must for massive success and satisfaction in life.

Having Moon in union can bring the best results because the Moon becomes exalted in the sign of Taurus.

They may turn into a philosopher, may start to write very well, and can gain recognition for their ideas and research on important matters. For careers in social work and political spheres, the time becomes quite favorable.

Natives who are trying to get a breakthrough become assured that something major is coming for them. The antardasha of Saturn, Moon, or well-placed Mars and Jupiter can bring a positive outcome in this regard. Saturn mahadasha brings a special focus on native communication abilities. There can be instances where the native will be misunderstood by people.

Under the affliction of Rahu or Ketu, they can experience challenges in communication and relationships with siblings. There could be misunderstandings or conflicts and Father's one-sided favors towards the sibling can be the reason for it. In the natal horoscope, having Sun with Saturn, in the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house from it can confirm this possibility.

Also, in the antardasha of badly placed Mercury, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu, challenges can arise from seniors and governments. But the native's adamant nature can make the situation tough for themselves. In other forms of relationships, particularly in love affairs, stagnation and lack of excitement can be felt. Having an affliction over the 5th house or its lord Moon can lead to a breakup.

If that happens, then the native may find it hard to trust a new person or feel a blockage in emotions. In matters of marriage and marital duties, they may see a positive outcome and Saturn mahadasha makes the native live a life with Dharma and good conduct.

Generally, the native receives fair treatment from the spouse and gains respect and love from the life partner. Matters related to children remain stable but delays and obstacles while planning can be felt.

The health of the native brings a good level of satisfaction, due to interest in exercise, strict routines, and good habits. There will be a rise in energy levels and Saturn mahadasha can help them with their existing health issues.

Remedies: Natives should worship Lord Hanuman daily and offer prayers in the Shani temple on Saturday evening.

In 4th House: Saturn mahadasha doesn't produce good results in the 4th house. Here, the sign Gemini rises which is a barren sign, and this creates ideal conditions for Saturn to cause disharmony in domestic life.

The aspect of Saturn falls on their 6th house of illness, enemies, and opposition, the 10th house of career, position in society, and the 1st house of self and health.

They can experience slowness in the body and their thought process can turn dull. If planet Moon is placed in the 1st house or negative houses from the natal ascendant or from the mahadasha lord, then the native can face severe mental blocks which can hamper the overall growth of the native.

It also makes the mind very dull and causes stagnation in life. The native can become very stubborn and may not understand the truth that progress will not come without bringing changes and flexibility.

Due to rigidity, the native may lose a golden opportunity because Saturn, as lord of the 9th house, is capable of creating new openings in life. Only the influence of Jupiter or Venus over the ascendant or its lord Mercury can allow the native to take advantage.

In such a scenario, a promotion can happen. The native can get a favorable change in location.

Though the location change will cause discomfort, it will also create a condition where the native will have to stay far from family and loved ones.

If the 7th lord Jupiter is not well placed or if there is the influence of Mars or Ketu over the 7th house, then there can be marital issues that can turn into major troubles in the antardasha of weak or malefic planets.

Even the health of the spouse will cause stress. The health of parents will also pose challenges and the relationship with them can turn sour. Matters related to inheritance will not go in an ideal direction.

Natives having the Moon in the 6th house should stay cautious because the aspect of Saturn over the debilitated Moon may lead to a long spell of loneliness, anxiety, or depression. The affliction of Mars over the Moon can also lead to intense aggressive behavior and criminal tendencies in this mahadasha. This can lead to legal troubles over the native, especially when Jupiter is weak or badly placed.

Remedies: If the Moon is under the affliction of Mars or placed in the 6th house, then the native should worship Lord Hanuman and donate Panch Samagri on Tuesdays.

In 5th House: Here, the Cancer sign rises, whose lord is the planet Moon. From this position, mahadasha lord Saturn aspects the 11th house, which boosts the signification of the 11th house.

This leads to success, gains, and fame for the natives. One thing for sure is that they may try their luck in speculation and eventually can experience some success in it.

Major success will only come when Mars and Jupiter are well placed in the natal horoscope. To experience positive results throughout, the aspect of Jupiter over Saturn is a must.

Even the aspect of Mars from the 2nd house can give beneficial results in this period. In such conditions, the native can amass a good fortune in this period.

There will be opportunities for doing business on a good scale. They may also get some fame if the horoscope has a balanced Ashtakvarga score in the 10th and 11th houses.

Without the influence of benefic planets, Saturn can create some hardships. Under the influence of Venus, Rahu, Ketu, or the Sun, the hardships may come. The native may lose position or face a severe workload. Relationships with co-workers may also get damaged.

