Double Transit Theory In 2024

We all know in astrology timing of events is done through the use of various Dasha and the final outcome is based on the overall potential of the horoscope and the activation of particular houses through planets.

Same-time transits also play a secondary role and when the stage is set by Dasha, transits of planets put the final stamp on it.

Now we all know Saturn and Jupiter are very important planets and especially their transit is given a lot of importance while reading a horoscope.

But many don’t know how to use their transits to predict major events like marriage, job, progeny, and even illness.

This theory was popularized by Shri K.N Rao

We all know Saturn is a Karmic planet and is known for testing people till they are done with their pending karma. Without the permission of planet Saturn, no event can happen in our life.

Saturn is the natural ruler of the 10th and 11th houses.

The 10th house denotes karma whereas the 11th house denotes gains from karma. Naturally, the aspects of Saturn carry the most weight and can create a big difference in human life.

The other contributor of double transit is planet Jupiter, the most benevolent planet which is the significator of wealth, luck, religion, hopes, and all things of life.

Together their combined aspect on a house or its lord is very significant in Vedic astrology.

Planet Jupiter waits for Saturn to complete its task and then blesses the native with what he is looking for or what he deserves.


First of all for the rise in career, one should be in right dasha for it.

Dasha of the ascendant lord, 7th Lord & 10th lord, or any planet connected with them.

Dasha of yogakaraka planet, a planet involved in grand yoga-like Gajakesari YogaDharmakarmaadhipati yoga, Vipreet rajyoga, Neechabhang rajyoga & other important astrology yoga is capable of giving promotion in their dasha.

If you see someone running through this period then apply the double transit theory here.

Jupiter: In transit, Jupiter should be aspecting the Moon or the 10th house from the Moon or ascendant. Jupiter in trine from the ascendant or moon is also favorable but importance should be given to Jupiter in the 10th from the ascendant or moon or Jupiter aspect on the 10th house from the ascendant or the moon.

Saturn: In transit,  Saturn should aspect of the 10th house from the Moon or ascendant. Saturn in trine from the ascendant or moon is also favorable but importance should be given to Saturn in the 10th from the ascendant or moon or at its lord.

Mrs. Margaret Alva became a minister of high rank in the period in the main period of Venus which is lord of 3rd & 8th and placed in the 12th house making Vipreet Rajyoga.

Double transit of Jupiter & Saturn
Margaret Alva Horoscope.

Sub-period was of Jupiter which is the 10th lord in her horoscope.

At the time of her elevation as a minister, Jupiter was in the 10th house from both moon and ascendant.

Saturn was in Scorpio aspecting her 10th lord which is Jupiter placed in the 3rd house in the sign of Taurus.

Here, you can see Saturn and Jupiter were affecting her 10th house and with the right dasha she progressed in her career.


double transit of saturn & jupiter
Bill Clinton horoscope

Bill Clinton was married on 11th October 1975, that day Saturn was in the sign of Cancer and Jupiter was in the sign of Pisces.

Bill Clinton Moon is in Aries sign and from Aries Venus is his 7th house lord. In other words, Venus is the 7th lord from Bill Clinton’s Moon.

Now on the day of marriage, you can see both Saturn & Jupiter were aspecting his Venus which is the 7th lord from Moon, and Dasha who was running was of Rahu-Saturn which indicates marriage.

You can extend it to other areas of life too. Like if it’s in the 8th house then inheritance or sudden gains. On the 11th house huge financial gains.

On the 6th house recovered from diseases(I recovered completely from a backache during double transit over my 6th house).

Proper use of this technique gives very accurate results for abroad travels and I use it all the time.


We all know children are the best creation of God and after marriage, kids are the prime reason for which we live.

Now the same method should be adopted here; Jupiter in transit should aspect 5th house/lord from Moon or ascendant. Saturn in transit should aspect 5th house/lord from Moon or ascendant.

Here, I will give you a very advanced technique for predicting progeny which shows use importance of Saturn & Jupiter in the evolution of our souls.

Also, it shows the importance of trine houses 5th & 9th which sometimes seem to be losing their actual significance in the age of Kali Yuga.


Now open your horoscope and your parent’s horoscope. Note down the position of Saturn and Jupiter in your chart and your parent’s chart. You will see that your Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting your parent’s 5th house or 9th house or their lords.

For example, see Indira Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru’s horoscopes.

In the Indira Gandhi chart, Saturn is in Cancer while Jupiter is in Taurus.

Her father Jawahar Lal Nehra had Cancer rising in Ascendant and you can see that Indira Gandhi Jupiter is aspecting his 5th house (Scorpio) while her Saturn is aspecting his 9th house via the 3rd aspect. Fulfilling the promise of the birth of children.

I could have used only Jawaharlal Nehru’s horoscope here, but just to show a dynamic analysis I took reference to Indira Gandhi’s horoscope.

Double Transit Theory In 2024

Double Transit Theory In 2024

You can try it on your horoscope and it works 100% time. Hence it can be used to predict the birth of children also.

Saturn and Jupiter might affect either the 5th or 9th house or their lords only.

They don’t need to aspect both the 5th and 9th houses simultaneously.

