Saturn Transit Is Important

Saturn transit is slowest in Vedic astrology and have deep lasting impact on us.

No analysis is completed without giving weightage to Saturn transit.

Though we need to see Horoscope from any angles and we should use more than one dasha &  custom techniques before making any conclusions.

Sade Sati 2023

Sade-Sati is the 7 1⁄2 years-long period of Saturn (Shani) and this astrological phase is said to be a time of introspection and reflection, when one may experience difficulties in personal relationships and a general feeling of unhappiness.

The period is also said to be a time when one’s character may be tested, and when one may be confronted with difficult life challenges. Sade Sati can become the most challenging period in an individual’s life.

This is a time when you are tested on all levels — emotional, mental, and physical. The key to getting through this period is to remain grounded and focused.

You need to stay connected to your inner guidance and not be swayed by external influences. It is also important to stay positive and to keep your perspective clear. Remember, this too shall pass.

Sade Sati is a seven-and-a-half-year-long transitional period that occurs twice in a person’s life. It is considered to be a time of great change, upheaval, and challenge.

It is said to be a time of great transformation and testing. It is considered to be a particularly inauspicious time in one’s life.

It is said to be a time of introspection and reflection and is often seen as a difficult time. It is said to be a time of testing when the karmic consequences of past actions catch up with people.

On average Sade Sati comes every 25 years in native life. According to beliefs, Sade Sati is a negative event and this is a period with many challenges it literally brings intense fear in people's minds when they hear that Sade Sati is coming into their life.

In whole Vedic astrology, it is the most feared among all other negative transit of yoga.

In many cases, Sade Sati caused a lot of damage and affected natives' finances, careers, relationships, and health.

But in many cases, natives did well in Sade Sati and got all kinds of glory and comforts.

Now there is a very interesting theory, which states that Sade Sati starts when planet Saturn is within 45 degrees from planet Moon and it ends when Saturn is 45 degrees away from planet Moon.

If the above statement is true then the total time of Sade Sati will be reduced. Sade Sati is not bad always and is a transit-only and one should not stress much about it.

Your current planetary dasha and other factors matter here more than anything and without considering these factors nothing accurate can be predicted.

There are 12th zodiacs and the population of the whole world is around 6 Billion which means one zodiac gets 50 million individuals approximately which means at any point in time 50*3 equal to 150 million people are under Sade Sati and if we add Kantaka Shani( Saturn transit in 4th house) and Ashtma Shani ( Saturn transit in 8th house) then this figure we reach 250 million.

Obviously, not all are suffering here and the fear of Sade Sati is unnecessary sometimes and we must rise above it.

There are too many rules and misconceptions which I will cover in this article.

In this article, I am going to dig deep and will put information right in front of you and will cover the following topics:

Sade Sati is that scary? Do people really get affected by it?

The fear of Sade Sati is well known and a lot of people looks for solutions of it.

For your information, there is no mention of the term Sade Sati in classical books of astrology but yes, there is a mention of bad effects of Saturn transit through 12th, 1st & 2nd houses from the Moon and only negative is written about it.

Let's see what classic books have stated on effects of Saturn transit through these houses with respect to planet Moon.

  • Sage Mantreshwar in Phala Deepika states that Saturn in 12th house from Moon causes loss of wealth.
  • Whereas transit of Saturn over the Natal Moon causes mental issues and lack of effectiveness in actions or karma.
  • Over 2nd house from the Moon, it causes loss of wealth and same time cause issues in the family.

Naturally above mentioned effects seems to be bad and at any point of time total three signs are in Sade Sati.

Currently in year 2023, total three signs are under Sade Sati i.e. Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Moon sign.

I don't think everyone with these Moon sign are experiencing such deep issues in their life. Hence, we do need to see things holistically.

Around 150 million people are in their Sade Sati right now and not all are having bad time!

How Sade Sati Starts?

Sade Sati for any Moon sign starts when planet Saturn in its transit enters the 12th sign from it.

For example, if you have an Aries Moon sign then your Sade Sati will start when Saturn will enter the Pisces sign. This will be known as the “Rising Phase” of Sade Sati.