In interpersonal relationships, the position and aspect of Saturn are very critical for the equation with the spouse.

First of all, due to the malefic nature of Saturn, they experience troubles in their love life. Saturn mahadasha also affects their emotional well-being. It can make them cold and unresponsive towards the lover. If Ketu or Sun influences the 5th house, then the relationship usually breaks at the beginning of Saturn mahadasha itself.

Marriage happens late, and if the horoscope has a bad condition of the 7th house or its lord, then the native can expect numerous challenges on the marital front. The spouse can become very harsh and can disrespect the native. The behavior of the native also towards the spouse won't be up to the mark. Only the influence of Mars and Jupiter can save the native's marital peace and harmony.

The stomach area is likely to stay disturbed, especially when its lord Moon is not well placed from the ascendant and Saturn. There can be issues with mental health and emotional blockages can be there. Only when the Moon is in a good house and under auspicious planetary influences, there can be some relief.

Existing health matters are likely to become worse and chronic health issues will disturb the native's ability.

Remedies: Saturn should be pacified by various means mentioned. Along with that, the natives should make their Moon strong via a Jyotish-quality seawater pearl.

In 6th House: Traditionally, the effects of Saturn mahadasha are considered good in the 6th house. It makes them bold, courageous, hardworking, persistent, and a good planner.

All these qualities become enhanced in the mahadasha of Saturn. Additionally, natives develop a deep affection for pets, particularly dogs.

Since the Leo sign rises here, which is not an ideal sign for Saturn, there can be visible discomfort during its mahadasha.  Further, if malefic planets like Ketu, Rahu, or Sun are influencing Saturn, then there can be challenging situations in this period.

They may feel disoriented, arrogant, and ungrounded. Small tasks and responsibilities can irritate their mind. The behavior may not be up to the mark, which can lead to issues with co-workers and the formation of enemies.

People around the native can strike at the native's growth in a very hidden manner. The results of their enemies' actions can delay their promotion and rise. It takes a significant period for the native to identify the source of issues. So it is a must that the native stays alert and keeps a low profile at the workplace.

It is seen that Saturn mahadasha can cause losses through theft or burglary. The 6th house controls legal matters also, and if Saturn is weak and afflicted, then legal troubles may come in Saturn mahadasha.

Here, the placement of its lord Sun is very important, and in a malefic house under Ketu or Rahu influence, such issues can arise.

Unnecessary travels can happen, but under the influence of Mars and Jupiter, the native may get an opportunity to visit abroad. Even settlement can happen if Rahu is placed in the 4th house, or Mercury in the 6th or the 12th house.

Saturn mahadasha can give life-changing experiences but only with struggles and hard work. Expenses rise heavily, and the operation of Sade Sati can put a massive dent in their savings and investments.

Most likely, medical expenses and job loss can trouble them in matters of money. Expenditures on legal matters, traveling, house, or car repair can also happen.

In relationship matters, Saturn mahadasha is not conducive to stability. Natives having 7th house lord Mercury in the 2nd, 6th, 8th, or 12th house become affected immediately. Misunderstandings and lack of support from spouse can bother them and in the antardasha of Sun or Ketu, some grave situations can arise.

The health of the spouse may also need attention, and issues can arise from time to time.

Lack of domestic and mental peace and financial stability can make life tough. Rise in emotional turmoils can lead to excessive frustrations and negative thoughts in the mind.

The native can also go through surgery if Mars or Ketu influences the 6th house. Having planet Moon in the 8th or the 12th house indicates depression or similar issues in mind. The mental state can take a solid beating and requires constant meditation and effort.

Remedies: The native should recite Shani Chalisa daily. Also, worship of Kaal Bhairav is a must for them.

In 7th House: When you consider the rulership of Saturn (11th and 12th house), this mahadasha of Saturn seems to benefit the career, gains, and movement to an abroad place. The direct aspect of Saturn over the ascendant motivates natives to take steps in this direction.

As soon as the mahadasha starts, they start to plan for a rise in career and a potential movement to an abroad place.

Natives become successful, and if Saturn is under the positive influence of Mars or Jupiter, they see immediate success in life.

Due to improved work ethics, hard work, and focus, there can be gains and appreciation for the performance and results at the workplace.

A possible relocation to a new place with the support of positive Rahu can result in migration to a nation with good living standards.

But if Saturn is under the influence of Ketu, natives may not feel motivated for growth. Other things start to occupy their mind, bringing distractions. Having such Saturn mahadasha in prime age can damage the career.

The best results come only when Saturn is under the influence of Jupiter, i.e., union or aspect. In such a scenario, during Saturn mahadasha, natives can gain a prominent position and become excellent managers.

