First House| 1st House| Ascendant In Vedic Astrology

First House| 1st House| Ascendant In Vedic Astrology

The first house in Astrology is  known as ascendant or lagna also and is considered as the pillar of the Horoscope.

The sign rising in 1st house is known as rising ascendant and the lord of the 1st house is known as ascendant lord or lagnesh.

1st house is both a Kendra and a Trikone house hence it tends to becomes a natural Yogakaraka in all the horoscope.

All ancient commentaries have given special attention to the ascendant and its lord and in many Rajyoga there is a condition of unafflicted 1st house.

When you make a analysis of a Horoscope then the first step is to evaluate the ascendant and its lord.

Astrology is all about making predictions in our life.

So a careful assessment is required on it because if you judge the 1st house wrong then you won't be able to judge other house properly.

1st house and its lord decides how a person will look, his character, mental tendencies and status of Health.

As per Satyacharya complexion, physical condition like height body weight, thinking, fame and fall is based on the strength of the 1st house and its lord.

Without careful assessment of the ascendant and its lord we can't make a proper analysis of the horoscope.

Suppose we need to know if native can be a sports man and he have all the vital combinations to gain success in field of sports.

But if his ascendant is weak then he won't be able to have a good health, stamina and right phase of mind to excel in sports.

Same way in many other areas of life where role of the 1st house and its lord is important.

In this article I am going to explain all aspects of the 1st house and how to make a correct assessment of it.

Essential Theory On 1st House/Ascendant

A horoscope  can be drawn many ways from square shape in South Indian to Diamond shape in North India.

360 degrees when divided by 12 signs of Astrology gives us exactly 30 degrees hence each house in Astrology is exactly 30 degrees.

The first 30 degrees of a Horoscope belongs to sign Aries in natural zodiac scheme.

Though depending on your birth hour your 1st house may have any sign in it.

For example on 11-11-1988 at 15:30 hrs Delhi the horoscope is showing no.12 in 1st house.

1st house Astrology

Natal chart showing Pisces ascendant

Then it means native have Pisces sign in 1st house which means his ascendant will be Pisces.

The ruling sign over the 1st house changes every two hours because there are 24 hrs and 12 zodiac in Astrology.

Now you can further divide the 1st house to derive any division chart.

All the division charts are casted from the rising ascendant and its degrees.

Suppose you have to cast a Navamsha on 15-12-1986 at 10:00 hrs at Delhi then degrees of ascendant is 12 degrees and 02 minutes.

Now using the table given below Navamsha can be found out.

First House| 1st House| Ascendant In Vedic Astrology

Similarly you can use different tables for different division chart.

All the information above shows how important is 1st house in Astrology.

While casting a Horoscope, you are actually casting the 1st house only rest of the calculations follows automatically and other zodiac signs fits naturally in the circle of 360 degrees.

In Astrology the basic formula to assess any house is judgement of the house itself, its lord, its occupant and Karaka which is planet Sun.

Effects of Different Signs in 1st house or Ascendant

Based on what sign is rising in the 1st house, the Ascendant gets decided which further decides the role of planets and accordingly results of the dasha is predicted.

Thus the rising sign in 1st house hold a very important place and is the first step to judge a Horoscope.

Each of these signs when rising in 1st house decides a major role in mental, physical and personality traits of the native.

Then depending on aspect, conjunction and strength these significations of the 1st house gets modified.

Suppose a native Aries sign rising in 1st house, then the person will be called as Aries ascendant native.

If he have Mars in 1st house then the it means ascendant lord is placed in 1st house itself.

Based on this information we can make out that native will be having full features of Aries ascendant.

But most likely there will be aspects on 1st house and Mars in both natal and navamsha and that will change things further.

Suppose here Jupiter is given aspects to 1st house then features of Aries ascendant will be more advanced and native will be truthful, loyal, law abiding and can be a judge or a minister depending on condition of the 10th house and its lord.

If a malefic like Ketu is aspecting this Mars in Aries sign in 1st house then native can be violent, injury prone and may work with chemicals as source of income or can be a doctor also depending on other factors of the 10th house.

