Cheater Spouse|Extramarital Affairs| Infidelity In Marriage

Cheater Spouse|Extramarital Affairs| Infidelity In Marriage

How to Judge Extramarital Affairs in Kundli or Infidelity in Vedic Astrology

The heading of my current topic seems to be negative but while going through some news over the internet, I thought to explore planetary aspects which makes one unfaithful in relationships. In the current age of fast and dissatisfied life, chances of getting into affairs are quite high.

We like it or not but its happening at a significant amount, all around you and me.
You can apply these rules to your own horoscope and correct yourself.

But best is not to Judge other person based on few parameters especially if your not expert in this trade of astrology.

We all know Venus and Mars together determine our urges and makes one attracted to other sex.

Here Venus is for male whereas Mars should be considered for females.

Houses wise 7th house is your main house since it shows all about your spouse and when aspected by beneficial planets, and same time 7th lord well placed gives a good spouse who takes care of you very well.
2nd house have a say in moral values and 12th house is related to pleasures.

Let’s go through these parameters one by one.

Planetary Combinations Indicating Extramarital Affairs in Astrology

1. Venus when connected with the 7th house and same time afflicted by Saturn, the person doesn’t give importance to customs and tend to have relationships outside marriage. If mars are also affecting such Venus then the person will have uncontrollable sexual desires.

Here Rahu affliction will lead to scandals.

2. Mars, when afflicted in a female chart, will lead to a husband who will give less attention to wife and would like to flirt with other women.

Here affliction means aspect of malefic like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and placement in houses like 6th,8th or 12th house also makes a planet afflicted. Also, aspect of the lord of 6th,8th, and 12th give afflictions.

3. In a female horoscope, the placement of 7th lord in 9th house is not a good placement. It is Saptni Yoga or Avaklatra Yoga. It makes one husband to look for pleasures outside the marriage.

Such 7th lord in 9th house also gives a tendency to female to have a relationship outside marriage especially when it is afflicted.

4. Venus in Gemini sign also gives an urge to have a relationship outside marriage.

Reason being Gemini is an Air sign ruled by Mercury. Though it makes one very artistic in nature.

5.7th,8th and 9th house from lagna should not be occupied by malefic. Same aspect needs to be considered from Moon and Navamsha chart.

6. Saturn in 7th house in navamsha also results in marital infidelity.

7.2nd house and its lord when afflicted gives a tendency to lie and cheat.

12. Influence of Venus over 12th house or its lords makes one very lusty and Moon and Ascendant is afflicted, it results into multiple partners.

All these steps should be repeated in Navamsha also.

For example purpose, we can see the horoscope of tiger woods.

Here ascendant rising is Virgo and Jupiter is in own sign in 7th house which gave him a doting spouse and their marriage looked really stable and beautiful.

But all got exposed and Tiger Woods came up with multiple sexual relationships outside his marriage and admitted that he is a sex addict.


Here, in his chart, Moon is with sensual planet Venus which is aspected by Mars. Here it shows a man who is fond of bed pleasures and nothing much wrong is seen as per the character.

But when you will look at navamsha things will be clear, here in navamsha Mars and Venus are together in the 8th house and 7th lord Moon is aspected by Saturn.

It made him indulge in secret affairs which ruined his married life and carrier too.

Overall your 7th and 8th house and planet Venus for males and Mars for the female should not be afflicted.

Most importantly even if such combination is present but if Moon is well placed and is under aspect of Jupiter. The outcome will be very less and depending upon dasha may not be there at all.

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