More auspicious influences over Saturn, i.e., by Moon and Mars, will only bring more favorable results. Natives gain through their spouse or partner; the spouse achieves success through hard work and dedication at work.

But there can be issues in relationships, and warmth in relationships can be missing. Saturn is a kind of planet that brings seriousness and detachment to some extent. In Saturn mahadasha, natives experience events that can affect their view on relationships.

Similar experiences will happen with the business partner, and ups and downs will be there. Natives and business partners won't get along in major decisions and can face miscommunication and disagreements frequently.

However, having an aspect of Jupiter over Saturn can save the natives from such issues. The 3rd aspect of Saturn over the 9th house indicates that during Saturn mahadasha, natives may have issues with their father. This possibility will be strong if the Sun is weak in the horoscope or placed in the 9th house.

Suppose the Sun is with Rahu in the 9th house, then Saturn mahadasha can trigger Pitru Dosha. If that happens, then there will be significant issues in the natives' life, and the effect will fall over members of the family as well.

Awareness of this matter can lead to solutions that can save the future for all family members. This is how Saturn mahadasha works in reality. So if that condition exists in your horoscope, take action right away.

When it comes to the natives' health, there will be a negative impact on it. Natives will start to look older and may suffer from hair problems. The body will become slow, and laziness can prevail. Usually, a lack of interest in physical activities leads to weight gain and lack of stamina.

Bone, eye, and teeth issues can be there, and if Saturn influences Ketu, then spine and neck issues can develop. Affliction or weakness of Saturn will make existing health issues complex.

Remedies: Natives should worship Lord Hanuman and make ascendant lord Jupiter strong to counter the malefic aspect of Saturn over the ascendant.

In 8th House: Saturn mahadasha is highly misunderstood here. Many might say that an exalted Saturn mahadasha can give good results. But in reality, it is quite the opposite. Only under the auspicious influence of Jupiter and the Moon can natives expect some good results, like sudden monetary gains or inheritance. Otherwise, this period can test them dearly.

Mahadasha lord Saturn aspects the 10th house, which can create obstacles in their growth and can ruin their plans. Suddenly, every plan of theirs may cease to stop. Natives can lose their jobs and reputations if Rahu, Ketu, or even Mars are placed with Saturn. Even their aspect is enough to cause hardships in their professional life.

On the bright side, Saturn mahadasha supports careers in research, mining, and work where investigative abilities are used.

Financially, this period can show ups and downs. In the beginning, the income can become slow, and expenses can arise. If the Moon is exalted and Jupiter & Mars are making a union in the 10th or 9th house, then a sudden windfall can happen. Natives can become lucky in attracting money from various sources.

But that possibility is rare, and in most cases, it is seen that they tend to lose their wealth in Saturn mahadasha. If Saturn is under the aspect of Ketu or Rahu, then the situation can become worse, and debts can pile up heavily.

Relationship matters don't go smoothly either, and the weakness of the Sun can lead to bad relationships with fathers, seniors, and elders in the house.

Marriage issues also arise, and trouble in getting married, plus frequent issues with the spouse's health, can occur. Only a well-placed Mercury, preferably in the 7th house, can help the natives from such occurrences.

Relationships with in-laws become very tight, and misunderstandings can be there. Their health and finances may not be up to mark in this mahadasha.

Health matters of natives start to bring worries, and a chronic health issue can trouble them. The issues can be mysterious and can take time for its diagnose. Treatment doesn't work effectively, and mental health can go for a toss. It is truly a very difficult mahadasha, and at any point, the operation of Sade Sati can add to their troubles.

Remedies: Natives should do Shani Shanti yagya and donate items related to Saturn.

In 9th House: Scorpio sign rises here, and the mahadasha lord Saturn gives mediocre results in this house. However, due to its rulership over the 11th house, natives get good results in career and finances. As the ruler of the 12th house, the mahadasha of Saturn promotes spiritual growth and gives opportunities in abroad lands.

As soon as the mahadasha starts, there are visible changes in the working style of the natives. They become more disciplined and put more effort toward betterment in life. Productivity also increases, and if Saturn is under the influence of Jupiter, Mars, or Moon, then natives give honest efforts and benefit from it. A special mention of Moon's association with Saturn is necessary here. It is well known that Saturn and Moon union in the sign of Scorpio makes one detached from the material world. If Moon is in the nakshatra of Anuradha, then natives become immensely dedicated to their work. This mahadasha has the potential to enhance their skills, and its direct aspect over the 3rd house encourages them to explore their talents. If Venus is placed in the 2nd house, then their creative talents become pronounced, and this period can bring success in the field of arts and glamour. Rahu's influence over Venus can add more to the success and gains, whereas Mercury's influence leads to interest in academics and success in the field of literature.

