Saturn Transit Over Natal Planets

During its transit it may happen that planet Saturn transit a house where already a planet is sitting.

For example, you have Gemini ascendant with Venus in 9th house.

So the current transit of Saturn in 2024 will be affecting your natal Venus.

Which can cause issues in marriage, potency and other significations of houses owned by Venus in your natal Horoscope.

This is a very important part of reading the effects of transit.

One must not ignore it.

So I this article I will mention the effects of Saturn transit over the natal planets and following will be covered in it.

Why To Check Impact Of Transit Saturn Over Natal Planets?

You must be wondering why there is a need to address this topic.

The answer is very simple and I will give you two examples to make you understand its value.

You must have heard of Saturn return which happens every 30 years, when Saturn transit over the natal Saturn in your Horoscope.

Currently natives having Saturn in Aquarius are having their first or second Saturn return.

Saturn return is very important to us.

During first Saturn return at the age of 30, a person matures and starts to peak and starts to get serious about career.

During second Saturn return which comes at the age of 60 a person get retired. Saturn return is deeply connected to over career and social responsibilities.

Now the second example is of Sade Sati, which peaks when transit Saturn passes over the natal Moon in the Horoscope.

It is also known as the toughest part of the Sade sati.

Also, when Saturn transit over a planet, it enhances the qualities of that particular planet and based on the structure and placement of the natal horoscope, native experiences the results.

For example, if someone is destined to be a business man (based on the condition of the 10th house), then Saturn transit over Mercury is very important because Mercury is natural karaka of trade and business and during its stay over Mercury will condition the native mind to achieve success in business.

It is not necessary these results will come easily, most of the time Saturn brings hardships in order for us to realize our potential.

So with two examples you can understand why it is important to address the effects of Saturn transit over natal planets.

NOTE: The challenges related to the planet Saturn is transiting over teaches us valuable lesson and to benefit from them by accepting mistakes requires one to have a strong ascendant and rajyoga in the natal horoscope.

So let's see effects of Saturn transit over all natal planets in the Horoscope.

Effect Of Saturn Transit Over Natal Sun

This transit typically occurs approximately every 28-30 years. Depending on the speed of Saturn transit and length of the zodiac.

It might happen around the ages of 28-30, 58-60, and 88-90, roughly marking the different stages of life: the first Saturn return over Sun, the second Saturn return over Sun and so on.

Saturn is associated with discipline, responsibility, structure, and lessons learned through experience whereas planet Sun represents your identity, vitality, and ego.

Saturn's influence encourages hard work, introspection, and facing realities. It can be a time of restructuring your life, letting go of what doesn’t serve you, and building a stronger foundation for the future.

When Saturn transits over natal Sun, it's often considered a significant period of growth, challenge, and maturation. 

During this transit, you might experience a sense of increased responsibilities, limitations, or a need to reevaluate goals and ambitions.

It’s a period that often demands patience, perseverance, and a focus on long-term goals. While it might feel restricting or challenging, it also offers opportunities for personal growth, self-discipline, and the development of inner strength.

How this transit affects you personally can depend on the specific aspects Saturn forms with your natal Sun, as well as other planets in your chart. It is well known to cause issues with Father or to the Father in the form of health or career issues to him.

Effect Of Saturn Transit Over Natal Moon

Saturn transit over the Moon is considered as one of the hardest transit and it is known as the beginning of 2nd phase of Sade sati. Moon is our emotions and sense of perceptions, all the happiness and sadness is perceived by the mind only.

During this transit, native suffers issues in all areas of life.But it is the mind which feels defeated and native judgement capabilities become bad. Loss of job is the major event which can happen which affects the finances of native also. Relationship wise, things go down and domestic peace get affected badly. Health of the mother suffers and some challenging issues can come in this regard. Native own health requires attention and chances of issues through addictions become prominent.

For Virgo, Libra and Capricorn ascendant it is a beneficial transit and gives them financial and material growth in life. Especially, for Libra ascendant where Saturn is a Yogakaraka planet and planet Moon is lord of the 10th house.

