Mercury Transit In Astrology

Mercury is the planet of finances, communication, and skills and governs our nervous system.

  • Element: Earthy.
  • Age: 16-20 years
  • Dasa period: 17 years of Vimshottari
  • Nakshatra: Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati.
  • Nature: Benefic.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Caste: Vaishya.
  • North: Direction.
  • Places: Vishnu Temple & library.
  • Own Sign: Gemini and Virgo.
  • Exaltation: Virgo.
  • Debilitation: Pisces.
  • Mooltrikona: Virgo.
  • Friends: Saturn & Venus.
  • Enemies: Moon.
  • Neutral: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.
  • Ruling Day: Wednesday.
  • Gemstone: Emerald
  • Directional Strength: East.
  • Color: Green.
  • Relation: Maternal Uncle.

In all transit in astrology, its transit is very important and is the second-fastest transit after planet Moon and its transit have important implications in astrology.

Importance Of Mercury Transit

Mercury is karaka of communication and intelligence and during its transit, it affects these significations directly. Anytime planet Mercury transit happens you will see the changes in you and around you. The best example of its importance is its retrograde transit. We all are aware of the fact that planet Mercury's transit has the ability to cause disruption in the mode of communication. To make it more believable, I have given some examples where the retrograde transit of Mercury has caused major disruptions in technology.

In the same way, the transit of Mercury affects us individually. It causes miscommunications and misunderstanding which affects our relationship with people at home and in the office. If someone has combinations that give bad marriage, then the transit of Mercury can activate them and can cause fights with the spouse due to miscommunication. You probably know that most marital crises are due to miscommunication only and that is the domain of planet Mercury. 

All this means that the transit of Mercury plays a very vital role in our life to keep it together. Depending on which house planet Mercury rules over its transit can trigger the events related to it.

As a first house lord,  Mercury transit can cause a change in place and fluctuations in fortune. As second house lord, Mercury transit can cause a change in the way we eat and our essential habits. As third house lord, its transit can affect our abilities to accept the changes. As fourth house lord, it can affect our prosperity and comforts. As fifth house lord, it can affect our wisdom and relationship with kids. As sixth house lord, the transit of Mercury can bring more enemies and can affect our abilities to deal with them. As seventh house lord, Mercury transit affects our relationship and marital life. As eight house lord, planet Mercury's transit can change our fortune. As ninth house lord, it affects our understanding of life and religion. As tenth house lord, it brings changes to our career and sources of income. As eleventh house lord, it causes a rise of downfall in finances. As the twelfth house lord, it can increase our losses.

Mercury Transit In Through Houses

Mercury Transit In First House

Mercury transit in the first house is very beneficial and it brings very auspicious results for the native. It makes native cheerful, and optimistic and gives a very good attitude. Native gains from his work and his business flourish. The communication skills work becomes smooth and artistic abilities of native get enhanced. It brings a very cheerful period and all-around success comes to the native. The relationship improves and the chances of getting childbirth are very high in this period of Mercury transit.

Mercury Transit In Second House

The second House of Mercury denotes communication, earnings, and family values. The transit of Mercury from this house indicates a good time for the native. It brings an opportunity to scale the work and gives more income ever. Native gains excellent speech abilities and becomes charming during this transit. Native relationship improves and he gains from his spouse and in-laws. Spiritually native evolves and get attracted to mystic subjects. Overall a very good transit it is which gives happiness and prosperity to the native.

Mercury Transit In Third House

Mercury transit in the third house gives soothing time to the native. It leads to a rise in creativity, imagination, and innovation in the native. Native pursue activities like singing, acting band writing. His career rises and he can get a promotion. Wealth also rises and native experiences a good time in business. Marriage and relationship also go well and the native travels to exotic locations with his spouse. This transit has the potential to bring an upgrade to native life.

