How To Identify Afflicted Planets In Astrology

afflicted planets

We keep hearing and reading about afflicted planets and afflicted houses in astrology and this specific term always raises a question in minds of a beginner.

Most of my articles will have mention of "afflicted planets" and one must know the rules what makes a planet or a house afflicted.


The term affliction itself shows the negative associated with it and there is not a single horoscope in the universe which doesn't have afflicted planets or house in it.

This is how problem comes in our life and affliction leads a way to learning.

Just like Neechabhanga Rajyoga which comes due to the weakness of planets, affliction, same way can generate Vipreet Rajyoga when required placements are present for it.

Also, affliction is different than weakness and both of them affect life in a different way.

In a general way, it can be said that weakness will lead to not realizing the full potential of planets or house. 

For example, a weak Venus may lead to late or no marriage at all whereas Venus when afflicted may lead to a bad relationship with wife or health issues to wife.

You can see there is a difference BTW both of these situations. 

Also, the example I just gave is a very general example but an important one to make you understand about affliction.


Following should be applied to know if a planet or house is afflicted or not. In the case of houses if its lord is afflicted then it will lead to affliction over the house owned by that afflicted planet.

1. A planet becomes afflicted when it is in union with natural malefic which are Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. Here, these malefic can destroy the natural signification of said planet.

For example, Venus when by making a union with Saturn will result in a delay and bad marriage life.

The Same way other malefic have their own way to affect the signification of said planet.

Ketu affliction over Venus will result into disturbed and sometimes a violent married life and also will affect the potency in a case of males.

2. Point no 1 is not restricted to the only union only. Malefics can affect a planet via aspect and exchange also. Where exchange will be the strongest affliction.

3. A planet or house when aspected by lords of 6th, 8th or 12th will also cause affliction to them. Now here a dynamic approach is needed. A natural malefic can be functional benefic also and it is very important to know role of plants for each ascendant.

Like in the case of planet Saturn which is yogakaraka for Tauras and Libra ascendant. In such cases, a balanced approach is required where the strength of planet should be judged properly. For example, in the case of

For example, in the case of Rahul Gandhi, his horoscope with Libra ascendant have debilitated Saturn in 7th house.

Here Saturn is yoga karaka but its weakness due to debilitation didn't allow him to get married so far.

Suppose the same situation in Taurus ascendant with Saturn in 7th house. 

Here, Saturn won't be in debilitation and will result into good married life with a virtuous spouse.

A balanced dynamic approach is much needed in such scenario.

4. A planet will be afflicted when placed in houses 6th, 8th or 12th. Point no 3 and 4 are the worst kind of affliction in any horoscope.

5. Combust planets will also lead to affliction.

6. A planet defeated in planetary war will also be considered as afflicted to some extent.

7. A planet in the nakshatra of natural malefic or lord of 6th, 8th and 12th will also lead to affliction.

8. A planet sandwich btw two malefic will also create affliction to that planet. Suppose in a horoscope planet Moon is in 7th house, Saturn is in 6th whereas Mars is in 8th house.

In such case, Moon will be Papakarti yoga and will be called as an afflicted planet.


The rules stated above holds true for houses also.

Houses are ruled by planets and when a planet is afflicted it also results over affliction over the houses ruled by that planet. 

If there are malefic on both side of any house then that house will be afflicted due to Papakarti Yoga.

Just like planets involvement of malefic via aspect, placements and exchange make a house afflicted.

There is one additional condition which makes a house afflicted is Karka Bhavo Nasho. Venus in 7th for males, Jupiter in 5th and Sun in 9th house creates a strong Karka

Jupiter in 7th house also creates the same condition and when weak and afflicted by other forces can create a serious trouble in married life of a woman.

Let's see the possible results of affliction over all houses.

Affliction Over 1st House

The 1st house in Vedic astrology, also known as the Ascendant or Lagna, is one of the most important houses in the birth chart. It represents the self, personality, physical appearance, overall health, and the path of life. The placement of planets in the 1st house and its lord greatly influences an characteristics and life experiences. When 1st house is afflicted, following happens.

