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Full Horoscope Analysis In Written Format

A Complete Guide For Your Future

Price 3800 INR/60 USD

1. It is a comprehensive package and is highly sought after.

2. This report covers all aspects of your chart, providing detailed information on how the planets are influencing your horoscope.

3. A sample report is provided at the beginning for your reference.

4. The analysis will be conducted using methods such as Parashari, Jaimani, Ashtakvarga, and Yogini.

5. All areas of life will be analyzed, and the potential results of various dasha periods will be mentioned.

6. Your specific questions will be addressed in this report, regardless of how many you have.

7. Overall, it offers a complete solution for your astrology horoscope.

8. A sample report is included to demonstrate the format and approach used in creating reports, and this same approach will be taken in the "Marriage" and "Career" reports as well.

Marriage Analysis In Written Format

Guide On Marital Aspect

Price 2500 INR/40 USD

1. This report focuses on the aspect of marriage, and it includes the following details:

- Timing of Marriage: The report will provide insights into the likely timing of your marriage based on your horoscope.

- Quality of Marriage: The report will analyze the overall quality of your marriage, taking into account various factors in your horoscope.

- Nature of Spouse: The report will discuss the characteristics and traits of your potential spouse based on the analysis of your horoscope.

- Looks of Spouse: The report will provide information about the physical appearance and features of your future spouse.

- Work Field of Spouse: The report will explore the probable profession or work field of your spouse based on astrological indicators.

- In-Laws Details: The report will shed light on the relationship with your in-laws and provide insights into their nature and influence.

2. Depending on the combinations in your horoscope, the report will mention the periods when favorable or challenging events related to your marriage are likely to occur.

3. If you are experiencing issues in your marriage, you can utilize this report. In such cases, both horoscopes will be analyzed to understand the underlying reasons for the problems and provide possible solutions to address them.

Phone Consultation

Price 2100 INR/35 USD

1. This service is available for emergency cases that require same-day consultation.

2. Please email me at with your details and questions.

3. The consultation call will last for 1 hour, during which you can ask questions regarding all areas of your life.

Consultation Over Skype

Price 5100 INR/70 USD

1. This service is available for emergency cases that require same-day consultation.

2. Please email me at with your details and questions.

3. The consultation call will last for 1.5 hours, during which you can ask questions regarding all areas of your life.

4. The consultation will be conducted over a video call, which is the best form of consultation considering physical visits may not be possible for everyone.

5. For payment options, please reach out to me via email.

Career Analysis In Written Format

A Complete Focus On Career

Price 3000 INR/50 USD

1. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of your career, including the ups and downs and the reasons behind them. Additionally, based on your horoscope, I may offer guidance regarding career choices.

2. The report will specifically analyze your 10th house and examine any special yogas that may indicate the potential for reaching great heights in your career.

3. Special attention will be given to the dasha (planetary periods) in this report, as they play a significant role in determining promotions or setbacks in life.

4. This report is also beneficial for parents as I can provide insights into their child's career prospects, allowing them to plan accordingly.

Sade Sati Guide In Written Format

Focus On Your Sade Sati

Price 2000INR/30 USD

1. This is an excellent choice for individuals with Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Aquarius signs who are currently going through their Sade Sati period.

2. You can ask an unlimited number of questions related to your Sade Sati experience, and I will provide detailed answers and insights.

3. Once you receive the report, you will have the opportunity to ask additional questions and engage in a telephonic conversation with me for further clarification and guidance.

4. To learn more about Sade Sati and my approach to analyzing and interpreting its effects, you can click on the link provided below. The link will provide you with comprehensive information about Sade Sati and my specialized methods of analysis.

Astrology Classes


Whenever someone tries to learn astrology, they often seek help from the internet to find articles and lessons available there.

Every day, I receive dozens of emails from people stating how they have benefited from my articles.

While this method can be helpful, it also has its flaws and limitations.

Many of you are already aware of this, and that's why some of you prefer to learn astrology through actual interaction with a teacher.

There are several benefits to this approach, the most important being that you receive the full attention of the teacher and can learn more than what is written in astrology blogs.

I always strive to provide maximum information through my articles, but sometimes I have to skip certain parts due to factors like Google ranking.

Yes, this is a truth that one should know.