So a lot needs to be seen while making a decision on the Horoscope.

Let's see the basic results of various signs rising in the 1st house.

Aries sign in 1st house/ascendant

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac scheme and is ruled by planet Mars.

Aries sign spans from 00 degrees to 30 degrees until Taurus sign starts and is the first of the Cardinal and Trine house.

Aries is a movable sign with fire element in it and fixed by nature.

Sun achieves exaltation here and Saturn goes in debilitation where as it is the Mooltrikone sign of planet Mars.

Aries sign in 1st house makes one agile, active, passionate, courageous, independent, ambitious etc.

Native can be tall, lean, not so fair by complexion and impact of Mars and Sun over 1st house can give a less hairs in head and a broad forehead.

Due to Aries sign in 1st house native tends to not listen other easily and focus lies on doing things as per own plans.

Ego can be a big factor in the personality and affliction of Aries sign of planet Mars can gives a bad temper to the native.

Taurus sign in 1st house/ascendant

Taurus is the 2nd sign in natural zodiac scheme rules by planet Venus and spans from 030 degrees to 60 degrees.

Taurus is a fixed sign with earth element in it and is 1st sign of Earth Trikone other being Virgo and Capricorn sign.

Moon archives exaltation here and Ketu gets debilitated in Taurus sign.

Taurus sign in 1st house gives a very beautiful appearance with medium height and well formed limbs.

Taurus sign in 1st house gives stable thinking with control in emotions. It makes native joyful, intelligent, fond of luxury, music, good food and desire for best in life.

Planet Saturn, Mercury and Venus tends to act as beneficial planets due to their Mooltrikona sign falling in Trine houses from Taurus sign.

Depending on the condition of the 10th house and other factors. Taurus sign in 1st house leads to work in film industry, law, minister, hotel, gems and animals.

Gemini sign in 1st house/ascendant

Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Horoscope and it spans from 060 to 090 degrees.

It is ruled by planet Mercury and is dual sign with Air component in it.

No planets get exalted or debilitated here.

Gemini sign in 1st house gives one good height with very attractive features like nose and lips.

Limbs are well formed and if Mercury is well placed then exceptionally beautiful can be found.

Mentally Gemini sign in 1st house makes one fickle minded, gives good humour, gives intelligence with good communication skills.

Cancer sign in 4th house/ascendant

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac scheme and is ruled by planet Moon.

Cancer sign spans from 090 degrees to 120 degrees.

Cancer is a fixed sign with water element in it and movable by nature.

Jupiter achieves exaltation here and Mars goes in debilition.

Cancer sign in 1st house makes one lazy, compassionate, sensitive, emotional and intelligent.

Cancer sign in 1st house gives fair complexion, small height, short limbs, big breast, thick neck and round face.

Native can be very calm and takes all suggestions in account before making a final call. Though affliction of Mercury on 1st house can make one very talkative and their own words can cause losses to the native.

Leo sign rising in 1st house/ascendant

Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac scheme and is ruled by planet Sun.

Leo sign spans from 120 degrees to 150 degrees.

Leo is a fixed sign with fire element in it and is 2nd sign of Fire trine other being Aries and Sagittarius.

No planets achieves exaltation here and no planets goes in debilitation in it.

Leo sign in 1st house gives one good body structure and usually the native is tall and lean.

Good taking abilities can be there unless severe affliction is there and aspect of auspicious Jupiter can turn native into a great orator.

Impact of Mars in 1st house here can give less hairs in head and a broad forehead despite of that it is seen that Leo sign in 1st house makes one very magnetic by appearance.

Virgo sign rising in 1st house/ascendant

Virgo is the 6th sign of the natural zodiac scheme and spans from 150 to 180 degrees.

It is ruled by planet Mercury and is a dual sign which is cold and dry by nature.

Mercury gets exaltation in Virgo and Venus gets debilitated here in this sign.

Virgo sign in 1st house gives a lean body, beautiful nose and eyes and prominent facial features.

Native tend to have a good sense of smell and taste and beautiful voice also it gives.

Highly intelligent with good math skills and makes one well versed in literature also.

