Health issues and sickness are events which cause mental agony, financial issues, and can break someone's willpower completely. In such times, only doctors can help you. Being a doctor is a blessing for someone and provides an opportunity to heal someone. Every year around the world, people try to clear exams which can enable them to become a doctor. And we all know becoming a doctor is not so easy. It requires one to clear an entrance exam which is very hard in nature, and then the education part is also quite long, which requires patience, concentration, and dedication.

Planetary Placement For A Doctor

Sade-Sati is the 7 1⁄2 years-long period of Saturn (Shani) and this astrological phase is said to be a time, when one may experience difficulties in personal relationships and a general feeling of unhappiness. According to beliefs, Sade Sati is a negative event and this is a period with many challenges it literally brings intense fear in people's minds when they hear that Sade Sati is coming into their life. On average Sade Sati comes every 25 years in native life and contains three phases in it .i.e rising, peak and setting phase. All these cycles take around 7.5 years,

Saturn Sade Sati for Aquarius Moon Sign (Effects): 23 Jan 2020 to 2 June 2027

In Vedic astrology, Sade Sati is a significant period of 7.5 years that is feared by many due to the potential challenges and transformations it brings. Many sorts of negativity is associated with it. Sade Sati is a term used to describe the period when Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd houses from one's Moon sign. It is divided into three phases of approximately 2.5 years each. The first phase occurs when Saturn moves into the sign before the Moon sign which is also known as the rising phase, the second phase happens within the Moon sign

Saturn Sade Sati for Pisces Moon Sign (Effects): 24th Jan 2023 to 7th Aug 2029

  The following calculator will help to find the Mangal dosha in the horoscope. In Vedic astrology, Mangal Dosha, also known as Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha, is believed to be an astrological condition caused by the placement of the planet Mars (Mangal) in certain positions within the birth chart. This Dosha is said to have an influence on a person's marital life and can impact their compatibility with a potential partner. Mars is considered a fiery planet, and when it is placed in certain houses—usually the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the birth chart—it is

Mangal Dosha Calculator

Horoscope matching is a process in which the horoscopes of a boy and girl who are looking for a marriage partner are analyzed based on certain parameters. If their horoscopes are in sync with each other in specific parameters, then the horoscope is said to be matched. This practice is prevalent mainly in the Indian subcontinent where arranged marriages are still prevalent and as the timing of marriage approaches people start to see possible bride and groom. But many people who are planning for a love marriage tend to ignore horoscope matching, which can be risky. It is worth

Matching Of Horoscope For Marriage

Date: Place Of Birth: Result Type: Basic Advanced Get Result Sade-Sati is the 7 1⁄2 years-long period of Saturn (Shani) and this astrological phase is said to be a time of introspection and reflection, when one may experience difficulties in personal relationships and a general feeling of unhappiness. The period is also said to be a time when one’s character may be tested, and when one may be confronted with difficult life challenges. Sade Sati can become the most challenging period in an individual’s life. This is a time when you are tested on all levels – emotional, mental, and physical.

Sade Sati Calculator

Sade-Sati is the 7 1⁄2 years-long period of Saturn (Shani) and this astrological phase is said to be a time of introspection and reflection, when one may experience difficulties in personal relationships and a general feeling of unhappiness.The period is also said to be a time when one’s character may be tested, and when one may be confronted with difficult life challenges. Sade Sati can become the most challenging period in an individual’s life.This is a time when you are tested on all levels — emotional, mental, and physical. The key to getting through this period is to remain grounded and

Sade Sati 2024 Effects On Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Moon Sign

The first house in Astrology is  known as ascendant or lagna also and is considered as the pillar of the Horoscope. The sign rising in 1st house is known as rising ascendant and the lord of the 1st house is known as ascendant lord or lagnesh. 1st house is both a Kendra and a Trikone house hence it tends to becomes a natural Yogakaraka in all the horoscope. All ancient commentaries have given special attention to the ascendant and its lord and in many Rajyoga there is a condition of unafflicted 1st house. When you make a analysis of

