Venus Transit In Astrology

Venus transit is an important event that occurs every 23 days or more depending on if Venus is going retrograde in its transit or not.

Out of all transit in astrology, Venus transit has the ability to trigger major events in our life, especially Marriage. It is important to learn the significance of Venus transit and in this article, I will explain some major details on it and the following will be covered in it.

Venus is almost as benefic as planet Jupiter. Planet Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces and it rules over Taurus and Libra signs. Venus is Yogakaraka for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant. The Vimshottari dasha period of Venus is 20 years and brings very good results in life. Venus stays around Sun mostly, hence has a tendency to go combust quite often. Venus works very well in union with Mercury, Jupiter, and Rahu. Whereas with Ketu, Venus losses its natural signification drastically.

Importance Of Venus Transit

The transit of Venus is very important because of its role in relationships which is a very important aspect of human life. Venus transit has the ability to trigger the event of marriage. There are conditions where Venus is the main agent to activate marriage time for the native. For example, during its transit when Venus transit over natal Venus, over the 7th house, or the lord of the 7th house, then the marriage can happen for the native.

Also, Venus transit in some houses can bring major events like childbirth, gain of luxury, or success in getting fame. 

Planet Venus is very important in today's world where glamour and superficial things have more importance than in any other era of human history. Hence, Venus transit becomes very important for us because of its symphony with this age of Kaliyuga.

Let's see what effects Venus creates in various houses.

Note: These predictions are general in nature and the actual prediction will matter on the rising ascendant, the role of Venus in a Horoscope, running Vimshottari dasha, and Venus's condition in a natal Horoscope.

Venus in its transit creates a variety of effects that depends on its natural signification and rulership of Houses.

There are some standard effects that are experienced by the native during its transit through various houses.

Transit of Venus In First House

The movement of Venus over the 1st house is considered very good and it brings wealth, fame, and luxury to the native. For all ascendant Venus, transit creates good results in the 1st house. Even for Virgo ascendant where Venus is considered as debilitated. This transition of Venus can give marriage and birth to children also. It is known to bless the native with creative powers and during its transit, the native can become very popular for his skills. It brings wealth and fame for the native plus new opportunities which prove vital for the rise of native in the future. Health also stays good and it brings 

Transit Of Venus In Second House

Venus transit through this house is favorable for Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn & Aquarius ascendant natives.

Its favorable results are as follows:

  1. It brings wealth.
  2. Grants success.
  3. Brings promotion.
  4. Allow one to travel.
  5. Give a good time in marriage.
  6. Bless the spouse with success.
  7. Brings ornaments.
  8. Leads to investments.
  9. Makes one recite sacred texts.
  10. Enhance intuition.

For natives of Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces ascendant, Venus transit in the 2nd house is not considered as good.

It can bring the following negative events in the life of a native:

  1. Separation from spouse.
  2. Bad health of spouse.
  3. Failures for the spouse.
  4. Health issues to the native.
  5. Demotion at the workplace.
  6. Enmity with in-laws.
  7. Loss of wealth.
  8. Unnecessary expenditures.
  9. Legal issues.
  10. Lack of mental peace.

Transit Of Venus In Third House

Transit of Venus this position is generally considered good but depending on the ascendant the results can be unfavorable also.

For Cancer & Scorpio Ascendant natives this transit of Venus is not considered as good and causes issues in the marriage of the native. It also leads to trouble from enemies and native lack of motivation doesn't help either. There can be a loss of job also and the native may go into a shell where he may not feel like taking steps to change his situation. Marriage of native also suffers and this transit can activate the negative combinations for marriage present in the Horoscope. 

Whereas other remaining ascendant transit over Venus in the 3rd house brings the following good results:

  1. Success in career.
  2. Gain in wealth.
  3. Creativity.
  4. Abroad opportunity.
  5. Good fitness.
  6. Happy marriage.
  7. Gains from the business.
  8. Good relationship with siblings.
  9. Fame.
  10. Appreciation for work.

