Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga Explained With Example Horoscopes

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Hindu astrology is full of Yogas where some are bad result givers known as Arista, whereas good yogas are termed as Shuba Yogas.

If  you want to read a good book on astrology yogas, then do read “300 important combinations” by B.V Raman.

You will be amazed yet puzzled after reading all these yogas of astrology and sometimes it’s hard to remember all these yogas. Though astrology software like Jagannatha Hora checks them for you and gives a brief description of these yogas but still to interpret them you will require a habit of finding them on random charts.

Anyways moving on to the current topic of today which is Dharma Karmadhipati yoga.

This word can be translated into a person who is in charge of maintaining work and order which is usually a King’s job.

Where Dharam(religion) comes from the 9th house and Karama(position) comes from the 10th house, “Adhipati” means kind of a ruler. Now we don’t have a system of kings and it’s an open society where whosoever is talented will get an opportunity to excel in life.

Therefore this Dharma Karmadhipati yoga is found in horoscopes of ministers, millionaires, or many other known personalities from various walks of life.

The current best example of this Yoga is Donald Trump who it is forming in his Moon Chart.

How Dharmakarma Adhipati Yoga Forms

Dharma Karmadhipati yoga is formed by the relation of the 9th house and the 10th house.

We all know the 9th house is the most auspicious and is the strongest Trine in a horoscope whereas the Tenth house is the strongest Kendra house in a birth chart.

In short, the two most auspicious house lords are required to form this yoga.

Now you can gauge the power of this yoga by reading the two lines given above.

They can make the planetary relationship in the following given manner.

1.Union of 9th and 10th house lord.

It can happen in any house but the best results are observed when it happens in the 10th house itself.

2. Mutual aspect relationship btw 9th and 10th house lords.

3.An exchange between 9th and 10th house lords.

Out of these three, the strongest results are observed when they are in exchange because here they both will be affecting each other and will bring their energies to each other houses.

Planets involved in this Yoga should be free from planetary affliction and same time one should know the role of planets for each ascendant.

You can not measure which Rajyoga is more powerful in astrology in terms of its results.

There are yogas like Panch Mahapurh Hamsa, Bhadra, Ruchaka yoga,Vepreet Rajyoga, Neechabhanga Rajyoga, or Gaja Kesari Yoga but Dharma Karmadhipati yoga can’t be compared because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

An advanced version of Dharmakarma Adhipati yoga also exists known as Vishnu Yoga which is more powerful and rare than this Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga.

Just like any yoga, it should be checked in the Moon chart and Navamsa also.

Why the moon and navamsha chart I will explain to you in an example chart.


1. Virat Kohli:  In his horoscope where Virgo is rising ascendant and is occupied by 9th lord Venus whereas 10th lord Mercury is placed in the 2nd house in the sign of Libra. It’s an effective Dharma karmadhipati yoga happening with ascendant and 2nd house giving a Dhanyoga also.

virat kohli dharma karma adhipati yoga

In his Horoscope other Rajyoga are also present but they all revolve around Dharma karmadhipati yoga only. It bestowed him with great success, a good wife, and wealth. In future he will be doing a lot of philanthropy work also.

2. Margaret Alva: Former member of Parliament of India is Pisces rising and 9th lord Mars is making a union with 10th lord Jupiter in the 3rd house.

dharma karma adhipati yoga in margret alva horoscope

She have vipreet rajyoga also which is seen in successful politicians and Kaal sarpa yoga added more momentum in her success.

3. Donald Trump: In the Moon chart Donald Trump is Scorpio rising with the Moon in it whereas the 10th lord Sun is placed in the 7th house making a mutual aspect relationship hence generating Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga and he is currently the president of the Most powerful country in the world.

donald trump horoscope

In his natal chart, the placement of Sun and Rahu in the 10th house along with Kaal sarpa yoga made him a successful businessman. But the Dharma karmadhipati yoga through the Moon chart seems to have him success in Politics.