  • Struggles with self-expression and a tendency to be introverted or reserved.
  • Issues with self-confidence and a negative self-image.
  • Proneness to health problems and a weakened constitution.
  • Vulnerability to illnesses and potential chronic health issues.
  • Distinctive or challenging physical features based on the nature of afflictions.
  • Potential for dissatisfaction with one's appearance.
  • Difficulty in forming a strong sense of self and identity.
  • Tendency to feel lost or uncertain about one's purpose in life.
  • Obstacles in determining and following a clear life path.
  • Struggles with decision-making and finding direction.
  • Challenges in forming meaningful connections with others.
  • Tendency to experience difficulties in personal relationships.
  • A reluctance to take the lead and assert oneself.
  • Challenges in initiating and completing tasks.
  • Difficulty in making positive first impressions on others.
  • Tendency to be misunderstood or perceived negatively by others.

Affliction Over 2nd House

The 2nd house in Vedic astrology is associated with matters related to finances, wealth, family, speech, possessions, and the individual's sense of self-worth. An afflicted 2nd house in a birth chart may suggest challenges and difficulties in these areas. Here are potential results of an afflicted 2nd house:

  • Difficulty in accumulating wealth and financial stability.
  • Financial losses or setbacks in investments.
  • Challenges in effective communication and expressing oneself clearly.
  • Tendency to engage in verbal conflicts or arguments within the family.
  • Strained relationships with family members.
  • Issues related to family inheritance or ancestral property.
  • Struggles with self-esteem and a sense of personal value.
  • Challenges in defining and upholding personal values.
  • Overemphasis on material possessions and a tendency toward materialism.
  • Difficulty finding satisfaction in non-material aspects of life.
  • Communication problems leading to misunderstandings.
  • Tendency to speak impulsively without proper consideration.
  • Challenges in educational pursuits and acquiring knowledge.
  • Difficulty in making choices related to education and career.
  • Potential impact on the throat and vocal cords.
  • Health problems related to the face and mouth.

Affliction Over 3rd House

An afflicted 3rd house in Vedic astrology may indicate challenges and difficulties in areas associated with communication, siblings, courage, short journeys, and learning. Here are potential results of an afflicted 3rd house:

  • Difficulty in effective communication.
  • Tendency to face misunderstandings and miscommunications.
  • Strained relationships with siblings.
  • Possible conflicts or rivalry with brothers and sisters.
  • Challenges in taking initiative and displaying courage.
  • Tendency to feel hesitant or fearful in new situations.
  • Obstacles or challenges during short travels.
  • Unfavorable experiences during local journeys.
  • Challenges in acquiring new skills and knowledge.
  • Difficulty in the learning process, especially in early education.
  • Disagreements and conflicts with extended family members.
  • Issues in maintaining harmonious relationships with relatives.
  • Potential challenges in writing and expressing oneself coherently.
  • Struggles with developing effective communication skills.
  • Challenges in entrepreneurial ventures and business activities.
  • Difficulty in establishing successful business partnerships.

Affliction Over 4th House

An afflicted 4th house in Vedic astrology may indicate challenges and difficulties in areas associated with home, family, emotions, and real estate. Here are potential results of an afflicted 4th house:

  • Strained relationships within the family.
  • Potential conflicts and disagreements with parents or close family members.
  • Challenges related to the home environment.
  • Difficulty in finding peace and comfort at home.
  • Emotional instability and heightened sensitivity.
  • Tendency to experience mood swings and emotional challenges.
  • Issues related to real estate, property, or land ownership.
  • Challenges in acquiring or maintaining a stable residence.
  • Difficulty in academic pursuits, especially in early education.
  • Emotional disturbances affecting the learning process.
  • Potential impact on the chest, breasts, and respiratory system.
  • Health issues related to emotional stress.
  • Feeling unsupported or isolated in personal and family matters.
  • Challenges in building a strong support system.
  • Difficulty in maintaining inner stability and a sense of security.
  • Tendency to feel insecure or unsettled emotionally.
  • Strained relationship with the mother or maternal figures.
  • Emotional distance or conflicts with the nurturing parent.

Affliction Over 5th House

In Vedic astrology, the 5th house is associated with creativity, children, education, intelligence, romance, and speculative activities. An afflicted 5th house in a birth chart  indicate challenges and difficulties in these areas of life.

