Application Of Semi Precious Gemstone In Gemtherapy

Application Of Semi Precious Gemstone In Gemtherapy

Gem therapy which is most popular and powerful way to harness planetary energies of your functional benefic planets seems to be out of reach for the most part of the population.

Major reason here the price of these Jyotish quality Gemstones.

For example, a unheated and VS type Ruby is almost 4000USD per carat and for obvious reasons, many people can’t afford such expensive Gemstone.


No one can’t be blamed for the high cost of these Gemstones because the mines itself are not producing enough Gemstone.

Current hotspot for Gemstone mining is Sri Lanka but there also due to high exploitation the outcome is going low year by year.

Here, one should know that Gemstone is never mined for astrology use, they are basically mined for jewelry industry which is expanding at a very fast rate and is also relying on Lab created gemstone.

Also, places like SriLanka is mostly for Sapphires and for Rubies one need to head for African countries like Mozambique where different situations exist which leads to the high price of Rubies.

Now the question here is how one can take benefits of these high-value Gemstones?

Obviously, one needs to have a heavy pocket for these kinds of gemstones, and deep down it’s in your fate also whether you will be able to wear such Gemstones or not.

I got my Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral, and Seawater Pearl in the first half of the year 2015 when Jupiter in transit was over my 5th house in its exaltation where Jupiter had 5 ashtakvarga bindus.

The same way one needs to be lucky to acquire these Gemstones and some exclusive combination should exist in birth chart which enables one to get a hold on this unique creation of nature.

If you go through astrological texts like BPHS or Phaladeepika you will see mention of rules where a person is said to gain precious Gemstone in certain Dasha’s or transit also some combination allows one to gain these Gemstones easily.

If you have any kind of pure untreated and flawless Gemstone then consider yourself lucky because only a few percent of the whole world population have such kind of Gemstone with them.


What if one can’t afford Jyotish Quality Gemstone?

The answer here is very simple but requires a long explanation to make things clear here because people tend to follow what they see and hear in their daily life, especially in India where most of us think that SEMIPRECIOUS GEMSTONE gives half results in comparison to its superior Gemstone.

This is completely wrong and one should understand that nature works in very mysterious ways and this so-called SEMI PRECIOUS GEMSTONE exists so that everyone can use it.

For your knowledge, Yellow Topaz which is called as Semiprecious or Substitute Gemstone for Yellow Sapphire is actually more expensive than Yellow Sapphire itself and gives faster results than Yellow Sapphire.

Now, how one can explain this?


Yellow Topaz is breaking the myth of less effectiveness of Semiprecious Gemstone!!

But in India, it is very hard for people to accept these things because since their childhood they have listened to these things from their neighbors, uncles, or aunts and sometimes it’s next to impossible to change their own gemstone beliefs.

I don’t think Sages has categorized Gemstones with Precious or Semiprecious tags.

For them, they all belonged to only one category,  Gemstone is divided into categories by Gemstone classification society or organization.

They did their categorization based on their molecular structure and composition.

The diamond which is considered very precious is also known as the hardest substance in the world, it’s because of its molecular structure and the same way all Sapphire belongs to the Corodium family which is next to the diamond in terms of hardness which is related to its molecular structure.

Many of you will be surprised to know that seawater pearls which is almost as expensive as Ruby are termed Semiprecious Gemstone by them.

The reason is very simple they don’t have durability and are organic which means they erode over some time and can get defects easily.

In the same way, Red Coral is also a semiprecious gemstone as per their composition.

Now here our general understanding says that Red Coral is a maharatan(precious gemstone) for planet Mars and Carnelian is a substitute for it but classification society doesn’t say so as per them Red Coral is a Semiprecious Gemstone.

Now, what you can make out of this situation?

The answer is simple here just don’t get into terms like Precious or Semiprecious Gemstone.

These terms are valid only when you use them for jewelry purpose where you can flaunt them to show how deep your pockets are and where others can notice precious or semi-precious gemstone on you.

In a general scenario, I will be impressed by someone who is wearing a Natural Emerald rather than seeing a Peridot on same necklace or bracelet.

The crux here is that keep Semiprecious and Precious terms for jewelry purposes only and don’t bring them in your Gemtherapy.

The following list shows different Semiprecious Gemstones for different Planets.

1. Amethyst and lolite for planet Saturn: Both of these Gemstones work very well and can be used in place of Blue Sapphire. Both of them are very pocket-friendly and usually, a good quality Amethyst comes in the price range of 30 USD per Carat.

You might see some Amethyst with a price tag of 5USD per carat but there is a remarkable difference between them which is visible from the image given below.

2. Peridot for planet Mercury: Peridot is one of the beautiful gemstones and works same as Emerald. A high-quality Peridot as shown in the image is more rewarding than the Emerald itself.

3. Yellow Beryl for Planet Jupiter: Yellow Beryl aka Heliodor is my favorite due to its effectiveness in Gemtherapy. My own experience with Yellow Beryl drives me to procure Yellow Beryl as much as possible.

Yellow Beryl is very pocket-friendly and comes at the price of approx 100 USD per Carat whereas a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire usually costs 300 USD or more per carat.

They both give same results but see the price difference here and it’s all because of Yellow Sapphire’s limited availability and its solid molecular structure.

Real-life cases where money was wasted due to sheer lack of awareness.

4. Moonstone for Planet Moon: This one is very important since Sea water pearl are very rare and expensive whereas Moonstone is a option which comes at 50 USD per carat. 

A real-life case where money was wasted due to sheer lack of awareness.

The image below shows the difference in quality between a Pure Jyotish Purpose Yellow Sapphire and two Gemstone which were sold as Yellow Sapphire.

The Yellow Sapphire on the left side of the frame is of 600USD and 2.4 carats whereas the two other stones were sold at 150 and 200USD respectively.

For obvious reasons, the two ugly looking stones didn’t work and resulted in the waste of money.

Here, awareness and reliable sources would have resulted in better use of that money, and a good quality Yellow Beryl best option for them.

These two guys were recommended Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Beryl by me but due to lack of funds they couldn’t go for Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire and both of them didn’t give a thought to Yellow Beryl despite providing evidence and testimonials.

Instead, they went to a local market most likely to some local jewelry shop known as Sunhar in India, and got these two trash pieces from there.

Later on, they realized that they should have opted for Yellow Beryl for their Gemtherapy.

The reason for not opting for Yellow Beryl was the same, they never heard of it in their life before and their self-knowledge was limited to Citrine only which is by mistake considered as a substitute for Yellow Sapphire.

But Citrine is a super cheap Gemstone and how it costs 100 USD per carat put them in doubt.

The fact here is Citrine is not a substitute for Yellow Sapphire and many people sell Citrine as Yellow Topaz which again leads to more confusion in minds.

Such a situation is very complex where the very current Gemstone market of India and our habit of sticking to half-cooked knowledge leads to bad choices.

The crux of the whole article is that opt for semi-precious gemstones if you can not go for precious gemstones for your gemtherapy.

It is always a better option than wasting money on junk gemstones that are not going to work for you.

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