4. Prince George: Currently he is only three years old but was born with a silver spoon. He is a Scorpio ascendant with the Moon and Sun in mutual aspect relationship the same combination is repeating in navamsha. This kid had his  Wikipedia page as soon as he was birth.

george prince horoscope dharma karma adhipati yoga

It shows the birth of a king and though we live in a democracy now the love of Britishers for their Royal family is still on.

The final result of any horoscope should be by holistic approach especially Dasha pattern and affliction should be observed, otherwise, I have seen many yogas including Dharma karmadhipati in horoscopes of normal people where position and power are nil.

Also strength both ashtakvarga and Shadbala should be given importance to lord of 9th house and 10th house, especially ashtakvarga strength of planets.

I guess these examples are enough to make you understand the power of Dharma Karmadhipati yoga but still, I will be adding more charts to it in the future.

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naveen rana

Hello all! My name is Naveen Rana and earlier I worked in shipping industry.
Apart from solving Horoscopes, I hike around mountains and do photography. For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given more information about myself.

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  1. hi..i hv DKY in 8th house in Libra ( Pisces Asc )…does it mean anything or its of no value as its in 8th house ?

  2. Hello,
    I am Aries Ascendent. I am having Saturn and Mercury in 9th house, and Jupiter in 3rd house. No other planet is aspecting these planets.
    Jupiter – 14-53-17 degree
    Saturn- 18-50-24
    Mercury- 03-00-37
    Is this combination and aspect making a DKAY?
    If yes, how to know its strength!

  3. Iam Aries ascendent.lord of 9th and 10th houses Jupiter and Saturn conflict in first house Aries.and aspects by ascendent lord mars.Jupiter in 11 degree and Saturn in 23 degree.I have karmadharmadhipathi yoga?

      1. Other which factors we have to check sir?please tell me.

  4. sir guru and shani both combination in my 11 th house ,is it DHARAM KARAM AADHIPATI YOGA ?

  5. I’m a Scorpio rising sun moon in 11 house Virgo and malfics mercury Venus in 10 Leo. Degrees wise sun moon is 16 degrees variation. Have astavgra points both sun and moon. But from moon chart Virgo moon sign mercury and Venus close conjuction in Leo 12th house good astvarga Bindus and shadbal also. I’m totally confused to know which one is work good. I have an interest about spirituality. I love most lord Shiva. Can u plz enlighten me about this mess. My date of birth is 20-09-1990. Time 10:20am at Andhra Pradesh state city Rajahmundry. ?

    1. Hello Nagendra, just stay positive and stay focused, i was in same condition few years back. I was confused and did not knew how to satisy mu quest to knowledge. But somehow i got my answers and it is a natural process. Best of luck!!1

  6. Hi

    It was very nicly craftef article …… I really enjoyed reading
    I have started reading about this …

    I am Libra Ascendant and my 9th Lord Mercury and 10 Lord Moon in 10 House only there is difference of 3 degree

    also My 10 House has presence of Venus means I have Venus and Mercury + Moon , where Mercury and Venus in same Degree I am running Venus Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha

    also 9 th house contain Saturn Sun and Ketu

    I can see I have DHARMA KARMADHIPATI YOGA”ie 9 house and 10 House YUTI in 10 House
    just wanna check do I really have and will it fructify in Moon dasha and Mercury antar but then it will be too late i will in 60 now I am 44 …

    Birth details : 2/7/1973 : time :13:42 : Mumbai

    1. Ideally Dharma karma adhipati yoga should operate throughout​ life, you don’t need to wait Dasha of specific planets.

      But if other factors are weak like ascendant lord and asthakvarga bindus of involved planets then it will not frutify.

      But still dasha of either 9th or 10th lord will give very good results for all matters of life.

      You said you are running Venus-Saturn Dasha and this Dasha in combination is very mysterious and can result in extreme good or bad.

      How’s your experience in it so far?

