Saturn is a major planet and without its analysis we can not make any predictions in astrology. You saw how I approach astrology principals and I can do the same for your Horoscope.

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Saturn Transit 2020 :Effects & Predictions [Ascendant Wise]

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Saturn Transit 2020: Vedic Astrology Predictions

Saturn is the slowest planet among all and out of all major planetary transits happening right now, Saturn transit 2019 through Sagittarius sign is the most important one.

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is considered as the lawmaker and punisher who judges our actions.

After a long stay in Scorpio, Saturn in its transit went into Sagittarius Zodiac on 26th of October 2017 and different kind of events happened with that.

For example, with Saturn transit into Sagittarius sign following major changes happened in Astrology:

  1.  Sade Sati for Libra Moon Sign ended.
  2.  Scorpio Moon Sign reached the last phase.
  3. Whereas Sagittarius Moon Sign entered the second phase of it.
  4. While Capricorn Moon Sign started the first phase of Sade Sati.

During the year 2019, results of Saturn transit will be different from the previous years because of the fact that Saturn navamsha position will change within the Sagittarius sign.

Saturn transit is very important and along with the Transit of Jupiter, together they trigger events in our life as promised by dashes and is known as Double Transit Of Saturn-Jupiter. 

Same time you can look at the results of other major transits because all of them will affect you in some way and are interrelated with each other.

Using standard rules of Vedic Astrology we can easily find out how this Saturn transit is going to affect us and what special situations it is going bring for natives of each ascendant.

Saturn Transit 2019 Dates During Its Transit In Sagittarius

You need to understand this carefully because in a long transit of Saturn a lot of movement happens especially its retrograde motion.

You can follow the infographics given below.


saturn transit dates


Or Simply use this link.

During its transit in the sign of Sagittarius, Saturn will become retrograde on April 30th, 2019 (Wednesday) at 07:10 and resumed its Progressive motion On September 06, 2019 (Thursday) at 17:02.

During March this year planet Ketu will be joining Saturn and they will stay together until Saturn moves out to Capricorn sign in Jan 2020.

Same way during 2020, Saturn will become Retrograde On May 11, 2020 (Monday) at 09:10 and will become Progressive On September 29, 2020 (Tuesday) at 10:24.

Consultation Here Through Analysis Will Be Done For You

How To Judge Effects Of Saturn Transit 2019 In Any Horoscope

Just like any other planet, Saturn also changes its role for different ascendant.

For example, Saturn is malefic for Aries ascendant whereas Saturn is benefic for Tauras ascendant.

Due to this change of Saturn’s role for different ascendants, its transit predictions also tend to produce different results for different ascendants.

I have written a complete guide on how to read transits and you can refer it to understand it better.

Therefore final predictions for Saturn transit 2019 will depend on the following factors:

  1. Saturn tends to produce auspicious results for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius ascendants.
  2. Whereas Saturn produces inauspicious results for Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant.
  3. We should also keep an important point in mind that naturally, Saturn produces good results in 3rd, 6th, and 11th house.
  4. Saturn natural results in Sagittarius.
  5. Since we are dealing with transits here, it’s very important to look into ashtakvarga bindus of Saturn in Sagittarius. If more than 3, Saturn will give good results during this transit.
  6. Also, check if Saturn transit in Sagittarius is going over 22nd Drekkana or 64th Navamsha. Any malefic planet like Saturn transit over these sensitive points results in injuries or health issues.

Saturn is a  malefic planet and tends to create negative results if afflicted. On another hand, Saturn can produce Rajyoga when in a planetary relationship with the benefic or yoga karaka planet.

Not to forget that Saturn is a slow planet and making a prediction on Saturn transit in Sagittarius can be tricky therefore the predictions of these Saturn transit 2019 are general in nature and for accurate predictions, other factors in Horoscope will matter.

Let’s see in detail how Saturn transit in Sagittarius is going to shape your life. If you don’t want to go through the paragraphs, here is the video of Saturn transit 2019.


This Video was made in Tungnath the Highest Shiva Temple in the world and I suggest everyone should go there to experience the purity of nature.