For other ascendant, the results will range from mixed to difficult in nature. For Aries ascendant, health issues to mother, relationship with her and lack of domestic peace will be observed. For Taurus ascendant, rise in courage, start of a business and enhance writing skills will come. For Gemini ascendant, wealth will rise and chances of inheritance will come but same time health will be affected badly. For Cancer ascendant, obstacles in most areas of life due to bad health will be observed. For Leo ascendant, it can be good for shifting abroad but will bring expenditures of large sums. For Scorpio ascendant, issues to father health and argument with him along with frictions with seniors and bosses can happen. For Sagittarius ascendant, it can prove disastrous and can cause major obstacles and downfall in life. But if in horoscope conditions for sudden gains is there then this transit can bring it for them. For Aquarius ascendant, improvements in habits but issues with debts can arise. For Pisces ascendant, hindrance in education, stomach related issues and worry on account on childern can happen.

Effect Of Saturn Transit Over Natal Mars

Mars is a malefic planet and the transit of malefic Saturn over Mars leads to explosive results. It causes health issues, violent nature and arguments.  Though it is good for gains from land and agricultural related work. Native exhibits more authority behavior in his general life and he starts to earn respect but out of fear. Relationships can get affected and native marriages get affected by this. High blood pressure or other blood related disorders can affect the native during the duration of 2.5 years of this Saturn transit. 

For Aries ascendant, it brings rise in career and wealth but also causes health issues. For a Taurus ascendant, it brings events related to marriage .i.e opportunity for marriage, issues in marriage, health issues to  spouse. It also brings events related to abroad like visit or settlement. For Gemini ascendant, legal, health and financial issues can happen but if horoscope have placements for inheritance then native will be awarded with one. For Cancer ascendant, Mars is a yogakaraka and it tends to push Saturn to give good results of it significations which leads to success in partnership and real estate gains but none of the results comes easily for them. For Leo ascendant, interest in body building, adoption of a pet, issues with servants and health issues are the trade mark results. For Virgo ascendant, there can be intense negative results over health and overall well being of native, chronic health issues cripples the native and along with that legal issues also arise for them. For Libra ascendant, affairs related to family comes in focus and native sees some peaceful time with them and also sees improvements in relationship spouse.

Saturn Transit Over Natal Mercury

When Saturn transits over the natal Mercury, it brings about a series of influences that primarily affect communication, learning, and mental processes.

Natives, go through changes in the style of communication where speech becomes tight and the flow of thoughts becomes restricted. 

Young children with afflicted or weak 2nd house develops speech defects but at the same time it can allow one to learn a new language. It all depends on the natal horoscope and its potential.

This transit may also impact analytical thinking, it makes native more practical, disciplined and the awareness of native increases and academic interests becomes better.

Business and commercial activities also get influenced, with a sharp rise in fine understandings of the trade. It can be really good for those engaged in speculative activities.

Native with a strong 3rd house and have placements to become a writer starts to realize their potential and becomes perfect by the time this transit is over.

For Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants this is a beneficial transit and brings overall growth in their life.

For other ascendants, it is a challenging one, for Aries issues with career and finance comes, for Cancer it can bring severe health issues and expenditures, for Leo ascendant marriage issues along with legal troubles, for Scorpio ascendant, there obstacles in all areas of life especially when it is happening in their 8th or the 12th house, for Sagittarius issues in domestic peace, property and hardships in marriage comes and for Pisces ascendant the negativity happens over their health and marital peace mainly.

Effect Of Saturn Transit Over Natal Venus

Venus is a benefic planet which rules over luxury, relationship, ornaments, beauty products, wealth, women, aesthetics, material comforts, social interactions, and even spirituality, enriching and adding depth to the human experience. Both Saturn and Venus have mutual friendship towards each other and Saturn usually enhances the natural qualities of Venus and increases the artistic abilities of the natives.

