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3700 INR/60 USD

Get Your Complete Analysis

It is a complete package and is the most demanded request.

In this report, all aspect of your chart will be discussed and a good amount of information will be given like how planets are acting in your Horoscope.

The analysis will be done via methods Parashari, Jaimani, Ashtakvarga and Yogini.

Here all aspect of life will be analyzed and results of probable dasha results will be mentioned.

Your specific questions will also be answered in this report, no matter how many they are.

Overall a complete solution for your Astrology Horoscope.



Detailed Analysis On Your Marriage

In this report, emphasis will be over marriage aspect and following things will be mentioned in this report.

  • Timing Of Marriage.
  • Quality Of Marriage.
  • Nature Of Spouse.
  • Looks Of Spouse.
  • Work Field Of Spouse.

In-laws Description.Depending Upon the combinations in the Horoscope, I will mention the times when good or bad events are likely to happen.

Special focus on the dasha will be given here because, in the end, dasha rules over promotion or setbacks in life.

Overall a complete marriage guide for you.

They say I am a relationship expert.



3000 INR/50 USD

Expert Career Advice

This report will cover everything about your career like Up’s & Down and Why?

Also, depending on the horoscope, I may guide you regarding the career choice.

In this report, your 10th house will be analyzed and special yoga will also be checked, just in case if you are destined to touch the skies ?

Special focus on the dasha will be given here because, in the end, dasha rules over promotion or setbacks in life.

This report is also very good for parents where I can give some hints on their kid’s Career and they can plan it accordingly.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


I use Vimshottari, Jaimini, Yogini, and Ashtakvarga techniques. It is always necessary to use more than one method. Because it allows me to confirm the results obtained during my calculations. For more information, you can check the sample report using the link given below.

Yes, I can put Horoscope images in South Indian style.


It takes 3 to 4 days for written horoscope analysis. In case I need some extra hours, I will notify you accordingly. Here, it is best not to hurry because decoding a horoscope requires a lot of skill and time. I work alone with no assistance and each report is written by me manually, so you can gauge how much effort is required…


Yes, I do need additional details like “marriage date” if you are married or any other life event date which I can use to verify if your birth time is accurate enough to make predictions. Otherwise, I rectify it first and then work on it accordingly.


Yes, there will be a follow-up session where I will clear your doubts and attend questions. Depending on your preference, you can reach me over the phone or via email. I highly emphasis on this things because without this many of your doubts may go unsolved and it is best to clear them so that you can enjoy the benefits of astrology consultation.


You can do either direct bank deposit on my bank address, you can use the Payment Gateway, you can use BHIM app and even Paytm also works for me. If you live outside of India then you can use Paypal, Western Union, services like Ria or Anyways, once we get going, we will discuss the option available to us.


Yes I do help with the remedies like how to perform them and execute them.