Libra sign in 1st house/ascendant

 Libra is the 7th sign of the natural zodiac sign which spans from 180 to 210 degrees.

Libra is 2nd sign of Air trine and is cardinal and movable.

Venus rules this sign where Saturn becomes exalted and Sun get debilitated.

Libra in 1st house makes native beautiful, fond of luxury, accumulator of wealth and gives one eye for art and artifacts.

Libra natives are usually tall, slim, well formed limbs, good skin and a charming persona.

Mentally Libra sign in 1st house makes one creative, happy, optimistic, sensitive and imaginative.

Scorpio sign in 1st house/ascendant

Scorpio is the 8th sign in natural zodiac scheme which is ruled by Mars and it spans from 210 to 240 degrees.

It is a water sign and forms a Moksha trine along with Cancer and Pisces sign.

No planets gets exalted in Scorpio and while Moon becomes debilitated.

Scorpio sign in 1st house makes of medium tall but gives a good attractive body with a mystical persona.

Their forehead can be broad with beautiful nose and eyes.

Mentally Scorpio sign in 1st house makes one a deep thinker, spiritual, fond of mystery, passionate, imaginative, intelligent and same time the can be revengeful, cunning and sarcastic also.

Sagittarius sign in 1st house/ascendant

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of zodiac scheme and it spans from 240 to 270 degrees.

Sagittarius sign is ruled by planet Jupiter.

It is a fiery sign, dual, hot and is part of Dharma trine.

Sagittarius sign in 1st house makes native tall, lean, gives well formed limbs to native and gives a calming presence.

Native usually is calm but under the surface have passion and desires to excel.

Native becomes optimistic, charitable with good temper and takes care of people around and gives importance to family.

Capricorn sign in 1st house/ascendant

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Horoscope and it spans from 270 to 300 degrees and is ruled by planet Saturn.

It is the last of the cardinal sign and is earthy in nature.

Capricorn sign is movable where Jupiter is debilitated and whereas Mars become exalted.

Capricorn sign in 1st house gives lean body with medium height to native, thick neck, coarse hairs and large teeths.

Mentally it makes native proud, honest, hardworking, selfish and they tend to make people follow their advice too much.

Aquarius sign in 1st house/ascendant

Aquarius sign is the 11th sign of the Horoscope and it spans from 300 to 330 degrees.

It is ruled by planet Saturn, airy  and fixed by nature.

No planet archives exaltation here neither any planet gets exalted in Aquarius sign.

Aquarius sign in 1st house makes one tall, good looking, gives large head and well formed limbs.

Mentally native is very enterprising, hardworking, intelligent, knowledgeable and thoughtful.

Pisces sign in 1st house/ascendant

 Pisces is the last sign of the natural zodiac scheme and it spans from 330 to 360 degrees.

It is ruled by Jupiter and is a watery sign.

Pisces sign is last sign in Moksha sign and is of dual nature.

Physically Pisces sign in 1st house gives one medium height, sharp nose, round shoulder, big thighs.

Usually the appearance is beautiful unless Jupiter or Pisces sign is afflicted.

Mentally Pisces sign in 1st house makes one compassionate, reliable, honest, kind, noble and dreamy.

Results of planets in 1st house

We have seen above the results of various sign in 1st house and any planet placed in 1st house will change things accordingly.

Any planet placed in 1st house will affect the native life directly and it is important to know the general effects of various planets in 1st house.

Hence it is important to know the results of planets in 1st house.

Following effects are based on the fact that no aspect and no conjunction is happening over the 1st house.

1. Sun in 1st house: Planet Sun in 1st house is considered as one of the best placement to have unless the rising sign is of Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo.

Here Sun rulership is over 6th, 8th and 12th signs respectively and with such rulership of Sun only bad things can be predicted.

Best for Aries and Leo signs because here Sun will be in exalted sign and own sign and planets Sun is functional benefic for both of these two.

Here the 1st house placement of planet Sun will make native royal by nature, hardworking, egoistic, lucky

Sun in 1st house makes native trusted, truthful, courageous, righteous and kind at heart.

Sun lead to high ambition and leads to success where native gains authority.