First House| 1st House| Ascendant In Vedic Astrology

Following analysis of Shri Narendra Modi Horoscope is done via techniques of Parashari, Jaimini and Asthakvarga astrology.The very first thing which need attention here is validity of his Horoscope.There is a conflicting theory about this and some people believe it is Libra Ascendant and some believes it is Scorpio Ascendant.Here, are the two Horoscopes given below:Scorpio ascendantLibra ascendantNow obviously, ascendant depends on the birth time. Which means birth time validity need to be checked here.​From his life events it seems that Scorpio ascendant is the right ascendant for him, but scorpio ascendant will contain many Navmasha signs and again

Narendra Modi Horoscope Analysis (greatest leader of India ?)

Sasa Yoga is formed by the planet Saturn and is a Panchmahapurush Yoga. It is one of the most powerful and important yoga in vedic astrology.Sasa Yoga is formed when Saturn is placed in Kendra houses in its own (Capricorn), mooltrikone (Aquarius), or exalted (Libra) sign.Sasa Yoga can be formed for certain ascendants in certain houses only which are as follows:1st House- In Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant.4th House - In Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio ascendant.7th House -In Aries, Cancer and Leo ascendant.10th House- In Capricorn, Aries, and Taurus ascendant.Benefits Of Sasa YogaAs per traditional texts, Sasa Yoga will bless the native

Sasa Yoga- Experience The Power Of Saturn

With a lucrative salary and opportunities to travel worldwide, Air Hostess has become a great option for young students. No doubt being an Air Hostess is a great way to earn a handsome salary and same time provides one to travel and meet new people which in turn broadens one’s views and makes one smart. But getting into an Aircraft as an Air Hostess is not meant for everyone and requires some condition or criteria to be met, which are as follows: Fit body. Good height. Elegant looks. Natural ability to interact with people easily. Temperament Confidence Analytical abilities

Astrology Combination For Air Hostess

Politician and their Politics are the two things that hit headlines every day and it is quite obvious also. The whole system works according to politicians and they have the authority to make rules that affect us directly. A politician is someone who is elected by people via elections in a democracy. Or A person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office. Gone are those days when Kings used to rule over a country or region based on their victory. Now we live in a democracy and we get to choose our

Planetary Combinations For Politicians & Success In Politics

Divisional charts are like mini horoscopes which are created by dividing each sign of natal chart (D-1) into a number of sections.For example, an important and widely used divisional chart "dashamsa (d-10) is created by dividing each sign of D-1 into 10 equal parts.If you don't know what divisional charts look like, you can refer to the image given below which contains Hora(d-2), Drekkna(d-3), Chaturthamsha(d-4), Saptamsha(d-7), and Navamsha(d-9) divisional charts in it.A Horoscope reading in Vedic astrology is incomplete without the use of Divisional Charts. In fact, many people do a big mistake by ignoring divisional charts completely.Same divisional

Divisional Charts In Vedic Astrology: Principals Usages & How To Read Them

Astrology combination for a career in Sports With a lot of money and limelight involve choosing Sports as a career(source of Income) is a great option for young kids. Playing Sports is also a great way to keep yourself healthy and same time provide provides you with a lot of fame and entertainment to viewers. But being a sportsman is not everyone cup of Tea and requires the following quality: Physical strength Fit Body Natural ability to overcome injuries. Temperament Success over the enemies Confidence Analytical abilities Perseverance. If you dissect above points you will find the role of

Planetary Combination For A Sportsman & Success In Sports.

