Ketu Transit In Astrology

Ketu transit is very important transit in astrology.

Time to time it has been seen that the transit if Ketu was the source if misery in the life if native. 

In this article I will mentioned the details on Ketu transit and following will be covered in it.

About Planet Ketu

Planet Ketu is a natural malefic in Astrology. and is considered the south node of the planet Moon.

The vehicle o Ketu is a pigeon, the caste is Shudra and the ruling direction is west.

He is of red vision and fiery voice, inferior body, fierce-armed, impure, smoke-colored, with ulcers, lean, wicked, a constant smoker. 

Its synonyms are Shikhi, Dhwaja, Dhoom, Mrityputra, etc. 

Ketu is significator of dogs, chickens, vultures, horned animals, tuberculosis, pain, fever, ulcer, karma, bigotry, superstition, pretense, begging, pilgrimage, greed, cheating, fighting, conflict with others, cave-dwelling, wonderful work, healing.

Ketu is the factor of prophecy, Shiva worship, shaivagan, treasury, imprisonment, residence in a monastery, etc.

The color of Ketu is smoky, Prakriti-Bile, tattva- Agni, sinful/cruel, Gana-Tama, Duration-18 months, Full vision of fifth, seventh, and ninth house from its position..

Ketu is considered exalted in the sign Scorpio and debilitated in the sign of Taurus. Planet Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are its friendly planets, whereas Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are even and Moon are his enemy.

Ketu is the cause of porous clothes, garlic, knowledge, motherhood, nervous, skin diseases and secret conspiracy. Ashwini, Magha, Mool are its constellations. If Moon is on any of these Nakshatras at the time of birth, then Ketu will have its Mahadasha.

Importance Of Ketu Transit & How To Interpret It

As mentioned earlier Ketu transit is long and is of 18 months.

During these long 18 months, this transit has the ability to bring significant changes in life.

Ketu transit tends tends to affect our understanding of the world and its impact on world peace is significant.

It affects our ability to love and stay in peace.

During the transit of Ketu our ability and capability to understand the pain of others get affected.

It is very important that Ketu transit gives more sensitivity and is the only way people would live in peace.

The transit of Ketu, keeps the humanity together hence its importance cant not be fathomed.

Some, Important features of Ketu transit can be seen below:

  • Ketu transit is considered good only in the 3rd, 6th, and 10th & 11th houses.
  • In the rest of the houses, the transit of Ketu causes issues, especially in the 2nd,4th and 8th
  • Since Ketu is a Node of the Moon, its transit is closest to Vimshottari Dasha and should be read parallel.
  • Ketu transit over the 64th Navamsa or 22 drekkana can be lethal.

Ketu transit is tricky to understand and is always mysterious because they are shadow planet and have no lordship over any sign. 

Apart from the standard rules of reading a transit, given below are steps to apply to make a analysis on it.

Step. No.1- For transit effects of planet Ketu, see which house they are transiting through. The house where Ketu is happening influences the transit greatly.

For example, Rahu transit gives good effects in 3rd, 6th, 10th and the 11th house.

Ketu transit through the 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th houses gives mixed results.

For example, planet Ketu transit in the 7th house causes disharmony in marriage but it gives good results to native as per its significations and the aspect of Rahu over the 11th, 1st and 3rd house gives beneficial results from these house.

In other other remaining houses i.e. 2nd, 4th, 8th. The transit of Ketu gives very bad results.

Step. No.2- After the houses check sign planet Ketu is transiting from. In each signs planet Ketu transit will bring different kinds of results.

In general, Ketu transit gives beneficial results in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces sign. Whereas in other signs Ketu transit gives bad results especially in sign of Scorpio and Aries.

Step. No.3- The Nakshatra from where Ketu transit is happening will bring impact on micro level. It is important to check the effects of Rahu transit through all nakshatra. 

Step. No.4- After applying above mentioned points/rules, you need see how Ketu in its transit is making planetary relationship with other planets in transit and with planets in Natal Horoscope.

At this step the results of Ketu transit will be modified greatly.

Check out the transit predictions of planets in year 2024 and their inter-relationship with Ketu transit 2024 will bring a new flavor in the effects of Ketu transit.

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Step. No.4- Check the ashtakvarga scores of the house where the transit of Ketu is happening, if it is above 28 then the transit results of Ketu will be positive. If the the Samudaya score of the house is lower then 28 than the results will be mixed and if they are lower than 22 than the results will be negative mostly.

Results Of Ketu Transit Through Each House

Ketu Transit In 1st House: When Ketu transit through the first house, it makes one disoriented and gives a lack of discipline. Due to this career and wealth suffers. Native shows lack of commitment for the work and performs badly in tasks and projects. Negative impact on relationships happens and native behaves awkwardly. Ketu transit here causes confusion and causes inability to make decisions which leads to his downfall. Spine and teeth issues bother the native and cause expenditures. Native loses weight and experiences hair fall also and appearance changes drastically.

Ketu Transit In 2nd House: It is one of the most dreaded transit in Astrology which tends to cause issues in all areas of life.  Transit Ketu aspects on 6th, 8th & 10th house which signify moral sickness, debts, legal issues, obstacles, longevity, career, status and father health. 

Native encounters obstacles in above mentioned areas and with no immediate relief from them.

This leads to issues in career and finances. It causes a debt-like situation. Brings troubles in marriage and causes health issues to the spouse. It also makes natives face enemies in life and creates obstacles.

