Following article on Horoscope of Virat Kohli is based on rules of Parashara, Jaimini and Ashtakvarga Astrology. There is no article anywhere on his Horoscope as done by me here.

I did this horoscope back in December 2015, all predictions have come true so far and Virat Kohli is on the rise as indicated by his Dashas and Transits.

Virat Kohli the skipper of Indian test team was born when Virgo Ascendant was rising along with vargottama navamsa. Virat is known for his fearless attitude & deep passion for the game of Cricket.

There were many instances in the past where his passion, aggression, commitment to the game got the attention of many cricketing greats.

His Horoscope is very good for learning tradition concept of astrology.

His stature in cricket got a pickup in Rahu mahadasha which started from 2011 & in Rahu-Rahu he created many records and established himself as one of the greats if one-day internationals.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Same as Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar Rahu Mahadasha made his career in cricket. [/pullquote]

Virat Kohli Horoscope
Natal Chart
Navamsha Virat Kohli
Ashtak Varga Calculation For Virat Kohli Horoscope

Features Of Virat Kohli Horoscope

Planetary exchange which is the strongest mode of planetary association between two planets is present in his horoscope i.e between 1st house lord Mercury & 2nd house lord Venus which resulted in self-made man, same time Venus and Mercury rule over his 9th & 10th  house.

The exchange between 9th and 10th resulted into Dharmakarmadhipati yoga, it is a grand Rajyoga where the strongest Trine 9th & strongest Kendra 10th is involved, this yoga resulted in his great success in his career.

Same time looking through Jaimini we will find following Jaimini Raj Yoga in his chart.

1.The aspect between Atma karaka Moon & Amatya Karaka Sun, same is repeated in navamsha chart too.

2.The aspect between Atma karaka Moon & Dara karaka Mercury.

3.Union of Amatya Karaka Sun & Dara karaka Mercury.

4.The aspect between 5th lord. Saturn & Putra karaka Mars.

5.As per Ashtakvarga, his planets are extremely capable of giving him great results.

Planet Sun, Moon, Mars & Jupiter have 5 benefic dots in its Ashtakvarga while planet Mercury & Venus have 6 benefic dots.

6.Virat Kohli has a very special yoga in his chart called Vishnu Yoga.

Career In Sports Via Astrology

His Horoscope has great alignment of planets for success in Sports.

As per BPHS your 3rd house rules over your efforts, strength & activities. The 6th house rules over battles, victory over enemies and in sports you have to defeat your enemies and thus your 3rd & 6th should be strong and there should be a planetary connection to each other along with a strong ascendant. Planet Mars, Mercury & Rahu should be associated with them in a positive manner.

In his chart, his 3rd lord is Mars which is in Kendra house 7th under the auspicious aspect of Venus and is in mutual Kendra to 5th & 6th lord Saturn.

This Mars give him strength, passion, courage for success in sports.

His 6th lord Saturn is in 4th house aspecting own house 6th and Ascendant, same Saturn is in mutual Kendra with auspicious Venus and 3rd lord Mars. Rahu in 6th house is adding more energy to his 6th house.

In d-10 Rahu is again in 6th house under the aspect of Exalted Mars & Saturn from Capricorn.

Therefore we can see how strong & active is his 3rd and 6th house and how these placements made him a great Cricketer in a very short span of time.His style of cricket, temperament, passion & zeal is the result of these Planetary placements.



Virat Kohli Life Events As Per Astrology

Mars-Mars-2004: He got selected in Under-17 Cricket team of Delhi.He was in Char Dasha of Libra-Aries at that time.Libra have his Amatya karaka & Aries is 7th from his Amatya karaka, Atma karaka is 5th from Aries.It was his baby step towards greatness.

Mars-Jupiter- Till Oct 2006: He got selected in List-A cricket against services.

Mars-Saturn-Oct 2006: He got selected in U-19 squad of Delhi. Saturn aspect on 10th house made this possible.

During the same period of Saturn just one month after his selection in U-19 squad his father died.Saturn aspect on 10th & 9th lord caused this.In D-12 same Saturn is in 8th house along with Ketu.While in d-9 Saturn is in 9th house and is 6th from his position of natal chart.

As per Jaimini, he was in Libra-Gemini and MK Jupiter is 12th from it same time Gnatikaraka is aspecting 10th house.

Mars-Mercury-2008: India won U-19 world cup under his Captainship and the same year he made his debut for Indian cricket team.

Here antardasha lord Mercury is 10th house lord in Natal chart & is in exchange with 9th lord Venus. Thus activating Dharmakarma adhipati yoga.

