Mars transit this year will be very impactful and will gives variety of results for us. Can't ignore Mars at all who can gives troubles and same time can bless us with sucess.

Mars Transit In Astrology

Planet Mars is known as the enforcer and is karaka of courage, passion, blood, weapons, explosives, strength, stamina and wars and its transit by default becomes important for r us.

In astrology its position is very important to decode the events related to siblings, land and ability to rise.

  • Stone: Coral Metal Copper
  • Color: Red
  • Body Constituent: Bone marrow.
  • Taste: Bitter
  • Sense: Sight
  • Relation: Younger Brother
  • Kalpurush: Muscular system, marrow, sinews, forehead
  • Element: Fire.
  • Temperament: Violent.
  • Dasa period: 7 years in Vimshottari
  • Nakshatra: Mrigshira, Chitra & Dhanishta.
  • Karaka: Courage, physical strength, younger co-born.
  • Diseases: Injuries, wounds & burns.
  • Directional Strength: Tenth house
  • Own Sign: Exaltation.
  • Debilitation: Cancer.
  • Mooltrikona: 00-12 degrees of Aries.
  • Friends: Sun, Moon, Jupiter.
  • Enemy: Mercury
  • Neutral: Venus, Saturn
  • Aspect: 4th, 7th, 8th

Importance Of Mars Transit

Planet Mars is karaka of violence and have key role in all kind of destruction. It is also kataka of strength,  courage and will power.

You must have noticed, time to time, how riots & wars have caused distributions.

There is not a single decade in modern human history where no such negative occurred.

Here, Mars transit is to be blamed. It is the planet Mars that in its transit triggered such an event. 

Though as explained earlier, it is the transit of planet Saturn and Jupiter which decided what can happen. But in their grand scheme Mars is the chief soldier especially when the event is related to chaos and destruction. 

It is planet Mars transit that brings violent events like fires, earthquakes, major accidents, etc.

In natal Horoscope and on individuals also, the transit of Mars can bring challenges. Given below are some rules which work very well in the natal horoscope of individuals:

  1. Transit Mars in 6th & 8th from the Dasha lord causes negative events like health issues.
  2. Transit Mars over 64th Navamsha can bring near-death situations.
  3. Transit Mars over 22 drekkna can kill a person.
  4. Transit Mars in Kendra to Saturn can bring real estate gains.
  5. Transit Mars in over natal Jupiter can bring issues to the husband in the horoscope of a female.
  6. Transit Mars over natal Rahu can cause injury through fire or via a weapon.
  7. Transit Mars over natal Mercury can cause speech-related issues or the use of the wrong choice of words.
  8. Transit Mars over natal Mars is the time when goes through physical transformation.
  9. Transit Mars over natal Venus caused sexual relationships frequently.
  10. Transit Mars over the natal Sun makes one gain rewards and is good for success in individual sports.

So you have seen how important is Mars transit and its usage.

Let's see more into that and see what results in planet Mars transit brings through each house.

Effects Of Mars Transit

Given below are the effects of planet Mars on all the houses. These effects are general in nature and do not account for the lordship of planet Mars. Depending on what rising Ascendant sign you are these effects will modify.

Mars Transit In First House

Mars transit in 1st House is not considered as good and brings negative effects. It can lead to injury, sickness, anger issues, and relationship problems. The health of the spouse is also gets affected by it. The attitude towards the spouse also goes bad and native doesn't respond well to the needs of the spouse. Native becomes restless and does things in a hurry which affects the people around him. Despite that Mars transit here, can lead to a good performance at work. It is very good for sportsmen and people in the line of politics. The energy and enthusiasm of Mars keep the native pumped up. The competitive streak in native flares up and native destroys his opponent. Overall it can be good transit if the native learns to control his anger and adopts a calmer attitude.

Transit Mars In Second House

Mars transit through this house which rules over good intake, family, savings, and marak effects, can lead to severe issues. It is one of the transits which causes deep troubles. Native experiences issues in a health drink more alcohol, becomes more argumentative, and clashes with seniors on very same reasons. There can be situations where the native may abuse the spouse which can affect the marital life of the native. Mars transit here, can causes theft in the house of native and this way can bring losses. 

