Importance Of Pushkar Navamsha & Pushkar Bhaga

Importance Of Pushkar Navamsha & Pushkar Bhaga

Pushkar navamsa and Pushkar bhaga are one of the topics that are not covered much anywhere.

We keep hearing these two terms but can't find much information on these two.

One of the main reasons why it's not very much used or sometimes overlooked completely is due to the fact that in BPHS or other astrological work nothing much is given about it.

Whereas in nadi classics like Devakeralam and by authors like Vidya Madhav, it is used quite frequently.

In fact, they are used quite freely in Devakeralam.

In modern astrological era only late C.S Patel has given some information on them.

Here I will try to highlight on them as best of my ability.

PUSHKAR word means "blue lotus" in Sanskrit and many of you might be familiar with a city name Pushkar in Rajasthan where the only temple of Lord Brahma exists.

Also, one more important things which I like to include is that so far "there is not much information available on how it is used in predictive astrology" though using them for election astrology is quite simple"

Pushkar navamsha are auspicious navamsa ruled only by benefic planets and when planets placed there behaves in auspicious manner.


It is a particular navamsa in a sign where planets behave in auspicious manner.

As we all know one navamsha spans for 3° 20" and for easy reference you can check below to identify in which zodiac and degrees, a planet gets Pushkar navamsha status.

  • ARIES: Any planet in Aries sign in 20° 00" to 23° 20" will be in Pushkar navamsha. Here planet will be in Libra Navamsa which is ruled by natural benefic Venus.
  • The same way, any planet in Aries sign from 26° 40" to 30° 00" will have Sagittarius Navamsa which is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is a Pushkar Navamsha.
  • So if you want to check if any planet is in Pushkar Navamsha in your chart then check planets in Aries sign (if any) and their degrees, if they fall in degrees as mentioned above then it is in Pushkar Navamsha.

Same way for other zodiacs.

  • TAURUS: Planets in 6° 40" to 10° 00" and 13° 20" to 16° 40" will fall in Pisces & Taurus signs in navamsa.
  • GEMINI: Planets in 16° 40" to 20° 00" and 23° 20" to 26° 40" will fall in Pisces & Taurus sign in navamsa.
  • CANCER: Planets in 00° 00" to 3° 20" and 06° 40" to 10° 00" will fall in Cancer & Virgo sign in navamsa.
  • LEO: Planets in 20° 00" to 23° 20" and 26° 40" to 30° 00" will fall in Libra & Sagittarius sign in navamsa.
  • VIRGO: Planets in 06° 40" to 10° 00" and 13° 20" to 16° 40" will fall in Pisces & Taurus sign in navamsa.
  • LIBRA: Planets in 16° 40" to 20° 00" and 23° 20" and 26° 40" will fall in Pisces & Taurus sign in navamsha.
  • SCORPIO: Planets in 00° 00" to 3° 20" and 06° 40" to 10° 00" will fall in Cancer & Virgo sign in navamsa.
  • SAGITTARIUS: Planets in 20° 00" and 23° 20" and 26° 40" to 30° 00" will fall in Libra and Sagittarius sign in navamsa.
  • CAPRICORN: Planets in 06° 40" to 10° 00" and 13° 20" to 16° 40" will fall in Pisces & Taurus sign in navamsa.
  • AQUARIUS: Planets in 16° 40" to 20° 00" and 23° 20" and 26° 40" will fall in Pisces & Taurus sign in navamsa.
  • PISCES: Planets in 00° 00" to 3° 20" and 06° 40" to 10° 00" will fall in Cancer & Virgo sign in navamsha.

You can see that all 24 Pushkar Navamsha belong to Benefic planets only where Taurus and Pisces hold the maximum 6 each.

Whereas Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius hold 3 Pushkar Navamsha.

Pisces is the last sign in the natural zodiac scheme whereas Tauras is the second sign in the natural zodiac scheme and both these signs are adjacent to ascendant.

This is my guess on why these two signs hold half of the Pushkar Navamsha.

Also, they are the two best benefic sign in astrology.

Whereas Pushkar bhaga is exact degrees in zodiacs which are as follows:

  • Exact 21st degree of fire sign Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
  • Exact 14th degree of Taurus
  • Virgo, and Capricorn.
  • Exact 24th degree of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
  • Exact 7th degree of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

You can easily feel that the use of Pushkar Navamsha is more convenient in predictions than Pushkar Bhaga because of the birth time error factor.

Now the question is how to use them in predictions.