Sun in first house means the person is born in morning time around sunrise. Any Planet in the first house directly affect all aspects of human life, from physical appearance to mental tendencies all comes under the first house. Planet Sun, when placed in first house, can alter these results which may be negative or positive which will depend on Sun's natural result in the first house and functional role for different ascendant. Also, Sun from the first house will aspect on 7th house of marriage and partnerships and therefore following key areas are most affected by the placement

Sun In First House Results & Effects For Each Ascendant

Following analysis of Yogi Aditya Nath Horoscope is done via techniques of Parashari, Jaimini and Asthakvarga astrology. Yogi Aditya Nath was born on was born on 5-06-1972 in a small village called Panchur, Pauri Gadwal. Though his birth time is not available but after analyzing his physical appearance and life events, I have fixed it on Gemini ascendant. Since I live in the same state and I know people from his native place, I am trying to get his birth time from reliable people. And till then I am assuming Gemini as his ascendant and the whole horoscope analysis is


Love marriages are getting very common nowadays and so does the questions related to it.  If you want to know whether you will have a Love Marriage than follow this guide where I have mentioned some methods to identify its possibility. So let's start with these easy steps: Here, I will be using combinations of Love marriage as per Vedic astrology and I have tried my best to keep them simple.  Check The First House The first house in astrology is the most important house and everything starts from here and ends here. It controls all areas of our

How To Check Love Marriage In Astrology

Following analysis of Baba Ramdev Horoscope is done via techniques of Parashari, Jaimini, and Asthvarga astrology. Baba Ramdev was born on 25-12-1965 and Horoscope indicates Cancer sign was rising with Sagittarius navamsha. The year 1965 was a very interesting period because many famous people took birth in that year. To name a few Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan, etc. Baba Ramdev horoscope HIGHLIGHTS OF BABA RAMDEV HOROSCOPE There are many promising Rajyoga in Baba Ramdev’s horoscope but to reach at top one needs to have a combination of Rajyoga and their Dasha at the right point in


Red Coral is a powerful gemstone and question like "who can wear red coral" are very common.It's one of the gemstones which is still in reach due to its easy availability in the market.But some time market the is full of Red Coral which is not suitable for astrology at all.Let's explore the effects and application of Red Coral in this article.Removes fear.Gives confidence.Brings wealth.Increase strength and vitality.Cures blood-related health issues.These are very general results of Red Coral and its actual results will vary for everyone which depends on the functional role of Mars, its placement and other planets

Application Of Red Coral Or Monga For Ascendant

Ruby is also known as Manikya and is a precious Gemstone ruled by the planet Sun. It is a rare Gemstone due to its low availability. In this article we will learn about Ruby gemstone effects and its application.Benefits Of Gemstone RubyRuby is a precious gemstone associated with the planet Sun in Vedic astrology. It holds significance due to its believed astrological benefits which are as follows:Enhanced Leadership and Confidence: The Sun represents authority, leadership, and self-confidence. Wearing a ruby is said to strengthen these traits, boosting one's charisma, leadership abilities, and confidence. It may aid in making bold decisions

Application Of Ruby Gemstone For Ascendant

Gem therapy which is most popular and powerful way to harness planetary energies of your functional benefic planets seems to be out of reach for the most part of the population. Major reason here the price of these Jyotish quality Gemstones. For example, a unheated and VS type Ruby is almost 4000USD per carat and for obvious reasons, many people can’t afford such expensive Gemstone. UNHEATED RUBY FOR GEMTHERAPY No one can’t be blamed for the high cost of these Gemstones because the mines itself are not producing enough Gemstone. Current hotspot for Gemstone mining is Sri Lanka but

Application Of Semi Precious Gemstone In Gemtherapy

Parivartan Yoga as the name suggests occurs when lords of two houses are placed in each other houses. For example, in a horoscope placement of planet Mercury in Libra and planet, Venus placement in Gemini will be considered as Parivartan Yoga between Venus and Mercury. Technically it is one of the planetary relations which planets make with each other but still in Technically it is one of the planetary relations which planets make with each other but still in B.P.H.S the greatest astrology work ever, have a separate mention of Parivartan Yoga. Parivartan Yoga is the strongest connection between two planets where their natural