These predictions for Saturn transit in Sagittarius are general in nature and for accurate predictions, other factors in Horoscope will matter.

For accurate predictions on your horoscope email me on

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Aries Ascendant

Saturn is a very important planet for Aries ascendant native since it rules over two very important houses i.e 10th & 11th house and deals with the objectives which people aspire every day. Saturn during its transit to Sagittarius will leave their 8th house and bad period of Asthama Saturn in the 8th house will end now.

Trust me ashtama shani is a very negative period because I was under ashtama shani from 2011-2014.

But now things are going to change and Saturn is leaving your 8th house.

Saturn transit in Sagittarius will bring a lot of reliefs for Aries ascendant native. Saturn is lord of the 10th and 11th house and deals with job, honor, gains, networking, etc.

Saturn transit over the 9th house will bring opportunities, long-distance travel and good health to you.

Though Saturn transit in 9th house will be a slow process to perfection and don’t expect sudden success or good results from it, you need to work hard for it.

Saturn in 9th house will also bring a delay in the approval of projects or deals but don’t leave your projects after initial failures, this is how perfection will come to you and Saturn will reward you for your hard labor.

Saturn transit over your 9th house is not a good sign for your health of your father and those who are passing through weak Sun or afflicted 9th house lord Dasha should take care of father health.

This transit may also lead to clashes with the boss or your superiors. Overall, it’s good transit and with patience and hard work you will gain maximum out of this transit.

One important point which I like to include, that during this transit of Saturn over the 9th house, you might get into impulses of breaking rules or immoral practices will be appealing to you, but remember what impact it will create in your future and it’s best to stick to a life full of principles.

From March 2019, planet Ketu will be joining Saturn which means two malefics will be over your 9th house now and you need to carry out cautions in following areas:

  1. The health of the father.
  2. Relation with father or father-like figure.
  3. Avoid long travels.
  4. Troubles from seniors or bosses.

Same time your younger sibling may not experience a good time in his or her life and your relationship with him or her may turn sour.

Aries ascendant natives should wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to gain the best results of this Saturn transit.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant natives Saturn will be moving to their 8th house and ashtama Shani period will start for them though Saturn is a Yogakaraka planet for them and does good no matter where he goes but still ashtama Shani can bother them to some extent.

Here, Saturn will lose his potency to protect the horoscope especially if you’re running through Dasha of Jupiter or Mars.

Let’s see in details how it is going to affect your life.


This movement of Saturn in your 8th house will bring a completely different experience for you and is very good for people working in the insurance, undercover works, mining, oil, iron and especially for those who have a deep interest in occult science.

If you’re into research as a Ph.D. student, this transit will help you to dig deep and that the only positive I see in year 2019.

This period will prove good to your in-laws also and can help you to gain some inheritance.

Saturn is lord of the 9th and 10th house for Taurus ascendant and in the 8th house will lead to issues related to these houses. The career will be affected for sure, but there can be some sudden good work opportunity for you, especially if you are running through Moon or Saturn Dasha itself.

Now son in March Ketu will be joining Saturn and the union of two malefic that too in 8th house may lead to health issues and obstacles in your life. Here, Saturn transit in 8th house is not an issue rather the union of Ketu with it can cause some serious troubles in your life.


Your marriage and relationship with spouse will be not good and if you are looking for a marriage alliance then again this Ketu and Saturn union will cause further delays.

There can be a difference in opinion with spouse and you guys may fight a lot due to it. Spouse career will be affected negatively unless his or her career is in astrology, research, mining or anything related with the 8th house.

With father, things won’t be going much good, but there is an indication that he may either lose his job or may retire naturally. Your relationship with him may not go that smooth either.

With Mother, the story is going to remain the same and both of you may not see eye to eye and develop some conflicts with each other. Though, such negative combinations should be present in your own natal chart, if yes then Saturn transit 2019 will activate them.

With siblings, for your younger sibling, this transit is looking helpful and there will be positive developments in his or her life. For elder siblings, I see chances of some sudden rise and gains. Collectively your relationship with sibling is going to remain neutral. Everyone will be busy in dealing with their own issues.

