Delayed marriage can harm your overall happiness and best is to take help of a expert and identify the root cause off it.

Delay In Marriage?

Late Marriage In Horoscope Or Delay In Marriage In Astrology

In my last article I dealt with astrology combinations which give problem in a marriage, now the current topic for today is Late or Delay in Marriage.

How to define late marriage?

Depending on countries and culture marriage age will change, in the western world, there are no set parameters regarding marriage age and you will witness a quite a range in marriage ages there. Whereas in Asian countries like India, getting married in the right age is a huge concern, especially for parents who make sure their children get married at the right age.

Now defining the right age of marriage is also a tricky part because every individual has their own reasons and they choose when to marry:

  • Wealth can be a reason where a person delays his marriage.
  • Education can also be a reason which creates a delay in marriage.
  • Health is a big reason where a person delays his marriage.

Now as per astrology our classics have given various Planetary combination regarding the age of marriage. These combinations I won’t repeat here since it will be difficult for readers to apply them, rather I will mention them in a simple manner along with example charts.

Planetary Placements For Late Marriage

As we all know for marriage primary house to be seen is 7th & its lord, along with that divisional chart D-9 should be given equal weight age. Apart from 7th house, the role of 8th & 12th house lord also has a significant role in timely marriage.

The condition of karaka for marriage i.e Venus for male & Jupiter for the female should be checked thoroughly.
Upapada & condition of Darakaraka should also be considered before concluding final result.

I have made a list of astrology combinations which can give delay in marriage:

1.Placement of 7th house lord from ascendant in 6th, 8th & 12th house.
2.Placement of 7th house lord from moon in 6th, 8th & 12th house.
3.Placement of 7th house lord from Venus in 6th, 8th, 12th house
4.Placement of malefic planets viz Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu & Sun.
5.Combustion of 7th lord.
6.7th house hemmed between malefic planets
7.7th house lord hemmed between malefic planets.
8. Debilitated 7th house lord.
9.Retrograde 7th house lord.
10.Retrograde planets in 2nd & 7th house.
11.Afflicted Venus in navamsha.
12.Venus hemmed between malefics.
13.Venus in infertile signs like Gemini, Leo, Virgo.
14.Moon-Venus conjunction except in Tauras zodiac or without aspect of Jupiter.
15.Saturn- Jupiter conjunction or aspect.
16.Saturn- Moon conjunction or aspect.
17.Saturn-Venus conjunction or aspect.
18.Mars-Jupiter Conjunction or aspect.
19.Weak 9th house or weak 9th house lord.
20.Placement of Saturn in 1st,5th,7th,8th & 11th.
21.Placement of Mars in 1st,2nd,4th,5th,7th,10th & 12th house.
22.Placement of Saturn in 8th house from Venus.
23.Debilites planet in 2nd house from Upapada.
24.Malefic planet placement or their aspect on 2nd house from Upapada.
25.Upapada lagana afflicted by malefics via placement or aspects.
26.Affliction to Darakaraka.
27.Placement of Gantigaraka in 7th house from ascendent.
28.Affliction over Signs Gemini, Libra & Aquarius since they form kama trikone in kaalpurush.
29.Less then 25  benfic points in 7th,8th & 12th house in Asthvarga calculation.
30.7th lord having less than 4 benfic bindus in its own Asthvarga.

Now we will check the application of above mention points through example charts.

Example Horoscope Which Shows Late Marriage

Now after going through the main astrology combinations which gives delay in marriage, you might be wondering about their application. Therefore I have handpicked two horoscopes which can teach you a lot in this regard.

Example Horoscope No.1 where the native experienced  delay in marriage due to many reasons.

Native is a woman in her mid-thirties & is unmarried despite her sincere efforts for a suitable Groom. Her engagement got broken once.

example for delay in marriage

Example Birth Chart.

In her chart Venus is 7th lord, Moon is Darakaraka, Jupiter is Ganatikaraka. & Upapada lagan is Pisces. Following observations were made in her chart which is responsible for the delay in marriage.

Following observations were made in her chart which is responsible for the delay in marriage.

  1. 7th lord from ascendant Venus is with 6th lord Mercury & under aspect of Saturn.
  2. Mercury is the most malefic planet for Aries ascendant.
  3. 7th lord from Moon is Saturn and is in 12th from Moon.
  4. 7th lord from Venus is Jupiter and is afflicted by Saturn.
  5. In Navamsha malefic Ketu is in 7th house
  6. 7th lord in Navamsha Chart is in 6th house with Saturn.
  7. Saturn Jupiter Mars conjunction in Navamsha’s 6th house making Jupiter severely afflicted.
  8. In the main chart(D-1) Jupiter is in 6th house.
  9. Upapada lagan is aspected by malefic Saturn.
  10. 2nd lord from Upapada is Mars & is with malefic Sun.
  11. 2nd house lord from Upapada is aspected by malefic planet Ketu.

Same is confirmed from her D-60.

  1. Sun & Saturn are present in the 7th house of D-60 Chart.
  2. Upapada Lagana is Libra & malefic Ketu is present there.

Example Horoscope No.2 where marriage got delayed due to the afflicted 7th house.

This chart belongs to a woman, she is 29 years old and is looking for a groom.Her engagement got broken once also.



In her chart Saturn is 7th lord, Sun & Mercury are present in the 7th house. Jupiter is in 8th house. Upapada Lagan is Leo and Sun is Darakaraka & Mars is serving as Gantikaraka.

  1. Following observation were made in her chart.
  2. 7th lord from Ascendant is having malefic planet Sun.
  3. 7th lord from Ascendant have malefic Mercury lord of 12th house.
  4. Venus is afflicted by Saturn.
  5. 7th house from Moon is mercury which is present in 12th from Moon.
  6. Ketu is aspecting her 7th house from Ascendant.
  7. Rahu is aspecting 7th lord Saturn.
  8. Jupiter is in 8th house in natal chart (D-1).
  9. In her Navamsha (D-9),7th lord is aspected by Saturn.
  10. Navamsha Ascendant is afflicted by 8th lord Moon.
  11. Malefic Ketu is present in second from Upapada & is aspected by Rahu & Mars.
  12. Upapada is aspected by Saturn.

In her D-60 Chart.

  1. 7th house is aspected by Debilitated Mars.
  2. 7th lord Saturn is in sixth.
  3. 7th from the moon have malefic Sun.
  4. In her Ashtakvarga chart 7th Lord Saturn have two benefic bindus in its own Ashtakvarga.

Example horoscope No.3 where marriage got delayed due to afflicted 2nd house.

This horoscope belongs to a Male who is 30 year old now.

delay in marriage astrology

Example Chart

He is looking for a bride since past 3 months but never tried it before. In his chart Moon & Venus are together in the 7th house in Libra though Venus in own zodiac seems to be strong but it is with the moon, though under aspect of Jupiter from 11th house, which satisfies condition no 14. Saturn is in 8th house & Rahu is in 12th hence there was a delay.

Though due to other positive combinations & current Venus antardasha which will last up to 2017 will make him marry.

These planetary combinations and example horoscopes are very helpful to identify delay in marriage and can be applied on horoscopes easily.



And I can do the same for you which can help you to realize your full potential with your life report and plan better for the future.

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