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  • Email me on [email protected]
  • Or Message On WhatsApp +918979776701.
  • A complete in depth Horoscope analysis will be done for you.
  • Any amount of questions will be answered in it.
  • Unlike others I don't send generic report.
  • You will get proper explanations on why & what is happening in your Horoscope.
  • After the report you can ask me more questions.
  • Lifetime services will be given for free.
  • You can read and buy the plans given below or can message me using the form.

Process of getting consultation

Step 1

Send me a message on [email protected] or WhatsApp on 8979776701 containing your date, time and place of birth. You can send me list of questions also which you have. I may ask for additional details for birth time correction.

Step 2

I will start working on your report and depending on the work involved I will inform you th time of delivery.

Step 3

Once I send your report you can send me questions and doubts over email or can call me on 8979776701.

Above sample report will show you how your report will look like.


If your requirements doesn't fall in the plans mentioned above, then you can email me on [email protected]

How To Pay


Users From India

If you live in India or have Indian bank account then you can pay via following means:

1. Direct bank transfer.

2. Google Pay or any other UPI.

3. Payment link given under plans.


Users From Abroad

You can use PayPal for this and my id is [email protected]

Available Astrology Services

Full Horoscope Analysis

A Complete Guide On Your Future

Price 3500 INR/50 USD

1. It is a complete package and is the most demanded request.

2. In this report, all aspect of your chart will be discussed and a good amount of information will be given like how planets are acting in your Horoscope.

3. Sample report is given below.  

4. The analysis will be done via methods Parashari, Jaimani, Ashtakvarga and Yogini.

5. Here all aspect of life will be analyzed and results of probable dasha results will be mentioned.

6. Your specific questions will also be answered in this report, no matter how many they are.

7. Overall a complete solution for your Astrology Horoscope.

8. There is a sample report given here which will show you how I make reports and this one exactly shows how your "Full Analysis" will be, similar approach will be adopted in "Marriage" and "Career" report.

Career Analysis

A Complete Focus On Career

Price 3000 INR/45 USD

1.This report will cover everything about your career like Up’s & Down and Why?Also, depending on the horoscope, I may guide you regarding the career choice.

2.In this report, your 10th house will be analyzed and special yoga will also be checked, just in case if you are destined to touch the skies ?

3.Special focus on the dasha will be given here because, in the end, dasha rules over promotion or setbacks in life.

4.This report is also very good for parents where I can give some hints on their kid’s Career and they can plan it accordingly.

Marriage Analysis

Guide On Marital Aspect

Price 2500 INR/40 USD

1.In this report, emphasis will be over marriage aspect and following things will be mentioned in this report.

Timing Of Marriage.

Quality Of Marriage.

Nature Of Spouse.

Looks Of Spouse.

Work Field Of Spouse.

In Laws Details.

2.Depending Upon the combinations in the Horoscope, I will mention the times when good or bad events are likely to happen.

3.You can use this report if marital issues are happening with you. In such case both of the Horoscope will be analysed to see why issues are happening in marriage and what are possible solutions for it.

Sade Sati Guide

Focus on current Sade Sati 

Price 1500INR/30 USD

1. This is a good option for Capricorn, Sagittarius and  Aquarius sign people who are in their Sade Sati .

2. You can ask unlimited questions and i will answer them in detail.

3. After the report you can ask more questions and can have a telephonic conversation with me.

4. You can use the link below to learn more about Sade Sati and my ways of looking into them.

Phone Consultation

Price 2000 INR/30 USD

1. You can book this service for emergency cases where same day consultation is required.

2. Email me on [email protected] containing your details and Questions.

3. Call will be of 1 hour and you can ask questions on all areas of your life.

Astrology Classes

Limited Spots Available




1. What Methods You Use?

I use Vimshottari,Jaimini & Yogini dasha mainly. Apart from this my analysis includes hints from Nadi, Ashtakvarga and other methods. I use all these methods so that I can confirm the outcome which is visible from one method.

2. How Many Questions I Can Ask In A Single Report?

You can ask as many as you can, and I encourage people to do that. 

3. Will There Will Be Any Follow Up Session?  Do You Assist In Remedies?

Yes, there will be a follow up session and you can either Email me or we can do it over phone call.

Yes I Do Assist In Remedies And I Will Guide You On How To Perform Them So That You Get The Effects.

4. When Will Be Report Delivered And How?

I Need 3-4 Days To Complete The Analysis, And I Write Them, Which Goes Around 50-60 Pages Sometimes Beyond That. So I Always Need Time To Make Sure There Are No Error In It. Report Is Sent Via Email.

5. Do You Do Phone Consultation?

Yes I do, and usually call goes over 1 Hour and you can mention for Phone consultation when you send me a Email.

6. How Can I Order And Pay You For The Report?

You can Email me on [email protected] or Whatsapp me on +918979776701.

7. I Would Like To Talk With You Before I Order My Report?

Sure You Can And My Phone Number Is 8979776701 And We Can Talk And Discuss Before We Go Ahead With Your Horoscope.

Astrology is never wrong, it is the Astrologer who makes mistakes

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