All these good Effects comes from natives courage and sincerity.

Placement of Sun here leads to a lean and talk body with scanty hairs and big forehead.

Native usually have good strength in his arms and the supreme control by planet Sun leads to good control also over them.

Senses like hair and smell can be really good and native is always aware of his surroundings.

Direct aspect of Sun over the 7th house leads to marriage in different caste or even with a Foreigner.

Marriage is usually troubled due to high ego of both native and his spouse.

2. Moon in 1st house: Moon is placed in 1st house then as per rule of Astrology it nullify 10000 sins from the past live and makes one look younger, bright, short in height, loving, fond of arts and gives ample wealth.

Moon is a natural benefic planet and when placed in 1st house it leads to good results in almost all areas of life unless the ascendant is Capricorn and Aquarius.

Natives is soft by nature with good radiant skin.

Hairs are usually full and thick with good shine in them.

Height of natives is usually medium with a bulky body especially in case of a women.

Native mind is not fixed in one things and there is always a curiosity in his mind.

It leads to constant exploration and natives can be a pilot or a sailor.

In olden days such natives used be travelers.

In modern days it can make one go on holidays frequently with luck in wealth due to benefic placement of Moon in 1st house.

Direct aspect of Moon over the 7th house leads to a happy, imaginative, beautiful and lucky spouse unless the 7th lord is badly placed.

3.  Mars in 1st house: Mars is a natural malefic which is hot by constitution and presence of Mars in 1st house is usually not a good placement to have.

It leads to Manglik Dosha which is known to cause issues in marriage.

It makes one hot headed and affliction over Mars can even make native a criminal.

Many cases of people suffering from Kleptomania have Mars in their 1st house.

Mars in 1st house can make native injury prone and can lead to blood related disorders especially when Mars is lord of the 3rd, 6th or 8th house.

Though it makes native handsome and gives younger appearance.

It gives a good height with well proportioned body and deep interest in body building and physical fitness.

Native can be a good orator, sportsmen and can get good success in politics.

When in good strength it can give ownership over land or estate.

For example Queen Elizabeth who have a exalted Mars in her 1st house.



Career wise Mars in 1st house is very good for technical work and many good engineers usually have connection of Mars with the 1st house.

Direct aspect of Mars over the 7th house can lead issues in marriage and spouse can have bad temper due to that.

4. Mercury in 1st house: Planet Mercury is a benefic planet which is associated with communication, wisdom, knowledge, quick thinking, humour and abilities.

When placed in 1st house it makes native handsome with sharp nose and gives a charming persona.

A good height is generally expected if rising sign have Air element in it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger have Mercury in own sign in 1st house and he changed the way people see bodybuilders.

Native tends to have interest in literature, poetry, writing and likes to have clear communication and same time gives desire to excel in acting and singing also.

It makes one very humorous and gives ability to convince others easily.

Direct aspect of the Mercury over the 7th house gives a very good spouse and usually leads to a good marital life.

5. Jupiter in 1st house: This is the best thing which can happen to any Horoscope.

Jupiter is the most benefic planet whose divine nature cancels many evils of the horoscope.

If Jupiter is in Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces sign without having retrograde state then nothing can beat this placement.

With this placement native is kind compassionate, jovial, optimistic, rich, happy and knowledgeable.

Apart from this there will be many other good qualities which will make native stand apart from others.

It makes one very helpful by nature and native truly understands the pain of others.

Jupiter in 1st house leads to medium height in water sign but tall in fire or air signs.

Usually Jupiter do best in all signs expect for Capricorn where it goes in debilition.

Native likes to read Holy books and spiritual growth is the main pursue of life.

Marriage is generally good and it brings spouse with good qualities.

6. Venus in 1st house: Venus is another benefic planet which leads to auspicious results in the first house.

It gets exalted in Pisces sign leading to Malavya Yoga.

Pop singer Shakira and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo have exalted Venus in their first house.

It makes one beautiful, gives luxury in life, bring fame on account of artistic talents.

Many actors, singers and even sports men have connection of Venus with their 1st house.

Native is usually medium in height unless the ascendant is Aquarius.