Here are some potential results of an afflicted 5th house:

  • Challenges in conceiving or difficulties during pregnancy.
  • Health problems or concerns related to children.
  • Discord or strained relationships with offspring.
  • Learning disabilities or obstacles in acquiring knowledge.
  • Challenges in grasping and retaining information.
  • Difficulty in academic pursuits and achieving educational goals.
  • Struggles in artistic or creative endeavors.
  • Difficulty in finding joy and satisfaction in creative pursuits.
  • Lack of creative inspiration or obstacles in expressing oneself.
  • Tendency to face misunderstandings or separations in matters of the heart.
  • Challenges in finding a suitable romantic partner.
  • Obstacles in romantic relationships and love affairs.
  • Financial losses due to risky ventures or investments.
  • Tendency to take unnecessary risks without proper planning.
  • Problems in speculative activities, such as gambling or investments.
  • Challenges in developing intellectual capabilities.
  • Mental stress and anxiety related to education or creative pursuits.
  • Difficulty in concentrating and focusing on tasks.

Affliction Over 6th House

An afflicted 6th house in Vedic astrology may indicate challenges and difficulties in various areas associated with health, enemies, disputes, and service. Here are potential results of an afflicted 6th house:

  • Proneness to health problems and ailments.
  • Chronic health conditions or recurring illnesses.
  • Difficulties in finding and maintaining stable employment.
  • Struggles with colleagues or superiors in the workplace.
  • Tendency to face legal problems or conflicts.
  • Involvement in disputes and legal battles.
  • Increased likelihood of conflicts with others.
  • Development of enemies or adversaries.
  • Challenges in rendering effective service to others.
  • Difficulty in finding fulfillment through service-oriented activities.
  • Tendency to accumulate debts and financial burdens.
  • Challenges in managing financial resources effectively.
  • Disruptions in daily routines and work schedules.
  • Difficulty in maintaining a consistent and organized lifestyle.
  • Frequent minor health issues and ailments.
  • Disturbances in overall well-being.
  • Strained relationships with subordinates or employees.
  • Challenges in managing and leading others effectively.

Affliction Over 7th House

An afflicted 7th house in Vedic astrology may indicate challenges and difficulties in areas associated with partnerships, marriage, relationships, and business collaborations. Here are potential results of an afflicted 7th house:

  • Strained relationships within marriage.
  • Tendency towards conflicts, disagreements, or separations with the spouse.
  • Challenges in forming and maintaining partnerships, both personal and professional.
  • Business collaborations may face obstacles or disputes.
  • Tendency to face legal problems or conflicts related to marriage.
  • Possibility of legal separation or divorce.
  • Attraction to partners who may not be supportive or compatible.
  • Difficulty in forming harmonious and balanced relationships.
  • Emotional instability in relationships.
  • Difficulty in establishing emotional bonds with others.
  • Challenges in getting cooperation from partners.
  • Difficulty in working collaboratively towards shared goals.
  • Disruptions in business partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Tendency to face challenges in shared financial matters.
  • Health concerns or challenges related to the spouse.
  • Struggles in maintaining the well-being of the partner.
  • Delay or obstacles in getting married.
  • Issues in finding a suitable and compatible life partner.

Affliction Over 8th House

An afflicted 8th house in Vedic astrology may indicate challenges and difficulties in areas associated with transformation, secrets, inheritance, and the occult. Here are potential results of an afflicted 8th house:

  • Difficulties in managing joint finances or shared resources.
  • Tendency towards financial losses or unexpected expenses.
  • Proneness to health issues, particularly those related to hidden or chronic conditions.
  • Challenges in maintaining overall well-being.
  • Difficulty embracing change and undergoing personal transformation.
  • Tendency to resist or fear the process of transformation.
  • Issues related to inheritance, wills, and legacies.
  • Possible disputes or challenges in receiving inheritances.
  • Tendency to encounter deception or hidden motives in personal or professional relationships.
  • Challenges in dealing with secrets and uncovering the truth.
  • Challenges or negative experiences in the exploration of occult, mysticism, or esoteric practices.
  • Tendency to attract negative energies in these realms.
  • Anxiety or fear related to the concept of death or the unknown.
  • Psychological challenges associated with mortality.
  • Challenges in intimate relationships and sexual matters.
  • Possible difficulties in expressing one's sexuality.
  • Mental and emotional challenges related to deep-seated fears and anxieties.
  • Tendency to dwell on negative thoughts or experiences.