It means it is beneficial for natives working in the creative field such as acting, singing, painting, animation, cloths designing, jewellery making etc. Natives who are struggling to find the right and beneficial way to express their creativity, starts to gain lead on right way of expression.

Great artists are formed during such transit of Saturn. But same time, it bring challenges in other areas of life, especially in relationship and sexual potency.

Let's see more effects of Saturn transit over natal Venus through each house of a Horoscope.

In the first house: Saturn's transit over Venus in the 1st house can be said as auspicious for wealth, luxury and social standing. It makes natives maturity and responsibility in personal relationships. It may lead to a more serious and cautious approach to how one presents themselves in relationships. There could be a sense of needing to portray a more stable and composed image. 

It is particularly good for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces ascendant. Whereas for Aries ascendant, it is exceptionally bad because Saturn will be debilitated for them and Venus is a double maraka. Which means native will face severe health issues and may face life threatening situations. It will destroy the marriage of native also because here Venus as the 7th house lord controls their marriage related significations.

In the second house: Here, Saturn transit affects our financial habits and discipline. Usually native either spends or saves too much during this period. There is no middle ground and it is seen that native buys collectable items during this period. More focus goes on stocks, bonds and long term saving plans. Food habits also gets affected and native eats more sour and sweet food. Eating unique dishes becomes more common and depending on the budget natives experiments with various kinds of Alcohol. Speech becomes different and native manners change, it can bring some eccentric behaviour which may work in favor of native. Since the 2nd house is 8th from the 7th house, issues in marriage or health troubles to the spouse can happen. Especially for males where Venus is karaka of wife in astrology.

For Aries ascendant where Saturn is lord of the 10th and the 11th house and Venus is lord of the 2nd and the 7th house, this transit of Saturn over natal Venus can prove extremely good for wealth generation where a major chunk can come from abroad dealings, business or from spouses family.

For Taurus ascendant, again a good transit it is because here both Venus and Saturn are benefic planets and friend to Mercury who is ruler of the 2nd house. For creative writing, banking and trading it can prove auspicious and for traders also some support it brings. Native speech becomes fast and distinctive which is good for those who rely on vocal communication in their career.

In the third house: Saturn's transit prompts a serious and structured communication style. Responsibilities towards siblings might increase. It encourages thoughtful and responsible interactions with siblings or neighbors.

In the fourth house: There could be a sense of increased responsibility or limitations regarding home or family matters. It emphasizes the need for a disciplined approach to family responsibilities or property matters.

In the fifth house: This transit might introduce limitations or discipline in creative pursuits. It encourages a structured and responsible approach to parenting or dealing with children. There might be a need for caution in speculative ventures.

In the sixth house: Responsibilities or challenges in the workplace might increase. Saturn urges discipline and patience in dealing with health matters or work-related issues. A more structured approach to daily routines is encouraged.

In the seventh house: There might be testing periods or challenges in relationships. It emphasizes maturity, commitment, and patience in partnerships. There could be a need to work through limitations together.

In the eight house: Saturn's transit highlights responsibilities or limitations in shared resources or intimate relationships. It encourages a serious approach to handling joint finances or deeper psychological matters.

In the ninth house: Saturn emphasizes discipline and structure in matters related to higher education, beliefs, or spiritual pursuits. There might be a need for a more serious approach to philosophical or spiritual studies.

In the tenth house: This transit might introduce limitations or responsibilities in career matters. Saturn encourages a disciplined approach to one's public image or professional life. There could be increased responsibility in one's career path.

In the eleventh house: Responsibilities or challenges within social circles or aspirations might increase. Saturn urges discipline and patience in pursuing long-term goals. There might be a need to reassess friendships or goals.

In the twelfth house : Saturn's transit emphasizes disciplined spiritual practices or solitude. It encourages a structured approach to exploring inner growth and subconscious patterns. There might be a need to confront limitations or responsibilities related to seclusion or hidden matters.

Saturn Transit Over Natal Saturn 

As mentioned earlier this condition is known as Saturn return and is known to brings significant changes in life. 

