Planetary Placement For A Doctor

placement for doctor in astrology

Health issues and sickness are events which cause mental agony, financial issues, and can break someone's willpower completely.

In such times, only doctors can help you.

Being a doctor is a blessing for someone and provides an opportunity to heal someone.

Every year around the world, people try to clear exams which can enable them to become a doctor.

And we all know becoming a doctor is not so easy.

It requires one to clear an entrance exam which is very hard in nature, and then the education part is also quite long, which requires patience, concentration, and dedication.

Also, education costs have risen and many can't even afford to become one, despite having the talent for it.

In this article, I am covering the planetary placements which make one a doctor.

First of all, we need to know which planets and houses are responsible to make one a doctor.

Role Of Ascendant

Like in all professions and success in it, the role of the ascendant is paramount.

The ascendant rules over self, body, and is the pillar of the Horoscope.

Being a doctor requires concentration, stamina, and good health.

They have to work in harsh and sensitive environments which can test someone's willpower.

Doctors can also have odd working hours and require one to have a fit body and mind.

Doctors make good income and some even own chains of their own hospitals.

In order to have such kind of success, the ascendant lord should be well disposed and involved in Raj or Dhanyoga.

One may have all the required placements to become a doctor but if their ascendant lord is not strong, they won't be able to get desired success in it or won't enjoy it while doing it.

We all know each zodiac has certain features and it also means certain signs in the ascendant make someone inclined to become a doctor or make someone a good doctor.

The following signs in the ascendant are supportive to become a doctor:

1. Aries: Aries sign is ruled by Mars and is known for its quick actions and ability to work in pressure situations. This sign in the ascendant is very good to become a surgeon.
2. Leo: Again a masculine sign which is very daring by nature and has good concentration and skills to operate or treat someone effectively.
3. Libra: Ruled by Venus and airy by nature, this sign again gives one quick thinking and a good response time. This sign in the ascendant promotes one to become a dentist or cosmetic surgeon.
4. Scorpio: Again ruled by Mars but rules by water element. This sign has all the abilities to excel as a Doctor. This sign makes one a great surgeon, psychologist, or any kind of specialist they want to be. Their 6th sense and intuition is amazing and allows them a correct diagnosis each time.
5. Sagittarius: Ruled by divine Jupiter who is ruler of medicine itself. This sign promotes one to take Doctor profession for noble reasons and they really want to cure people and help them to solve their health crises. It makes one master Ayurveda and Homoeopathy easily.
6. Aquarius: Ruled by Saturn and element of Air in it makes them a very good doctor. They have a natural knack to assess a medical situation completely and in times of technological advancements, they excel very well as a Doctor.
7. Pisces: Pisces sign denotes natural abilities to heal someone. It makes one a gifted healer and at the same time gives compassion and kindness to understand the pain of others. This sign promotes one to do charitable work as a Doctor.

Note: Having a certain sign over the ascendant doesn't mean that they will become a doctor or the signs not mentioned here can't. The above information indicates information of the zodiac's natural ability only. Other factors play a more important role.

Important Planets For Becoming A Doctor

Certain planets have a significant role in making someone a doctor.

The support of these planets in key houses gives a better understanding of this profession and native works with dedication and gives his 100 percent.

These planets are as follows:

1. Sun: Planet Sun is karaka of health and ruler of all kinds of treatments. It is considered as King in planets and to have a profession as Doctor one needs to have a strong planet Sun. It is also seen that, Doctors have an affliction over their Sun particularly by lord of the 6th and the 8th house. Influence of 6th house over Sun makes one expert in medicine and diagnosis. It also gives one a healing touch and proves excellent to solve the hardest medical cases.

2. Jupiter: Planet Jupiter is the most benefic planet which rules over kindness, noble nature, and represents the well-being of ours. Jupiter has rulership over medicines and represents noble profession where the purpose is well-being of humans. Involvement of Jupiter is a must for becoming a Gastroenterologist or a General Physician. For other kinds of Doctors also its role is important. But for these two it is must to have.

3. Mars: Mars represents blood and cuts. For someone to become a surgeon role of Mars is most important. Placement of Mars in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th makes one a good surgeon.

4. Saturn: In any kind of profession, the role of Saturn is important because it is the natural karaka of the 10th house. At the same time, Saturn signifies patience, hard work, and concentration which is the essential requirement of a Doctor.

Special Role Of Moon For A Career In The Medical Field

Planet Moon is the karaka of mind and a lot of our choices are based on the position of the Moon in our Horoscope. Also, planet Moon denotes our concentration and as a Doctor one need to have a solid concentration.

