Divisional Charts In Vedic Astrology: Principal,Usages & How To Read Them


Apr 19

Introduction: Divisional Charts

Divisional charts are like mini horoscopes which are created by dividing each sign of natal chart (D-1) into a number of sections. For example, an important and widely used divisional chart “dashamsa (d-10) is created by dividing each sign of D-1 into 10 equal parts.

If you don’t know how divisional charts look like, you can refer the image given below which contains Hora(d-2), Drekkna(d-3), Chaturthamsha(d-4), Saptamsha(d-7) and Navamsha(d-9) divisional charts in it.

divisional charts

You can see the order of Divisional Charts

A Horoscope reading in Vedic astrology is incomplete without the use of Divisional Charts. In fact, many people do a big mistake by ignoring divisional charts completely.

Same divisional charts can easily test the ability of an astrologer because they are complex to understand and there are no standard rules available which can help in their interpret divisional charts.

Even after such complexity, we keep hearing about the use of divisional charts in astrology and special emphasis has been given to them by our sages.

In own words of sage Parashar:

“no conclusion can be made on any horoscope without considering revelant divisional charts”

Now, you all have heard of navamsa chart and you know everyone focuses on it while giving a horoscope reading. Navamsa is also a divisional chart and is also known as minute horoscope which can be referred to check details of every aspect of human life.

Same way all divisional charts are the microscopic version of houses in a horoscope and they provide minutes details which can not be accessed from the natal birth chart(D-1).

For a better understanding of its functions, you can compare a Horoscope to an Outer body of a Car whereas its engine and other important parts are akin to Divisional charts. Without important parts, you can not use your Car effectively and it will be parked in your place with no use.

Without the use of Divisional charts you can not unlock mysteries which lies within a Horoscope.

Divisional charts should be used along with natal birth chart(d-1) then only you can read a horoscope effectively.

Suppose in a Horoscope you want to know about mother, property or domestic environment here, obviously, you will look into the 4th house in Horoscope first. But in order to get a complete view and predictions related to the 4th house, you need to give attention to divisional chart Chaturthamsa ( D-4) which will give you a complete insight on affairs related to 4th house of a Horoscope.

Same way there are various divisional charts which help to churn minute details of different houses of a Horoscope.

In nutshell, Without the use of relevant divisional charts, you can not predict effectively.

This article of mine will lead you to every aspect of the divisional chart and includes following topics:

  • Important of Divisional Charts.
  • Computation Of Divisional Chart.
  • Types Of Divisional Charts & Their Significations.
  • Calculation Of Planetary Strength Using Divisional Charts.
  • How Divisional Charts Helps In Predicting events.
  • How To Read/Study Divisional Charts.
  • Common Mistakes In Application Of Divisional Charts.
  • Conclusions: Divisional charts are worth giving time

Hopefully, you will be able to incorporate them in your horoscope readings.


Saturn and Jupiter positions are very important to check in Divisional Charts, therefore, check out there latest transit below:

Jupiter transit in 2017.

Saturn transit in 2017.

Why Are Divisional Charts So Important?


There are 12 signs in astrology and each sign rises for 2 hours in the eastern horizon which is also called as the ascendant sign.

Now, those who are born in that frame of 2 hours will have the same ascendant sign and there can be hundred thousands of people who have the same natal birth chart(D-1).

Despite that, they don’t share the same destiny and every aspect of their life is different than from others. Not even twins share same destiny or life patterns. Clearly, there is something which creates a difference in the destiny of people even if they share the exact date of birth, time and place.

It happens because of Divisional charts because ascendant of Divisional Charts changes very fast and sometimes even of few seconds of difference can change the ascendant of Divisional Charts completely which leads to different results of Dasha and planetary behavior.

Therefore it is best to deal with divisional charts if you want to pursue astrology seriously.

How To Calculate Divisional Chart?

All divisional charts originate from natal birth chart also known as D-1. Where rising degrees of ascendant decides the ascendant of all divisional charts and same way planetary degrees of 9 planets in natal birth chart decides the position of planets in the divisional chart.

There are two major ways you can construct Divisional charts for a Horoscope:

  1. With astrology software- it is the easiest way to construct a divisional chart, just put birth details and within few seconds you will get your Divisional charts ready. You can use this navamsa chart calculator to generate navamsa chart.
  2. Ready made tables- in this method ready-made tables are used to construct divisional charts.

For example, table given below can be used to construct navamsa (d-9) for any horoscope.

how to read divisional charts

Navamsa Calculation Table

Same way for other divisional charts separate tables can be used and you can easily drive the position of planets for that particular divisional chart.

I prefer method no.2 because it allows you to engage with the horoscope and helps to understand the divisional charts in a better way.

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