Affliction Over 9th House

An afflicted 9th house in Vedic astrology may indicate challenges and difficulties in areas associated with beliefs, higher education, spirituality, and long-distance travel. Here are potential results of an afflicted 9th house:

  • Difficulties in pursuing higher education or advanced studies.
  • Obstacles in academic achievements and acquiring specialized knowledge.
  • Strained relationships with the father or mentor figures.
  • Challenges in finding guidance and support from paternal figures.
  • Difficulty in engaging in spiritual practices or experiencing spiritual growth.
  • Challenges in finding inner meaning and purpose.
  • Struggles with personal belief systems and philosophical perspectives.
  • Tendency to question or challenge established beliefs.
  • Challenges or negative experiences during long-distance travel.
  • Obstacles in exploring new cultures and expanding horizons.
  • Tendency to face legal problems or conflicts related to religious beliefs or philosophical views.
  • Challenges in dealing with matters of faith and spirituality.
  • Struggles in developing a sense of faith and optimism.
  • Tendency to be skeptical or pessimistic about higher principles.
  • Challenges in publishing or disseminating knowledge.
  • Difficulties in the dissemination of philosophical or religious teachings.
  • Health concerns or challenges related to the father.
  • Struggles in maintaining the well-being of the paternal figure.

Affliction Over 10th House

An afflicted 10th house in Vedic astrology may indicate challenges and difficulties in areas associated with career, reputation, public image, and authority. Here are potential results of an afflicted 10th house:

  • Difficulties in establishing a stable and successful career.
  • Challenges in finding suitable employment opportunities.
  • Strained relationships with authority figures or superiors.
  • Tendency to face conflicts in the workplace.
  • Challenges in maintaining a positive public image.
  • Reputation may suffer due to misunderstandings or controversies.
  • Obstacles in achieving career goals and aspirations.
  • Struggles in gaining recognition for one's efforts.
  • Tendency to face setbacks and delays in professional pursuits.
  • Challenges in progressing in one's chosen field.
  • Tendency to face legal problems or conflicts related to career matters.
  • Challenges in dealing with professional responsibilities.
  • Difficulties in achieving financial stability through career endeavors.
  • Potential financial losses or setbacks
  • Struggles in taking on leadership roles.
  • Difficulty in managing and leading others effectively.
  • Reputation concerns or challenges related to the father.
  • Struggles in maintaining the father's public image.

Affliction Over 11th House

An afflicted 11th house in Vedic astrology may indicate challenges and difficulties in areas associated with gains, friendships, social networks, and aspirations. Here are potential results of an afflicted 11th house:

  • Obstacles and setbacks in achieving personal and professional goals.
  • Struggles in realizing long-term aspirations.
  • Strained relationships with friends and associates.
  • Tendency to face conflicts within social circles.
  • Difficulties in accumulating wealth and financial stability.
  • Challenges in realizing income from investments.
  • Challenges in building and maintaining effective social networks.
  • Difficulty in establishing beneficial connections.
  • Tendency to face challenges in receiving support from groups or organizations.
  • Struggles in collaborative efforts.
  • Difficulties in fulfilling desires and ambitions.
  • Tendency to encounter obstacles in pursuing one's dreams.
  • Potential for misunderstandings and conflicts within social circles.
  • Challenges in maintaining harmonious relationships with peers.
  • Struggles in realizing personal and professional aspirations.
  • Difficulty in finding fulfillment in one's pursuits.
  • Challenges in gaining recognition and respect within social groups.
  • Tendency for the public image to suffer.

