This astrological work on Jesus Christ chart is based on findings of Dr.B.V Raman. He have mentioned Jesus Horoscope in his famous book “the notable horoscopes”.
Regarding the date of birth of Jesus. Doc B.V Raman mostly relied upon the findings of Mr.Cryril Fagan as given in the 1937 winter issue of America  Journal of Astrology.Though there is a mention of Jesus in one of the Hindu Purana called ” bhavishya Purana” bhavishya in English means Future.
For the Horoscope’s of Krishna,Rama & Buddha we don’t need to relay on findings of western  reachers, our Purana have mentions of their birth details & Planetry position before hand.Not to surprise that we already have Planetry positions of avatar Lord Kalki who is yet to born.
Coming back to Jesus Christ horoscope,in B.V Ramans casting of Horoscope there is  always a problem in Navamsha chart because of use of wrong ayanamsa .As per Shri K.N  Rao, B.V Raman rearly discussed Navamsha in his books while explaining Horoscopes or astrology rules.He have criticised him many times in his books regarding use of correct ayanamsa thus use of Navamsha Chart.
Here during the calculation of Jesus Christ’s chart, I have done some manual calculation to correct the Navamsha positions of following planets.
1.Sun is in Tauras Navamsha instead of Gemini.
2.Moon is in Cancer instead of Virgo.
3.Mars is in Capricon instead of Aquarius.
4.Rahu is in Virgo instead of Cancer
5.Ketu is in Pisces instead of Cancer.
If someone see any error in it please feel free to email me at contact@thevedichoroscope.com.



As held by Christians Jesus was born to Virgin Mary.
Highlights of his Horoscope
1.Ascendent Lord Mercury is in friendly sign in 4th house with planet Sun.4th house is a moksha trine & planet Sun is lord of 12th house which is also a moksha trine.
Hence,there is a deep influence of moksha trines on Ascendent lord Mercury.
2.In Navamsha (D-9) mercury is again in 4th house, a moksha trine,along with that four planets are present in 9th house of Navamsha i.e Saturn,Jupiter, Venus & Mars.
3.Atmakarka is Jupiter in his Horoscope & is forming “Hamsa” & Gajakesari Yoga. It’s a rare combination showing high degree of soul force possessed by him.
4.Union of Atmakarka Jupiter & Amatyakarka saturn & together they are aspecting lagan.This shows the popularity he gained among masses
5.There is  Pasa Yoga present in his chart which shows the kindness & benevolence possessed by him.
6.There is Parivraja or Sanyasa Yoga,which made him a great Yogi.
7.Ketu is present in 9th house from lagana and in Navamsha he have Ketu in Pisces which is sign of moksha ruled by Jupiter.All these shows the spiritual knowledge he possessed by him.
8.Powerful Moon & Jupiter together shows a keen mental perception & righteous conduct.
9.Moon & Saturn shows his meekness,modesty,compassion
10.Major planets espically Jupiter & Moon is Kendra( quadrant) makes one an entity.
11.The house from profession from moon is aspected by Saturn & it shows Jesus had an humble life & trade( carpenter).
12.Simultaneous affect of Jupiter,Saturn,Venus & Mars on Moon in Cancer in Navamsha made him a preacher.
Major events of life:
We don’t have any many events of his life recorded with us now.
Though his Horoscope along with Mahadasha shows he spent his childhood in poverty and had a very simple life.
He was born in Satun antar dasha in Saturn mahadasha. After his birth due to fear of King Herod his mother took him to Egypt. He grewup in extreme seclusion which is indicated by Saturn aspect on Ascendent & operation of Saturn mahadasha during his childhood age.
Throughout his Saturn dahsa,his life must have been hard though he definitely experienced inner joy.At age of 12 Joseph & Mary took him to Jerusalem & there occurred the memorable event of his temporary loss & his appearance in a temple.All this happened in his Jupiter antardasha in Saturn mahadasha.
Both the planets have contributed to his spiritual dignity. His mercury Dasha lasted till he was 31 and he went through process of discovery & struggle which was very essential for realisation of the ultimate truth.
It was his Ketu Dasha when he achieved enlightenment. As explained.Ketu is in 9th house in his lagan chart & in Navamsha is in Pisces.Ketu itself is a planet of spiritual knowledge & enlightenment.
In Ketu dahsa he began his preaching & delivered the “Sermon on the Mount” which lasted for 3 years.
He gave a moral system to western world who had been steeped into superstition & barbarism.His teachings were short suggestive sayings,full of depth yet free from affection & obscurity. A cereful study indicates his real personality. No doubt he altered the current stream of history.His chart testifies the unique character of his individuality, to his self sacrifice, devotion also to the fact that he provided a ideal moral code which was lacking in western society’s.
He was crucified in 30 A.D at the end of Ketu mahadahsa.His death occurred by torture & is indicated by Saturn & Mars aspecting lagans and same time both planets are aspecting 7th( maraka) house from moon.
In Navamsha Ketu have acquired Pisces sign which is a maraka sign in natal birth chart.
Note:Horoscope of Jesus is  kind of speculative in nature due lack of recorded time events.
Jesus was in India and learnt Yoga here which is not recognized by western world.
Astrologically you can see this aspect by presence of Sun being 12th lord in 4th house and in Navamsha presence of Ketu in 3rd from Atmakarka Jupiter.
He gave a belief to people known as Christianity which is ideally suites current era of Kaliyuga. He was a true Ascension Master.

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