All doctors have a strong placement of the Moon but at the same time affliction over it. Which indicates that having an afflicted Moon is a must for a doctor.

The reason is they have to work in a very sensitive environment and have to deal with people who are in dire need.

They even see deaths quite often and dealing with such work place is not possible without the  affliction over the Moon.

Affliction over Moon makes them ignore what is happening around them without getting emotional about it.

On the downside of this placement, it is seen that many doctors don't have a good personal life.

Many of them have failed marriages.

Because an afflicted Moon can make them insensitive towards the need for marriage.

Let's see an example for it.

The following horoscope belongs to a very successful surgeon.

Note how in his horoscope, Moon is placed in the 3rd house in own sign under the affliction of planet Saturn who is retrograde in the 6th house which represents illness and health issues.

Afflicted Moon is must for doctors

Moon is in Cancer under affliction of Saturn

Also, note how the Moon is again afflicted in Navamsha by Saturn and Moon. He is good in what he do and hardly shows emotions. Laser focused concentration and does not rest until the work is done.

Let's check another horoscope, which shows affliction over the planet.

The horoscope given below has the Moon in the 6th house of illness and has the aspect of Ketu  from the 10th house.

The native is a successful spine surgeon and has his own hospital.

afflicted moon is must for a doctor to have

Important Houses For Becoming A Doctor

Following houses and their interrelationship is a must for becoming a doctor:

1. 5th house, which stands for education and professional studies.
2. 10th house, which stands for career and profession.
3. 6th house, which stands for illness and inquiry.
4. 12th house, which stands for hospitals and isolation.

Since the doctor profession requires one to pursue college education.

Connection between the 5th and the 10th house is a must in the horoscope.

Any profession where college education is must need to have a connection of 5th and the 10th house.

For studies in the field of medicine, involvement of 6th or the 12th house lord is also a requirement for it.

There are many ways it can happen in a horoscope.

For example, Union of 5th and 10th house lord in 6th house or the 12th house or Mutual aspect of 5th and the 10th house lord in 6th-12th axis.

Let's see a few examples which prove what I have said above.

Example Horoscope. 1

The Horoscope given below belongs to a Heart surgeon.In his horoscope, 5th lord Mercury is with Mars who is lord of the 10th house. 6th house lord is Moon and aspecting the 10th house from the 4th house.

5th and 10th house connection for a doctor

5th house lord Mercury is making a union with 10th house lord Mars

Example Horoscope. 2

The horoscope given below belongs to a Doctor who is a famous Gastroenterologist surgeon. In his Horoscope, the 5th lord is Venus and is placed in own sign of Libra in the 10th house. Venus and is with 6th house lord Mercury. Notice, how exalted Jupiter aspect on ascendant made him choose Gastroenterology.

connection between 5th and 10th house for a doctor

5th house lord Venus is in 10th house

This horoscope belongs to a Physician and in his horoscope, 5th house lord Moon is placed in the 10th house.

Planetary Placement For Becoming A Dentist Or Cosmetic Surgeon

To become a dentist or a cosmetic surgeon, the role of houses will remain the same. i.e direct connection of 5th and the 10th house and involvement of 6th and the 12th house with them.

But the influence of Venus, Mercury, and Ketu, Rahu is more prominent in them.

The horoscope given below is of a Dentist and you can see the placement of Moon in the 8th house and have aspect of Mercury and Venus. Plus Ketu is placed in the 5th house. This horoscope all the placements for becoming a Doctor and due to combined influence of Mercury and Venus Dentistry become prominent.

for dentist venus should also be involved

Venus and Mercury rule over aesthetics and makeovers, which is why they have a prominent role in the procedure which brings a change or enchantment in looks.

Procedures like Botox and Hair transplants which require the use of needles come under Ketu.

So for a cosmetic surgeon role of Ketu will also play an important role.

Rahu, on the other hand, is deceptive and rules over lies and unorthodox things.

Some procedures which are extreme and require the procedure of extreme changes like sex change operations require the influence of Rahu in it.

Nowadays some specialized Doctors perform such surgeries.

In the Horoscope given below, Venus and Moon are prominent and influenced the native to become a cosmetic surgeon and the union of Mars and Rahu in the 9th house makes native to do some tough cases.

Planetary placement for a cosmetic surgeon

Venus is placed in 1st house and Ketu is over the 3rd along with Mars in 9th house

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