Planetary Combination For A Sportsman & Success In Sports.

career in sports via astrology

Astrology combination for a career in Sports

With a lot of money and limelight involve choosing Sports as a career(source of Income) is a great option for young kids. Playing Sports is also a great way to keep yourself healthy and same time provide provides you with a lot of fame and entertainment to viewers.

But being a sportsman is not everyone cup of Tea and requires the following quality:

  • Physical strength
  • Fit Body
  • Natural ability to overcome injuries.
  • Temperament
  • Success over the enemies
  • Confidence
  • Analytical abilities
  • Perseverance.

If you dissect above points you will find the role of following planets and houses in it.

1.Sun- Planet Sun is natural Atmakaraka and is the significator of the first house. A strong Sun in a horoscope will give a strong body and physical strength.

2.Mars– As a planet of war and bravery, Mars should be well placed in a horoscope. Mars also represents our competitive streak and makes one passionate about their game because, without passion, you can’t excel in any sports.

3.Moon– Injuries are bound to happen in any sports but constant injuries can hamper success as a sportsman. Moon should be strong to protect one from physical injuries. Moon also represents hormone in our body and for success in sports hormone like testosterone have a very special role.

4.Mercury– It represents our logic and analytical abilities because sports require you to use a lot of analytical abilities. Whereas sports like chess revolves around planet Mercury only.

5.Rahu– It may sound little strange but Rahu is very important for success in sports especially in the current era where a lot of glamor and fame is involved with the sportsman. Rahu helps to create an aura around a sportsman and also let them earn huge wealth from it.

6.Saturn– Getting success in sports is not a one-night phenomenon, it is a process where along with natural talent one need to practice every hour to improve their skill and here planet Saturn becomes very important. Saturn pushes you and makes sure you have enough perseverance to play at top level.

As per astrology the following yoga and planetary placements are required for success in sports.

1.Gajakesri YogaIt is an auspicious yoga where the influence of Jupiter over planet Moon makes it strong and prevents injuries. It also helps sportsman to achieve fame at a high level.

2.Veepret Rajyoga: This yoga can be a good asset when playing individual games like tennis, badminton, swimming etc because it allows one to take advantage of their competitor’s mistakes.

3.Neechbhanga Rajyoga: Time to time this yoga has proved its effectiveness which is evident in the horoscope of many great sportsmen. This yoga makes one motivated to achieve great things in life.

4. Strong ascendant and its lord are very crucial for success in sports because ascendant represents our body and when afflicted can cause frequent injuries, bad attitude and lack of passion. Here a well-associated planet Mars can do wonder and even aspect of planet Mars is enough to give natural talent to excel in any sports.

5.A strong 3rd house: 3rd house in astrology represents courage, the strength of arms, valor, and coordination between hands and brain. A strong 3rd house and its lord make one highly competitive and they fight till the end.

6. A strong 6th house: success in sports is all about defeating your opponent or enemies. As per Phaladeepika 6th house represent our enemies and in a horoscope, a strong and well associated 6th house can give the easy win over opponents.

7. A strong 10th house: since we talking about success in sports as a career, one need to have a strong and well associated 10th house because with it there won’t be any success and career can be cut shirts due to lack of motivation.

Overall in order to be a sportsman, in a Horoscope 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 10th house should be strong and interconnected with each other and along with that auspicious dasha should be operative.

Let’s application of these rules in Horoscope of following successful sportsman.

1.Mahendra Sign Dhoni

Date of birth: 7-7-1981.

Time of birth: 11:15.

Place of birth: Ranchi.

sports career astrology

In his horoscope ascendant is occupied by benefic Jupiter and Moon which is creating Gajakesari Yoga and presence of 5th lord is further strengthing it. Mars is 3rd house lord and is placed in 9th. His ascendant lord Mercury is well placed in 10th house and is creating Bhadra yoga .All these planetary placements made him a successful sportsman and he is considered as one the most dangerous batsman in the history of Cricket. Same time Rahu is placed in 11th house with auspicious Venus which resulted in huge wealth and fame for him.

  1. Roger Federer

Date of birth: 8-8-1981.

Time of birth: 08:40.

Place of birth: Basel.

career in sports astrology

Roger Federer is the Greatest player in the history of Tennis and his horoscope shows the same. Ascendant is occupied by third house lord Venus which gave him superb control over his hands and it made him better then than his competitors. Same time his 6th house is aspected by three planets i.e Sun, Mercury, and Rahu whereas 6th house lord is with auspicious 5th house lord Jupiter. His horoscope shows importance of strong and well placed 3rd and 6th house lords which are very important to play sports at top level.

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