Then similarly when Saturn will enter the Aries Sign itself, then your second phase of Sade Sati will start which is known as the “Peak Phase”.

Then the last phase which is known as the “Setting Phase” will start when Saturn will enter the Taurus sign.

With the movement of Saturn in the Gemini Sign, the Sade Sati will come to an end for the Aries Moon sign.

All these cycles take around 7.5 years, and if you are aware of Hindi Terms then “Sade” means Half, and “Sati” means Seven.

That is how Sade Sati word came into force.

So now you can make out when your Sade Sati will start.

So, you saw when the Aries Moon sign starts their Sade Sati, similarly, I have mentioned how Sade Sati will start for other signs:

1. For Taurus Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters the Aries Sign and ends when Saturn enters the Cancer sign.

2. For Gemini Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters Taurus Sign and ends when Saturn enters the Leo sign.

3. For Cancer Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters Gemini Sign and ends when Saturn enters the Virgo sign.

4. For Leo Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters Cancer Sign and ends when Saturn enters the Libra sign.

5. For Virgo Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters Leo Sign and ends when Saturn enters Scorpio sign.

6. For Libra Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters Virgo Sign and ends when Saturn enters the Sagittarius sign.

7. For Scorpio Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters Libra Sign and ends when Saturn enters the Capricorn sign.

8. For Sagittarius Moon Sign, Sade Sati will start when Saturn will enter Scorpio Sign and will end when Saturn will enter the Aquarius sign.

9. For Capricorn Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters Sagittarius Sign and ends when Saturn enters the Pisces sign.

10. For Aquarius Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters Capricorn Sign and ends when Saturn enters the Aries sign.

11. For Pisces Moon Sign, Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters Aquarius Sign and ends when Saturn enters Taurus sign.

Given below is the link for the Sade Sati calculator which will find you the Sade Sati dates for your Horoscope.

How To Read Sade Sati In 2023

Just like any planetary transit of year 2023 you need to treat Sade Sati 2023 in the same way.

Which means to apply all basic to advance rules on it.

But Sade Sati deals with planet Moon & Saturn, so you need to pay special attention to planet Moon.

You can also read your horoscope from "chandra kundli" because Moon denotes your mind and special emphasis should be on it and same time condition of planet Saturn should be checked in natal Horoscope.

Which means, apart from the basic rules following rules should be applied to it.

These rules should be applied very carefully and as mentioned before Sade Sati is also a transit, so standard rules will be applicable on it also.

Now there are few other things which are specific for Sade Sati.

  1. Sade Sati won’t prove bad if you are in dasha or antardasha of a beneficial planet.
  2. In Bhinashtakvarga of Saturn in Capricorn sign, there are more than 3 bindus.
  3. In Sarvashtakvarga, there are more than 30 bindus in 12th, 1st and 2nd from planet Moon.
  4. Sade Sati won’t be severely bad if Saturn is going through Capricorn or Aquarius sign. These two signs are owned by Saturn only, also, Saturn doesn’t affect much when present in Sagittarius or Pisces sign.
  5. Along with this always check where Jupiter is going in its transit during Sade Sati Jupiter tends to cross 7 signs, so not much chances that all 7 signs transit will be good. But few years will be there where Jupiter will protect you from bad effects of Sade Sati.
  6. If ascendant in the natal chart is Taurus, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius then Sade Sati tend to not harm much.

Above rules can be bended because each horoscope contains different Dynamics, people with strong rajyoga usually don’t get affected by this because they are bound to reach at good heights.

Sade Sati Dates




MAR-29, 2025
MAY-30, 2032
JUN-02, 2027
JUL-12, 2034
AUG-08, 2029
AUG-27, 2036
MAY-30, 2032
JUL-12, 2039
JUL-12, 2034
JAN-27, 2041
AUG-27, 2036

DEC-11, 2043

OCT-22, 2038
DEC-07, 2046
NOV-14, 2011
JAN-23, 2020
NOV-02, 2014
APR-28, 2022
OCT-26, 2017
MAR-29, 2025
JAN-23, 2020
AUG-08, 2029
APR-28, 2022
AUG-08, 2029

Effects Of Sade Sati In 2023

We all know planet Saturn is in sign of Aquarius since 24th Jan 2023.