Transit Mars In Third House

Mars transit gives very good results in this house. It brings the level of courage up and allows native to finish tasks easily. Native, performs well in all areas and gets rewards for his effective performance. Though some clashes with seniors can happen they get solved without causing any damage. The sharpness of native saves the day! On the relationship front, native experiences good events in marriage and goes to travel with their spouse. The charm of the native keeps things spicy with the spouse. Mars transit here can affect the equation with younger siblings and father. It can affect their well and the chances of them seeing health issues can be high.

Transit Mars In Fourth House

Transit Mars here can be sensitive and dangerous. It can bring a variety of challenging situation to the native. The first impact falls on the domestic peace of the and due to Mars, there can be quarrels in the house. The relationship with the spouse becomes bad and things can go out of hand. Native, temperament to be blamed here which turns bad due to transit of Mars through this house. The health of the Mother gets affected badly and she may require immediate medical assistance. 

Mars Transit In Fifth House

The transit of Mars from this house can cause major troubles to the native. It can affect native status and position at work. There can be issues over health and digestion-related troubles can be there. The relationship of native sees bad results and the equation with the spouse goes bad. Native suffers from troubles through children and it is important native manages situation with diplomacy. 

Mars Transit In Sixth House

Mars transit does good in this house. The rise in competitive streak leads to success and an edge at the workplace. Native sees good results and gains a new position due to that. It also gives rise to wealth of the native and chances of going abroad get very high. On the negative side, the native can get injured, his expenses can rise and he suffers from sleep-related issues. Another point to add here is that the native faces many enemies who keep bad intentions against him and try to affect his growth.

Mars Transit In Seventh House

Mars's transition from this house is not going to give much good to the native. It makes natives hot-tempered and causes quarrels and issues due to that. From Job to relationship all suffer from this transit. It is important native stays low and exercise caution. There are always chances of health-related troubles and getting injured in this transit of Mars is very common.

Mars Transit In Eighth House

This transit of Mars is considered as most malefic and can cause severe issues in all areas of life. The most impact falls on the health and physical safety of the native. Chances of injury stay high and native can suffer greatly from it. Also, it can lead to obstruction in current plans of the native and can affect the growth completely. There can be chances of getting demoted or losing of job. Relationship & marriage also suffer and the health of the spouse also sees bad effects. This transit can be very tough to deal with and is one of the most challenging transit in astrology.

Mars Transit In Ninth House

Transit of Mars through the 9th house causes a lack of luck when you need it. It brings issues to a native career due to conflicts with seniors or bosses at the workplace. Native becomes aggressive and invites trouble. Relationship in marriage stays average and native travels far with a spouse. The health of the native Father can get affected by it. Overall this transit of Mars has elements of progress in it provided the native stays cool mind during the whole duration of it.

Mars Transit In Tenth House

Transit of Mars in the 10th house is considered as good for promotion and rise in career. Native get praises from others and his stature rises in his workplace. Wealth tends to rise and it comes from real estate. The temperament of the remains high throughout the duration of the Mars transit. The relationship of a native with the spouse can have some issues and the health of the spouse can see some tough times. 10th house is maraka for Father and Mars transit can trigger some negative events.

Mars Transit In 11th House

Mars transit in this house brings gains and victory to the native. It brings prosperity & happiness to the native. This transit makes native very active and a go-getter. Native wins over enemies and brings his best.

Mars Transit In Twelfth House

The transit of Mars through this house is not considered as good. It brings losses, expenditures, bad health, and legal issues. Native feels energyless and his sleep gets affected.  Blood-related issues bother him and lack of energy affects his output at work. This transition of Mars can bring useless wanderings. There can be loss of job and humiliation at workplace.

Transit Of Other Planets

Since all transits are dependent on each other to deliver results. It is important to know about them.

These guides on transits will help you to understand the transit for all planets individually.  

Given below are links for transit for all planets.

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