Limbs are well formed and native tends to have a choice of style.

Mentally it makes one sensuous and at times lazy also.

Venus in 1st house can't be controlled by many people, one need to have a strong Saturn so that discipline can come in life.

Married life and health is usually good and gains through spouse are obtained with this placement.

Aspect of Venus over the 7th house brings a very beautiful wife.

7. Saturn in 1st house: Saturn is considered as most malefic planet and he is karaka of suffering and delays.

No one wants Saturn in 1st house unless the ascendant is Taurus, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius.

Native is generally tall especially when ascendant is in Air sign.

Long hands and face is seen with bad Teeths and in worse case it can bring bone and joint related health issues.

Saturn in 1st house makes on lazy and lethargic and causes delays in all most areas of life.

Aspect of Saturn over the 1st house and over the 10th house causes issues in both personal and professional life.

8. Rahu in 1st house: Rahu is a shadow planet and tends to bring complexity in life when placed in 1st house.

Native feels lost and over confident unless Rahu is strong.

It gives false hope and illusions in mind and depending on the placement of despositer it can cause severe health issues also.

Rahu in 1st house makes one tall and gives big shoulder, bad hairs and a big jaw.

Unless Rahu is strong like in exalted state don't expect good results in 1st house.

A strong Rahu in 1st house can gives best things in life, from money to power, everything falls on natives feet.

Marriage can happen to a Foreign person and together native and his spouse feels indifferent attitude for each other.

9. Ketu in 1st house: This can be good and bad in both ways.

A lot depends where native Moon is and how his spiritual growth is.

Ketu in first house makes one tall and skinny with skin issues in it.

It can also cause hearing loss and digestive system issues.

Native is generally quiet with good observation skills.

His personal life suffers and spouse may suffer from bad Health.

Dasha Results Of 1st House Lord

As evident in above article so far 1st house is the most important house in Astrology and when dasha of its lord comes in native life then it can be life changing for good or bad depending on its strength and other factors.

As per many texts dasha results of 1st house lord is generally considered as very good dasha which leads to auspicious results in health, success and wealth provided 1st house lord is well placed in the Horoscope.

Here well placed means free from afflictions and possessed with strength in natal and division charts.

As per Satyacharya while predicting the results of Dasha, position of the said planet in Natal and Navamsha should be considered and also the effects of the planets conjoined with or aspecting 1st house lord.

Due consideration should be paid to the strength of planets.

Mutual exchange of planets, Yogas caused by the planets, karaka of planets and other relevant factors should be carefully weighed and judged and then final conclusion should be arrived at.

In short effects of results of the 1st house lord may be determined with reference to the following factors:

(1) The nature of the sign occupied by 1st house lord.
(2) The nature of the house occupied by 1st house lord.
(3) The nature of karaka of 1st house.
(4) The nature of 1st house lord (benefic or malefic) of the planet;
( 5) The nature of the planets in association with 1st house lord.
(6) The nature of planets aspecting 1st house lord.
(7) Association of 1st house lord with other planets via union, exchange or mutual aspect.

Plz note that the lord of the 1st house may own other house also.

For example Mercury is lord of the 1st house in Gemini ascendant and same time have rulership over the 4th house.

But for context of this article we will focus on dasha results of 1st house lord only.

Let's see the general results of Dasha of 1st house lord.

If 1st house lord is planet Sun then it means ascendant is Leo then in its dasha native will experience following general results:

1. Loss of weight.
2. Mild aggression.
3. Loss of hairs.
4. Dealing with government.
5. Abroad travel.
6. Pilgrimages.
7. Association with saints.
8. Interest in religion.
9. Mantra chanting.
10.Birth of childern.

Planet Sun can be placed in any house i.e 1st, 2nd or 12th etc.

The placement of Sun in different house will lead to its own seperate effects which will changes the dynamics of natural results of Sun dasha being 1st house lord.

The best houses where Sun as a 1st house lord will be in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th and 11th house.

Sun should not be with Saturn because it will lead to issues with father or to their father. Similarly, under influence of Rahu it will be a Grahan Yoga which can be devastating for the native in its dasha.

