Saturn Transit Is Important

Saturn transit is slowest in Vedic astrology and have deep lasting impact on us.

No analysis is completed without giving weightage to Saturn transit.

Though we need to see Horoscope from any angles and we should use more than one dasha &  custom techniques before making any conclusions.

We keep hearing and reading about afflicted planets and afflicted houses in astrology and this specific term always raises a question in minds of a beginner.

Most of my articles will have mention of "afflicted planets" and one must know the rules what makes a planet or a house afflicted.


The term affliction itself shows the negative associated with it and there is not a single horoscope in the universe which doesn't have afflicted planets or house in it.

This is how problem comes in our life and affliction leads a way to learning.

Just like Neechabhanga Rajyoga which comes due to the weakness of planets, affliction, same way can generate Vipreet Rajyoga when required placements are present for it.

Also, affliction is different than weakness and both of them affect life in a different way.

In a general way, it can be said that weakness will lead to not realizing the full potential of planets or house. 

For example, a weak Venus may lead to late or no marriage at all whereas Venus when afflicted may lead to a bad relationship with wife or health issues to wife.

You can see there is a difference BTW both of these situations. 

Also, the example I just gave is a very general example but an important one to make you understand about affliction.


Following should be applied to know if a planet or house is afflicted or not. In the case of houses if its lord is afflicted then it will lead to affliction over the house owned by that afflicted planet.

1. A planet becomes afflicted when it is in union with natural malefic which are Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. Here, these malefic can destroy the natural signification of said planet.

For example, Venus when by making a union with Saturn will result in a delay and bad marriage life.

The Same way other malefic have their own way to affect the signification of said planet.

Ketu affliction over Venus will result into disturbed and sometimes a violent married life and also will affect the potency in a case of males.

2.Point no 1 is not restricted to the only union only. Malefics can affect a planet via aspect and exchange also. Where exchange will be the strongest affliction.

3. A planet or house when aspected by lords of 6th, 8th or 12th will also cause affliction to them. Now here a dynamic approach is needed. A natural malefic can be functional benefic also and it is very important to know role of plants for each ascendant.

Like in the case of planet Saturn which is Yogakaraka for Tauras and Libra ascendant. In such cases, a balanced approach is required where the strength of planet should be judged properly. For example, in the case of

For example, in the case of Rahul Gandhi, his horoscope with Libra ascendant have debilitated Saturn in 7th house.

Here Saturn is yoga karaka but its weakness due to debilitation didn't allow him to get married so far. Suppose the same situation in Taurus ascendant with Saturn in 7th house. 

Here, Saturn won't be in debilitation and will result into good married life with a virtuous spouse.

A balanced dynamic approach is much needed in such scenario.

4.A planet will be afflicted when placed in houses 6th, 8th or 12th. Point no 3 and 4 are the worst kind of affliction in any horoscope.

5. Combust planets will also lead to affliction.

6.A planet defeated in planetary war will also be considered as afflicted to some extent.

7.A planet in the nakshatra of natural malefic or lord of 6th, 8th and 12th will also lead to affliction.

8.A planet sandwich btw two malefic will also create affliction to that planet. Suppose in a horoscope planet Moon is in 7th house, Saturn is in 6th whereas Mars is in 8th house.

In such case, Moon will be Papakarti yoga and will be called as an afflicted planet.


 The rules stated above holds true for houses also. Houses are ruled by planets and when a planet is afflicted it also results over affliction over the houses ruled by that planet.

If there are malefic on both side of any house then that house will be afflicted due to Papakarti Yoga.

Just like planets involvement of malefic via aspect, placements and exchange make a house afflicted.

There is one additional condition which makes a house afflicted is Karka Bhavo Nasho.

Venus in 7th for males, Jupiter in 5th and Sun in 9th house creates a strong Karka

Venus in 7th for males, Jupiter in 5th and Sun in 9th house creates a strong Karka Bhavo Nasho.

Jupiter in 7th house also creates the same condition and when weak and afflicted by other forces can create a serious trouble in married life of a woman.


These are the most important and general ways to identify affliction over a planet or a house.

Afflicted planets or house leads to problems in areas ruled by that planet.

So anytime you see afflicted planet or house written anywhere always consider that one of these mentioned conditions is existing.

If both house and the planet which is ruling over it is afflicted then the natural signification(static)of that planet and the house signification will be a big setback in the life of the native.

Suppose Sun being 7th lord is placed in 8th house and same time 7th house is afflicted then marriage related problems will disturb the peace of mind for whole life.

Afflicted planets can easily reduce the good effects of astrology yogas  and for example, you can follow Gajakesari Yoga to have a better understanding of how affliction can reduce the potential of any yoga.

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