Financially, in the beginning, some issues can arise because of Saturn's presence in the house of luck, which can slow down financial gains. The aspect of Saturn over the house of gains can also slow down their income. But as the mahadasha progresses, natives, by sheer effort and willpower, start to make good earnings. Particularly if they are pursuing a business, they have to put in a lot of effort in the beginning, such as investments and planning. Saturn mahadasha demands action from them at each step, and when they do that, they get handsome rewards in the sub-period of a well-placed Moon, Mars, and Jupiter.

Natives become very picky with people and choose their circle wisely. Due to this, their social circle becomes small, but most of the people in their circle can be trusted in times of crisis. Saturn mahadasha tends to eliminate those who might betray the natives in the future.

If natives have a weak 6th house lord Mars, then there will be a financial crisis in Saturn mahadasha, and debts can pile up. So, it is crucial that natives with weak or afflicted Mars handle their expenses wisely. Before the start of Saturn mahadasha, they should be prepared.

If mahadasha lord Saturn is under the influence of Venus and natives have Rahu in the 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, or 12th house, then they are likely to find good employment abroad. Also, they may settle in a foreign land.

In matters of relationships with loved ones, natives can expect coldness and tough times with their father and siblings. Weakness of the Sun can aggravate the situation and lead to serious health issues for their father. Even at the workplace, natives may suffer from pressure from seniors.

In marriage matters, Saturn mahadasha has an average impact, but if Mercury is with Saturn or under the aspect of Saturn, then there will be issues in marriage. Lack of intimacy from the native's side can bring distress in married life. If the horoscope has placements detrimental to marriage, then issues can become severe.

Health of natives remains fine, and this area rather improves. Consistent work on health and focus on nutrition lead to a transformation in their health. Spiritually, natives develop very well, and religious inclinations become very high. Natives take an active interest in pilgrimages and visit various temples or holy places. Mindfulness attracts and brings calmness to their life.

Remedies: Natives should wear a Jyotish quality seawater pearl on the smallest finger of their right hand. This will boost both the 9th house and Saturn for them.

In 10th House: The 10th house stands for karma, status, and profession of the natives. Saturn mahadasha is well known to deliver good results and give significant growth in life.

For Pisces natives, the presence of the Sagittarius sign adds more positivity for them. Its lord Jupiter is very compatible with the mahadasha lord Saturn. In the mahadasha of Saturn, the career of natives picks up very well. They become ambitious and make an effort in the right direction.

Their chances of becoming successful become quite high due to the conducive environment at the workplace. Their bosses and co-workers support them in all conditions. They also gain the trust of people easily and become very confident in people in power at the workplace.

This period is also supportive of building a business or inheriting one from their father. If Jupiter or Mars are making an association with Saturn, then the results are significantly good.

They can excel in administration, politics, or similar kinds of roles.

So, those who have dreams of making it big in life need the support of Jupiter and Mars. Similarly, for those who aspire to work abroad and settle there, this mahadasha of Saturn can fulfill their wishes. The presence of Rahu in the 4th, 10th, 11th, or 12th house will make the process smoother and faster.

On the financial front, positive results are expected, and natives become self-dependent and start to earn good money in the beginning stages of the mahadasha itself.

They also receive gains through their father and spouse.

If natives have Moon, Jupiter, or Venus in the 12th house, then they can make major gains from abroad. Natives become workaholics, and their relationships with their spouse suffer due to that. They may not be present physically and emotionally for their spouse, leading to a lack of intimacy and romance.

If the 7th house or its lord is afflicted by the 6th house or 7th house lord, i.e., Sun or Venus, then the marriage of natives can suffer badly.

Apart from the busyness of natives, the reasons for issues can be due to involvement outside the marriage. This is likely to happen when Venus is placed in their 10th or 12th house under the influence of Rahu (aspect or union). Equation with their father can also become bad, and his health can deteriorate in Saturn mahadasha.

There is a possibility of having issues with their mother also because of Saturn's direct aspect over the 4th house of the mother. If planet Moon is weak or afflicted, then such issues can arise in the antardasha of Saturn or Moon.

In matters of health, the aspect of Saturn over the 7th, which is a maraka house, can pose some challenges for the natives. But only in certain conditions, such as having the 6th house lord Sun in the 7th or 8th house, or the 7th lord Mercury in the 6th house. These placements are the most negative to have in a natal horoscope, which can combine with Saturn mahadasha to cause surgery or even an accident.

