We always hear about Navamsha or D-9 chart in astrology and is said be as the most important one divisional chart in astrology. Without checking Navamsha you can’t make a prediction. As per seers they gave special importance to Navamsha and its usages.
Here on “thevedichoroscope.comI will try to put every available information on Navamsha and its usages. You will find lots of valuable information and techniques in Nadi texts like Devakeralam or Dhurva Nadi but not much is mentioned in parashari astrology.In today’s world Navamsha has lost its significance drastically and its usage is limited to judged strength of planets or marriage prospects only. Navamsha can be used beyond marriage assessment,its your sookshma kundali(minute horoscope) from where you can judge everything about native his nature,carrier,health,wealth or any aspect of life.

Due to lack of good articles and books you don’t find yourself using Navamsha properly and always feeling of missing something is always there.
We will learn about Navamsha step by step and the very first step to understand importance of Navamsha is its construction itself.
Readers are advised to do manual calculation espically for division charts because when you do these calculations manually, you get more insight on rules of astrology and it helps to clear your doubts & confusion.
It’s very important to learn the correct method of construction of Navamsha and when you learn that,half of the confusion on Navamsha will be gone.
Every beginner of astrology looks for information on Navamsha and its usages. Therefore in this article I will try my best to help readers to overcome confusions on Navamsha and will add some important Navamsha techniques which will help you in your prediction.

Most of the book and writers gives the following method for construction of Navamsha.
Multiply degrees of Ascendent or planet  by 9 and subtract it with 360( if required).

Let me explain this method of Navamsha calculation using a birth chart.
Date of birth:20/12/1992.
Place:Dehradun, India.

Fig-1, Birth Chart of example horoscope.


Fig-2, Navamsha chart of example horoscope.

For reference of this article we will call it as example horoscope.
Here,as you can see that Ascendant is in Tauras 02° 15.3′
Which means Capricon Navamsha.

Or you are provided with a ready made tables fig no.3, from where you can read your Navamsha ascendent and planets positions.

Fig-3, Reference table for navamsha.

But the question is do you get any benefits using these methods?? Answer is no,you never learn the significance of Navamsha using this way of Navamsha computations.
Though the methods stated above is perfectly fine and have use of Nakshatra pada in them but when you use them you never realised the use of padas in it or origin of Navamsha itself.Ask your self while using the table above,did you learn
anything about the inner nature of native and concept of Navamsha!!

Readers are advised to pay attention to this  method of computing Navamsha.
We all know that Nakshatras are the basis of  astrology and every thing in astrology comes from Nakshatras only.

“If a zodiac is a building then Nakshatras are its bricks”

Now you all have heared of rising Nakshatra and its importance. Nakshatra of your Ascendent tells a lot about you and you are more dominated by you rising Nakshatra then rising zodiac.In fact you can judged about natives life just by rising Nakshatra.
Each Nakshatra is further divided into 4 padas and your Ascendent mite be in pada 1,2,3 or 4.
Let’s take the example Horoscope,here rising Nakshatra is Krittika pada-2.
Now you can Judge her Navamsha by rising Nakshatra and its pada.
For that you can use the table given below.



You can see by looking at the table that her ascendent of Navamsha is Capricon here.
Though this method is similar to other method but using this method and table you will realised that you are now directly dealing with Nakshatras and padas and it helps you to understand the origin,principal and importance of Navamsha.

“To understand the true self & destiny of native our seers developed the theory of Navamsha which is akin to padas of Nakshatras”.
It is very significant that Nakshatra pada or quarter is identified with Navamsha. Both are not only of same arc 3D 20M but their lines of demarcations are also identical i.e each Navamsha crossponds to one pada of Nakshatra.Thats the reason Navamsha is most important division chart in astrology.

Navamsha is your sookshma kundali(minute Horoscope) this sentence makes more sense when you use the second method of Navamsha calculation, where you are automatically dealing with Nakshatras and its padas.
In other words your Nakshatra decides your true nature and its pada gives you more precise picture of natives nature & his destiny.
One house of Navamsha is equal to exact 3D 20M which is same as span to one Nakshatra Pada.
So I guess now it will make more sense to you and the true principal of Navamsha will be clear when you make Navamsha using Nakshatras and its pada rather then using table where planets are divided into Fire,Earth,Air and Water elements because it doesn’t help to understand the basic concept and usage of Navamsha.
Readers can try to make Navamsha by both methods and feel the difference between the two.Infact whole K.P Astrology is based on second method of Navamsha computations.
Second method will help you to connect better with Navamsha since Navamsha is the most important division chart, its very necessary to get the feel of it.

Let’s explore few techniques of Navamsha.
In the Navamsha Chart note the zodiac placement of planets,also note in which house these zodiacs are falling in main birth chart (D-1). Each planet is given specific nomenclature according to house occupation of its navamsha zodiac in D-1.
A planet will be termed as “Lagnamsa” if its Navamsha zodiac is falling in first house of D-1.
“Dhanamsa” if navamsha zodiac is falling in 2nd house of D-1.
“Vikramsa” if  navamsha zodiac is falling in 3rd house of D-1.
Same way planets whose navamsha zodiac is falling in 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12th will termed as Sukhamsa, Putramsa,Shashtamsa,Bharyamsa,Nidhanamsa,Bhagyamsa,Karmamsa,Labhamsa,Vyanamsa  respectively.

Planets in Shashtamsa, Nidhanamsa and Vyanamsa are not good and gives bad results

As per Jaraka Parijata “when lord of ascendent of D-1 is posited in navamsha zodiac which falls in 8th house of D-1,hence nidhanamsa. The native will die on the bare ground with no blood relatives by his side”
Above rule is fully applicable on Mahatma Gandhi and former prime minister of India Indira Gandhi.

In case of Indira Gandhi ascendant is Cancer  whose lord Moon is occupying Aquarius navamsha. Aquarius falls in 8th house of D-1 hence nidhanamsa.
She died on 31-10-1984 on bare ground with no relatives near by her.

Horoscope of Indira Gandhi.

Same way in case if Mahatma Gandhi,his ascendent is Libra whose lord Venus is in Tauras Navamsha. Tauras falls in 8th house of Libra Ascendent and he died on bare ground with no relatives on his side.

Horoscope of Mahatma Gandhi.

In example horoscope (fig no 1&2) Sun is in Tauras in D-9 which falls in Ascendent of D-1 hence Sun is in “Lagnamsa”.
Now here,planet Sun will affect the native with its rulership of 4th house which indicates the native is very attached to mother and was good in studies throughout her life. Since Sun is in 8th house in her horoscope therefore Sun will carry the results of 8th house which indicates native is prone to sickness and gets problmes  through father. You can add more signification of 4th & 8th house and Sun here,which will affect native directly.
Same way Mars is in Cancer in both D-1 & D-9 and is Vargottam and you mite think her siblings are doing good.The truth is she don’t have any siblings. Debilited malefic Mars being Vikramsa(3rd) resulted in zero siblings.
This is how Navamsha should be used in astrology and should not be limited to marriage only there are many other techniques in navamsha for all aspects of human life.
In our next article we will discuss more techniques of Navamsha.

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