Parivartan Yoga- In Depth Guide & Review With Example Horoscope

In vedic astrology certain types of planets cause health issues or even death and most of the times, maraka planets do that. In this article we will learn about maraka planets and how it works.In simple words, maraka planets are lord of 2nd and 7th house and their lords are called as Markesh.Maraka effects can be defined in the following mannerA maraka planet can kill someone especially when lifespan seems to be complete. Here, calculation of life span is to be done for this and there are many methods to do it but here our focus is on maraka planets,

Understand The Concept Of Maraka & Markesh In Astrology

Blue Sapphire is a gemstone for the planet Saturn and is the most mysterious Gemstone where lots of misconception and stigma is associated with it. There are some legends associated with this particular Gemstone.Some create fear whereas some give hope. It is a super fast-acting gemstone and can give severe side effects when they are flawed.Here flaws can be defined in the following points.1. Heated Blue Sapphire-most of blue sapphires are heated to enhance their color and beauty. There are other kinds of treatments also but heated is most common.2. Foggy appearance- this is most commonly found in India. These

Who Can Wear A Blue Sapphire? Ascendantwise Application

White Sapphire is the Gemstone for planet Venus and is a popular gemstone which blesses the native with following results:Since it is associated with planet Venus. It is believed to bring benefits related to love, beauty, wealth, and relationships. Here are some astrological beliefs about white sapphire:Venus Influence: White sapphire is said to harness the energies of Venus, the planet associated with love, beauty, and prosperity. Wearing white sapphire jewelry might enhance these aspects in one's life according to astrological beliefs.Enhanced Relationships: It's believed that wearing white sapphire can strengthen romantic relationships, promote harmony, and deepen emotional connections.Financial Prosperity:

Application Of White Sapphire For All Ascendant

While reading a Horoscope the very first thing we look is how planets are related to each other. Any Rajyoga simple or special rajyoga and dhanyoga can only happen when planets are involved with each other and there are few ways planets makes relation with each other. Ideally, these relations should happen between auspicious house lords and malefic house lord shouldn’t make relation with these auspicious lord i.e. Kendra & Trine houses.I have classified these planetary relations in two categories:MAJORMINOR1. Major Ways Of Planetary Relationship1.1.Conjunction Of PlanetsThe conjunction is most known and a frequent occurrence in horoscopes. Conjunction can be

Different Ways Planets Gets Connected With Each Other In Astrology

Astrology Rajyoag mentioned here are from  BPHS and don’t have specific names like Ruchaka, Hamsa, Vishnu, Bhadra, Vipreet, Gajakesari or Neechabhnga Rajyoga. These Rajyoga are equally powerful and effective and are much easy to apply on horoscopes. Following guidelines need to be followed before making any judgment on these Rajyoga. The role of planets for every ascendant should be known. Planets involved in Rajyoga should not be afflicted. The house involved in Rajyoga should not be afflicted. Ascendant should be well disposed and its lord should not be afflicted. Planets involved here in Rajyoga should not be weak. One should know

Raj Yoga In Astrology

Dhana yoga in a Horoscope are very easy to detect and unlike special Rajyogas like Vishu Yoga etc, there are not much custom made Dhan Yoga and involvement of 2nd and 11th house or their lords are compulsory especially 11th house and its lord. These Dhanyoags should be checked in navamsha also. The most potent Dhanyoga in astrology is a custom dhanyoga known as Laxmi Yoga. Definition– if the lord of Lagna is powerful and the lord of the 9th occupies own or exaltation sign identical with a Kendra or Thrikona, Lakshmi Yoga is caused. Results– The person will be

Dhan Yoga In Astrology: A Guide On Combinations For Wealth

The meaning of the word “Maha Bhagya” explains the importance of this yoga. Where “maha” means Great and “bhagya” means Luck or another word which can be used to best described this yoga is  “great fortune” This yogas have two kind of variation where for Male it applies to them when birth is in day time whereas for females it applies when birth is in the night. Let’s look into the technicalities of Mahabhagya yoga. DEFINITION OF MAHBHAGYA YOGA For males when the birth is during daytime and the Sun, the Moon, and the Lagna are in odd signs.