Mental health will be affected if Moon is placed in the 12th house, but the affliction of Ketu should also be there over it. Without the affliction of the Moon, natives will only feel detached and won't suffer from depression or anxiety. In health issues and recovery, the importance of the ascendant and its lord is paramount. So, having a strong ascendant can save the natives from any kind of negativity in this period.

Remedies: Natives should worship Panchmukhi Hanuman, which will lead to courage, persistence, and a rise in status for them.

In 11th House: It is well known that Saturn gives the best results in this house. It is an upachaya house and signifies growth, success, gains, and victory in any area of life. For Pisces natives, Saturn's sign, Capricorn, rises here.

Provided Saturn is not debilitated in navamsha or in malefic houses, natives can expect amazing growth and developments. Their career and finances see an instant boost and a promotion can happen in the antardasha of Saturn itself. If natives have other Rajyoga in the natal horoscope, then in Saturn mahadasha, they can become active.

Natives can get an opportunity to lead a team of people and can become the head of a place, locality, or even a nation. It all depends on the promises of the natal birth chart. Financially, natives make the best money of their lifetime. Saturn promotes a mindset that leads to the attainment of wealth and luxury.

Business opportunities also come for them, and they become interested in speculation and investments.

Due to the support of luck, they see success in their plans. It is important to discuss education here because the aspect of Saturn over the 5th house demands it. If natives are in the formative years of life, this period gives recognition and top performance in studies.

It also promotes deep research and can lead to major discoveries by the natives. Having an auspicious 8th house can lead to additional support in this regard, and it also promotes sudden gains and success in inheritance-related matters.

Natives also form good relationships with people in power, and such associations prove very beneficial for their future. Natives become popular among friends and command respect and admiration from everyone around them.

A beautiful love story can start for the natives in this period, and Saturn mahadasha is very supportive of getting married in the earliest phase of it.

If the 7th house is weak or afflicted, then there can be some delays and obstacles in it.

But if Jupiter is placed in the 1st or the 3rd house, then such negativity will be countered by Jupiter's aspect over the 7th house.

Delays in children-related matters will happen, and grown-up children can become rebellious. But a lot of important events happen in Saturn mahadasha for them.

Natives may feel minor stomach-related issues, which can cause discomfort only when the 5th house is under the affliction of malefic planets or when its lord Moon is weak or badly placed in the natal horoscope.

Saturn's aspect over the 1st house can make natives look older than their age and can slow down the body.

However major issues are not experienced; rather, this mahadasha can make natives interested in physical fitness. It also makes them put effort into building and maintaining a healthy regime.

Remedies: Natives should read Shani Chalisa daily and visit a Saturn temple on Saturday evening.

In 12th House: Aquarius, which is the mool-trikona sign of Saturn, rises here.

When Saturn is placed in this sign, it becomes very comfortable to deliver the results of its natural and functional significations.

This means natives can get an opportunity to relocate abroad and settle there permanently. Though supportive factors like the placement of Rahu in the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 10th, or 12th house or if the 4th house lord Mercury is associated with the 12th house are necessary for it. When these factors are absent, natives may not settle abroad but may spend a considerable amount of time there.

At work, some uncomfortable situations can arise, and natives may have to face some enemies. If the 6th house lord Sun is weak or badly placed, for example, in the 8th house, then the battle with enemies lasts for a long time. If Jupiter and Mars are strong, then natives win over them eventually.

Fully auspicious and smooth results come when Saturn is under the auspicious influence of Jupiter or Moon. Saturn mahadasha may produce challenges, but it delivers good results like promotion, a hike in salary, and a rise in status.

Natives will power and tactical acumen increases in this period, and by using those qualities, they could gain an edge in life and over enemies.

At one point in the mahadasha, which can be the antardasha of a planet that is most afflicted, or during the Sade Sati period, natives experience a low point in their lives. Financial matters should be dealt with carefully because, at some point, debts can increase. Natives may spend lavishly if Venus influences Saturn. The influence of Rahu or Ketu can cause expenses on unnecessary matters and things.

In relationship matters, natives will have to make some adjustments because fate will keep them far from their loved ones. This can cause issues for those who have a weak and afflicted 7th house or its lord. If Mercury and Venus are placed with Saturn and there is an aspect of Ketu over it, then during Saturn mahadasha, natives may lose their sexual potency. This will affect the quality of their sexual life and marital relationship.

Mental health can come under strain, and sleep issues can prevail, but only when Rahu or Mars influence Saturn.

Remedies: Natives should recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranamavali, as doing so will bring positive changes for them.

We all know that the 19-year-long Saturn Mahadasha cannot have consistent effects. The impact varies depending on the Antardasha (sub-period) that follows it.