Where as with Yogakaraka Mars and 5th lord Jupiter the results of 1st house lord dasha will be amazing for the native. With Mercury it will lead to rise in wealth since relaltionship of Sun with Mercury is a Dhanyoga here.

If Moon is 1st house lord which is possible only for Cancer ascendant.

During dasha of Moon as 1st house lord native will experience following results:

1. Gain of wealth.
2. Gain of position.
3. Good business.
4. Interest in food.
5. Attainment of luxury.
6. Good hairs.
7. Good skin.
8. Affection from mother.
9. Long distance travel.
10. Upgrade in residence.

These positive results will occur
only when Moon is well placed in Horoscope, unafflicted and is associated with Yogakaraka Mars or 9th lord Jupiter.

If Moon is weak and afflicted then negative results will be experienced especially with afflicted by Saturn there won't be lack of peace in life in its dasha.

With planet Rahu it will be equally devastating for the native whereas with Ketu it will lead to increase in Spiritual activities and interests.

If 1st house lord is Mars which is the case with Aries and Scorpio ascendant sign, then the native will see auspicious results in health, status, wealth, infulences, looks, hair type, body weight and relaltionship.

There will be heavy aggression, passion, curiosity, increase in strength, agility, issues in marriage, chances of injury, loss of blood, increase in friend circle etc.

This 1st house lord Mars can be placed in any house.

The best place where the 1st house lord Mars will give good results is 1st house itself.

In Aries & Scorpio ascendant it will create Ruchaka Yoga which is one of the Panchmahapurush yoga in Astrology.

Similarly other planets like Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus also makes Panchmahapurush Yoga when placed in 1st house in own house.

Placement of 1st house lord Mars in trik houses i.e 6th, 8th or 12th house leads to negative results in its dasha unless 1st house lord is in own or exlated sign.

If Mercury is 1st house lord which is the case with Gemini and Virgo native then in its dasha native will experience auspicious results which are as follows:

1. Increase in concentration.
2. Improved speech.
3. Good skin.
4. Innovative ideas.
5. Short distance Traveling.
6. Interest in Astrology.
7. Learning of Forigen language.
8. Interest in trading.
9. Successful business.

If first house lord is Jupiter then the ascendant will be Sagittarius or Pisces and in its dasha native will experience following results.

1. Increase in knowledge.
2. Interest in religion.
3. Performance of homas.
4. Attainment of wealth.
5. Expansion.
6. Prosperity.
7. Pilgrimage.
8. Good education.
9. Birth of a Son.
10. Good status.

A lot will depend on where Jupiter is placed and for good results it should not be placed in 8th house.

In other house Jupiter will give good results provide it is well placed in Navamsha.

If Venus is 1st house lord which means ascendant here is Taurus or Libra.

Venus as 1st house lord have its own advantages and it leads to attainment of luxury and wealth which is one of the main human pursuits.

There will be interest in perfumes, sweets, women and cloths. It will lead to strong desires and if natives is male then chances of getting married will also be there.

If Saturn is lord of the 1st house which is the case with Capricorn & Aquarius sign.

Such dasha of 1st house lord will lead to following results if Saturn is placed in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini or Sagittarius sign:

1. Political gains.
2. Promotion.
3. Legacy.
4. Inheritance.
5. Calm nature.
6. Real estate gains.
7. Rise in status.
8. Good longivity.

In other signs especially in Aries very negative results will be experienced unless Neecha Bhanga Rajyoga is happening in native Horoscope.

So you have seen very general results of the 1st house lord which are modified via lordship factor and similarly association of 1st house lord with other planets and house will further change the final outcome of it.

Dasha Of Planets Placed In 1st House

Just above you seen dasha results of 1st house lord, same way there is a possibility that a planet May be placed in 1st house and in context of this article it is important we cover that also.

Now similarly here we will learn the general effects of planets placed in 1st house.

Plz Note: Any planet placed in 1st house will affect appreance of the native in big way.

Also, here particular attention should be given to natural nature and functional nature of the planet.

For example Saturn is hardcore malefic for Leo Ascendant and can cause severe issues in its dasha, especially when placed in 1st house of the Horoscope.

