Rahu Transit In Astrology

Rahu Transit In Astrology

Rahu transit is a major event in astrology and brings variety of results in our life. 

Rahu is a shadow planet who always moves in retrograde motion and is a node of the planet Moon. 

Each year its transit brings new changes for all of us.

In today's materialistic world the importance of Rahu is paramount. Rahu is hidden thoughts and desires and in order to figure out the nature of a person, the position of Rahu and Ketu is important along with the Moon & Rising ascendant sign.

Rahu basically rules over Maya, desires, foreign, poison, and far of places. and its other important details are mentioned below:

  • Nature: Natural malefic.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Caste: Outcaste, Foreigner in today's context.
  • Direction: South-Western.
  • Places: Anthills, Mother goddess temple.
  • Own Sign: Aquarius.
  • Exaltation: Taurus.
  • Debilitation: Scorpio.
  • Mooltrikone: Gemini.
  • Friends: Mercury, Venus, Saturn.
  •  Enemies: Sun, Moon
  • Gemstone: Hessonite.
  • Aspect: 5th, 7th & 9th.
  • Stone: Hessonite.
  • Metal: Lead.
  • Grain: Black Gram
  • Colour: Honey Brown.
  • Taste: Astringent.
  • Relation: GrandFather.
  • Element: Windy.
  • Temperament: Harsh & Cruel.
  • Age: Old about 100 years
  • Dasha period: 18 years.
  • Nakshatra: Ardra, Swati, Shatabhisha.
  • Karaka: Abroad, poison, snakes, gambling.
  • Speed Of Motion: 3 min in a day in retrograde motion.

In astrology, Rahu acts as a catalyst and amplifies the significations of any planet with whom it is making an association.

Most of the time Rahu amplifies negative significations. It is very rare to see a fully functioning benefic Rahu in a Horoscope. 

Similarly, the transit of Rahu is unique and very important in Astrology.

It is the second-longest transit in astrology and the duration of Rahu transit in a sign is of 18 months.

This means definitely its transit is worth paying attention to.

Importance Of Rahu Transit & Steps To Read It

As mentioned earlier Rahu transit is long and is of 18 months. During these long 18 months, the transit of Rahu has the ability to bring significant changes in life.

Also, Rahu in its transit has the capability to dilute the positive significations of other transits.

Some, Important features of Rahu transit can be seen below:

  • Rahu transit is considered good only in the 3rd, 6th, and 10th & 11th houses.
  • In the rest of the houses, the transit of Rahu causes issues, especially in the 2nd,4th and 8th
  • Since Rahu is a Node of the Moon, its transit is closest to Vimshottari Dasha and should be read parallel.
  • Rahu transit over 64th Navamsa or 22 drekkana can be lethal.

Rahu transit is tricky to understand and is always mysterious because they are shadow planet and have no lordship over any sign. Apart from the standard rules of reading a transit, given below are steps to apply to make a analysis on it.

Step. No.1- For Rahu & Ketu Transit effects see which house they are transiting through. The house where Rahu transit is happening influences the transit greatly. For example, Rahu transit gives good effects in 3rd, 6th, 10th and the 11th house. Rahu transit through the 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th houses gives mixed results.

For example, planet Rahu in 7th house causes disharmony in marriage but it gives good results to native as per its significations and the aspect of Rahu over the 11th, 1st and 3rd house gives beneficial results from these house. In other other remaining houses i.e 2nd, 4th, 8th. Rahu transit gives very bad results.

Step. No.2- After the houses check sign planet Rahu is transiting from. In each signs planet Rahu transit will bring different kinds of results. In general, Rahu transit gives beneficial results in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces sign. Whereas in other signs Rahu gives bad results especially in sign of Scorpio and Aries.

Step. No.3- The Nakshatra from where Rahu transit is happening will bring impact on micro level. It is important to check the effects of Rahu transit through all nakshatra. 

Step. No.4- After applying above mentioned points/rules, you need see how Rahu in its transit is making planetary relationship with other planets in transit and with planets in Natal Horoscope. At this step the results of Rahu transit will be modified greatly.

Step. No.4- Check the ashtakvarga scores of the house where the transit of Rahu is happening, if it is above 28 then the transit results of rahu will be positive. If the the Samudaya score of the house is lower then 28 than the results will be mixed and if they are lower than 22 than the results will be negative mostly.

Step. No.5-  Each year, out of all planets, the relationship of transit Rahu with transit of Saturn and Saturn is most important. Hence, its is important to give them attention. In fact all transit are inter-related to each other.

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Results Of Rahu Transit Through All Houses

Rahu Transit In 1st House: Rahu transit in the  First house brings mixed results. It brings native to abroad places and leads to new opportunities. But native doesn't stay happy, his desire for more makes him unsatisfied and restless. Distance from spouses becomes larger and generally native stays alone from family. This leads to issues in marriage and the tendency of native to have extramarital affairs becomes large. The health of native becomes bad due to bad habits and focus on unnecessary things. Rahu transit here can mess up the routine completely and it is important to have good focus and determination.

Rahu Transit In 2nd House: The 2nd house is a Maraka house and transit of Rahu from there is not considered as good. It can trigger health issues and trouble with finances. Native tends to indulge in smoking, drinking, and in some cases even drugs. There can be a job loss and debts can arise. The relationship doesn't go well either, 2nd house is the 8th from the 7th house of marriage. Rahu transit on it can lead to separation or even divorce.