Now we know the main Principles of the Double Transit Theory, we can apply this principle in the current year of 2024.


We all know that planet Saturn always affects four houses from its position.

  1. Where it is sitting.
  2. 3rd place from its position.
  3. 7th place from its position.
  4. 10th place from its position.

In the same way, planet Jupiter also affects four houses from its position.

  1. Where it is sitting.
  2. 5th place from its position.
  3. 7th place from its position.
  4. 9th place from its position.


Now every time there always be a zodiac/zodiacs that will be affected by both of them simultaneously

In the year 2024, until the 01st of May 2024, the current transit of Jupiter is in the Aries zodiac sign, and from the Aries zodiac sign, planet Jupiter is aspecting the following zodiac signs:

  1. Leo.
  2. Libra.
  3. Sagittarius.

Same way Saturn transit in the Aquarius zodiac sign and is aspecting the following zodiac signs:

  1. Aries.
  2. Leo.
  3. Scorpio.

Now you can see that the Leo sign is simultaneously affected by both Saturn and Jupiter’s transit.

Now check where this Leo zodiac sign falls in your horoscope.

That house will become very activated and you may experience results and events related to that house.

For example, for Sagittarius ascendant natives, it falls in the 9th house.

Which will bring significations of the 9th house prominent in the lives of a Sagittarius ascendant native. It can happen that the native will gain from the government or will experience some important event with his father, good or bad will depend on the Horoscope of the native. It can also happen that the native will experience immense spiritual bliss.

One can make many observations and conclusions based on this.

In the same way, a Libra ascendant native will be seeing something happening over marriage. Native can marry, can have issues in married life or it can also happen that the native spouse will see an important event in his own life.

The crux here is that due to the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter, the concerned house will be highlighted.

Now, this is a static analysis of it, in the end, the whole structure of the Horoscope will matter.

But as per the divine scheme, naturally and magically everything starts to point in the same direction, together to form our destiny.

But sometimes, the double transit can be overwhelming and I remember in some cases, I even ignored Dasha and gave predictions based on Saturn’s double transit only.

As per my experience, the double transit works intensely over the 1st house, 5th house, 7th house, and 10th house.

Though 90% of the time Dasha will have a final say.

Now for your practice check your horoscope and see if they are simultaneously aspecting any house lord or not or if one of two may be aspecting a house while the other might be aspecting its lord.

For example, someone has the 7th lord in the Leo zodiac, and currently, Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting Leo zodiac sign simultaneously.

Hence, the 7th house is under scanner via its lords. because of the simultaneous aspect of Saturn & Jupiter on it.

This means marriage is on the cards.

But before making any conclusions make sure running dasha permits marriage or not marriage or not.

Also, check on early or late marriage combinations, then only marriage prediction should be done, otherwise, other attributes of the 7th house should be taken into account.

This theory is very useful in predicting events like the rise or fall in careers and marriage.

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  1. Hi Naveen,

    Thank you. Good post. helped me understand teh double Transit (ii.e., Blessing) Theory of teh 2 Big Planets of our solar system.

    Now, I wanted to point out few things. Firstly, today is Jan 24th and I see post was updated today. But, I guess not completely or in rather, in a hurry. The last part about 2020 calculations is incomplete.

    While you have given me enough logic and resources to work on my own And I have done it on my side. I would like you to compute and present here so that I can revalidate my results.

    I am referring tot he fact that, in 2020:
    1. Saturn is in Capricorn and goes Retrograde too, BUT, it never comes back to Sag. So, do we still see aspects from Sag although Saturn never comes to it. I believe according to DM Astrologer on Youtube, Saturn is in Capricorn at 9 degrees and retrogrades from there and stops finally at 1 degree in Capricorn and thus, never comes back to Sag again. (Thank god!)

    2. Also, you never mention Jupiter’s fats motion this year and it’s retrogradation again. Jupiter is in Capricorn from April – June 2020. And then, retro back to Sag.

    Thus, Total 2020 Analysis is:
    a) Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sag
    b) Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn as well
    c) Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter Retrogrades back to Sag
    d) Saturn Retro in Capricorn and Jupiter Retro back to Sag

    Pretty complex but the underlying logic which you mentioned remains the same.

  2. Sir, please tell me when I get married. I crossed 30years and much worried. My dob:18.08.1989, 9:30pm, Hyderabad.

  3. Hi, very good analysis, learnt a lot. My date of birth is 05/05/1985 birth time is 23:55 in Bangalore.
    Please let me know how is my time now related to career, family and finance.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. This theory proved to be true in my personal case. My marriage was on 20.10.1988. On that day, Saturn and Jupiter were aspecting mercury, who is lord of 7th.

  5. Namasthe. Good analysis. Thanks for such a beautiful article.
    My daughter is Cancer Ascendant, Moon in Leo, Sun,Jupiter, Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Saggitarius, Rahu in Makara, Kethu in Cancer, Mars in Pisces…28.06.1990 at 9.15 am born at Hassan, Karnataka. Now she is underMars Dasha and Venues Anthardasha. As per your theory, now Jupiter and Saturn ar aspecting 7th and 11th from moon. Can we expect her marriage in this year itself?

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