With this new Saturn Transit, the Sade Sati started for Pisces Moon Sign.

Aquarius Moon Sign entered their 2nd phase of Sade Sati which is also known as Peak phase of Sade Sati.

Whereas for Sagittarius Moon Sign Sade Sati came to an end.

On other hand Capricorn Moon Sign natives entered the 3rd and last phase of Sade Sati which is also known as setting phase of Sade Sati.

Sade Sati is generally considered a period of misery and hardship but I can assure you that it is never that bad and a lot depends on your own horoscope and other planetary transits.

Remember we all are unique and no two Horoscopes are the same which means a lot depends on the planet Saturn position i.e. its lordship and where it is sitting.

For your knowledge, there are approximately 150 million people under sade sati at any given point of time and not all are suffering due to it.

There are examples of many powerful people who excelled in their Sade Sati period for example Late J.Nehru became our first prime minister in his Sade Sati only.

The following interpretation on Sade Sati effects in 2023 is general in nature and depending on many factors final results will be different than what is mentioned here, the effects of Sade Sati can get severe in Saturn retrograde period.

The Three Phases Of Sade Sati In Year 2023

As you are aware that Sade Sati is 7.5 years long and I don't believe that all 7.5 years can be bad. 

That is why with the movement of Saturn into a different sign, this Sade Sati is divided into three-phase because each phase has its own flavor.

  1. Rising Phase.
  2. Peak Phase.
  3. Setting Phase.

In India we have a belief that during rising phase Sade Sati is on your upper part of the body, then in Peak phase, it is over the middle part of the body. Whereas in Setting phase it is over the lower part of your body.

Similarly, one more belief is that, before Sade Sati ends you get some sudden luck. My own father told me that in the second phase he got a big cut in his hand and then right before Sade Sati ended he got a job.

So sometimes we do need to analyze the life of other people, this gives more insights.

Anyways, generally Rising phase is considered to bring issues at work and your income.

If you are in Business then this Rising phase should be avoided for risks and new ventures.

If you are in Job then don't expect promotion and hike in salary. Rather you will find yourself getting sent to difficult and far places from home.

Peak phase of Sade Sati is considered as most malefic because it is right over your planet Moon and the same time as per classic texts it tends to harm the body. Like sickness, injury, burns, etc. 

The rising phase also leads to stress and worry and causes mental agony.

During the Setting phase of Sade Sati, you started to see things falling in place and you regain your health and situation at the workplace also gets better.

So these are the common effects of Sade Sati.

But question is that, do all people go through the same pattern and routine in Sade Sati, the answer is no!!

I tell you how, when I started by Sade Sati in November 2011 if suffered the very same day and then until Saturn went to Scorpio things were tough, I mean very tough for me. Though I learned astrology and that is how I came into this line.

But for your information, I know people with same Moon sign like mine i.e Scorpio and they actually did very well as soon as Sade Sati started.

So naturally here we need to see other factors also, your Dasha is most important and doesn't forget that Sade Sati is only a transit which can not surpass Dasha results.

Just like any transit, Sade Sati will also mold itself and will work with Dasha to give effects, good or bad, that Dasha will decide.

If Dasha is good then Sade Sati will also give good results.

For example, suppose if you are Aquarius Moon sign and you may be aware that your are in first phase of Sade sati. 

It means Saturn is over your 12th house, 12th house rules over many many aspects of your life, some are bad and some are good.

12th house is a neutral house actually, now if you are in a Yogakaraka Dasha like Venus Dasha and have potential to go abroad.

Then this Sade Sati will take you abroad and you will process there.

Technically, you are still going far from home which is a common result of a Rising phase of Sade Sati.

In short, you don't get bad results always, there are many people who did very well in their Sade Sati.

Sade Sati 2023: Effects For Capricorn Moon Sign( Makar Rashi)

Sade Sati for Capricorn Moon Sign started in year 2017 when Saturn moved in the sign of Sagittarius. 