It is important to note that no Mahadasha gives consistently bad results throughout its duration. There are always times when the native experiences happiness and a cheerful mood.

To understand the effects of Antardasha on the Mahadasha, a dedicated article is required. However, for the context of this article, I will mention some important points:

1. The lordship of the Antardasha lord should be checked. If the Antardasha lord is a functional benefic, positive results will be observed during that period.

2. The strength of the Antardasha lord should be gauged properly. When strong, the Antardasha lord protects its significations and can override the negative effects of the Saturn Mahadasha. In such cases, it can help the native reassess the situation and take measures to control the damage. For example, the Antardasha of a strong third house lord can help the native deal with the crisis given by the Saturn Mahadasha. If the Saturn Mahadasha is going well, such Antardasha can encourage the native to make the most of it.

3. The natural friendship of the Antardasha lord with the Mahadasha lord Saturn also has a say in the effects. Saturn does well with planets like Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. Their Antardasha tends to bring relief from the ongoing negative effects of the Saturn Mahadasha. The Antardasha of planets like Mars, Rahu, and Ketu can prove to be very bad if they are not the lords of the auspicious houses and are weak in strength.

4. The mutual position of the Antardasha lord from Saturn can make a big difference. It is important to check how the Antardasha lord is placed with respect to the Mahadasha lord Saturn. The position of the Antardasha lord in the 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses is considered good. In other positions, especially in the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses, it is not considered good. In such situations, even a benefic Saturn Mahadasha can give negative effects.

These are the basic points which should be kept in mind before declaring the effects of the antardasha results.

Lets see the general results of various antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn.

Effects Of All Antardasha In The Mahadasha Of Saturn

Saturn Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha

This antardasha of Saturn operates for 3 years and 3 days.

This period is most intense in the whole Saturn mahadasha and even if planet Saturn is auspicious in the Horoscope, the native still feels some general negative effects of Saturn no matter what.

Native tend to feel tired, lazy, slow despite a rush of good energy at the workplace. 

Planet Saturn constantly pushes native to take a break from the activities native is doing.

This happens in the first year of Saturn antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn.

These three years of Saturn-Saturn always need attention and the native should maintain discipline in all areas of his life.

There can be back and neck pain, lack of concentration, loss of wealth, and lack of interest in communication with people around.

Mercury Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha

The antardasha of Mercury in mahadasha of Saturn is of 2 years and 8 months. 

For the following ascendant signs Mercury antardasha tend to be good:

  1. Taurus.
  2. Gemini.
  3. Virgo.
  4. Libra.
  5. Capricorn.
  6. Aquarius.

Whereas for other ascendant signs results can be malefic or mixed depending on other factors.

This period of Mercury antardasha can be best described as a period of interest and hobby.

Native may start to read a lot and depending on the position of planet Mercury in the Horoscope, the interest may be intense in it.

There can be gain in wealth & status and native see a good association with powerful people.

A definite improvement in quality of life happens with good clothing and accessories to the native.

Native experiences a sharp rise in his business acumen and his ability to cash on opportunity increases by many folds.

Health remains good generally and happiness is observed in relationships, during Mercury antardasha native experiences the friendly side of the relationship with his spouse.

Native tend to do charity work for exposure and new links with people and get success to a large extent.

Ketu Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha

During the whole mahadasha of Saturn, this Ketu antardasha can bring the most amount of pain and grief.

 I will rank antardasha of Ketu as number one in terms of negativity.

 Native people experience loss of wealth and experience bad health which leads to medical bills.

Knees and spine get most affected and in some cases surgery can also happen.

Native wanders for no reason and even though some range of spiritual advancement happens, still native feels frustrated and lost.

At the workplace, enemies increase by many fold and hold the position to harm the native and his rank.

Relationships also see a downfall and depending on combinations of bad marriage in horoscopes, native encounters frequently quarrel with his partner.

It has been observed that many divorces happen during antardasha of Mercury in mahadasha of Saturn.

Venus Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha

This duration of Venus antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn is the longest one and is 3 years and 2 months.

 Now as per vedic astrology texts like Laghu parashari, which applies on Saturn mahadasha-Venus antardasha.

These special rules are additional to the regular rules.

Generally for following ascendant Venus antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn bring good results:

  1. Taurus.
  2. Virgo.
  3. Libra.
  4. Aquarius. 

During this antardasha of Venus, native see a rise in their creative skills and are good for performance in areas of acting, painting or singing.

Native sense of beauty and his definition of things around him tends to change.

There is an increase of wealth and status in society.

Relationships with spouses usually go bad and it has been observed that native spend time far from their spouse.

