Divisional charts are like mini horoscopes which are created by dividing each sign of natal chart (D-1) into a number of sections.For example, an important and widely used divisional chart "dashamsa (d-10) is created by dividing each sign of D-1 into 10 equal parts.If you don't know what divisional charts look like, you can refer to the image given below which contains Hora(d-2), Drekkna(d-3), Chaturthamsha(d-4), Saptamsha(d-7), and Navamsha(d-9) divisional charts in it.A Horoscope reading in Vedic astrology is incomplete without the use of Divisional Charts. In fact, many people do a big mistake by ignoring divisional charts completely.Same divisional

Divisional Charts In Vedic Astrology: Principals Usages & How To Read Them