Overall the results of this transit will be mixed in nature for you.

For relief from ashtama shani wear a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire, this will help to overcome the bad effects of ashtama shani during  2019 and 2020.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini Ascendant natives Saturn is lord of the 8th & 9th house and will leave the 6th house and will enter their 7th house and I am very sure that many of  Gemini Ascendant natives had health issues during Saturn’s transit over their 6th house.

Now it’s the time when it will end, there were obstacles in your path due to Saturn transit through 6th house, they will also ease now.

Saturn in the 7th house can be bad also and a lot will depend on Saturn’s ashtakvarga bindus in the sign of Sagittarius.

Saturn has dual lordship for you and if Saturn has less than 3 ashtakvarga bindus in Sagittarius than, Saturn’s bad house rulership can come to the surface and with more than 4 ashtakvarga bindus, Saturn will bless you will good results for sure.

Let’s see how you will be affected by this.


Saturn transit through your 7th house is definitely going to improve your performance at the workplace, you will notice that you are more focused and doing hard work than before.

Seems like, your efforts will be noticed by people around you and you will be rewarded for it.

Also, for people who are working in partnership should take care of what’s happening around them. Those who were trying to go abroad will find luck on their side and will be able to make it during this transit.

Naturally, wealth will also increase and there can be a salary rise or some kind of gains through your efforts. Those who are into business will see the positive response from the clients and the net gains will be increasing this year.

You will be gaining money from spouse also and also chances of getting inheritance are also seen for you. All these predictions will hold true if your Saturn is strong in Navmasha also.



During this transit, special attention should be paid to the spouse and married life. See Saturn is over your 7th house, which means the requirement is to focus on this area.

Those who are looking for a marriage alliance will find support from this transit. If already married then there will be good times with spouse.

If there is any marriage issue going on then you can expect relief.

With father, there will be some good times spent with him. With Mother, there will be some issues and you may fully agree with her on some points.

With sibling, everything looks alright and the elder sibling will progress in life especially if it is your Brother.

Overall a good transit for you and with a little care on the relationship, both work and personal, you will find yourself at the bright side of life.

Wear a Jyotish quality Emerald to minimize the bad effects of Saturn transit in Sagittarius.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer Ascendant natives Saturn rules over their 7th & 8th house. Saturn is an out and out malefic planet for Cancer ascendant natives and whichever house Saturn will go, that house will feel the wrath of Saturn. Saturn transit over your 6th house demands special care as far as health is concerned.

Saturn transit over your 6th house demands special care as far as health is concerned.

The Same attention is required for the health of your spouse also. Here, Saturn is 7th house lord and carries the signification of marriage and married life.

Its transit through your 6th house may lead to some trouble over your married life, especially if your 7th house is afflicted.

For Cancer Ascendant natives, Saturn transit over 6th is most malefic transit, especially for their marriage.

Those who want to visit abroad, especially for settlement will find themselves lucky in this regard. Overall, it’s not a supportive transit for most of the aspect of life and needs to be passed with caution.

Wear a Jyotish quality Red Coral as a remedy to minimize the bad effects of this transit of Saturn.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Leo Ascendant

For Leo Ascendant Saturn rules over the 6th and 7th house and is a malefic planet for them and during Saturn transit 2018 Saturn will be over their 5th house of the horoscope.

Saturn transit over your 4th house from November 2014 was very painful and it leads you to many not so good situation. Now the whole scenario will change and Saturn over your 5th house will be better than its current transit through your 4th house.

There will be chances of marriage and childbirth, but some cautions might be needed for both of these aspects of life.

There will be gains during this period, but they will come to you after persistence and handwork.

Money and financial progress won’t come to you easily during this transit, but if you have the patience and understanding of the situation then, sure Saturn will bless you with long-lasting benefits. Remember nothing comes easily with Saturn and when it comes, it stays for long.