One big impact which falls during Venus antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn is that natives desire for sexual pleasure goes down and he don't find it good anymore.

Sun Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha

During Saturn mahadasha, natives experience the antardasha of the Sun for 11 months only.

 This antardasha of Sun is usually favorable for the following ascendant signs:

  1. Aries.
  2. Gemini.
  3. Libra.
  4. Scorpio.
  5. Sagittarius.

During this antardasha of Sun in mahadasha of Saturn, native experiences gain from the government and father.

His influence rises among people and is good for careers like politics.

Native people gain wealth and at the same time donate also, he tries to understand the spiritual side of life more than ever.

Though this antardasha of the Sun is bad for the relationship with the father and if the 9th house is afflicted in horoscope, the native's father may experience bad health.

During Sun antardasha natives tend to appreciate nature more and the majority of their time is spent on mountains or riversides.

Moon Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha

The total duration of Moon antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn is one year and 11 months.

For following ascendant Moon antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn will give good results:

  1. Libra.
  2. Virgo.
  3. Capricorn.

For the rest of the ascendant signs this antardasha of the Moon can tend to cause issues, though  depending on many factors, it can be good also.

During antardasha of Moon native tend to feel heavy in mind and usually his happiness questions tend to go down.

If Moon is afflicted in natives Horoscopes, then this antardasha of Moon can cause more mental issues.

Natives go on pilgrimages and develop religious inclinations.

His wealth rises with time and his affluence increases during Moon antardasha in mahadasha of Sun.

His relationship sees a good time though mother health can see a bad time and natives house and card seek maintenance from time to time.

It is important to pay attention to the lord of the 4th house before making a judgment on the relationship with Mother and her well-being.

Mars Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha

Mars antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn operates for one year and one month mainly.

 Mars antardasha can be very auspicious for the native provided there is a Dhanyoga in the Horoscope.

 Generally, Mars antardasha in mahadasha of Mars is beneficial for the following ascendants:

  1. Aries.
  2. Taurus.
  3. Gemini.
  4. Libra.
  5. Scorpio.
  6. Capricorn.
  7. Pisces.

During this antardasha of Mars, native attain property and make gains from land and real estate.

Natives overall wealth rises and new addition in gadgets happens with it.

He becomes more attentive, active and his  interest in physical exercise amplifies.

Though the native becomes more aggressive during Mars antardasha in Saturn mahadasha.

Both Saturn and Mars are natural malefic in nature and can give high blood pressure and issues like fever.

Natives relationships go downhill and with spouse natives sees constant arguments with spouse provided there are combinations for issues in marriage.

Though there will be an increase in friend circle and natives tend to become more outgoing and daring.

Rahu Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha

Rahu antardasha lasts for two years and 10 months and can be very tough to deal with.

During this Rahu antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn, native feels experience lack of sleep and feel delusional.

 Natives expenses rise by many fold and from time to time health creates troubles.

 Lack of peace at the workplace and threat to job and position remain constant.

Native sees trouble from spouse also and if there are combinations for bad marriage in Horoscope then native can face absolute crises in marriage.

Though this Rahu antardasha is good for abroad opportunities, once the native is abroad he faces issues from many fronts.

Jupiter Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha

This antardasha of Jupiter remains for two years and six months and during this phase of Saturn mahadasha native feels enlightenment and adopts a new approach in life.

 Antardasha of Jupiter is the last one in Saturn mahadasha and as a rule of Astrology, the very last antardasha in any mahadasha can cause issues.

 So here also, native faces issues in life.

Still, Jupiter antardasha is can be really good provided the native have either of the following ascendants:

  1. Aries.
  2. Taurus.
  3. Gemini.
  4. Virgo.
  5. Scorpio.
  6. Sagittarius.
  7. Pisces.

There can be an increase in income and prosperity to the native and his status increases due to natives' newfound approach, dedication, and hard work.

Luck tends to support more than ever and at the same time, natives see a smooth execution in his strategies.

On the relationship front native sees a smooth time and experiences quality time with people around him, especially spouses and children.

So above you have seen some very general effects of various antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn.

Gem Therapy As Saturn Mahadasha Remedy

 Depending on the ascendant in the Horoscope, the ascendant lord must be given strength to counter the negative effects of Saturn mahadasha.

For example, if the ascendant is Aries then Mars should be made strong via a Jyotish Quality Red Coral in the ring finger of the right hand.

In the same way I am listing the gemstones for other ascendants.

