Moon Transit In Astrology

In all planetary transit, Moon transit is unique and it holds a very important significance in Vedic astrology.

Let's in detail about this transit.

Moon is a benefic planet in astrology and rules over the following significations:

  1. Mind.
  2. Mother.
  3. Peace.
  4. Comforts.
  5. Home.
  6. Domestic environment.
  7. Milk.
  8. Pearls.
  9. Eyes.
  10. Wealth.

Moon rules over the sign of Cancer and becomes exalted in the sign of Taurus. It performs well in most of the signs. If the planet Moon is weak in a Horoscope, then the potential;l of the native is reduced significantly.

Plus there are many yoga in astrology that is based on the position of planet Moon, for example, Gajakesari Yoga, Sunapha yoga, Adhi Yoga, and even Neecha bhanga rajyoga.

The most important fact is that the Vimshottri Dasha period is calculated from the planet Moon only. Position of the Moon in transit and in Horoscope is used for a lot of calculations in astrology.

All this means the transit of the Moon is also very important in astrology.

Let's see in detail, why and how Moon transit is important.

Importance Of Moon Transit

The importance of the planet Moon can't be ignored, it is one of the luminaries and its strength has a direct relationship with the potential of the Horoscope and thus the native. All major civilizations had Lunar-based calendars and they used to depend on the transit of the Moon mainly. In India still, the festivals are based on planet moon movement. That is why never our festivals come on the same date each year.

Moon transit duration in a zodiac sign is of 2 days 6 hrs and 54 minutes. During the transit of the Moon is a particular sign, native experiences result from the significations of the sign planet Moon is in. 

It is the transit of the Moon which gives one their "Rashi" during the birth. Based on that a lot of our behavior aspects are formed.

For example, a person with the Aries Moon sign is aggressive, courageous, and passionate, whereas a person with a Virgo Moon sign is an analytical, quick learner, and practical by nature.

Moon transit is the fastest and acts as a trigger to create events that are controlled by dasha, transit of Saturn & transit of Jupiter.

It is the transit of the Moon which execute the divine plans of God.

For example, as per the Double transit theory, in the event of childbirth, Saturn and Jupiter should make a connection with the 5th house or its lord in the natal or moon chart. 

But the day when the childbirth will happen is decided by the transit of the Moon.

For that, the transit Moon should be connected to the 5th house or its lord.

It is the Moon's position in transit that controls the precise day of any event. Marriage, job, traveling, etc everywhere Moon transit has the role of delivery.

Factors Affecting Moon Transit Results

There is a standard way to read the transit effects of planets. But for each planet, the different factors come into play. For planet Moon following factors affects its results during its transit.

1. Functional Nature Of Moon: Based on which house planet Moon is ruling, the nature of the Moon becomes malefic or benefic. This is the most important factor which affects a Moon transit result. For example, Moon is benefic for the Cancer sign, and in its transit, the planet Moon will give good effects on the house it is transiting through. The intent of the planet Moon will be decided due to its lordship in a Horoscope.

2. Moon Effects In Zodiac Sign: Like all planets, Moon also gives different results in different signs. For example, in the sign of Aries, the planet Moon doesn't feel comfortable whereas, in the sign of Taurus where the Moon is exalted, it works very powerful. 

3. Moon Effects Through Houses: Planet Moon's natural effects through houses will contribute to its transit effects also. You will have to see in which house the transit of the Moon is happening.

For example, planet Moon acts very well in the 4th house and the same concept is applied on transit also. 

Another example is when the Moon transit in the 8th house which is considered as very negative for health.

In the same way, each house of transit has its own value and weightage. The above three steps basically decide most of the outcome of the Moon transit.

4. Ashtakvarga Score: It is important to bring Ashtakvarga angle here. Here, you need to see how many bindus planet Moon is getting in the Zodiac sign it is transiting from. If more than 4 bindus, then the transit of Moon will give good effects. Otherwise, the effects of Moon transit will be bad. 

Also, you need to check how many bindus are in the house where Moon is transiting through. If the total Samduya Ashtakvarga bindus are 28 or more then surely Moon transit will be powerful and will give good results.

When both of the mentioned conditions are fulfilled then the results from the transit will be excellent.

5.Transit Of Other Planets: Transit means the ever-going motion of planets and it means that the planet Moon during its transit will come in contact with other planetary transits. For example, in the year 2022, Jupiter & Saturn are in signs of Pisces & Capricorn respectively. Now transit Moon in the year 2022, will definitely come in contact with these two. Since Moon is a fast-moving planet, it will join them for 2 days once in a month throughout the year. In the same way transit Moon will make a planetary association with other planets. This situation will lead to alterations in the results of Moon transit.  

Different Phases Of Moon Transit

Planet Moon transit can be divided into two phases.

  1. Waxing phase.
  2. Waning phase.

Both of these phases are very important in astrology, Waxing phase is the phase when the planet Moon is going away from the planet Sun and is heading towards Full Moon condition, where the planet Moon becomes very strong and has full paksha bala.