Saturn transit over natal Saturn is very significant event and happens once in 30 years. The house where Saturn is placed in the natal horoscope becomes highlighted during this period. Saturn gives good results only in 3rd house which 3rd, 10th and the 11th house, provided it is not debilitated.

When Saturn transits over natal Saturn in these houses it is considered as significantly important for the native.

For example, it is well known that Saturn in 10th house gives delays in rise in career and it native with such Saturn have to wait until 30 years of age to understand the path of their career and their purpose of life.

It is the transit of Saturn over natal Saturn which brings remarkable events in their career like a rise in career and brings a sense of responsibility. If dasha is supportive and native a strong horoscope then during this period native can built the foundation of a great career. It increases the abilities of native and during this one is able to find his true potential in life.

Similarly, Saturn return in different houses will bring different impact for the native.

Like in the 1st house, it is all about the self where the impact ranges from looks, health to behaviour. The aspects of Saturn also hold significant value and its aspect i.e 3rd, 7th and 10th brings the transformation and new developments to the houses where they are falling.

During the first year of Saturn return, native sees the physical transformation and during the rest of the Saturn return native goes through a positive mental transformation.

Effect Of Saturn Transit Over Natal Rahu

Rahu is a natural malefic planet and is the karaka of abroad and is a Node of Moon.

A malefic transit over a malefic planet is generally not considered as good. 

Saturn transit over Rahu affects negatively and bring issues ranging from marriage to financial to health. 

It is the most dreaded transit and one should be careful whenever this happens, especially in the sign of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio. Native with such transit sees, ups and downs in his health.  Debts and legal issues and also separation from loved and near ones.

When happening in Aries sign it makes native overly aggressive and it can lead to rise in criminal tendencies. Native also indulges in immoral activities and does not care for the emotional state of others. Lie and cheating becomes pronounced and can lead to legal issues.

In the sign of Taurus, it brings good results no matter what house it is happening in. Natives become very sharp and diplomatic 

Success comes easily but native suffers from enemies whom he defeats through unethical ways.

Saturn influences over Rahu brings abroad travels and gains from it. 

This Saturn transit over Rahu can open up new gates for native. 

In today fast and connected world, it can be very helpful.

Saturn Transit Over Natal Ketu 

Ketu is a malefic planet and is South node of planet Moon. This is one of the hardest transit to endure no matter in which house it is happening.

Saturn's transit over Ketu in Vedic astrology can bring about significant influences, particularly as both Saturn and Ketu are associated with karmic themes and spiritual growth.

Saturn represents discipline, hard work, and structure. Its transit tends to bring a focus on responsibilities and long-term goals and signifies karmic lessons, highlighting areas where one needs to face challenges to grow and evolve.

Ketu is associated with spirituality, introspection, and detachment from material desires. It represents past-life karma and unresolved issues. Ketu's energy is unconventional, often bringing unexpected events or insights.

Saturn transit over Ketu brings feelings of detachments and causes native to wander from one place to another. It can bring disinterest in career and marriage. 

Native doesn't feel like doing anything to correct the negativity in his life. 

Pain in spine and neck causes native to slow down.

This condition is more favorable for people who are into mantra sadhna or occult practices. There it can bring siddhi to the native and can cause super natural experiences.

Influence of Saturn's Transit over Ketu:

  • Karmic Evolution: Saturn's transit over Ketu can trigger karmic lessons and spiritual growth. It may bring about situations that prompt deep introspection and understanding of past-life influences.
  • Structural Changes: Saturn's disciplined energy might introduce structure and discipline into Ketu's otherwise elusive and unconventional nature. It can prompt individuals to address karmic imbalances in a systematic manner.
  • Challenges and Growth: This transit might present challenges related to letting go of old patterns or facing limitations in unconventional areas of life where Ketu operates. It encourages maturity and responsibility in dealing with these issues.
  • Spiritual Awakening: There's a potential for spiritual awakening or a deeper understanding of spiritual truths during this transit. It encourages individuals to explore their spiritual path more earnestly.

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