From April 29th, 2022 to 12th July 2022, the transit of Saturn was in the sign of the Aquarius and the 3rd phase of Sade Sati was in operation for 74 days.

Now again they are back in their 3rd phase of Sade sati which will end on 29th march 2025.

Capricorn Moon Sign individuals with rising ascendant  Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces will actually gain from Sade Sati 2023 whereas individuals with Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn rising sign may get some troubles from it.


The peak phase of Sade Sati can affect them in the following ways:

  1. Lack of interest in the job.
  2. Bad health.
  3. Lack of proper sleep.
  4. Unnecessary expense.
  5. Physical distance from the spouse.

They may find it hard to get ahead in their career and may struggle to make progress in their lives.

They may also experience a lot of stress and anxiety during this time. However, this period can also be used to learn about discipline and hard work.

The natives of Capricorn sign can use this time to improve their skills and to work hard towards their goals.  They can also focus on their relationships and try to build stronger connections with the people around them.

Remember this negative will happen only when Saturn is having less than 3 bindus in its ashtakvarga.

Here, it is important to pay attention the running mahadasha and antardasha. Different dasha will mean different things, like Saturn mahadasha along with Sade Sati setting phase have its own importance.

With the support of other factors, Sade Sati can actually prove beneficial for them and can allow them to gain from abroad, spiritual, and charitable.

Also, marriage can happen and with the support of Rahu transit there can abroad travel with the spouse.

Therefore a holistic analysis is required and then only a final conclusion in Sade Sati can be made for Makar Rashi.

Throughout the year 2023, they will be in this phase of Sade sati.

Now in the last few months of their Peak phase of Sade sati, they need to focus more and try to give their best now. This is because Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline, is in its own sign during this time.

This can make it very easy for the natives of Capricorn sign to achieve their goals.

Sade Sati 2023: Effects For Aquarius Moon Sign( Kumbh Rashi)

Aquarius aka Kumbh sign is the 11th sign of the natural zodiac scheme

Aquarius sign is owned by planet Saturn itself and logically speaking Sade Sati doesn't affect them that badly unless the ascendant is Gemini, Cancer or Leo sign or they are going through some negative or afflicted planetary dasha.

Their Sade Sati started with Saturn's entry in Capricorn sign on 24th January 2020.

You can check the image below and see the Red markings for the dates of various phases of Sade Sati for the Aquarius Moon sign.


With the transit of Saturn in Aquarius their second phase which is also known as the peak phase will start. This peak phase will last until 29th March 2029.

Despite the fact that Sade Sati is not harmful to the Aquarius Moon sign, one needs to see things from the ascendant also without that the analysis of Sade Sati will be incomplete.

If Saturn is going to a malefic house or transiting over natal Ketu or Rahu then there can be some negative effects of Sade Sati 2023.

With the transit of Saturn transit in Aquarius sign will start the 2nd phase of Sade Sati for Aquarius Moon sign natives.

If Moon is afflicted in the natal Horoscope than this can lead to following troubles:

  • Stress.
  • Worries.
  • Expenses.
  • Bad marriage.
  • Health issues.

These results can be intense the running Dasha is of afflicted  Mars or Mercury.

The 2nd phase/rising phase of Sade Sati for Aquarius sign is not a good time to start new projects.

You need to be careful with your words and actions as they may have serious consequences.

It is best to avoid taking any risks and stay away from controversial topics. 

You should also avoid getting into any fights or arguments with people. 

This is a time to focus on your own personal growth and development, you should also spend time with your loved ones and enjoy your time with them.

They will have to pay attention to their health and expenses and there can be times when money will be spent fast, though they will be making money at a better rate, and they will be able to figure out the expenses and everything will be happening for their upliftment.

Though if the ascendant is Leo or Cancer then there is a need to take extreme caution in the 2nd phase of Sade Sati because from ascendant Saturn will be in malefic house which can not be said as good.

In the month of June, there will be some sudden money losses and Aquarius Moon sign natives should be careful regarding the same.

So this is how Sade Sati will be affecting Aquarius Moon sign natives in the year 2023.

