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Parivartan Yoga- In Depth Guide & Review With Example Horoscope

Parivartan Yoga in astrology

Parivartan Yoga as the name suggests occurs when lords of two houses are placed in each other houses. For example, in a horoscope placement of planet Mercury in Libra and planet, Venus placement in Gemini will be considered as Parivartan Yoga between Venus and Mercury. Technically it is one of the planetary relations which planets make with each other but still in

Technically it is one of the planetary relations which planets make with each other but still in B.P.H.S the greatest astrology work ever, have a separate mention of Parivartan Yoga.

Parivartan Yoga is the strongest connection between two planets where their natural and house rulership significations bring a certain outcome.

DiferentTypes Of Parivartan Yoga & Their Effects

There are three ways to recognize Parivartan Yoga and their effects are solely based on how and where it is forming:

  1. Based on functional nature of planets.
  2. Based on natural nature of planets.
  3. Based on nakshatras which is also known as nakshatra or sookshma parivartan yoga.

Parivartan Yoga based on functional nature of planets: Here, an emphasis is given on functional nature of planets which tend to change from ascendant to ascendant. They are the most important parivartan yoga and are classified into three types:

  1. Maha Parivartan Yoga.
  2. Khala Parivartan Yoga.
  3. Daniya Parivartan Yoga.

To identify a  Parivartan Yoga knowledge on the role of planets for various ascendants is very necessary.


This is an auspicious Parivartan Yoga where lords of Kendra houses i.e 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th makes an exchange between with lord of 5th, 9th, 2nd or 11th houses. If you know about the theory of Rajyoga then you know what happens when Kendra and Trine’s houses make a relationship with each other. Such relation of planets results in Rajyoga which is capable of bringing amazing results in natives life.

Mahparivartan Yoga between 2nd and 11th house will create a strong DHAN YOGA . Same way Mahaparivartan Yoga between 9th and 10th house will create a grand Rajyoga known as Dharmakarma adhipati yoga. But due to exchange here results of these Dhanyoga and Rajyoga will be more effective than the formation of these yoga via union or mutual aspect.

This is why Mahaparivartan Yoga is considered as auspicious in Vedic astrology. 

Following examples horoscope can easily make you understand the magnitude of auspicious effects of Maha Parivartan Yoga.

Example No.1- Michael Douglas, in his horoscope there is a Parivartan Yoga between 10th and 11th house, giving him worldwide recognition.

Parivartan Yoga example horoscope.


Example No.2-Rajesh Khanna the first superstar of India and was known for immense popularity. Two top most natural benefic Jupiter and Venus are in Parivartan Yoga.


Rajesh Khanna Horoscope.

Example No.3- Julia Roberts, the Hollywood actress who is known for great acting and her interest in Hinduism also she has a strong Neechabhanga Rajyoga in her horoscope. In her Horoscope planet, Sun and Venus are in Parivartan Yoga.



Example No.4- Mao Zedong was a Chinese communist revolutionary and founding father of the People Republic of China, apart from Parivartan yoga between Venus and Saturn he has Sasa Yoga.

Parivartan Yoga example horoscope


Example No.5- Richard Nixon has Parivartan Yoga between 7th and the 10th house which is a traditional raja yoga but due to exchange, the results were magnified

Parivartan Yoga example horoscope.

Richard Nixon Horoscope

With these examples of  Maha Parivartan Yoga, you will realize that, its power to bring authority and recognition in life.


Khala yoga is formed when 3rd lord makes an exchange with the lord of any of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th lord. Khala actually means wicked and this yoga is said to bring some kind of wickedness to the native. Though the word wickedness is used here but if we look into the deep meaning of this yoga, you will find that this yoga can lead to success also. Here, wickedness can be related to passion also,but in the current world, Khala Yoga can be a blessing especially for business people, sportsman, and politician. It makes a person to do things which might not liked by others. They can be a trend setter if good Rajyoga is forming in the horoscope.

Here, 3rd house is the pillar for Khala Yoga and 3rd house in the horoscope is most important when it comes to excelling in your professional field.

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