Vishnu Yoga

Vishnu Yoga

Continuing with my series of Hindu astrology yoga, today I am trying to shed some light on Vishnu Yoga after this I will cover Shiva and Brahma Yoga.

Finding yoga in a birth chart is a fun way to learn astrology and should be done by a serious learner of astrology.

There is always something new to find in astrology and giving thoughts to these yoga’s always helps to increase the understanding of astrology.

As we all know Lord Vishnu is one of the trinity and is the caretaker of mankind as per our Hindu religion.

Whenever the proportion of sin exceeds the goodness he takes incarnation to balance things out.

Lord Krishna is one of the most popular examples of one of his incarnations.

This shows the significations of this Yoga.

Definition- When the lord of Navamsa in which the 9th lord of D-1 is placed, and the l0th lord of D-1 makes a union in the 2nd house of D-1 in conjunction with the 9th lord of D-1 then Vishnu Yoga is caused.

Here as you can see the requirement is the union of 3 planets. Where the first planet should be navamsha lord of 9th house, the second planet should be 9th house lord and the third planet should be the 10th house lord.

In other words, it’s a Dharma Karma Adhipati Yoga in the 2nd house along with the auspicious union of Navamsha lord of the 9th house.

The presence of navamsha lord of the 9th house enhances the results of dharma karma adhipati yoga to multiple times.

As I have always said before Dharma Karama Adhipati Yoga is the biggest and simplest Rajyoga one can have, especially in the age of Kaliyuga.

Results-The following results will be observed if Vishnu Yoga is found in a horoscope.

1. The person will live his life with all kinds of enjoyment.

2. Will travel to many countries and will be honored in each of them.

3. Will earn a huge amount of wealth.

4. Will have a good sense of humor.

5. Will be a good speaker.

6. Will be a devotee of Lord Vishnu.

7. He will have a healthy body and will live for a full 100 years.

Observation.- Due to its very special alignment requirements, Vishnu Yoga is a rare yoga and the author has seen only a few horoscopes with Vishnu Yoga.

Let me remind you of the golden rule of a rarity here which is “the rare the combination is, the higher will be the chances that it will deliver the desired results”

Unlike yogas like Gajakesari or Chandra Mangala which are very common to find but work only after qualifying various parameters. This Vishnu Yoga when happens gives its desired results without much fuss.

Though, still, the following parameters must be observed before giving declarations.

1. Vishnu Yoga, when formed by functional benefic, will give full results to natives.

The above paragraph can be explained like this.

The placement of planets in the second house is the main requirement for Vishnu Yoga.

The second house is a wealth house and all house lords except the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are welcomed here.

Naturally, the 9th lord placement in the 9th house is a good wealth placement, and along with the 10th house means it’s a “Dharma Karama Adhipati Yoga” in the 2nd house.

Its results will be better and without much struggle if formed by function benefics.

Here navamsha lord of the 9th house should be a functional benefic

Otherwise, its results will be compromised, imagine navamsha lord of the 9th house is the 8th house lord of D-1.

In this situation, there will be delays and reductions in the results of Vishnu Yoga.

2. Planets involved here must have required Shadbala strength.

If planets involved here are weak in navamsha by signs or house position then again results will be compromised.

3.  There should be a minimum of four or more benfic asthvarga points to these planets.

4.  The second house should have a minimum of 28 points so that the full results of Vishnu Yoga can manifest.

To make this post more engaging I will give an interesting example of Vishnu Yoga and it is none other than Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli horoscope analysis read here

He is Virgo rising where the 9th and 10th lord are in sign exchange creating a strong Dharma Karama Adhipati Yoga.

Here note that his planets are exceptionally strong as per Ashtakvarga calculations and his whole horoscope analysis can be read here.

Virat Kohli Horoscope

His 9th lord is Venus and is placed in sign of Taurus in Navamsha which means Venus is lord of Navamsha again.

Navamsha Virat Kohli

Coming back to his D-1 you can see Venus and Mercury are in mutual exchange in 1st and 2nd houses where Venus is acting on his second house due to exchange hence creating Vishnu Yoga in his horoscope.

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