The whole 18 months can test the native patience but once this transit is over native gets transformed. It can really change beliefs and lifestyle i.e from dressing sense to food habits.

Ketu Transit In 3rd House: The transit of Ketu here can be considered as good for some areas like courage, strength, and determination.

Based on the newfound energy in these areas, the native can cross the obstacles in his life. 

This transit can bring new opportunities and new developments in the life of the native. 

Abroad travel and the gain of new wealth can be there. 

It is important that Ketu doesn't transit over natal Saturn, Ketu, Rahu, or Mars in the Horoscope.

Preferably the 3rd house should be empty for Ketu transit to give auspicious results. 

The aspect of Ketu over the 7th house can cause marriage issues whereas its aspect on the 11th house can make native less motivated for money, which can be good or bad depending on the overall situation.

Health generally stays good and the native doesn't see many issues except pain in the shoulder or neck.

If the natal Horoscope has such combinations then only pain in the body will happen. 

Ketu Transit In 4th House: During this event, the whole 18 months of Ketu transit can test the native patience.

The native should be ready for major changes in his life. 

From relocation to lack of domestic peace. I

f taken in positive stride, this transit can bring native abroad and can lead to new opportunities.

Though the same time native will not experience the joy of family.

But each event has two sides, this transition can lead to a new beginning. 

With such positive thoughts, native should tackle the situation. 

The health of the mother can get severely affected, provided dasha is permitting that to happen.

It is important to have patience and carry out some precautions.

Ketu Transit In 5th House: There are positive and negative associated with this transit of Ketu.

Native can experience new events which tend to open up the mind and abilities. 

It is good for the sharpness of mind and thinking and makes native wise and aware. 

There can be a rise in position at the workplace and gains also comes easily.

The relationship suffers but parallel it brings maturity to the native. Children-related issues become more prominent in this transit of Ketu. 

In the natal Horoscope, if Jupiter is weak then this transit can deny childbirth during its whole duration of 18 months.

Ketu Transit In 6th House: It is one of the most auspicious transit in astrology.

Ketu here brings a will to success and a desire to excel. 

With these two qualities in mind, native wins over all obstacles and archives promotion and gains. There is a sense of pride in the native and he becomes driven by it. 

Abroad opportunity brings new dynamics in the life and depending on the condition of the 4th house, this transition can start the process of permanent settlement abroad. 

It also makes native healthy and aware of his physical and mental situation. Relationship flourishes in general and leads to happy events in life.

Ketu Transit In 7th House: Marriage & Health becomes the target in this transit.

Ketu here causes issues in native married life and leads to constant quarrels with the spouse. For this to happen the natal Horoscope should have such combinations. 

The 7th house is a maraka house and transit Ketu aspects 1st, 11th, and 3rd house.

This shows affliction on the houses which is related to health and longevity. Hence, caution should be exercised.

Ketu Transit In 8th House: One of the worst transit is in astrology. 8th house is the house of obstacles and delays and expect Mercury not other planets work well here.

During this transit native suffers from loss of job and a decline in wealth. Native becomes target and a victim of a conspiracy by his opponents.

If dasha of the afflicted, malefic or weak planet is running then the troubles are sure to come in life. 

In relationships also, this transit causes issues, especially in signs of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra & Capricorn.

This period can show the native worse relationships and dynamics of marriage. 

The biggest impact falls on the health from surgery, pain in the body to near-death experiences. Native goes through all of it.

In order to survive this transit, it is important that ascendant in the natal Horoscope of the native is strong.

Ketu Transit In 9th House: Some of the core significations of the 9th house and Ketu are similar in nature.

Spiritual growth, understanding of religion, and compassion become enhanced in native. 

This is the most positive side of this transit.

It makes native undertake pilgrimages and visits beautiful temples.

Due to this native gets the ability to negotiate better and sees good results in his career and finances. 

The courage of native becomes sufficient to deal with troublemakers. Promotion is bound to happen and native gets the opportunity for abroad which open up new gates for growth.

The relationship remains mediocre, especially between the spouse and the Father, also, their health requires more attention.

Native own health sees some issues but they are manageable in nature and quantum.

Ketu Transit In 10th House: The house of career and status gets affected negatively by the presence of Ketu in it.

The whole duration of 18 months can test the native patience and it is best to not react on anything. 

An opportunity for going abroad changes the dynamics but for that, the natal Horoscope of native should support it.

Expenditures are bound to rise but happen for good causes where returns are seen.

Relationships with Father, Mother, and Spouse remain troubled throughout the 18 months of Ketu transit.

Ketu Transit In 11th House: Generally malefic planets do well in the 11th house.

Ketu is not a planet that gives growth in wealth.

So here functioning of the 11th house gets affected and it causes issues with money and prosperity. 

But native do see growth in their career and gains momentum in it. 

A promotion can happen provided the dasha is indicating the same. But tangible gains will come once Ketu transit is over in the 11th house.

Relationship with spouse sees some issues and there can be misunderstandings and lack of communication.

Transit Ketu In 12th House: A mix of good and bad happens here.

Native experience a state of mindfulness and becomes better and better with time. It also brings opportunities to go abroad and brings new opportunities for the native. 

Expenditures rise and affect the total wealth of the native and expenditures are of useless nature. 

Relationships also see tough times but the maturity of native allows him to handle it. Along with that health of the spouse sees some issues especially his mental health and issues in sleep happen quite often.

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