Affliction Over 12th House

An afflicted 12th house in Vedic astrology may indicate challenges and difficulties in areas associated with isolation, spirituality, subconscious mind, and foreign matters. Here are potential results of an afflicted 12th house:

  • Tendency to feel isolated or withdrawn from society.
  • Challenges in connecting with others on a deeper level.
  • Difficulties in spiritual practices and experiences.
  • Challenges in finding inner peace and tranquility.
  • Possibility of hidden enemies or adversaries.
  • Tendency to face obstacles from behind the scenes.
  • Challenges related to the subconscious mind.
  • Tendency to experience psychological issues or emotional turmoil.Difficulty in obtaining restful sleep.
  • Challenges in finding mental peace and relaxation.
  • Tendency to face financial losses or unexpected expenditures.
  • Challenges in managing financial resources effectively.
  • Potential impact on health, particularly related to chronic or hidden conditions.
  • Struggles in maintaining overall well-being.
  • Obstacles or challenges when dealing with foreign matters.
  • Difficulties in foreign travels or settling in foreign lands.
  • Feeling spiritually isolated or disconnected.
  • Challenges in finding a sense of purpose and higher meaning.


When planets are in afflicted state, irrespective of which house they rule. Some negative results are experienced which are related to the signification of the afflicted planet.

1. Afflicted Sun- When Sun is afflicted in the horoscope then the natives experience issues with health and face issues in daily life due to that.

Eyes and bones related issues are very prominent in natives with afflicted Sun. It may lead to a lack of vitality or energy, affecting one's enthusiasm and drive in life. It also results in a bad social life due to an inflated ego. Natives doesn't get along with people especially with father and seniors. 

An afflicted Sun also creates obstacles in career advancement or in gaining recognition. There could be issues related to authority in the workplace or challenges in establishing one's position.

Natives does not show ambitions and lacks the drive to do anything special in life.

Given below is an example horoscope indicating afflicted Sun which led to native not have a career and giving lots of behaviour issues like ego and insecurity. Due to afflicted Sun in the Horoscope the native is lacking behind in most areas of life.

afflicted sun

Afflicted sun example

2. Afflicted Moon: When Moon is afflicted in the Horoscope, it causes severe issues in life due to mental issues like emotional instability, mood swings, and difficulty in managing feelings.

It might contribute to anxiety, depression, or a sense of inner turmoil. Natives struggle in expressing emotions, hindering personal growth and communication.

All this leads to bad relationships and an unproductive career for them. Most of the time, these issues are due to Mother and her bad treatments towards the native. 

Given below is the example horoscope which shows the affliction over planet Moon.

How To Identify Afflicted Planets In Astrology

Moon is afflicted by Ketu, Rahu and 8th house lord Mercury. This made native very moody and bad social and personal life. The placement of Moon in own sign helped to some extent but the affliction over Moon has bad life hard for the native.

3. Afflicted Mars: Generally afflicted Mars causes rage and aggression in the native. If afflicted by Rahu then it leads to criminal tendencies along with court cases.

Afflicted Mars can lead to impulsiveness, making decisions without adequate thoughts and research. Which leads to obstacles in career advancement, including struggles with authority figures, competitiveness, or difficulties in asserting oneself in professional settings.

The same way their relationships also suffer, causing discord, dominance issues, or a lack of compromise. It might also indicate difficulties in finding harmony or peace within partnerships.

Mars rules over vitality and energy, so an afflicted Mars might contribute to health issues related to the head, muscular system, or blood-related problems. When Mars is afflicted by Ketu or the 6th house lord it leads to the tendency to getting into accidents or injuries due to impulsiveness or recklessness.

3. Afflicted Mercury: In Vedic astrology, Mercury is a significator of communication, intellect, learning, and analytical abilities. When Mercury is afflicted in a birth chart, it causes challenges and difficulties in the areas governed by Mercury. 

Here are some potential results of an afflicted Mercury:

  •  Difficulty expressing thoughts and ideas clearly.
  • Tendency to stammer or face speech impediments.
  • Miscommunication and misunderstandings with others.
  • Struggles with logical reasoning and analytical thinking.
  • Difficulty grasping complex subjects or acquiring new knowledge.
  • Poor memory retention or learning disabilities.
  • Tendency to be socially awkward or have difficulty in social situations.
  • Misunderstandings in relationships due to communication issues.
  • Challenges in building rapport with others.
  • Indecisiveness and difficulty in making choices.
  • Tendency to overthink and analyze situations excessively.
  • Challenges in professions requiring strong communication and analytical skills.
  • Mismanagement of business affairs and financial matters.
  • Difficulty in negotiations and contracts.
  • Potential impact on the nervous system and neurological disorders.
  • Digestive problems or issues related to the respiratory system.