As per Jaimini he was in Libra-Leo Char Dasha where Leo is holding his Atmakaraka and is involved in Jamini Raj Yoga with Amatya Karaka Sun and Darakaraka Mercury.

Mars-Venus-2010: Due to the absence of Sachin Tendulkar for the tri-nation ODI tournament in Bangladesh in January 2010 which enabled Kohli to play in each of India’s five matches.

He became only the third Indian batsman to score two ODI centuries before their 22nd birthday, after Tendulkar and Suresh Raina. Kohli was much praised for his performances during the series in particular by the Indian captain Dhoni.

Note position of Antardasha lord Venus in 8th house of D-10 and this gave him a sudden opportunity to play consecutive matches in absence of Sachin Tendulkar.

During the same period, he became the fastest Indian to reach 1000 runs in one day game.Here Venus being involved in raj yoga with mercury and its mutual placement to Saturn & Mars made this possible.

Same time as per Jaimini he was in Libra-Libra Char Dasha where Libra is holding his Amatya Karaka Sun along with Darakarka Mercury & is involved in Jaimini Raj yoga with Atmakarka Moon in Leo.

This period made him a permanent fixture in the Indian team.

Overall Mars Mahadasha proved good for his career but it was not good for his family and personal life and he lost his father in that period and his family business went into big loss. Mars is first rate malefic for Virgo Ascendant and here one should remember that no prediction can be made without knowing ROLE OF PLANETS FOR EACH ASCENDANT.

Rise through the Ranks in Rahu Mahadasha:
His Rahu mahadasha started from May of 2011 and during Rahu Antar Dasha till Feb 2014 he made numerous records and got many accolades.

Icc ODI Player of the Year for 2012.
ICC World ODI XI: 2012, 2014.
BCCI’s Polly Umrigar Award for international cricketer of the year: 2011–12.
Ceat International Cricketer of the Year: 2011–12, 2013–14.
People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Sportsperson of the Year: 2012.
Arjuna Award: 2013vice-captain

He became of team India. He played many match winning innings in that period and did so well enough that many started calling him all time great of one day cricket.

As already mentioned in the beginning of the article how well his Rahu & its depositor Saturn is connected with the 6th house of competition.

Out of his total 22 centuries he made, 13 came in that period only and he cemented his place in Test team too, the same period made the foundation for test Captainship for him. As per Jamini, he entered into Scorpio Char dahsa with consecutive Antar Dasha’s of Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer & Gemini and all proved great for his career in cricket.

Antar Dasha of Jupiter: His Jupiter Antar Dasha started from Feb 2014 and there was change observed in his game, he wasn’t playing with same aggression but started playing more maturely.

During the change of Saturn transit in Scorpio, he went through a lean patch where he didn’t score much.Same happened when Saturn became retro in 2015.

He was in Char Dasha of Taurus and his Amatya karaka is 6th from it.He scored only 3 centuries in that period.This includes his below par performance in World Cup.

Now in current Antar Dasha of Jupiter with Jupiter transit in Leo and Saturn transit in Scorpio, Parallel Char Dasha of Aries till Feb of 2016 will prove good for his personal performance. His influence in Indian Cricket will increase.

After that period in light of Parashari Dasha of Saturn in Rahu, Parallel Char Dasha of Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius will prove glorious to him and next t-20 world cup is coming in that time period only.

After then IPL is starting and his performance will be great due to supportive dashas and transits. So we can expect a wonderful career ahead where he will establish himself as one of the all-time greats.

**Prediction of him doing good in T-20 & IPL came true**

The reason as explained after doing parallel analysis by Parashari and Jamini following things were observed.During world cup, he was going through Rahu-Jup-Rahu.

1.During world cup, he was going through Rahu-Jup-Rahu.

2.As explained Rahu is in 6th house of competitions and is aspected by its disposition Saturn from 4th house.

3.Transit Saturn was retrograde in 3rd house of valor.

4.Transit Jupiter was retrograde in 12th house aspecting 6th house making it more strong.

 Predictions For Virat Kohli Horoscope In 2018

Year 2018, seems to be challenging for Virat Kohli, from April 2018 to September 2018 there are chances of bad health to his mother and there will be some kind of controversy and his decisions will not be praised much.

Performance in IPL will be average and he may not be able to reach his full potential during IPL 2018.

Regarding winning matches and his personal performance, I think there will be a dip in April, May, June, July, August, and September.

From September onwards there will be steady growth and definitely, when Jupiter goes to his 3rd house in the sign of Scorpio there will be all-round success for him.

Now since he is married, we can add few lines of his relationship.

See Saturn is in his 4th house now and is aspecting his 7th house and malefic Mars is in 7th house. So there are chances that his relationship will suffer because of this and he may hear news here and there regarding this.

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