Rahul Gandhi Vedic Horoscope

People are always interested in the life of Rahul Gandhi and his horoscope is one of the most searched. In this article, we will see different aspects of Rahul Gandhi Horoscope and will try to predict his future.

Rahul Gandhi was born when Libra ascendant was rising along with Capricorn navamsha.

In many places, the wrong horoscope of Rahul Gandhi is used. Indian Express reproduced below the correct horoscope of both Rahul & Priyanka Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi vedic horoscope.
Horoscope of Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi vedic horoscope chart.
Navamsha of Rahul Gandhi

The following news article can silence the argument on Rahul Gandhi birth time and a proper horoscope analysis can be made now.

“The Indian Express
Updated: Fri, 1 Nov 2013, 18:36 IST- Delhi Underground: Meticulous records – Express News Service : New Delhi, Mon Oct 21 2013, 03:02 hrs. –

 Holy Family Hospital, which is celebrating its diamond jubilee, has meticulously maintained medical records in yellowing registers. Started in 1953 by missionaries, the hospital has witnessed the births of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. Both have been identified as “baby Sonia Gandhi” in hospital records. Sonia Gandhi, then 23 years old, gave birth to Rahul on 19.6.1970 at 2.28 pm. She was admitted to the hospital at 9.10 am the same day. Priyanka was born on 12.1.1972 at 5.05 pm.  Both were examined by pediatrician Dr. P N Taneja. Congress president Sonia Gandhi had congratulated the hospital in a one-page note that has now been printed as a souvenir of the hospital, produced for its diamond jubilee.”

The horoscope with Libra ascendant with seems very legit also. Debilitated Saturn in 7th house shows his unmarried status and 9th lord Mercury in 9th shows the early death of his father.

Let’s look into his horoscope using principals of Parashari and Jaimini analysis. For Jaimini analysis we need to see his charakarakas, which are as follows:

  1. Atmakaraka: Saturn.
  2. Amatyakaraka: Mars.
  3. Bhatrukaraka: Mercury.
  4. Matrikaraka: Venus.
  5. Putrakaraka: Sun.
  6. Ganatikaraka: Jupiter.
  7. Darakaraka: Moon.

As per parashari astrology, Saturn is a yogakaraka planet for his horoscope. Mercury is 9th lord and Venus is ascendant lord.

You will notice that Saturn is debilitated, Mercury is in 9th house and Venus is in 10th house. Both Saturn and Mercury are weak in his horoscope, whereas  Venus the ascendant lord is debilitated in navamsha.

There is a visible weakness in his horoscope considering the weak placement of functional benefices in his horoscope. In astrology, one must know the role of planets which tend to change from ascendant to ascendant.


Rahu Gandhi lost his father when he was running into Venus/Saturn/Mars. Saturn though yogakaraka but still is malefic in nature, Saturn is aspecting over his 9th house which is occupied by malefic Sun & Mars.

In his navamsha Saturn is with planet Sun and when this union happens in navamsha, it is a clear indication of some negative related to the father. All these placements show early and violent death of his father.

His D-12 which is a divisional chart also reflects the same thing, Saturn is in 4th house aspecting  10th house which is maraka for the father. Venus is in ascendant itself which highlight significant event related to the father in Venus dasha.

Mars is in 3rd house which is considered as Killer house for any divisional chart. All these clearly indicate the death of father in Venus/Saturn/ Mars.

As per Jaimini analysis, he was in the main period of Sagittarius which is known for giving significant events both negative or positive. Sub-period was of Gemini, from Karakamsha Gemini falls in his 8th house.

From Gemini 9th house have Rahu and Saturn becomes lord of 9th house which is debilitated in 11th house. 9th is aspected by ganatikaraka Jupiter which clearly shows negative event with the father.

If we look back we will find that the most glorious period of his life was from 2007-2009 when he helped his party to win General assembly and people looked at him as the country’s future Prime minister.

Most notably from the end of 2008 and early 2009. During this period he was in dasha of Moon-Mercury.

Moon is 10th lord and placed in the 3rd house under the aspect of Mars & Sun. In fact, whole Moon dasha was pretty good for him since Moon is 10th lord in his horoscope.

As per Jaimini, he was in Sagittarius period and as stated earlier Sagittarius period can be an extremely positive or negative period, depending upon the relative placement of Karakas from Sagittarius.

In his horoscope Amatyakaraka Mars, Putrakaraka Sun and Darakaraka Moon are aspecting 10th house which shows why people thought that he can be India’s future prime minister.

Rahul gandhi vedic horoscope.
Ashtakvarga calculations for Rahul Gandhi horoscope.
Rahul Gandhi vedic horoscope.
Jaimini Char Dasha of Rahul Gandhi.

Currently, he is in Mahadasha of Mars which started in April 2012 and will continue till April 2019. Mars is in 9th house which doesn’t have good ashtakvarga points and is placed in 6th house of navamsha.

Mars is not favorable for success in life and was clearly evident in the General assembly election of 2014 which were held in April-MAY 2014. His lead congress party to this election and faced the worst defeat ever.

During election period he was in Mahadasha of Mas and anardasha of Jupiter, Jupiter is malefic in his horoscope and is retrograde in the ascendant.

The role of Jupiter in his horoscope is of negative flavor and being in ascendant reduces the potential of his horoscope. The role of planets changes from ascendant to ascendant and one must know them thoroughly.

As per jaimini analysis, he was in the main period of Tauras and subperiod of Taurus. Tauras falls in 8th house of his natal chart and didn’t help him to save his party reputation.


 Current mahadasha is of Mars which will last till 2019, whereas Jamini main period is of GEMINI which will last till 2025. Current subperiod is of Venus which will be followed by SUN and Moon.

Jaimini sub-period after March 2017 will be of AQUARIUS, CAPRICORN, SAGITTARIUS and will continue till GEMINI, up to 2025. For dasha patterns, you can look into images given above.

Mars-Venus will operate until May 2018 and is not supportive of his position in his party and there will be voices against him within the party itself.

This phase is coming in March 2017 and will last until February 2018. During this period state elections are going to be held in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, and results are not going to favor him at all. Chances of him being involved with women are also very high.

As per Dasha pattern, he will progress in the main period of Rahu which is starting in 2019 and during elections of Loksabha, he will be in Sagittarius which is indicating a good performance by his party under his leadership.

Though still chances of him being next prime minister are very bleak, though subperiods of SUN, MOON & SATURN in the main period of Rahu will prove beneficial to him.

Rahul Gandhi horoscopes lack yogas which give rise in life and his major part of next life will be in Rahu mahadasha which is favorably placed in 5th house but its depositor Saturn is debilitated in 7th house.

He will have extreme variations in his life during this period of Rahu, some period will prove very good whereas some will prove very negative. Rahul Gandhi horoscope analysis ends here and most likely my next article will be on Narendra Modi Horoscope.

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