Gajakesari Yoga & Its Application


Gajakesari Yoga is one of the popular yet most misunderstood yoga in astrology.

Since two benefices are involved here i.e. Moon & Jupiter, where Moon represents the mind and Jupiter represents divine grace, all astrology classics have given a lot of significance to it.

Here “Gaja” stands “for Elephant” & “Kesari” stands for Lion. Both are powerful & are the symbol of authority & intelligence.

As per Sage Parashar, he mentioned the formation of Gaja Kesari Yoga as follows:

  1. Jupiter should be in Kendra from Moon.
  2. Jupiter should not be aspected by malefic.
  3. Jupiter should not be retrograde.

As per sage Parashar, following good results will be felt by the natives due to formation of Gajakesari Yoga in their Horoscope.

  • Wealthy.
  • Courage.
  • Respected by all.
  • A good speaker.
  • Good in debates.
  • Noble person.

Gajakesari Yoga can be found in charts of many individuals but the results as described in scriptures are missing most of the time.

Jupiter being quadrant to Moon is the first condition of Gajakesari Yoga, if we do some rough calculations, we will find that Moon joins Jupiter for a round figure of 2 days, the moon will be present in 4th from Jupiter for a round figure of 2 days, it will be present on 7th from Jupiter for 2 days and finally, again moon will be present on 10th from Jupiter for the same period.

Here, we can see that every month 30% of people are born with Gajakesari Yoga & therefore the number of people born with this Yoga is very high, though results associated with it are not evident in their life.

For a clear understanding, readers can see the following charts and feel the difference in the results of Gajakesari Yoga.

Gajakesari Yoga is present in Nathuram Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi.

In his horoscope, Jupiter and the Moon are in conjunction with creating Gajakesari Yoga.


Gajakesari yoga example horoscope


He killed Mahatma Gandhi when he was in the period of Jupiter – Saturn. In other words, he committed a crime when he was in the Gajakesari yoga period.

Gemini ascendant is rising here with malefic Mars in ascendant while Jupiter and Moon are in conjunction in the 4th house creating Gajakesari Yoga.

For Gemini ascendant Moon is a maraka planet and Jupiter suffers from Kendra Adhipatiya Dosha.

Most important here is the role of Jupiter.

As per Sage Parashar, benefics when own Kendra houses lose their benefic qualities and if afflicted, behave as a malefic. Here Jupiter which already has Kendra Adhipati Dosha is further joined by Maraka Moon.

6th lord Mars which rules over criminal tendencies is also aspecting them via its 4th aspect. To make it worse Rahu is also aspecting Jupiter-Moon from the 12th house. In Navamsha Jupiter is in Aries while Moon is in Pisces and afflicted by Mars again. Jupiter is in Nidhanamsa as per their relative position in D-1 and D-9.

While the Moon and Mars are in Karamamsha as per Rashi Tulya Navamsha.

You can see how Lordship and affliction on Jupiter and Moon turned the results of Gajakesari Yoga completely.

Gajakesari Yoga is also present in the horoscope of Hollywood actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie.

In her chart Cancer, the ascendant is rising where Moon and Jupiter are making a conjunction in the most auspicious house i.e 9th house.

Both Moon and Jupiter are auspicious for Cancer ascendant natives but Jupiter does carry significations of the 6th house also. Mars which is a Yogakaraka planet for Cancer ascendant natives is making Gajakesari Yoga more auspicious.

She is a successful actor and attained wealth and fame in her life. Also, she is known for her philanthropy works and is an ambassador for many kinds of activities.

Gajakesari Yoga is working fully in her case.

Now check her Navamsha you will find that the Moon is Sagittarius and is Shashtamsa as per Rashi Tulya Navamsa.

Jupiter being the 6th lord carries blemish of the 6th house and in her case is aspected by Rahu in D-1 and in D-9 is aspected by Venus and Saturn.

Due to the blemish of Jupiter being the 6th lord and the reasons mentioned above, she underwent a preventive double mastectomy after learning she had an 87% risk of developing breast cancer due to a defective BRCA1 gene.