The waning phase which is also known as Krishna paksha is when Moon is heading towards the Moon and is going to form a New Moon condition. 

Various phases of Moon transit

In both of these phases, the planet Moon takes different forms in the sky which is mentioned below:

  1. New Moon
  2. Waxing Crescent.
  3. First Quarter.
  4. Waxing Gibbous.
  5. Full Moon.
  6. Waning Gibbous.
  7. Third Quarter.
  8. Waning Crescent.

Results Of Moon Transit

Given below are the results of Moon transit through each house of the Horoscope.

Moon Transit In First House: Planet Moon transit in 1st house is considered very auspicious and brings a variety of good effects. Moon here makes native travel and gives a short vacation. It makes natives enjoy good things like shopping, dining, etc. The career of the native stays good and the creative streak of the native gets very good for him the best. Marriage & relationship brings some good moments of joy and happiness.

Transit Of Moon In Second House: Moon transit in the 2nd house brings the opportunity to make quick gains. This is the time when native goes out and have good food and drinks. This period can bring sudden gains, a rise in income & most importantly a new opportunity that can benefit the native in the long run. Marriage & relationship stays good and native enjoys a good time with spouse & kids. This transit can bring issues like food poisoning, so it is important to watch the quaint of food.

Moon Transit In Third House: Moon transit gives travels in this position. It brings a new project & an opportunity to grow in life. Enthusiasm grows and curiosity rises due to Moon's influence on the 3rd house. Younger siblings do well also and the relationship of native improves with family members. Native experiences spiritual growth and undertakes pilgrimage. Native get to know what is best for them and what can bring growth in life.

Moon Transit In Fourth House: Fourth House is the house of comforts and luxury, transit of the Moon gives very good results here. It brings the opportunity to buy new items like cars and gadgets. Native immerse in luxury and enjoy sensuous pleasures of life. Relationship with mother improves very well & her health also sees good time. This transit of the Moon have abilities to bless the native with riches and should be utilized effectively.

Moon Transit In Fifth House: Moon transit through the fifth house brings a new skill set to the native. It is very good for the business or the native and during this period native can start work. This transit can trigger a set of opportunities for promotion or a raise in salary. The direct aspect of the Moon over the 11th house can also bring new friends and associates. The chances of having childbirth become very high because the 5th house is the house of children and Moon transit can trigger the event here. 

Moon Transit In Sixth House: The 6th house is considered an evil house and transit of planet Moon from this position is not desirable. It causes issues from the enemies, bring debts, and give stomach-related issues. On the career front native experiences troubles through enemies. Expenses rise & native can be a victim of fraud. On the bright side, this transit can bring an opportunity to go abroad. Also, it can prove good if native is in the field of sports or politics.

Transit Moon In Seventh House: The transit of the Moon through the seventh house is known to bring good results. Native can see a rise in career and finances. A positive relocation also happens and can be due to a new position achieved by the native. This transit can bring marriage and also can solve existing marital crises of the native. On health native experiences good energy but van goes through mood swings. Overall it is a good transit except for some minor issues.

Transit Moon In Eight House: The transit of the Moon through the 8th house can cause stomach-related issues. It can also bring the energy level of the native down. Unwanted travels and unnecessary hassles can arise at the workplace. Native suffers from fears and phobias. There can be misunderstandings between the spouse and in-laws. All this indicates that Moon transit through the 8th house should be passed with cautions.

Moon Transit In Ninth House: The transition of the Moon here can be divine. It can bring wonderful results, from experiencing growth in career to having good marital life. The courage of the native rises by many folds and he undertakes new plans and tackles new avenues. Along with that, it can give very good spiritual growth to the native. The realization of life and death makes native fearless and it brings a mindset that helps the native to conquer the world.

Transit Moon In Tenth House: Moon transit through this house which rules over career and status brings wonderful results for the native. It brings a rise in life and brings promotion in career. Native feels happy and stays optimistic about life. The relationship remains good and brings good results. Father also sees good events and his income rises. Native can buy a house or a car during this transition of Moon. Overall a very good transit this is and can bring amazing results.

Moon Transit In Eleventh House: Transit of Moon through the 11th house gains brings gains of big level. Native enjoys the company of good people and gains come from them. Native engages in a love affair and enjoys the time with the partner. This transit can brings marriage and childbirth. Business sees a new scale and native can top the charts. A very good transit this is and is the best position for planet Moon to deliver good results.

Transit Moon In Twelfth House: When the Moon transit over the 12th house, it brings imagination, creativity, spiritual growth, and travel to auspicious places. It brings joy to the soul and brings solitude. Moon transit here can be a perfect time to do self-analysis and make changes in life. It favors abroad travel also and it can trigger the event for going abroad.

In a relationship, it gives good results and brings peace though it can make the physical distance between the spouse and his family, mentally it makes the bond more strong. Native health remains good and he enjoys the good time and energy level.

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