      1. Dear Naveen

        FIrst of all Let me Thank you for your quick revert !!!

        as you likely said its Venus-Saturn Dasha and this Dasha in combination is very mysterious

        Yes thats right as Kalidas samhita and Mr. K N Rao too spare whole chapter on it and I too getting whimsical effect which can not be justified with facts and figure and logical mind

        as I studying the KP Astrology from last 10 years also like love to share and exchange thought on this subject with Domain Expert like you

        As I wonder few Facts thats written in ancient Script or classics script

        Libra Ascendant Saturn is Yogkarak then how come Venus Dasha and saturn will be very negative

        as I experience from last 2 Years… still 1 years and 6 months to go ….

        also if Dasha planet and Nakshtra wont aspect or neither karyesh of Labhesh then does that mean it will deny all results

        which is not the case as per my experience

        and as you said Ideally Dharma karma adhipati yoga should operate throughout​ life, you don’t need to wait Dasha of specific planets.

        then where I should look for mile stone of Dharma karma adhipati yoga

        till now i have experience following dasha

        Birth Saturn , Mercury , Ketu , Venus

        I have not experience any Significant difference by having DHARMA KARMADHIPATI YOGA

        do you see any Scope for myself in Creative Field / Artistic field in This remaining Dasha or upcoming Sun Mahadasha

        which was told me by Few Astrologer

  7. Respected sir

            Iam born in scorpio ascendent. My moon is 9th lord but placed  in  my 10th house with sun, sun is  my 10th lord placed in my 10th house.sun and moon conjunction.Because sun is 25degrees and moon 18degress .so in this horoscope dharma karma pathi yoga??
    1. Yes it is Dharma karma adhipati yoga but do check other parameters like strength of involved planets and Dasha sequence also.

  8. I have Kumbha Lagna with Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Lagna. Mars, 10th lord, is retrograde in the 7th. There is mutual aspect between Venus in Lagna and Mars (R) in the 7th. Does this constitute DKPY?

    1. Yes it is DKPY but due to involvement of many planets results will vary.Also mars is retrograde which will lead to delays.

      1. Thanks for the reply. There are texts which state that Retrograde planets are equal to exalted planets in strength. If so, why is retrograde being viewed as a sign of weakness?

        1. Retrograde planets are never sign of weakness but their involvement in any yoga becomes a deal breaker. For example as per sage Parashar, Jupiter should not be retrograde while creating Gajakesari Yoga because it leads to some deviations by Jupiter and any planet in retrograde motion acts from previous house also which means the conditions of certain yoga is not fulfilled.

  9. I have DKPY with 6th and 12th House involved.Pices (Su and Me in Pi) asc, Ju(Rx) in 6th(Le) aspecting Mars(9th lord) in 12th House(Aq) with Venus. Can you say in which area and time this yoga get manifest.Running Ragu MD upto 2022Sep as per Vimsottari.

  10. I always had this question how does DKPY operate and manifest. I have 9th lord Venus (debilitated) conjunct Ketu (Lord of Scorpio according to our tradition) in 8th house. Will the yoga really manifest?

    1. Hello, for DKPY 9th and 10th lord should be connection. Karakas cant make yoga especially here ketu who dont have lordship over any sign hence house.
      Debilation of Venus with ketu however have some negative results related to relationship with women and marriage.

        1. Sorry to hear that, if your seventh house have benfic aspects then chances of remarriage is there.But for second marriage 9th house should be judged. I meanquality of second marriage.

          1. That’s also challenging. I had Sun in 7th in Leo. Jupiter aspecting from Aquarius and Saturn aspecting from Scorpio. But since 9th Lord is debilitated in 8th, that’s a bad signal for 2nd marriage also.

          2. First look into 7th house and its lord if it is connected with benfics then it will give chances of remarriage.
            Same time dasha should be favourable for marriage.

            Or you can do one thing, check your darakaraka the planet with least degrees.Dont include rahu ketu in it.
            Just see if it well placed or not.
            Your 7th lord is in 7th house chances of remarriage is high.

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