Sun Transit In Astrology

The movement of the Sun through all the zodiacs is called Sun transit. 

Sun is the only planet whose transit dates are fixed.

For example, Sun enters the sign of Aries on 15th April and completes its transit in Aries on 15th May.

This never changes, and this date stays the same each year.

The same way planet Sun's transit duration through other signs is fixed and is mentioned below:

  • Taurus: 15th May to 15th June.
  • Gemini: 15th June to 15th July.
  • Cancer: 15th July to 15th August.
  • Leo: 15th August to 15th September.
  • Virgo: 15th September to 15th October
  • Libra: 15th October to 15th November.
  • Scorpio: 15th November to 15th December.
  • Sagittarius: 15th December to 15th January.
  • Capricorn: 15th January to 15th February.
  • Aquarius: 15th February to 15th March.
  • Pisces: 15th March to 15th April.

Each year planet Sun transit through different zodiacs on the dates mentioned above.

Planet Sun transit is critical in Vedic astrology, and in India, Sun is religiously very important, a lots of festivals depend on the transit of the Sun.

For example, When Sun goes in sign Aries, a festival is celebrated, which holds much cultural significance. 

In the North, it is known as Vaisakhi; in the south, it is known as Pongal and in the East is known as Bihu.

Similarly, Sun transit in Capricorn is known as Uttarayan, celebrated across India.

Transit of planet Sun is known to control the weather and crops.

So it has a significant impact on human life. 

In the natal Horoscope also, the transit of the Sun causes various effects, which we will discuss in the latter part of this article.

Sun In Astrology

Planet Sun is considered King in the planetary cabinet and a mild malefic planet. Planet Sun never goes in retrograde state, rather it is the Sun who causes retrograde motion of other planets. This shows how significant planet Sun is.

More description of the planet Sun is given below:

  • Zodiac Sign: Leo.
  • Direction: East.
  • Color: Orange.
  • Transit Time Through All Zodiac Sign:12 Months.
  • Friendly Planets: Jupiter, Moon, and Mars.
  • Enemy Planets: Venus and Saturn.
  • Neutral Planet: Mercury
  • Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni, Uttara shadha, and Krittika.
  • Vimshottari Dasha Period: 6 Years.

A benefic planet Sun in the natal Horoscope is known to bless the native with power, position, and wealth. 

Whereas an afflicted Sun causes a lack of confidence, lack of wealth, punishment from the government, and tussling with seniors at the workplace. 

How To Read Sun Transit 

Apart from the rules to read a transit.

In order to analyze the effects of Sun transit following steps should be followed:

1. Lordship Of  Planet Sun: It is very important to check which house planet Sun rules in the Horoscope and that will decide if planet Sun is a benefic or malefic for the native.

This step determines the core intent of planet Sun transit. 

Which means, during its transit, planet Sun will create effects as per the lordship mainly. 

For example planet Sun is benefic for Aries ascendant and its transit brings auspicious effects.

Whereas for Pisces ascendant planet Sun is a malefic planet and its transit brings negative effects. 

2. Planet Sun Natural Effects In Various Signs: Planet Sun acts differently in different zodiac signs, for example planet Sun is exalted in sign of Aries and becomes debilitated in sign of Libra.

Now during its transit, planet Sun natural effects in different zodiac signs should be taken into account because how well planet Sun acts in a zodiac sign matters a lot.

Generally, planet Sun acts good in fire & earth signs whereas it acts very weak in water & air signs. 

3. Planet Sun Natural Effects In Various Houses: Planet Sun during its transit will occupy a house in a Horoscope and this factor plays a important role in results of Sun transit.

For example, planet Sun transit is more potent in upper half of the Horoscope where it becomes Digbali. In lower houses i.e. 6th,7th,8th and 9th house.

The transit of Sun doesn't work that good.

3. Transit Of Other Planets Each Year: In Astrology no transit work alone, you have to look things holistically.

Planet Venus & Mercury always stays near to planet Sun and high chances of them making planetary relationship with planet Sun is there.

Apart from them other planetary transits are equally important.

Given below are links for Sun transits:

4. Ashtakvarga Score: It is important to bring Ashtakvarga angle here. No planetary transit is complete without this. 

Here, you need to see how many bindus planet Sun is getting in the Zodiac sign it is transiting from. If more than 4 bindus, then the transit of the Sun, will give good effects. Otherwise, the effects of Sun transit will be bad. 

Also, you need to check how many bindus are in the house where Sun is transiting through.