Rahu Transit In 3rd House: Rahu works well in the 3rd house, and its transit is even better. Native feels highly energetic, courageous, and ambitious. Success comes easily and the native mindset becomes very progressive. New ideas pop up in the native head and native gains from them effortlessly. Traveling becomes part of the routine and brings enjoyment. Marriage is generally good except for occasional issues. The Health area remains constant with no major ups or downs.

Shahrukh khan delivered his best hit when Rahu was transiting in his 3rd house. It shows that, Rahu can give a massive rise in life. 

Rahu Transit In Astrology
Rahu Transit In Astrology

One more example is of George W Bush, who got elected for inaugurated for a second term as President of the United States. Rahu was transiting in his 3rd house and gave him a rise in his career.

george bush horoscope for rahu transit

George Bush Horoscope

Transit Of Rahu In 4th House: It is a very sensitive transit and is known to bring major changes for good or bad. It is excellent for moving abroad or for a change of place but same time can cause disturbances in family life and mental peace. This transit of Rahu is known to bring issues in career and generally makes native unsatisfied with what is happening around them. His relationship with his spouse and family deteriorates over a period of time. In health, the major impact falls on mental and social health. Native ability to think straight fades away and his decision-making ability goes down.

Rahu Transit In 5th House: Effects of this transit are generally favorable, especially in the field of money and career. Native, sees a rise in his position and becomes more passionate & determined in life. Rahu transit here suits business more than a regular job. It is important to note that, mostly it supports material desires and non-living aspects. In a relationship it can bring negativity, native can indulge in extramarital affairs & other illicit activities. All this brings harm to his family life. Health remains ok but chances of having stomach-related issues are always there.

Rahu Transit In 6th House: It is considered one of the best transit in astrology. It brings a factor of invincibility to the native. No enemies dare to bother the native and an unstoppable force native becomes. This transit brings promotion, gain in wealth, and rise in rank. In a relationship, it affects a bit negative and can harm the health of the spouse. Whereas native own health remains good and the energy level stays on top.

Rahu Transit In 7th House: If one wants to enjoy the desires fully then Rahu transit in the 7th house supports it fully. This transit is unique in the sense, that it makes native think and look for all kind of pleasures. Which leads to a negative impact on career, wealth, relationships, and health. Depending on which dasha native is in, the outcome gets modified. But overall, it is never a goof transit, especially for the marriage of native. The transit of Rahu over natal Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu can lead to disaster.

Rahu Transit In 8th House: One of the most difficult transit can be especially in the sign of Scorpio or Libra. There can be job loss, lack of wealth, and severe issues in marriage. Native, becomes very docile and losses hope easily. Mentally he becomes weak and gives up on everything. The marriage gets affected and the health of the native sees major issues. 

Rahu Transit In 9th House: Transit of Rahu here can be good or bad depending on which sign it is happening. In Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces this transit work well. Whereas in other signs it works bad, the most negative results come in the Scorpio sign.

The good effects of this transit are as follows:

  • Abroad travel.
  • A rise in salary.
  • Gain from father.
  • Promotion.
  • Leadership.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Ministership.
  • Gain of assets.
  • Good health.
  • Enjoyment with the spouse.

Whereas the negative effects of Rahu transit are as follows:

  • Trouble from the government.
  • Issues from seniors.
  • Loss of job.
  • Bad health of Father.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Unfulfilled desires.
  • Issues to siblings.
  • Bad health.
  • Loss reputation.

Rahu Transit In 10th House: One of the best transit it is considered as. Rahu here leads to gains, promotion, and victory, and gives good social status. Native becomes a hot favorite and attracts attention which brings him a favor. It brings good wealth and opportunities for investments. Relationship of native gets better with everyone around him but the health of the mother can go bad. Native own health stays good and native personality sees a good change.

Rahu Transit In 11th House: If there is one transit that everyone desires then this is the one. Rahu transit in the 11th house is highly praised in ancient commentaries and is known to bring major achievements and massive wealth. Native becomes famous and leads from the front, it also makes native a leader and an explorer. Marriage stays good and native experiences a good time with the spouse. It also makes native very sensitive toward the need of people around them. Health of native stays good and native peaks in terms of physical performance. No matter how many hours native works, the feeling of tiredness doesn't come easily.

The best example of the great benefits of Rahu transit in the 11th house is of Amitabh bachan who tasted massive success in year 1973 when Rahu transit was happening in his 11th house.

amitabh bachchan horoscope for rahu transit article

Amitabh bachchan horoscope

Rahu transit in 1973 position

Rahu transit in 1973 was in his 11th house

Rahu Transit In 12th House: This transit has both good and bad results. First of all, it brings abroad opportunities and opens up new gates for native. If Venus is well placed in Horoscope and has an auspicious planetary relationship, then this transition of Rahu can lead to prosperity abroad. Native, gains wealth from abroad sources but expenses also remain high. It also brings a variety of people into native life and makes native outgoing. Though it can affect relationships and the health of spouse can go bad. Native experiences issues with sleep and suffers from many kinds of health issues.

Transit Of Other Planets

Given below are links for transit for all planets. These guides will help you to understand the transit of all planets individually.

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