The Conventional Guide To 64th Navamsa In Vedic Astrology

64th navamsha article in astrology

The topic of 64th Navamsha is very important for any serious students of Vedic astrology.

It is a sensitive area in your birth chart that can trigger some bad events in your life, its lord is also known as Chhidra planet and as Khara Navamsh.

Khara was a fierce demon in the Hindu epic Ramayana and was associated with evil.

This particular name of 64th Navamsha shows how negative it can be and this article deals with everything about 64th Navamsha.

Method To Calculate 64th Navamsa

We all know how important navamsa is and is the most important in all divisional charts.

The planetary movements when seen through navamsha can reveal many things. As the name suggests 64th navamsha is calculated from navamsha.

As per BPHS, it should be calculated from both Lagana & Moon charts whereas Jataka Parijata reckons it from Moon only.

For better results, one should reckon it from both the ascendant and Moon.

One more addition can be done here, as per K.N Rao you can calculate the 64th navamsha for each house and can know when negative events are going to happen with the significations of that particular house.

For example, if you want to calculate the 64th navamsha for ascendant then check which sign is rising in 4th from it.

Suppose I have Pisces ascendant and Capricorn navamsha, then for 64th navamsha for ascendant will be the 4th sign from Capricorn which is ARIES.

Now sign Aries will be the 64th navamsha for my ascendant and its lord Mars will be called Chiddra planet.

In the same way, you can calculate the 64th navamsha for planets like VENUS, MARS, etc, and when malefic transits over their 64th navamsha then the house they rule suffers, and the significations which they represent also suffer.

Application Of 64th Navamsa

As per the classics “when 64th navamsha lord is with Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars and is placed in 6th, 8th, or 12th house in the birth chart, then the person dies an unnatural death without any blood relatives on his side”.

This can be seen in the chart of Indira Gandhi who was killed by her security people with no relatives on her side.

The following rules can be applied on the 64th navamsha:

1. Transit of malefic over 64th navamsha can give severe negative events especially when a malefic is posted there already.

2. A malefic placed in the 64th navamsha of any planet creates harm to the signification of that planet and the house they rule. In Indira Gandhi’s horoscope, Ketu & Saturn are placed in the 64th navamsha from Venus and her husband died at a very young age.

3. Death becomes imminent when a planet that is by the chance lord of 64th navamsha from ascendant or moon and 22nd drekkana are the same planets, transits a sign which doesn’t have any asthakvarga bindus.

Note” 22nd drekkna is also a sensitive point in the horoscope which acts the same as 64th navamsha.

Will talk about this in the Drekkana chapter.

4. Native will have shot age when the lord of navamsha occupied by Moon is inimical to its 64th navamsha.

5. Native will have medium age when the lord of navamsha occupied by Moon is neutral to its 64th navamsha.

6. Native will have long age when the lord of navamsha occupied by Moon is friendly to its 64th navamsha.

For an example of the application of 64th navamsha, you can look into the horoscope of great astrologer DR B.V Raman. He died on 20th December 1998.

In his horoscope, the 64th navamsha from ascendant is Aries which contains Saturn in it.

On the day of his death, Saturn was in Aries sign and Aries Navamsha.


In the same way, you can also check 64th navamsha for your ascendant and other planets and check when malefic are going to pass over them.

Those periods will prove bad especially slow-moving malefic like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

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