Jupiter Transit Is Important

No Horoscope reading is complete without Jupiter transit analysis. In this article you will see my understanding on it. I can apply that on your Horoscope also.

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Concept Of Jupiter Transit In Astrology

Jupiter is the most benefic planet and its transit has the ability to give good protection again the negativity from running dasha or malefic transits.

It is very important, you learn its working and know how it is applied in astrology.

The movement of Jupiter from one sign to another is called its transit.

Currently Jupiter is transiting in sign of Pisces. Jupiter takes one year to transit through one Zodiac sign and 12 years to complete its transit through all the zodiac signs which is also known as Jupiter's return.

In this article, you will learn all details about Jupiter transit, and the following will be covered in it.

Before going further it is important to know the significance of the planet Jupiter in Astrology.

About Planet Jupiter In Astrology

Planet Jupiter is the most benefic planet in Vedic astrology and its transit is undeniably important. 

Some crucial details of planet Jupiter are mentioned below:

  • Gender: Male
  • Caste: Brahmin.
  • Direction: North East
  • Places: Temple of Brahma, Treasury.
  • and pious.
  • Directional Strength: 1st house.
  • Own Sign: Sagittarius
  • Exaltation Sign: Cancer 5 degree.
  • Debilitation: Capricorn 5 degree.
  • Mooltrikone Sign: Sagittarius 0-10 deg.
  • Friends: Sun, Moon, Mars.
  • Enemies Mercury, Venus.
  • Neutral: Saturn.
  • Aspect: 5th, 7th, 9th.
  • Ruling Day: Thursday.
  • Gem Stone: Yellow Sapphire.
  • Age: middle age, 40 years
  • Dasa period: 16 years in Vimshottari.
  • Motion: 5 min per day.
  • Nakshatra Punarvasu, Visakha, Poorva. Bhadrapad.
  • Karaka: Knowledge. happiness, learning.
  • Metal: Gold.
  • Grain: Gram.
  • Colour: Yellow.
  • Body Constituent: Fat. 
  • Taste: Sweet.
  • Sense: Speech.
  • Herb: Saffron.

Importance Of Jupiter Transit

Planet Jupiter is jeevakarka and is the significator of auspicious events, wealth, positivity, spiritual growth, religion, the birth of children, festivals, gold, etc. Each time Jupiter transit through a sign it directly affects these significations. It is well known that Gold prices fluctuate when Jupiter is about to make a new transit.

In Nadi astrology also Jupiter transit is given huge importance. Without looking at Jupiter's transit it is impossible to make any predictions in Vedic astrology. 

Culturally Jupiter is very important in India, the famous Kumbha Mela depends on the position of Jupiter only. In mythology, Jupiter transit is given a lot of importance. Jupiter transit was tracked by astrologers in King's court and based on that financial decisions were made in those days.

Role Of Jupiter Transit In Major Events 

Planet Jupiter is the significator of auspicious events like marriage, the birth of children, etc. For a woman planet Jupiter becomes more important because it is the significator of Husband.

During its transit planet, Jupiter influences marriage and childbirth directly. In any Horoscope, marriage will happen only when Jupiter in its transit makes a planetary association with either the 7th house or its lord. This can be seen from the Moon chart also.

Without the association of Jupiter with the 7th house, the 7th house lord, the event of marriage can not take place. 

For example, you can open the transit chart of the day when you got married. 

You will notice that planet Jupiter is either influencing your 7th house or its lord.

Note: Account for the retrograde state also, in retrograde transit, planet Jupiter will influence the previous house also.

In the same way, the role of Jupiter transit in childbirth is supreme because Jupiter is the sole karaka of children.

For childbirth to happen, it is a must that Jupiter influence your 5th house or its lord. You need to check this condition from your rising ascendant sign and moon sign. Generally, transit from the rising ascendant sign is more effective. But this rule works equally from the Moon sign.

Let's see the example of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to validate this rule.

Indira Gandhi was born on 19th November 1917.

Jupiter transit role in childbirth

On that day Jupiter was in the sign of Taurus. Now check the Horoscope of Jawaharlal Nehru.

role of Jupiter transit in child birth

He is Cancer rising ascendant and on the day when his daughter Indira Gandhi was born Jupiter was aspecting his 5th house from the sign of Taurus.