Here Saturn aspect over your 7th house shows that relationship with spouse needs your attention and care, make sure you’re doing best for your relationship, otherwise this transit can cause some issues which can break you especially during Saturn transit over your 6th house in the sign of Capricorn.

Don’t do anything bad which can affect your relationship, you might find yourself paying for it in Saturn next transit over your 6th.

Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to minimize the bad effects of Saturn from 2018 to 2020.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo natives, Saturn is lord of 5th & 6th house and basically a benefic planet them, especially when endowed with strength.

Saturn transit in Sagittarius will be through your 4th house and the golden phase of Saturn transit through your 3rd house will end with it.

Saturn transit over your 4th house will have to mix shades of positive and negative. Saturn through your 4th house can affect the health of the mother, domestic peace, and career progress.

If you’re passing through Dasha of Mars, then be cautious of investment and major decisions related to career.

If you’re awaiting promotion, then Saturn will make you wait more and things will work out after some extra efforts.

Overall, it’s a transit which might seem to be negative, but it won’t be since every problem due to this transit will be short-lived and will teach you something new about it.

It’s actually a positive transit, especially if you’re looking for long-term benefits. If passed with a positive attitude this transit will provide you with a good base for progress in the future.

Wear a Jyotish quality Emerald to remove the negative effects of Saturn transit in Sagittarius.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Libra Ascendant

For Libra ascendant natives Saturn is a yogakaraka planet  and does good where ever it goes. This time Saturn is moving to their 3rd house where Saturn performs well naturally and I am sure its effects will bless you with all-round success in life.

This transit will bring all-round development to their life. Saturn movement in their 3rd house will lead to travels, progress to younger co-born, promotion and is very good for people related to sports and politics.

Saturn transit will also bring you into a love relationship and those who are planning for progeny will find themselves lucky.

Overall a very auspicious and once in a lifetime transit for Libra ascendant natives, don’t miss this chance and do hard work and give your sincere efforts on what you want to do.

Wear a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire, to gain the maximum from Saturn transit during 2019.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpio ascendant natives Saturn is a malefic planet due to its rulership over 3rd & 4th house. Saturn is in your ascendant since November 2014 and there were delays in all aspects of your life.

The promotion was delayed, marriage prospects were not suitable and so on.

Now with Saturn transit through your 2nd house will lead to many changes in life. First of all, your health will improve and all the laziness you were experiencing before will be gone.

Your career will come on track, but slowly but surely. There will be sudden marriage plans in your mind and with the support of Dasha and the planet Jupiter, it will materialize this time.

Saturn transit over your 2nd will have some negative effects on your family and food habits.

Try not to indulge in harmful food habits and bad company of people also, it may lead to problems like alcohol intake or smoking.

Overall it is better transit, then the current one, but still some cautions are required in health and physical safety areas.

Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to minimize the bad effects of Saturn transit in Sagittarius.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius ascendant natives Saturn rules over 2nd and 3rd and is a malefic planet for them.

Now with Saturn movement through your ascendant will bring some challenges in your life but still this transit will be better than  Saturn’s transit through your 12th house.

With Saturn passing through your ascendant there will be some health issues along with some laziness or in other words, you will find yourself postponing important works, which ultimately will lead to obstacles in your path for progress.

There will be some serious delays in marriage and promotion, but Saturn won’t be denying it, with the support of Jupiter and hard work you will get through things. Overall a transit which is better than the current one, but some tough situations will be there.

Because for you transit of rahurahu-Ketu will be difficult in 2019 also, actually this is the only ascendant which have back to back unfavorable transits going on until year 2020.

If you are in Dasha of Saturn, Rahu,Ketu or Venus then you should take cautions in all areas of your life.

Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to minimize the bad effects of this Saturn transit.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn is lord of the 1st and 2nd house and is a benefic planet here. Saturn transit through Sagittarius will be passing through their 12th house and will bring some challenges in areas of work and mental health.

Now the protection of Saturn will be gone with this transit because Saturn in Scorpio was a positive transit and lead you to success and protected you from evils.

With Saturn’s movement through your 12th will lead to some hectic schedule for you. You may find yourself in unwanted job postings and transfer is on the card for you.