There are verses in texts which have given high regard to Pushkar Navamsha.

Like in Jataka Parijata chapter 7 verse 25.

"When Jupiter and Mars are in union and same time Moon is in Vargottam or Pushkar Navamsha the person rules over masses"

Here we can see Pushkar Navamsha is considered equal to Vargottam planet.

In the same way, there are Rajyoga where Pushkar Navamsha is a must condition.

1. If the ascendant is in Pushkar Navamsa then the native achieves high success in life.

As seen in NTR Rao had ascendant in Pushkar Navamsha and was a successful actor and politician whom the masses loved dearly)

2. When the lord of the 5th, 9th, or 10th house are in Pushkar Navamsa then the person achieves good success in their Dasha.

3. Planets in Pushkar Navamsha are good givers and make one reach good success in their Dasha.

4. When all planets are in Pushkar Navamsa then the person rules over the world or is akin to a king in the current world can be considered as a powerful politician.

Apart from these Devakeralam have stated some yogas based on Pushkar Navamsa which are as follows.

5. If the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter are in Pushkar Navamsha then it makes a person very successful.

6. When Jupiter being the 10th lord(Gemini or Pisces ascendant) is placed in the 2nd house and at the same time is making the relationship with Mars creates "chamar yoga" and the person gets all success at an early age.

7. When Jupiter is in Pushkar Navamsha and the 10th house or its lord is making a relationship with Mars and same time if the person is born in champak nadyana then the native remains lucky all through his life and gets success in all ventures of life.

8. Jupiter in Kendra or Trikona house and at the same time in Pushkar Navamsha makes one very lucky.

Why Pushkar Navamsha is auspicious can be understood from the fact that they belong to natural benefics like Jupiter, Venus, Moon, and Mercury.

But there are other factors also which make them very auspicious and need to be decoded as praised in texts.

One more observation in this regard is that there are no Pushkar Navamsa in the second AMSA of any sign which is 03° 20" to 06° 40" and fourth AMSA which ranges from 10° 00" to 13° 20" whereas the third navamsha of any sign which ranges from 06° 40" to 10° 00" holds 6 Pushkar Navamsha.

The above para can be said like this also,2nd and 4th pada of any of nakshtra don't have any Pushkar Navamsha in them.

From all this, it is quite evident that there not much info is given on Pushkar Navamsha and how it can be used in predictions. But their importance can't be denied and planets in Pushkar Navamsha should be given some advantage.

Like in my own case my 6th lord Sun is in the 8th house and debilitated, though have strong Neechabhanga, and Sun should have given bad results to me in this period, especially regarding health.

But I never felt that healthy in my life before during my one year of Sun Antardasha, also I made my website during this same Sun period.

There were some deep spiritual events that happened with me during this time and most importantly I got married in the middle of the Sun period.

With Such placement of the 6th lord, it should have given me severe health issues me.

Apart from that why I always wanted to research this topic because the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Rahu are in Pushkar Navamsa in my chart and so far I have experienced life very differently than others with some success and lots of mystical experiences.

Pushkar Navamsha seems to enhance the spiritual quality of planets for sure.

It's like Planets are taking Holly dips in Holly River just like we humans do, to get spiritual benefits of it and here in Pushkar Navamsha planets quality gets enhanced immensely.

Now examples with planets in Pushkar Navamsha.

1. N.T Ramarao the famous actor and politician had Ascendant, Moon, Jupiter, and Ketu in Pushkar Navamsha.

He became chief minister of Andhra Pradesh where Ketu is in Pushkar Navamsha and Mercury is vargottama.

2. Mega Star Amitabh Bachchan has Jupiter and Venus in Pushkar Navamsha. His Venus is in the 8th house and is debilitated but Pushkar Navamsha placement overcomes this weakness of Venus.

3. Late prime minister V.P Singh had Jupiter and Saturn in Pushkar Navamsha.

You can look at more charts and observe how Pushkar Navamsa helps to alleviate the weakness of planets in D-1.

Sun In Pushkar Navamsha

Planet Sun is king among all planets and is karaka of the 1st house. Its Pushkar Navamsha state is highly beneficial and leads to the following results.

1.Enhanced Strength and Confidence: Since planet Sun rules over self, ego, and vitality, its Pushkar Navamsha state gives a significant boost in its qualities when placed in Pushkara Navamsha. This leads to increased self-confidence, leadership abilities, and a charismatic presence. Individuals with this placement may radiate warmth, positivity, and inspire others.