So you just saw how the transit of Jupiter controls the birth of children in a Horoscope. In the same way transit Jupiter controls our career and health also.

In fact, any important event in our life can't happen unless Jupiter transit is involved in it.

Now it may seems that, it is easy to understand the transit of Jupiter, but like all things in astrology there are multiple factors involved which affects the final outcome of Jupiter transit.

Factors Which Affects Jupiter Transit Results

There is a standard way to read the transit effects of planets. But for each planet, the different factors come into play.

For planet Jupiter following factors affects its results during its transit.

1. Functional Nature Of Jupiter:  Based on which house planet Jupiter is ruling, the nature of Jupiter becomes malefic or benefic.

This is the most important factor which affects the Jupiter transit.

The intent of planet Jupiter's transit will be decided due to its lordship in a Horoscope.

For example, Jupiter is benefic for the Pisces zodiac sign, and in its transit, planet Jupiter will give good effects on the house it is transiting through. 

2. Jupiter Effects On Zodiac Sign: Like all planets, Jupiter also gives different results in different signs.

For example, in the sign of Cancer planet, Jupiter becomes exalted whereas in the sign of Capricorn Jupiter is debilitated. This factor decides the strength of transit Jupiter. 

Also, transit Jupiter in each different zodiac sign carries the signification of the sign. 

For example, Jupiter transit in Gemini affects concentration, cleverness, sharpness of mind, etc. 

In the same way, each zodiac sign brings its own dynamics to the transit of Jupiter and it is important to know how Jupiter acts in different zodiac signs. 

3. Jupiter Effects Through Houses: Planet Jupiter's natural effects through houses will contribute to its transit effects also.

You will have to see in which house the transit of Jupiter is happening.

For example planet, Jupiter acts very well in the 1st house and the same concept is applied on transit also. 

Another example, is when Jupiter transit in the 3rd house which is considered negative and affects the courage of the native and abilities to take action.

In the same way, each house of transit has its own value and weightage.

The above three steps basically decide most of the outcome of the Jupiter transit in astrology. 

3. Ashtakvarga Score: It is important to bring Ashtakvarga here.

Here, you need to see how many bindus planet Jupiter is getting in the Zodiac sign it is transiting from. 

If more than 4 bindus, then the transit of Jupiter, will give good effects. Otherwise, the effects of Jupiter transit will be bad. 

Also, you need to check how many bindus are in the house where Jupiter is transiting through.

If the total Samduya Ashtakvarga bindus are 28 or more then surely Jupiter transit will be powerful and will give good results. 

When both of the mentioned conditions are fulfilled then the results from the transit will be excellent.

3. Transit Of Other Planets: Transit means the ever-going motion of planets and since Jupiter transit a sign for one year. 

There will be times when other planets will interact with Jupiter and will affect the results of Jupiter's transit.

Especially, the planet Moon will make a planetary relationship with transit Jupiter in the following manner.

  • Union for 2 days.
  • Mutual aspect for 2 days. Trine relationship for 4 days. 
  • Kendra relationship with Jupiter for 4 days.

In the same way other planets i.e Sun, Mercury, Mars & Venus will form a planetary relationship with transit Jupiter.

Each year, out of all planets, the relationship of transit Jupiter with transit Saturn, Rahu & Ketu is most important.

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Results Of Jupiter Transit Through Different Houses

Given below are the transit effects of planet Jupiter through different houses. The effects mentioned below are general in nature and you need to apply factors like the functional nature of Jupiter, the natal position of Jupiter, and the dasha you are in.

First House: The transit of Jupiter in the 1st house is considered very auspicious. It can give you rise in life. From health, and wealth to career, you will see a rise in all areas of your life. You can witness a raise in salary or a promotion. Your seniors will start to see your value and will favor you more than ever. If you are unmarried then Jupiter transit in 1st house can bring marriage and can improve the quality of the marriage. Issues between you and your spouse will start to resolve. There can be the birth of children or your children will see good events in their life. This transit of Jupiter will make you more spiritual and optimistic in life. Your courage will rise and your abilities will rise. The effectiveness and efficiency in solving a problem will become enhanced.