It all depends on the rising ascendant in the Horoscope of native.

Transit Venus In Fourth House

Venus transit in this house is considered benefic and leads to comforts, gains, luxury, and success. It makes one pursue materialistic goals and brings success to it. Career-wise it can support the native ambitions especially when the rising ascendant is Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius. It also has the ability to bring fame to the native. Venus becomes digbali in this house and performs effortlessly. The relationship also becomes strong and the native shares some quality time with the spouse. Overall it is a very auspicious transit in astrology.

Venus Transit In Fifth House 

Venus here brings a streak of creativity but can harm also. It all depends on the sign in the ascendant. For Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces ascendant, it can bring negative effects. Whereas for other signs, Venus transit leads to gain in wealth, rise in career, good health and smooth relationships. Especially for Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn rising ascendant.

Venus Transit In Sixth House 

Sixth house is the house of issues and problems. Venus transit here brings issues in marriage, and health and causes loss of money. The combinations for bad marriage can get activated and native can see troubles through women. Enemies become active and bring obstacles in the life of native. Health also sees troubles and the chances of getting an injury become very high.

Venus Transit In Seventh House

This transit of Venus brings an opportunity for marriage and brings new dynamics to the life of native. Native gets attracted to all kinds of beautiful things and becomes look conscious. The career becomes good due to the creativity of the native and his unique ways to perform a task. Wealth comes from females through spouse. Health remains good provided Venus is lord of the auspicious houses.

Venus Transit In Eight House

.The mysterious house in astrology doesn't welcome Venus very well. Its transit here brings secrecy in life which can prove bad, especially in relationships. Native can engage in illicit activities and can lie a lot to hide them. At work also, the native doesn't show much passion and lacks the desire to excel. But, native can get lucky to get a sudden break provided the rising ascendant is Capricorn or Aquarius. The health of the native sees some issues which can be related to eating disorders or sexual tendencies. Overall it is a transit which can bring severe relationship issues and it is highly advisable to take cautions.

Venus Transit In Ninth House

The ninth house rules over religion, father, seniors, and luck. The transit of natural benefic is considered as good for all rising signs. Venus here brings wealth and a progressive curve in career. It makes native, creative, and expressive. A relationship brings good luck and makes native love unconditionally. In response, the native gets the same feedback from the spouse or lover. Health also stays good and native enrolls in programs that alter their physical look of the native in a good way.

Venus Transit In Tenth House

The tenth house is of career and status and the transit of Venus is very auspicious here. It brings new opportunities and makes native perform well in the tasks assigned to native. Venus here attracts wealth for the native and it can be through women. This means marriage sees good times and native shares a good equation with his spouse. The best time is spent with family and friends and Venus transit makes native very attractive. People love to associate and give their attention at full scale. Health also stays good and native can experience a transformation in looks and approach to relationships. Simply, it is one of the best transit in astrology.

Venus Transit In Eleventh House

The transit of Venus here brings new opportunities and gains of large sums. Native engage with high-profile people who help the native to gain a position in life and can become a very important figure in native life. Gains from business come naturally and native gives an expansion to his business. Chances of getting married become higher or native can find new love. Chances of childbirth also become prominent. Over health, the transit of Venus works like a magic and brings a very good physical and mental state for the native. 

Venus Transit In Twelfth House

Venus transit in this house is considered as very auspicious in astrology. It brings all sorts of luxury and pleasures to the native. During the duration of this transit, native feels sensuous, lusty, and craves fine things. The career takes a progressive course, especially for those who are in abroad. Wealth rises but heavy expenditures on fulfillment of desire. This particular transit is not good for marriage due but is good for lovers. Native can get the tendency to seek intimacy outside of marriage. The health of the native stays good and the level of energy stays up. During this transit of Venus, there can be a chance that the native goes on retreat to feel fresh. 

A very good transit for rejuvenation & transformations. Marriage can go bad but career and wealth remain good.

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