Those who are looking for abroad ventures will be lucky with this transit. There will be a source of earnings from abroad though expenditures will also rise.

You may find that it is hard to cope up with the responsibilities and same time demanding situtaions at work place may cause issues in your married life.

Wear a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire, to gain the maximum from this Saturn transit in Sagittarius.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius Ascendant natives, Saturn is lord of 1st & 12th house, and during this transit in Sagittarius, it will pass through their 11th house.

This transit is going to be great for you; there will be great financial gains, expansion in your network, health will improve and you will be ambitious, which will help you in a long run.

Those who are suffering from any kind of health issue will see relief and it will make you indulge in activities which will prove good for your health in a long run.

Support from elder sibling will be there and relation with them will improve.

Those who are looking to start a family will get the extra support of the planet Saturn.

Saturn transit over your 11th house will open gateways for abroad income and chances of gains through inheritance is also there.

Overall a very auspicious and once in lifetime opportunity for you.

Wear a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire, to gain the maximum from Saturn transit in Sagittarius, blue sapphire will allow you to capitalize the opportunities coming in your way.

Saturn Transit 2019: Effects For Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces Ascendant natives, Saturn is lord of the 11th & 12th house and is a malefic planet for them. Saturn is going to move out of their 9th house and will enter their 10th house.

We all know that the 10th house is a natural house for Saturn and its transit from the 10th house is a very important phase in our life.

Saturn here will bless you with gains and work opportunities from abroad. This transit will prove as a milestone for you, but it will happen with handwork and patience. It won’t be easy and there will be hard work and pressure on you but from 2019 May itself you will start seeing the good results of Saturn transit through your 10th house.

Saturn aspect on the 4th house may affect your mother’s health and you need extra caution for domestic peace too.

Best is to take care of mother’s health doing a regular health checkup will be best for you. Don’t lose your calm on small issues otherwise, there can be some arguments inside the house.

House and luxury buying is also on the cards and with the help of Jupiter transit, you will be able to get access to your dream house or car.

Those who want to get married will also get the extra support of planets but here Dasha Lord position and relation with the 7th house will also matter.

House and luxury buying is also on the cards and with the help of Jupiter transit, you will be able to get access to your dream house or car.

Overall it is a positive transit as far as material progress is concerned.the only concern here will be the mother and spouse’s health.

The only concern here will be the mother’s and spouse’s health.

Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to minimize the bad effects of Saturn transit in Sagittarius. This will make your ascendant Lord strong and will counter the negative effects of Saturn transit through your 10th house.

Final Thoughts

Sagittarius sign is the 9th sign in natural Zodiac scheme and Saturn transit in it shows a huge impact on our religious sentiments. For sure around this transit of Saturn, there will be events which will affect our view towards gurus and religious ways of life.

Lord of Sagittarius i.e Jupiter do very well with Saturn and as per texts also Saturn gives good result in it.

Always remember Jupiter is your guru and Shani(Saturn) is the taskmaster when in symphony they allow one to make the best decisions of life.

Now there will be a union of Ketu with planet Saturn in March 2019 and definitely, there will be some twist and turn in our lives with it.

That is why I have included the effects of Ketu union here. Also, Saturn retrograde 2019 is happening right now and make sure you check that article because retrograde period is always important.

Those who were born in 1987,1988,1989 this Saturn transit in 2019 will mark the beginning of their Saturn return and will prove very significant for them.

As mentioned in the very beginning that Saturn is a very important planet is Vedic astrology and while taking effects of Saturn transit 2019 into account for any horoscope, we need to check if any planet is coming under its aspect from its transit position, also if Saturn is passing over any other planet or not.

In simple words, suppose Saturn is transiting over your 3rd house where Venus is sitting in natal horoscope, then here you need to take into account the effects of transit of Saturn over Venus also.

Same time see if any planet is sitting in 5th, 9th and 12th house, that’s because these are the houses where Saturn aspect is going to fall and will tend to modify the final predictions for this Saturn transit 2019.


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