In Second House: The transit of Jupiter in the 2nd house is considered very good.  It can give you a new outlook on life and can enrich your life experiences. The impact of auspicious Jupiter leads to good moral values, wealth, and happiness in the family. There will be an increase in the craving to eat sweet food. This Jupiter transit is very good for your communication skills. It has the ability to bless you with effective and clear communication which can be very helpful in relationship and career.

In Third House: Jupiter's movement through the 3rd house is not considered as good. It can make you meek by nature and lazy to some extent. More daydreaming and fewer actions are the theme of this transit of Jupiter. Frequent traveling, interest in spiritual growth, and the development of a business can be the good effects. But overall the impact of this transit is not much productive. It rather brings stagnation in life.

In Fourth House: The transit of Jupiter through the 4th house has its pros and cons. On the good side, it can give rise to career and wealth. It can also give real estate gains and an increase in luxury. But, it can affect domestic and mental peace. Particularly relationship with Mother and Spouse becomes sour. You may see a gain in body weight and issues like diabetes can affect you during this transition of Jupiter.

In Fifth House: The transit of Jupiter in the 5th house will give good results to you. There will be improved living conditions due to the gain of money. Business or Job, both areas will flourish during this transition. You will become wiser and good quality of time you will be able to spend with your near and dear ones. Jupiter's presence in the 5th house boots the chances of childbirth.  

In Sixth House: Jupiter's movement through the 6th house is not going to be good for you. Sixth house is a malefic house and signifies the following in Vedic astrology:

  1. Health issues.
  2. Enemies.
  3. Debts.
  4. Humiliation.
  5. Injury.

Jupiter becomes weak in this house and its ability to protect its natural signification gets affected.

All of this leads to health issues, problems at the workplace, and unwanted changes in place. All this starts to affect the quality of life and mental peace.

Debts are something that becomes unavoidable and effective decisions should be made to counter these negative effects. 

On the bright side planet, Jupiter can bring an opportunity to go abroad but that will be possible only when another transit of Saturn or Rahu is in favor of this movement abroad.

In Seventh House: The ever auspicious Jupiter can bring wonderful results in this house. The significations of the 7th house gets a boost with this transit of Jupiter over it. 7th house indicates following in Vedic astrology:

  1. Marriage.
  2. Spouse.
  3. Abroad placement.
  4. Business partner.
  5. Maraka.

Jupiter transit here activates the possibilities for getting married. It also brings good times for existing married individuals and also it brings growth to the spouse. The behavior and views become more optimistic and which starts to reflect in your performance and behavior at work and in relationships.

In Eight House: The 8th house is considered a malefic house and it represents longevity, chronic health issues, obstacles, troubles, and in-laws. 

The transit of Jupiter here leads to difficulty over health and you may feel low energy and your ability to perform get affected by it. You may witness the ire of your seniors at the workplace and your ineffective communication can land you in bad books of your boss. It becomes important to pay attention to communication skills during this transition of Jupiter. Your married life can also get affected negatively and spouse behavior may shock and disappoint you. Equation with in-laws changes dramatically and on its own relationship with them becomes weak. It is very important to handle Jupiter's transit in the 8th house through effective communication. Otherwise, you will see all kind of issues in life where the fault won't be yours.

In Ninth House: The transit of Jupiter in 9th house boots its significations which are as follows:

  •  Teacher.
  • Seniors.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Long distance travels.
  • Father.

Jupiter transit here boosts the significance of the 9th house and brings auspicious events like marriage and childbirth. It brings promotion and raise in salary. It makes one undertake pilgrimages and give increased interests in spiritual activities.

In Eleventh House: Jupiter transit through the 11th house is known to bring wealth and success, especially in signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces. It brings growth in career and expansion in wealth. It brings honors, prestige, and fame. It makes one happy and contained in life and blesses the native with marriage and childbirth. Native is seen as a winner and people start to look at him for guidance.

In Twelfth House: The transit of Jupiter through this house has good and negative effects. It can give abroad residence, spiritual growth, peace of mind, and success in the field of literature or cinema. On other hand it can cause useless wanderings and a lack of passion for success. Depending on which sign Jupiter is transiting, the effects will be observed. In signs of Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces the effects can be life-changing. Whereas in Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn the effects are generally bad.

Transit Of Other Planets

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