If the total Samduya Ashtakvarga bindus are 28 or more then surely Sun transit will be powerful and will give good results.

Having understood the rules mentioned above now its time to see the effects of Sun transit through all houses.

Results Of Sun Transit Through Houses

Planet Sun transit through different houses creates different kinds of results; let us see what results planet Sun creates through each houses.

The results below will vary as per the rising ascendant sign and whether the planet Sun is beneficial or malefic in the natal Horoscope.

In First House: When the planet Sun transit through the first house, it causes the following results:

  • Hair loss.
  • Fever.
  • Increase in bile.
  • Stress.
  • Eye-related disorder.
  • Fatigue.
  • Increase in ego.
  • Bones-related issues.
  • Increase in anger.
  • Heart issues.

In Second House: Transit of the Sun through the second house is considered harmful.

The intensity of the planet Sun affects the signification of the second house in negative way. 

For example, it causes ulcers in the mouth, makes one talk harsh words, causes fights within the family, and affects the relationship with the spouse.

If combination of a bad marriage is present in the Horoscope, then Sun transit can activate it.

In Third House: The third House is the house of work, valor, and courage. Planet Sun, in its transit, gives good results here.

It makes one very active and gives success in all the endeavors. 

It is known to bless the native with fighting abilities and gives a high success level.

It brings fame and glory to the native, and the actions of the native are praised in all directions.

It can affect younger siblings badly and can cause issues in their life.

However, the overall transit of the Sun in this house is very desirable.

In Fourth House: Sun transit in the fourth house leads to upheaval in domestic life. It makes native restless and unhappy. Unwanted thoughts come to mind. It makes the native change his residence and leads to unwanted movements. However, on the other hand, it is suitable for a career and can bring a jump in salary. 

In Fifth House: Transit of Sun through the fifth house can positively affect the career and status of the native.

The sign of Aries and Leo works well like magic and brings fame and status. 

However, on the other hand, it can affect digestion badly and cause bile-related issues.

Also, it can bring troubles to the first child.

In Sixth House: Sun transit through the sixth house is considered good because this transit of the Sun brings victory over enemies.

Reduces the debts and brings abroad travels and opportunities.

It also makes natives fearless and gives ability to rise in life through hard work. 

The best results will come when Sun transits through the sign of Aries ( scorpio ascendant) and Leo (pisces ascendant).

This transit will not give such good results in the sign of Libra ( taurus ascendant). 

Instead will creates issues like the loss of a mother, mental peace, and prosperity.

In Seventh House: When the Sun transit through the seventh house, it leads to health issues for the native.

It brings ego and overconfidence, which affects the relationship and career.

Native becomes mindless and makes decisions rashly. 

In most of the signs, these results will be accurate. 

Only in the sign of Leo (capricorn ascendant) does the native experience some relief.

Whereas in the sign of Aries (libra ascendant) native makes good money and experiences the best of materialistic gains.

In Eight House: Transit of Sun can lead to severe health issues, especially in the sign of Libra. Such transit can cause the downfall of the natives and can bring losses from all directions. Useless wanderings happen, and native does not get any idea on how to tackle these issues. In-laws' health goes down, and native does not get along with their spouse.

In Ninth House: Sun transit gives both good and bad results here.

It is essential to judge the sign rising in the ninth house. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius's signs favor Sun transit through this house. 

In other signs, various types of issues can come. Native can face issues from authorities and can face demotion. 

Native may make rash decisions that can affect his growth and prosperity. 

In Tenth House: Planet Sun gives the best results in this house.

During its transit here, it brings massive opportunities to the native. 

It brings success, promotion, and significant gains, especially in the sign of Aries, Leo, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. 

Native forms close association with people in power and the gains from them. 

In Eleventh House: The upachya house where the planet Sun performs very well. Its transit brings wealth, status, and fame to the native.

Especially when the rising sign in the 11th house is Leo, Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

In Twelfth House: Transit of Sun through the twelfth house is considered very inauspicious.

It leads to issues in health and causes the downfall of the native. 

It brings enemies into life which overpowers the native and causes trouble.

Native sleep gets affected and results in a lack of energy.

Above mentioned effects will hold in most of the zodiac signs rising in the 12th house, except for Aires ( taurus ascendant) and Leo (virgo ascendant). 

In these signs, Sun transit can create good effects and bring native to abroad, giving energy and stamina.

Native enemies will feel defeated, and the native will achieve glory.

Transit Of Other Planets

Given below are links for transit for all planets.  These guides will help you to understand the transit of all planets individually.

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