All this happened in Venus- Mercury-Moon.

In D-9 Venus is aspected by Jupiter while the same Venus is in the ascendant in D-1.

Therefore you have seen how the results of Gajakesari Yoga were different in different circumstances

Every analysis in astrology requires a holistic approach where all factors should be Judged properly.

So when you do a 3D analysis of Gajakesari Yoga, you can find a few counters that are mentioned in astrology scriptures.

1. Jupiter should not be aspected by malefic.
2. Jupiter should not be retrograde.

Though there are only a few counters given about Gajakesari Yoga in our scriptures, still there are many points that need to be considered by every astrologer.

Apart from that, there are some standard rules which should be applied to Gajakesari Yoga.

First of all our sages have mentioned the use of Navamsa in their work exhaustively.

Every yoga of astrology needs to be considered in navamsha for its proper functioning on actual grounds.

The use of Navamsa to check the applicability of yogas seems very practical, how?

In the natal birth chart, all aspects change within two hours due to a change of Ascendant and the minimum stay of a planet in a zodiac is of approx two days which is the moon. Therefore many times Planetary position remains the same for approx two days, in Zodiacs which means, all babies taking birth in those two days will have the same Planetary in Zodiacs, though none of them is living the same life i.e some are born in the King’s family while some in Servants family.

Here comes the role of Nakshatras, navamsha & other Divisional charts.

The moon remains in one Nakshatra for one whole day & changes to another Nakshatra on another day and while doing so the moon travels in 4 padas or quarters of each Nakshatra every day.

Each pada of a Nakshatra corresponds to one Navamsha. Hence each day moon changes to

4 different Navamsha hence affecting the result of Gajakesari or any other Yoga, The same applies to all planets though the speed of each planet through zodiacs or Nakshatras is different, here we will stick to Moon & Jupiter only.

Apart from the retrograde motion of Jupiter & aspects of malefic, the following points need to be considered while judging the strength of Gajakesari Yoga.

  • Moon should not be present in the 6th,8th & 12th house.
  • In navamsha, Moon & Jupiter should not fall in signs that are present in the 6th,8th & 12th house in the main natal birth chart(D-1).
  • Moon should be at least 4 houses away from the Sun.
  • Moon should not be in Kemadruma Yoga.
  • Moon should not be in Scorpio.
  • If Jupiter or Moon is in Pushkar Navamsa or Bhaga then good results of Gajakesari will increase significantly.

Moreover in Navamsa, if Jupiter & Moon are again making Gajakesari Yoga then the result will be more effective.

Since we have seen the basic rules of interpretation of yoga and rule with the example of Gajakesari yoga another important aspect is yet to mention by me.

The role of planets changes from ascendant to Ascendant and ascendant changes within two hours, hence on a particular day when Jupiter & Moon are forming Gajakesari Yoga, the result of it will change from person to person depending upon their Ascendant, in other words, results will change due to the lordship of Moon & Jupiter.

Gajakesari Yoga For All Ascendants

Hence bringing an ascendant factor in it will bring a more dynamic approach to one’s analysis, which is most of the time is not adopted by astrologers while judging Gajakesari, Manglik, Sade Sati, or any other yoga.

For Aries Ascendant

Moon rules over the 4th house & Jupiter rules over the 9th house hence Jupiter is a benefic planet for Aries ascendant. Unafflicted Gajakesari Yoga without any negative counter will give them all the good qualities of Gajakesari Yoga like wealth, health, peace, status, and a good life for the mother. If afflicted then domestic peace will not be there & mother’s health can suffer.

For Taurus Ascendant

Moon rules over the 3rd house & Jupiter rules over the 8th, Gajakesari Yoga formed, even without counters won’t bless them with good effects associated with it. In other situations Gajakesari Yoga with affliction over Jupiter and Moon will result in serious problems in their life because affliction over Jupiter & Moon will disturb their house significations, forcing them to give the bad result of inauspicious 3rd, 8th & 11th house.