Maha Bhayga Yoga

We keep hearing and reading about afflicted planets and afflicted houses in astrology and this specific term always raises a question in minds of a beginner.Most of my articles will have mention of "afflicted planets" and one must know the rules what makes a planet or a house afflicted.What AFFLICTION DO TO A HOUSE OR PLANET?The term affliction itself shows the negative associated with it and there is not a single horoscope in the universe which doesn't have afflicted planets or house in it.This is how problem comes in our life and affliction leads a way to learning.Just like

How To Identify Afflicted Planets In Astrology

People are always interested in the life of Rahul Gandhi and his horoscope is one of the most searched. In this article, we will see different aspects of Rahul Gandhi Horoscope and will try to predict his future. Rahul Gandhi was born when Libra ascendant was rising along with Capricorn navamsha. In many places, the wrong horoscope of Rahul Gandhi is used. Indian Express reproduced below the correct horoscope of both Rahul & Priyanka Gandhi. Horoscope of Rahul Gandhi Navamsha of Rahul Gandhi The following news article can silence the argument on Rahul Gandhi birth time and a proper


The topic of 64th Navamsha is very important for any serious students of Vedic astrology. It is a sensitive area in your birth chart that can trigger some bad events in your life, its lord is also known as Chhidra planet and as Khara Navamsh. Khara was a fierce demon in the Hindu epic Ramayana and was associated with evil. This particular name of 64th Navamsha shows how negative it can be and this article deals with everything about 64th Navamsha. Method To Calculate 64th Navamsa We all know how important navamsa is and is the most important in

The Conventional Guide To 64th Navamsa In Vedic Astrology

In Ruchaka yoga planet Mars attains special capabilities to give special results to the native. Just like Hamsa, Bhadra, and Sasa yoga, it goes under the special distinction of Panchamahapurusha Yogas. Panch means five and Purush means person and as the name suggests it bestows the native with supreme qualities of excluding the Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu. Definition: When planet Mars is in one of the Kendra houses(1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) in its own(Scorpio), exalted (Capricorn) or mool trikone (Aries) sign then Ruchaka Yoga is said to be formed. Kendra houses are pillars of any horoscope and are called a powerhouse

Ruchaka Yoga By Planet Mars

In a horoscope, there are some planets which tend to give auspicious results, whereas some give negative results. That depends on the lordship of planets which can be read here. Now, many of you might have heard of the term "yogakaraka planets" here yoga means "good giver" and karaka means "doer". Though as per standard rules of astrology, trines lords always have the tendency to give good results in their periods. But actual result depends on their strength and connection they are making with other house lords. For example, Trine house lord planetary relationship with Kendra house lord is

Review Of Yogakaraka Planets

Bhadra Yoga along with Hamsa, Ruchaka, Malviya, and Sasa yoga goes under the special distinction of Panchamahapurusha Yoga. It is a special Rajyoga and is unique because Bhadra Yoga is formed by a single planet and doesn’t require the involvement of any other planet in its formation. Definition: Bhadra Yoga is formed when planet Mercury is in one of the Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) in either Gemini or Virgo sign. Since it is one of the panchmahapurush yoga one should understand what it means. Panch Mahapursuh word here suggests that when any of the planets, i.e.