  1. Aries ascendants should wear Red coral.
  2. Taurus ascendants should wear White sapphire.
  3. Gemini ascendants should wear Green Emerald.
  4. Cancer ascendants should wear Seawater pearls.
  5. Leo ascendants should wear Ruby.
  6. Virgo ascendant should Green Emerald.
  7. Libra ascendant should wear White sapphire.
  8. Scorpio ascendants should wear Red coral.
  9. Sagittarius ascendant should wear Yellow sapphire.
  10. Capricorn ascendant should wear Blue sapphire.
  11. Aquarius ascendant should wear Blue sapphire.
  12. Pisces ascendant should wear  Yellow sapphire.

Note: Many astrologers tend to recommend Blues Sapphire in Saturn mahadasha irrespective what the ascendant sign is and this is a very wrong way to handle Saturn mahadasha effects.

Worshipping As Saturn Mahadasha Remedy

A very popular remedy for Saturn mahadasha is worshiping of Lord Hanuman and it can be simply done via visiting Lord Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday.

 Same time following should be recite:

  1. Hanuman chlaisa.
  2. Hanumanashtak.
  3. Bajranbaan.

Depending on intensity of Saturn mahadasha one call a priest at home for Bajranbaan path.

Fasting As Saturn Mahadasha Remedy

Another popular way for removing I'll effects of Saturn is doing Fasting on Saturdays, this can work very good as Shani Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha remedy.

One can keep 21 fasts on Saturdays and in each Saturday one can visit Lord Saturn temple in evening and offer the Saturn's idol mustard oil with black sesame seeds in it.

 There on the spot recite Shri Shani Chalisa and 108 names of Lord Saturn.

 Lord Saturn will be very appeased with it and will reduce the ill effects of Saturn mahadasha.


Saturn the slowest moving planet dasha lasts for 19 years and gives results depending on what ascendant native have in the natal horoscope and what condition planet Saturn is placed in.

Due to its malefic nature, natives feel burdened and see tough time in this mahadasha but in many cases native have gain success as soon as it starts.

For some ascendant signs planet, Saturn gives good results naturally provided it is well placed.

 For example, Megastar Amitabh Bachchan whose example, I have discussed below.

It is very important we apply all kinds of Vedic astrology principles before making any conclusion on Saturn mahadasha effects.

Here I will give you an example where the native saw a significant rise during Mahadasha of Saturn.

We all know Megastar Shri Amithab Bacchan who rose from nothing to stardom.

His Horoscope is given below and Dasha timelines are next to it.

Example horoscope for saturn mahadasha good effects
Saturn mahadasha timeline for example horoscope

You will see that as soon as his Saturn Mahadasha started his career took off.

He is Aquarius ascendant and planet Saturn is lord of the 1st and 12th house.

The core nature of Saturn is auspicious for him.

Saturn is very well placed in his 4th house in the sign of Taurus and has no affliction over it.

In Navamsha also planet Saturn is very well placed.

Also, as soon as his Saturn Mahadasha ended he saw bankruptcy.

But due to the sheer strength of his ascendant, he rose back to new heights again.

So this can be the best example of Saturn mahadasha effects.


What is Saturn Mahadasha?

Saturn Mahadasha is a significant period in Vedic astrology that represents the influence of the planet Saturn on an individual's life. It is a time frame that spans for approximately 19 years and is believed to bring both challenges and opportunities in various aspects of life.

What are the effects of Saturn Mahadasha?

During Saturn Mahadasha, individuals may experience a range of effects that can vary based on the placement and condition of Saturn in their birth chart. Some common effects include discipline, hard work, spiritual growth, delays, responsibilities, and karmic lessons. It is advisable to consult an astrologer for a personalized analysis.

How long does Saturn Mahadasha last?

Saturn Mahadasha typically lasts for 19 years in Vedic astrology. This time frame can significantly impact an individual's life, influencing various areas such as career, relationships, health, and personal growth.

How can one navigate through Saturn Mahadasha?

To navigate through Saturn Mahadasha, it is essential to embrace discipline, patience, and hard work. Developing a strong sense of responsibility, focusing on self-development, and seeking guidance from experienced astrologers can be beneficial during this period. Additionally, practicing meditation, engaging in philanthropic activities, and performing remedies specific to Saturn can help alleviate any challenges that may arise.

Are there any remedies for Saturn Mahadasha?

Yes, certain remedies can help mitigate the challenges and enhance the positive aspects of Saturn Mahadasha. These can include wearing a blue sapphire gemstone, chanting mantras dedicated to Lord Saturn, performing charitable acts, engaging in regular meditation and yoga practices, and seeking the blessings of Saturn through dedicated prayers and rituals. It is advisable to consult with an astrologer to determine suitable remedies based on individual circumstances.

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