For Gemini Ascendant

Moon rules over the 2nd house & Jupiter rules over the 7th & 10 houses. Unafflicted Gajakesari  Yoga will result in good financial gains along with good business opportunities. Though both Jupiter & Moon are maraka here hence it will bring some health issues too.

For Cancer Ascendant

Moon is ascendant lord itself hence a first-rate benefic for them while Jupiter’s lordship is over the 6th & 9th house. Here if Jupiter is weak, its 6th house qualities will be more pronounced and can result in health problems. There will be good effects of it due to Jupiter’s lordship over the 9th house. Here if Gajakesari yoga is unafflicted then it can make them rise very high in their life. If afflicted then it can give shy timid nature, low energy, health issues & debt too.

For Leo ascendant

Moon is lord of the 12th house, hence is not auspicious for them though Jupiter is a benefic planet despite having lordship over the 8th house. For them, unafflicted Gajakesari Yoga can give a good life in foreign countries & lots of traveling for good causes. If afflicted then it can result in problems for children, education & in-laws.

For Virgo Ascendant

 Moon is lord of the 11th house and hence becomes a planet for financial gains, Jupiter is lord 4th & 7th hence an auspicious planet though same time maraka also. If unafflicted Gajakesari Yoga is formed here then the result in good financial gains & happiness to an elder brother, though some health issues will be there. If it is afflicted then problems with the house, domestic happiness, friends & disturbed married life can happen.

For Libra Ascendant

The moon is lord of the 10th house & Jupiter is lord of the 3rd & 6th house hence Jupiter is most malefic for them. Unaffiliated Gajakesari Yoga formed here will result in gain through services, lots of traveling & good position for younger siblings.  If afflicted then it can result in loss of reputation, problems from authority, and health issues to natives & their mothers.

For Scorpio Ascendant

Jupiter is equivalent to Yogakaraka whereas Moon is the 9th lord and a clean Gajakesari Yoga can do wonders for them. All good results mentioned by sages will manifest if both Jupiter and Moon are strong and unafflicted.If afflicted then there can be problems with father and son.

For Sagittarius Ascendant

Moon is lord of the 8th house, which is the most inauspicious house in astrology. Jupiter is ascendant & 4th house lord. Here unafflicted Gajakesari yoga will result in inherited property & sudden financial gain, though some health problems will be there. If afflicted then it will result in severe health issues, lack of domestic peace, loss of property & health problems for the mother.

For Capricorn Ascendant

Moon rules over the 7th house, while Jupiter rules the 3rd & 12th house, hence Jupiter is a malefic planet for Capricorn ascendant. Unafflicted Gajakesari Yoga will result in traveling for a good cause, and business in foreign countries though natives’ & spouses’ health can suffer. If afflicted then it will result in severe marital discord along with problems for younger siblings.

For Aquarius Ascendant

Moon is lord of the 6th house and is a malefic planet, while Jupiter being lord of the 2nd & 11th house is also not completely benefic. Unafflicted Gajakesari Yoga will result in gains from service & success in competitions. If afflicted it can result in severe health issues, problems in the family, loss in finance & debt.

For Pisces ascendant

Moon is lord of the 5th house and is a benefic planet for Pisces. Jupiter being lord of Ascendant & tenth house is a first-rate benefic. Unafflicted Gajakesari Yoga will result in high authority, good status, good finance & all good results associated with Gajakesari Yoga. If afflicted it will result in problems for children, overconfidence, problems in job & health issues.

After considering all these mentioned factors Mahadasha should be checked to see if the time of activation of Gajakesari yoga is present in the chart.

Dasha’s are like the postman who delivers your parcel of good or bad karma.

After going through each part of this write-up I hope readers can see the difference in results of Gajakesari Yoga, it can give bad results also due to the lordship of the Moon & Jupiter in the birth chart.

In the case of Gajakesari Yoga, some good results will always be there because both planets are beneficial in astrology, where the Moon represents the mind while Jupiter represents divine grace. So a person born with this combination is always a noble person to some extent & likes to help others.

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