Bhadra Yoga

Continuing with my series of Hindu astrology yoga, today I am trying to shed some light on Vishnu Yoga after this I will cover Shiva and Brahma Yoga. Finding yoga in a birth chart is a fun way to learn astrology and should be done by a serious learner of astrology. There is always something new to find in astrology and giving thoughts to these yoga’s always helps to increase the understanding of astrology. As we all know Lord Vishnu is one of the trinity and is the caretaker of mankind as per our Hindu religion. Whenever the proportion

Vishnu Yoga

Hamsa Yoga is one of the Panchmahapurush Yoga other being  Ruchaka Yoga, Bhadra Yoga, Sasa Yoga, and Malavya Yoga. Hamsa Yoga is formed by planet Jupiter which is considered as biggest benific planet in astrology. HOW HAMSA FORM? When planet Jupiter is in one of the Kendra houses(1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) in a sign identical to its own(Pisces), exalted(Cancer) or mooltrikone(Saggitraius) signs them Hamsa Yoga is said to be formed. In other words, Hamsa Yoga cannot occur with reference to every sign of the zodiac in the same house and it can be explained in a simple manner

Hamsa Yoga By Divine Planet Jupiter

How to Judge Extramarital Affairs in Kundli or Infidelity in Vedic Astrology The heading of my current topic seems to be negative but while going through some news over the internet, I thought to explore planetary aspects which makes one unfaithful in relationships. In the current age of fast and dissatisfied life, chances of getting into affairs are quite high. We like it or not but its happening at a significant amount, all around you and me. You can apply these rules to your own horoscope and correct yourself. But best is not to Judge other person based on

Cheater Spouse|Extramarital Affairs| Infidelity In Marriage

Hindu astrology is full of Yogas where some are bad result givers known as Arista, whereas good yogas are termed as Shuba Yogas. If  you want to read a good book on astrology yogas, then do read “300 important combinations” by B.V Raman. You will be amazed yet puzzled after reading all these yogas of astrology and sometimes it’s hard to remember all these yogas. Though astrology software like Jagannatha Hora checks them for you and gives a brief description of these yogas but still to interpret them you will require a habit of finding them on random charts.

Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga Explained With Example Horoscopes

Today I will be presenting you the horoscope of none other than Donald John Trump. Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946, is an American businessman, television personality, politician and the President-elect of the United States. Trump was born and raised in the Queens borough of New York City and received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, he took control of his family’s real estate and construction firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, which was later renamed The Trump Organization. During his career, Trump has built, renovated


Kaal Sarp Yoga is considered evil yoga in astrology and all sorts of negative results are associated with it. Especially in our country India, people consider it inauspicious yoga. Before we go any further first look what is the meaning of Kaal Sarp Yoga. Here “kaal” is associated with negative incidents whereas “sarp” means snake. You might be wondering why a snake? For that, we need to dig some information about its creators which are known as Rahu and Ketu. In Kaal Sarp Yoga, Rahu acts as a head of a snake whereas Ketu acts as the Tail of

All About Kaal Sarp Yoga

Pushkar navamsa and Pushkar bhaga are one of the topics that are not covered much anywhere.We keep hearing these two terms but can't find much information on these two.One of the main reasons why it's not very much used or sometimes overlooked completely is due to the fact that in BPHS or other astrological work nothing much is given about it.Whereas in nadi classics like Devakeralam and by authors like Vidya Madhav, it is used quite frequently.In fact, they are used quite freely in Devakeralam.In modern astrological era only late C.S Patel has given some information on them.Here I

Importance Of Pushkar Navamsha & Pushkar Bhaga

Following predictions of Roger Federer were written on Sept-2016 and I made some bold predictions on his winning at that time. As you know he created the History by winning multiple grand slams and even climbed rankings to position no.1. Let’s see what made me predict about his win. NOTE: Many astrologers even Shri K.N Rao said he is over. Roger Federer (born 8 August 1981) is a Swiss professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 7 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). His accomplishments in professional tennis have led to him being regarded by many