Just like any other astrology teacher out there, I also want to share the knowledge I have gained over time.

For the past few years, I have been conducting astrology classes and have trained many students from various backgrounds.

It has been an enjoyable journey where I have had the opportunity to interact with individuals from different walks of life.

Many of them have become good friends, and we frequently engage in discussions.

I have interacted with people from almost every professional sector, including engineers, homemakers, and government employees. Such classes provide an opportunity to learn from different perspectives.

In my years of teaching, I have encountered naturally talented individuals who sometimes surpassed me in terms of astrological abilities. This keeps my enthusiasm high with every new batch because I know that by the end of the course, I will have reached a better level than before.

Overall, I consider myself blessed to be able to do this in my life, and I am looking forward to continuing this journey.

How is it done?

The process is quite simple. Each batch typically consists of four people, and we interact through Skype for the majority of the time.

Each class has a duration of two hours, and we meet twice a week for four months.

I strive to keep the classes simple yet informative, and I am open to suggestions.

Astrology cannot be fully mastered, as each individual's brain works differently. The same astrology rule can be interpreted and executed in various ways based on an individual's analytical abilities.

This is the essence of my classes: I never impose myself and I listen carefully to each student. My role is to guide individuals towards classical astrology, where the correct application of rules is of utmost importance.

You may be wondering what happens after the course finishes.

I assure you that you can always interact with me for any doubts or as a teacher. I will do my best to guide you whenever you need assistance.

What to expect?

My specially designed course material covers every aspect of astrology, with a heavy focus on the Parashari method.

Other methods such as Jaimini and Yogini astrology are also discussed frequently.

However, I don't want to give you false expectations. Learning astrology requires years of practice, and a course of 1 or 2 months will not make you an expert. It can provide you with a starting point and a clear path to continue your learning journey until you become proficient.

As mentioned earlier, I will remain associated with you throughout your learning phase, even after your batch has finished.

Fulfilling your special requirements

It's worth mentioning that many of my students in the past had special requirements.

For example, Mr. Ramesh Gupta wanted to extend the relationship astrology lessons, and since his batchmates didn't have the same request, I provided Mr. Mahesh with extra classes for one hour separately.

Similarly, Miss Alka wanted to attend the classes alone, and we arranged that easily. Today, she has achieved great success.

So, if you have any specific requirements, I will do my best to fulfill them.

Your preferred language

Approximately 30% of my students are from English-speaking countries, and I understand that I can't teach them in Hindi, as I do with Hindi-speaking candidates.

To overcome this difficulty, I keep my English-speaking students separate from the Hindi-speaking ones.

Even in India, people from certain parts like South and East prefer English over Hindi.

So, I believe this eliminates any doubts you may have regarding the language barrier.

Fees for my astrology classes

I have kept the fees as low as possible. For a two-month course, the fee is only 20,000 INR, which is approximately 300 USD.

I hope this answers most of your basic questions. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to email me at



1. What Methods You Use?

I use Vimshottari,Jaimini & Yogini dasha mainly. Apart from this my analysis includes hints from Nadi, Ashtakvarga and other methods. I use all these methods so that I can confirm the outcome which is visible from one method.

2. How Many Questions I Can Ask In A Single Report?

You can ask as many as you can, and I encourage people to do that. 

3. Will There Will Be Any Follow Up Session?  Do You Assist In Remedies?

Yes, there will be a follow up session and you can either Email me or we can do it over phone call.

Yes I Do Assist In Remedies And I Will Guide You On How To Perform Them So That You Get The Effects.

4. When Will Be Report Delivered And How?

I Need 3-4 Days To Complete The Analysis, And I Write Them, Which Goes Around 50-60 Pages Sometimes Beyond That. So I Always Need Time To Make Sure There Are No Error In It. Report Is Sent Via Email.

5. Do You Do Phone Consultation?

Yes I do, and usually call goes over 1 Hour and you can mention for Phone consultation when you send me a Email.

6. How Can I Order And Pay You For The Report?

You can Email me on or Whatsapp me on +918979776701.

7. I Would Like To Talk With You Before I Order My Report?

Sure You Can And My Phone Number Is 8979776701 And We Can Talk And Discuss Before We Go Ahead With Your Horoscope.