But if Saturn is benefic due to to lordship then results will be modified accordingly.

For example in Taurus Ascendant Saturn is a Yogakaraka planet and its placement in the 1st house is highly desirable.

Let's see the results of the various planets placed in 1st house:

If Sun is placed in 1st house lord then during its dasha the native will experience very good results provided ascendant is Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra or Sagittarius.

For these rising signs Sun is a auspicious planet and if there is a relationship of Sun with other trine lords then results of Rajyoga will be experienced by native.

Depending on which house planet Sun rules that significations will show positive response.

For example in Aries Ascendant Sun is lord of the 5th house and in 1st house Sun will be in exalted state. 

Which can lead to ministership position and birth of childern in its dasha.

If Moon is placed in 1st house then natives will experience lack of concentration, glow in skin, increase in body weight etc. 

There can be frequent cold and coughs if Moon rules over 3rd, 6th or 8th house.

Placement of Moon in 1st house is most auspicious for Taurus Ascendant because here Moon will be exalted and being 3rd lord will give immense courage to the native.

Whereas for Aquarius Ascendant it will be worst since Moon will be in sign of Saturn and will be lord of the 6th house of sickness.

If Mars is placed in 1st house then for following ascendants it will give good results:

1. Aries Ascendant: Mars is lord of the 1st Hosur here and will give rise to Ruchaka Yoga.
2. Leo Ascendant: Mars is Yogakaraka here and will be in fiery sign of Leo whose lord Sun is friendly to planet Mars.
3.Scorpio Ascendant: Again Mars is lord of the 1st house here and will give best of best results to the native in its dasha.
4. Pisces Ascendant: Here rulership of Mars over the 2nd and 9th house will bring courage, self earned money and luck in life.

For other ascendants placement of Mars will lead to negative results and effects of Manglik Yoga will be experienced by the native which will lead to bad health, issues in marriage and loss of reputation to the native.

Similarly Mercury, Venus, Jupiter tend to give good results when placed in 1st house.

In case of these three benefic planets a special rule of Astrology will be applied.

As per this rule these three benefics cancels many of the negative karma from the past life especially placement of Jupiter can really help native in difficult times.

Venus on other hand makes one very beautiful, artistic, wealthy and famous.

For example pop singer Shakira have Venus exalted in her first house and that made her zenith of popularity at one point of time despite of her humble beginnings and lack of conductive environment in her childhood.

Mercury which have the most complex rotation among all planets does quite well in first house and gives following results:

1. Makes on handsome.
2. Give amazing conversation abilities.
3. Gives good education.
4. Gives long life.
5. Makes one popular.

On other hand planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu tends to give negative results in 1st house and affects native life negatively especially health.

In some cases where Rahu- Ketu is debiliated in 1st house then life will see sudden ups and downs.

Where as planet Saturn in debiliated state in 1st house can make one suffer from intense karmic debts.

Example Of Strong 1st House

There are lots of examples where a strong 1st house took native to path of success and money.

The very first is of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

1st house example

You can see in the image given above that his 1st house having Scorpio rising with planet Mars in it which is giving rise to Ruchaka Yoga.

Mars in own sign is making his 1st house strong which gave him immense popularity among masses.

Second example is of Askhay Kumar, in his Horoscope also Mars is placed in own sign in 1st house.

Despite of his humble beginnings he made his way up due to sheer strength of 1st house only.

The third example is of Queen Elizabeth of England, in her Horoscope she have Mars in exalted state in 1st house which is also giving rise to Ruchaka Yoga.

We all know how much land she owns and is technically a Queen despite end of Monarchy system.

Above example prove that a strong 1st house can lead to very strong results, even if other areas of Horoscope is weak. With strength of the 1st house the native rises despite all odds.

It is a Rajyoga itself and all Astrology texts has given strong emphasis on it.


The basic and beginning step of any horoscope analysis is to read the first house correctly and once you do that after taking all factors in account then you will be able to make a proper analysis of the horoscope.

It is only the dasha which is counted from planet Moon and rest is seen from natal ascendant chart only where 1st house plays a key role.  

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