2. Success and Recognition: When planet Sun is in Pushkar Navamsha it gives significant success in career and achievements. Individuals with this placement may experience greater success in their chosen fields, gain recognition for their talents, and climb the ladder of authority.

3. Strong Willpower and Determination: Sun in Pushkar Navamsha boosts the will power of native and native overcome challenges with ease, persevere through tough times, and achieve their goals with unwavering focus.

4. Harmonious Relationships: Since Sun is karaka of father, its Pushkar Navamsha status leads toto a strong and supportive relationship with their father and benefits from it.

5. Spiritual Growth: Planet Sun is karaka of soul and spiritual path, when Sun is in Pushkar Navamsha, it gives a strong sense of inner purpose, engagement in spiritual pursuits, and devotion to god.

Sun in Pushkar navamsha is highly auspicious in the 1st,3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th and the 11th house.

For most of the ascendant signs, it is considered as good but for Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius it is highly beneficial and brings amazing results.

About the Author
naveen rana

Hello all! My name is Naveen Rana and earlier I worked in shipping industry.
Apart from solving Horoscopes, I hike around mountains and do photography. For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given more information about myself.

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  1. In my horoscope(Dob 16/07/1950 at 10:05 A.M. in Chennai), Ascendant, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are in the Puskar Navamsa. Rahu and Ketu are very close to Puskar Bhaga(only0.058 degrees away from the center).
    How will be my Rahu Mahadasha? Rahu is in the 8th house Pisces, Uttarbhadrapada Nakshatra aspected by Mars from the 2nd house.
    Jupiter(R) is in the 7th aspecting Sun in the 11th and Saturn in the 1st house respectively. Jupiter is Vargottama.
    Lagnesh Sun is Vargottama and Atmakaraka too.

  2. Sir, what if my lagnesh Jupiter (Pi lagna) is in 9th hse scorpio and is in Pushkar Navamsa (virgo d9) … However it is also in Mrtyu bhag. What will be the results then?

  3. what if the planet is in Pushkar navamsha but debilitated in d9? Like my daughter has Sun in Pushkar navamsha in Leo (purvaphalguni) in D1 chart but debilitated in 9th house in the D9 chart. What will be the results?

    1. Than the effects of Pushkar Navamsha will be towards balancing the debilitation of the concerned planet.

  4. Dear Friend Naveen Rana, Greatings, As far as my practice in astrology is concerned, I find 6th Lord in 8th house is not bad at all. Because first thing SUN is evil and evil Planet in 8th house is not bad. Secondly, treat 6H as Lagna and 8H as 3H you will get the results.

  5. Thank you for article,
    When planets fall in pushkar navamsha, does it improve matters related to the D9 chart or overall life ?
    If D1 lagna lord falls in pushkar navamsha, then does it better the whole chart or the house ruled by it ?
    And, if the Dasha of that planet in pushkar navamsha doesn’t come , the results won’t come ?


  6. Nice piece. Might there be any orbs involved? I’ll assume the minutes of a degree aren’t a factor. I’ve Sani at 14.15 Capricorn where its Pushkar Bagha is Exact at 14 degrees.

    I’ve also Moon at 22.46 where PB is Exact at 21 degrees Leo (another site has it at 19 degrees). So might there be an orb of say a degree or two? Of Hard to determine of course.

    I otherwise have 5 occurrences of PN’s in D9. I’ve not seen a corresponding auspiciousness via experience however. Both Rasi Sun and Jupiter are debilitated and I suppose that accounts for it.

    D9’s Pluto and Mars fall in PN’s in 12th house. Above Moon is conjunct therein. What do you make of that? Chronic challenge? Seems to be the case.

    Jupiter Maha dasa is, finally, Dec 2019. This Rahu dasa has just about done me in – here in the middle of Sadi Sati.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Mark, it is hard to say like this there are many actors involved in a horoscope. I have 4 planets in Pushkar navamsha and i think they have worked somewhere both as success and spiritual experiences and there were others factors involved in all incidents.

      Regarding orbs, it is not a part of vedic astrology and if you include orbs then many factors will be gone.

  7. Very nice reading…..
    Does it form any yoga if the lagna Lord of D1 and D9 conjunct and both are in pushkar. Navamsha in a Kendra in D9 …???
    Thanks again, namaste

  8. namestey
    my dob 05-08-1981, 17:55:05, khetri raj
    what this shakti yoga.
    why not something good comeing out

    1. Heelo Gaurav sometimes yogas are good in paper only and there are many factors which plays its part and for that one need to do a indepth analyis.

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