Remedies: If Mercury is lord of the auspicious houses then Mercury gemstone which is Emerald can be worn in the smallest finger of the right hand. If gemstone can not worn then native should recite Vishnusaharsanaam daily or on wednesday.

4. Afflicted Jupiter: Jupiter is the most auspicious and benevolent planet in Vedic astrology. It represents wisdom, knowledge, expansion, abundance, and spiritual growth. When Jupiter is afflicted in a birth chart, it take away the potential saving grace which leads to challenges and limitations in the areas governed by Jupiter. 

  • Difficulty in accessing higher knowledge and wisdom.
  • Tendency to be dogmatic or narrow-minded in beliefs.
  • Challenges in spiritual pursuits and lack of inner growth.
  • Mismanagement of financial resources.
  • Challenges in accumulating wealth and prosperity.
  • Tendency to overspend or face losses in financial investments.
  • Potential for liver and digestive system issues.
  • Weight-related problems or imbalances in the body.
  • Challenges in maintaining overall well-being.
  • Issues in maintaining harmonious relationships.
  • Challenges in finding a suitable life partner.
  • Tendency to be overly optimistic about relationships, leading to disappointment.
  • Difficulties in academic pursuits and higher education.
  • Challenges in acquiring specialized knowledge or skills.
  • Tendency to face legal problems or conflicts.
  • Challenges in dealing with authorities and institutions.

Remedies- If Jupiter is lord of the auspicious house then native should wear Yellow sapphire in index finger, if not then visiting temples daily, fasting on thursdays, engagement in charitable acts and services to guru is recommended.

Venus is karaka of love, attraction, harmony, luxury, women, marriage, arts and music etc. When Venus is afflicted in the Horoscope, it causes makes native struggle with finances and luxury. Time to time financial issues arises, native doesn't get his desire fulfilled like buying favorable car or cloths. It is also seen that affliction of Venus leads to damages of valuables. For a male Venus is karaka of wife and when Venus is afflicted it leads to bad behaviour of wife and health issues to her. For a women, affliction of Venus leads to issues related to reproductive organs. Natives struggles with expressing love and affection which affects harmony at home and people mistake them as cold and rude.Afflicted Venus blocks creativity and artistic pursuits, making it challenging to find inspiration and produce aesthetically pleasing work.

Venus affliction can be taken care by worshipping Goddess laxmi everyday. Native can wear White Sapphire also if Venus is a benefic planets in the natal horoscope. Donation of cloths to young girls is also helpful in this regard.

Afflicted Saturn: This is the most difficult to handle and its eradication is a uphill task. When Saturn is afflicted in natal horoscope then native suffers with growth in career and suffers from frequent setbacks in it . It indicate intensified karmic lessons, which wants native to learn from challenging situations. In its dasha native suffers from big responsibilities which takes natives resources and causes stress. Afflicted Saturn also brings health issues, especially chronic conditions or problems related to bones and joints. Heavy affliction of Ketu, Rahu, 6th house, 8th or 12th house lord over Saturn leads to major health issues such as Cancer or disability.

Remedies: To manage life with afflicted Saturn in horoscope requires patience and hardwork. Native needs to maintain discipline to form good habits and need to sacrifice pleasures. Visiting Saturn temple every Saturday can be very helpful and service to old, poor and needy also make Saturn happy.


These are the most important and general ways to identify affliction over a planet or a house.

Afflicted planets or house leads to problems in areas ruled by that planet.

So anytime you see afflicted planet or house written anywhere always consider that one of these mentioned conditions is existing.

If both house and the planet which is ruling over it is afflicted then the natural signification(static)of that planet and the house signification will be a big setback in the life of the native.

Suppose Sun being 7th lord is placed in 8th house and same time 7th house is afflicted then marriage related problems will disturb the peace of mind for whole life.

Afflicted planets can easily reduce the good effects of astrology yogas  and for example, you can follow gajakesari Yoga to have a better understanding of how affliction can reduce the potential of any yoga.

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