Roger Federer Horoscope Analysis: Check Out My Successful Predictions On Him

Jupiter is the presence of divine power in your horoscope and has lots of importance in leading a good life.Jupiter just like any other planet plays its role depending on its lordship for Capricorn ascendant Jupiter is a first-rate malefic and gives troubles in its periods.But the most unique and natural characteristic of Jupiter is that it tends to destroy the significations of the house where it is sitting out of which its effects on the 7th house are most mysterious and debatable, especially for females.Jupiter is the significator of the husband in a female horoscope and gives bad

Jupiter In 7th House For A Women

In astrology, there are signs where planets get debilitated which in Hindi means “neecha” and is termed as powerless and when such debility gets annulled by some special planetary alignments then it’s called Neecha bhanga. When such “neecha bhang condition” converts into raja yoga then it is called “neecha bhang rajyoga”. Clearly, there is a difference between neecha bhang and neccha bhang raj yoga. In simple words, neecha bhang rajyoga is a state where a planet in a state of neecha bhang achieves capabilities to bless a native with the rise in life. Sages have given some combinations where

Neecha Bhanga Rajyoga: In Depth Review

lf benefics are situated on the 6th,7th, and 8th from the Moon or ascendant Adhi Yoga is formed. Adhi yoga makes a person polite worthy, and healthy and he leads a happy life, surrounded by luxuries. It makes one defeats his enemies and he lives long. Adhi Yoga is one of the most important combinations which can not be overlooked. Astrological authorities classify this Adhi Yoga as Papadhi yoga and Shubhadhi yogi. As per Varahamihira only the three benefics Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus can cause Adhi Yoga. All these benefics may be in the 6th, 7th, or 8th or

Adhi Yoga

Yellow Sapphire is the most benevolent and popular among all gemstones.It's one of the gemstones that is still within reach of many due to its good supply in the market.Let's explore the effects and application of Yellow sapphire in this article.The following benefits can be obtained using a Yellow Sapphire:Yellow sapphire, also known as Pukhraj in Vedic astrology, is associated with the planet Jupiter. Here are some beliefs in astrology regarding the benefits of yellow sapphire:Jupiter's Influence: Yellow sapphire is believed to channel the energies of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is associated with wisdom,

Yellow Sapphire-Who Can Wear?

                  “Article is dedicated to Lord Sun,the source of life on earth “ In the Vedas, Surya is frequently referred to as “the eye of Mitra, Varuna, and Agni”. Lord Surya is also considered to be the eye of the Virat Purusha. As per Hindu Vedic scriptures of Sun is synonymous of inexhaustible power and radiance. In Hinduism Sun is referred as many names and most famous is 108 names of Sun नक्षत्रग्रहताराणामधिपो विश्वभावनः। तेजसामपि तेजस्वी द्वादशात्मन् नमोऽस्तु ते॥ १५॥ Nakshatra grahataaraanaam adhipo vishva bhaavanah. Tejasaamapi tejasvii dvaadashaatman namostute. He is


In Vedic astrology, Manglik Dosha is also known as Kuja Dosha. It is a popular yoga but mostly negative things are associated with this Yoga where planet Mars the creator of Manglik Yoga is highlighted as an agent to destroy marriages. Manglik dosha is said to create problems in married life and leads to bad health, frequent quarrels, and separation from the spouse. In some cases, even the death of the spouse is also predicted on the basis of Manglik Yoga which is an absurd thing to say to anyone. In short Manglik Dosha is said to affect marriage negatively.

Manglik Dosha Or Manglik Yoga- What To Call It?

The Yoga mentioned here is based on the condition of the Moon in a Horoscope. We all know how important is the planet moon in our chart and every Dasha or Antardasha should be judged from the natal Moon also. Yoga like Sunapha, Anapha, Dhurdhura, and Kemadurma are based on Moon’s condition i.e. whether any planet is sitting next to it or aspecting it. These yogas when you see in a practical way look synonymous with judging Chandra (Moon) Horoscope. Whatever sages have said always has a subtle meaning to it. Since these yogas are related to the planet

Sunapha|Anapha|Dhurdhura|Kemadruma Yoga