Mercury Transit In Fourth House

The transit of Mercury works very well in this house and is known to give comforts, wealth, luxury, and a rise in status. A native career becomes good and the native experiences a very smooth time. His efforts are appreciated and he gets rewarded for the same. There is a high chances native buys a house or a car during this transit. 

Mercury Transit In Fifth House

The transit of Mercury through the fifth house leads to gain in education, position, and wealth. Mercury here makes native wise and blesses with wisdom and intelligence. The decision-making ability of the native gets sharp and the native gains in all kinds of situations. The promotion comes easily, the salary becomes better, and the native gets appreciation for his efforts. Relationship and marriage bring happiness and chances of childbirth become high in this transition of Mercury. This period is very good for students, scholars, and artists. It can be one of the best transit experiences for the native, especially when come at a young age.

Mercury Transit In Sixth House

The transit of Mercury through the sixth house has the ability to bring native to abroad places. It is generally good for rise and promotion in career. Also, gains come easily but native have to try hard for them. The problem comes from the nervousness and inability to face the situation. The rise of enemies is sure and native doesn't get the required courage to face them. Abroad opportunities can help native to scale their career but it furitify after lots of effort. The relationship and marriage see some tough times but it doesn't get severe.

Mercury Transit In Seventh House

Mercury transit here is considered as good but has some negative effects also. The good news comes in career and finances which tend to improve in this transit. Native business gets better and he gets an opportunity to gain more money. Mercury is the planet of commerce and its direct aspect here brings the best in business and money. The negative impact falls on marriage and relationship, native and his spouse doesn't get along. Mercury doesn't allow native to have intimacy and a good time with their spouse. There can be miscommunications and disagreements with spouse. Health remains good and native feels energetic, joyful, and hopeful about his life and future.

Mercury Transit In Eight House

Mercury is the only planet that gives good effects in its transit over the 8th house. It brings gains, rise, and happiness in all areas of life. Native feels happy and curious about life. A very good period it can be for students and scholars. Mercury here allows one to draw information effortlessly. This period can lead to inventions and new discoveries by the native. Sudden gains can also come and the native sees a good rise in his finances. The relationship remains good, and the attitude of the spouse keeps the native happy.

Mercury Transit In Ninth House

Mercury transit in the ninth house is good for native growth. The aspect over the 3rd house brings growth and new opportunities. It is very good for business and new ideas. The writing abilities of the native get enhanced and the native engages with intelligent people. It brings religious inclinations, the study of scriptures, and divine grace to the native. One of the best it is and one should not miss the opportunities given by planet Mercury here.

Mercury Transit In Tenth House

The tenth house is the house of career, status, and reputation. All these areas improve when Mercury transits here. Promotion & praises are assured in this period. Native abilities also get enhanced & his skills get improved. Relationship & marriage brings joy in life, there can't be any complaints during this period. 

Mercury Transit In Eleventh House

Mercury is a planet that has the ability to bring gains easily and this is what exactly happens when the planet Mercury transit the 11th house. Native experiences a very good time in his career and makes good money. Native can start a business or his existing business see good growth. The association of native with people in power becomes stronger and native benefits from such association. There can be a love affair which can convert into marriage, provided native is running dasha of which can give marriage. The spouse of the native supports very well & relationship blossoms with the lover and care for each other. A very good transit this can be, native can lead a successful venture during this period.

Mercury Transit In Twelfth House

Planet Mercury transit works well here also. Though there can be some negative results overall it works well. Native experiences growth in abroad place or he gets an opportunity to go there the first time. Despite facing enemies and rivalry, the native gets out of it. In a relationship, this transit doesn't work very well. It brings issues and troubles, there can be physical distance due to work-related posting from the family. Health is something native should watch for. Pain in the back, neck, and legs can bother native but overall native stays healthy. This period can bring isolation in some forms. It is important native plans for this transit in advance or he may turn unhappy due to stress in life.

Transit Of Other Planets In Astrology

Given below are links for transit for all planets. These guides on transits will help you to understand the transit for all planets individually. 

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