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ruchaka yoga

In Ruchaka yoga planet Mars attains special capabilities to give special results to the native.

Just like HamsaBhadra, and Sasa yoga, it goes under the special distinction of Panchamahapurusha Yogas.

Panch means five and Purush means person and as the name suggests it bestows the native with supreme qualities of excluding the Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu.

Definition: When planet Mars is in one of the Kendra houses(1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) in its own(Scorpio), exalted (Capricorn) or mool trikone (Aries) sign then Ruchaka Yoga is said to be formed. Kendra houses are pillars of any horoscope and are called a powerhouse to any horoscope. When Mars is in its own or exalted sign it tends to impart its qualities of the highest order to the native and make him greater or more capable than others.

Ruchaka yoga performs very well when where Mars is functional benefic for example in the Aries ascendant, Mars is a functional benefic, same way applies to the Scorpio ascendant.

You can read this article for the role of planets in various ascendants. Since we are dealing with Mars here you can also read Manglik Yoga.

Also, a very important point to remember is the signification of the planet Mars. I will explain it with an example of the queen of the United Kingdom.

She has exalted Mars in ascendant creating Ruchaka yoga and though Mars is not functional benefic here and is with malefic Jupiter, still she has enjoyed all good results of Ruchaka Yoga.

Mars in her chart is lord of the 4th house & 11th house which represent the throne & gains and due to its exaltation, Mars has blessed her with a kingdom, where she owns land  & palaces.

The reasons here are that Mars is ruling her 4th house of the throne and at the same time Mars rules over land, palaces & kingship and Ruchaka yoga here is in the symphony of her destiny pattern.

In more simple words Ruchaka Yoga works well for ministers, sportsmen, army persons, builders & all those people who are associated with or deal with the significations of Mars.

Results Of Ruchaka Yoga

The person born with Ruchaka yoga at birth will be a king, owner of lands in vast amounts, a commander in the army, high political or government dignitary respected by good people.

He will have in his hands and feet marks of Conch or Sword.

His body will be beautiful, will eat delicious food, and will be virtuous. He will possess all the good qualities of planet Mars and he will be helpful to his friends and a nightmare for his foes.

NOTE: In common practice, Mars comes into Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn in gaps of a few months. Therefore it is a common yoga and considering the great results associated with it, we can’t expect them to work fully functioning in horoscopes, whenever present.

 Ruchaka yoga works well in all Cardinal houses but since Mars gets digbali in the 10th house which is a house of honors.

 Ruchaka yoga performs better here than in other houses. Also, it works well in ascendant because from ascendant Mars aspects 4th & 8th house whose significations are in symphony with Mars.

Here with example horoscopes, you will see the variation in the results of  Ruchaka yoga

Let me give you a glimpse here.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has Mars in Scorpio in ascendant and he is a very sporty person who loves to do stunts. Not to forget he is a black belt holder in martial arts.

Now another Bollywood actor Salman Khan has Ruchaka yoga due to the exaltation of Mars in the 10th house.

He is known to have the biggest influence on people who are working with him and is a kind of boss wherever he goes. Plus he has a keen interest in body building and was a trend setter in India when it comes to body building.

In the 10th house, Ruchaka yoga gave him a persona where people tend to accept his authority and authority comes from the 10th house.

Unlike in Akshay Kumar’s case where authority is absent other traits of Mars are fully present there.

This way you can judge the effects of Ruchaka yoga in different houses.

One thing to note that is Ruchaka yoga in the 4th house of Libra ascendant natives doesn’t work properly.

I have seen people of Libra ascendant natives with Ruchaka yoga in the 4th house.

They tend to hold grudges and tend to backbite.

Though the whole actual result will depend on many factors if you see 4th house RUCHAKA YOGA in Libra ascendant do give a thought before giving any judgment on Ruchaka Yoga for them.

Factors Affecting Ruchaka Yoga

Just like interpretation in any other yoga, here Mars should be free from following afflictions, otherwise, the results of Ruchaka yoga may not be there or may manifest in less quantity.

  1. Mars should not be combust.
  2. Should not be defeated in planetary war.
  3. Mars should not be afflicted by natural malefic like Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu.
  4. Mars should not be afflicted by the lord of the 6th, 8th, or 12th house.
  5. Mars should not be debilitated in navamsa.

The above five parameters are very important and should be checked before judging Ruchaka Yoga results.

Do check ashtakvarga bindus of Mars, if they are more than 5 then Ruchaka yoga will work properly.

Also, the affliction of Rahu or Ketu may make one a dictator or someone who likes to induce his will on others and such affliction makes one very cruel also.

Example Horoscopes Of Ruchaka Yoga

Many popular public figures have Ruchaka yoga working fully in their horoscopes.


astrology article on Ruchaka Yoga.
Ruchaka Yoga in the 10th house.

Salman Khan has Ruchaka Yoga in the 10th house which is the strongest Kendra house in astrology. Mars is his ascendant lord and is aspecting ascendant from its position making Ruchaka Yoga very effective in his horoscope and allowing him to enjoy super success in his career.


Example of ruchaka yoga in astrology
Ruchaka Yoga in Ascendant

This example shows how a holistic approach is needed in astrology readings, Rushdie is a writer and Ruchaka yoga gave him the courage to write controversial things. His Ruchaka yoga didn’t make him a soldier, minister, builder, or sportsman and Ruchaka gave its flavor in his writing.


It’s a classic example of afflicted Ruchaka & Gajakesari Yoga, Hitler was blessed with courage and administrative abilities due to strong Ruchaka Yoga but he used it for the wrong purpose.



A good example is when Ruchaka Yoga is in symphony with the destiny of natives, she is the owner of lands and palaces.

She also has Neechabhanga Rajyoga in her ascendant which is further strengthening Ruchaka Yoga in her Horoscope.



One thing to note is that Ruchaka Yoga is common in the horoscope of individuals related to the glamor field. This may be due to the fact that Mars represents sex & attraction and these two are the core of the glamor industry.




Ruchaka Yoga is in the ascendant and he has a great amount of courage in him. He is a fitness freak and does his stunts by himself which is a trait of the planet Mars.

I guess with examples of Ruchaka Yoga you can easily make how good its effects are but the golden rule of planetary strength applies here also which means Mars if weak in strength will lead to less effective results of Ruchaka Yoga.


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