Sade Sati 2023: Effects For Pisces Moon Sign( Meena Rashi)

With the transit of Saturn in the Aquarius sign, the Pisces moon sign natives started their first phase of Sade Sat and their first phase of Sade sati (rising phase) will last until 29th March 2029.

Pisces individuals should try to stay positive and optimistic during this period. They should focus on their goals and dreams, and work hard to achieve them.

They should also try to maintain healthy relationships and communication during this time.

The career for the Pisces moon sign will be seeing gradual improvements and there will be some new opportunities which will be related to abroad. The movement to abroad and gains from abroad sources are seen.

Though there will be some competition and rivalry in the workplace. Some old enemies can come back to harm.

The best way to deal with the challenges of Sade Sati is to stay positive and to keep moving forward. Pisces natives should focus on their goals and on what they want to achieve in life, and they should stay away from negative people and situations.

It is also important to stay connected to those who support and believe in you, and to find ways to relax This Upcoming Sade Sati is going to bring good results in finances and material gains.

The money flow will be stronger and better and a major part of it will be from abroad direction. Though there will be high expenses and saving money will be an issue.

The health part indeed needs attention, the aspect of Saturn over the 6th house is not good for health and illnesses.

Despite the protection of Jupiter over the Pisces sign, still there are chances that some negative can happen to the health.

Old issues related to health can flare back. Relationship area seems to bring challenges and issues in marriage life.

If they have any negativity over the marriage then this Sade Sati can bring worries. The physical distance between spouses can arise due to work-related commitments.

And the health of the spouse won't be good either. This Sade Sati will be challenging for the marriage and well-being of the spouse.

Some Examples Of Effects Of Sade Sati

First I will start where people progressed in their Sade Sati.

1. Jawaharlal Nehru had his moon in cancer sign. He became the first prime minister of India in 1947 when Saturn was over his moon.

Sade sati effects

2. Indira Gandhi the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru became prime minister of India when she was running Sade Sati.

Sade Sati effects

3. Morarji Desai Sade Sati was an amazing period for him. During his second Sade Sati, Morarji Desai became a cabinet minister and during the third Sade Sati, he became prime minister of India.

Sade Sati effects

Though in the background all of them have numerous Rajyoga and same time running through good dasha.

Now, here are examples where natives went through rough patches during their Sade Sati.

1. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on 30th January 1948 during his Sade Sati. He was in maraka dasha also at that time.

Sade sati effects


2.Indira Gandhi lost her mother in her first Sade Sati. She also lost her husband and father during her second Sade Sati.

Sade Sati effects

Now with these examples, you can see there were good happenings in Sade Sati and the dreadful results were absent. In astrology, a lot of importance should be given to Dasha and transits works secondary to it. Sade Sati is a transit itself and works according to Dasha.

Remedies For Sade Sati 2023

As per Astrology texts, Saturn gives good results in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses.

Though this is not completely correct Saturn does give bad effects on these houses, some of the significations get affected by Saturn.

So here in this remedy section I will state remedies for Sade Sati, these are effective remedies and one should do it full faith.

1. During the rising phase of Sade Sati: One should read 108 names of Lord Saturn daily, along with that avoid malefic foods like meat, alcohol, tobacco, etc. You need to start Sade Sati on a positive note and your devotion will here.

2. During the peak phase of Sade Sati: One should donate "Hanuman Samagri" to Lord Hanuman Temple for 11 or 21 Tuesdays, the same time read "Bajrang Baan" daily.

3.During the setting phase of Sade Sati: One should offer mustard oil in Lord Saturn temple and recite Shani Chalisa should in the temple itself.

In year 2023, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces Moon sign natives are in their Sade Sati period and giving strength to ascendant lord can be very beneficial here.

If ascendant is Aries then wearing of a Jyotish Quality Red Coral can be very helpful, same way Gemstones for other Ascendant signs can be worn accordingly.

For application of various Gemstones you can take reference of articles written by me.

Though these are general remedies but work very well, remedies are always designed as per the dynamics of the Horoscope.

Let’s Talk About Your Horoscope

You have see my approach in astrology and I can that for you and answers questions.

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