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Retrogression is a phenomenon where the planet appears to move slowly back, but in reality, it is just moving slower than its regular speed.

The Sanskrit name for retrograde planets is Vakri. The word Vakri has adverse meaning, and it can be pronounced as crooked also.

Planets often get retrograde and always leave a question mark on their functioning. 

For example, retrograde Mercury always affects communication and electronic gadgets in its transit. 

In the same way, retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter happens together, and always significant events happening around the world.

The subject of Retrograde planets is intriguing and challenging to understand, but when used responsibly in the calculation, it can be helpful.

The element of surprise it brings along with its natural complications.

I have made a complete guide on retrograde planets which will help you understand them, and at the same time, you will be able to apply them in your horoscope readings.

So let's dive into the mystery of retrograde planets.

Definition Of Retrograde Planets

Retrogression is an astronomy phenomenon that happens with planets and is widely applied in astrology also.

It is one of the significant astronomy events which shows how actual astrology is.

Whenever one thinks of a retrograde planet, one usually assumes that the planet is moving backward.

But this is not what happens in reality.

A retrograde planet moves slowly, and since our motion in the sky is constant, the retrograde planet appears to move backward.

To understand this phenomenon better, let's give you an example.

Suppose you are sitting in a car at 50 km per hour and assume that another person is moving parallel with the same rate of 50 km per hour.

But suddenly, the other person slowed down to 45 km per hour.

So now it will appear that he is moving backward, but he is still moving forward with a lesser speed than yours.

It is just an observation by you that is happening due to a change in another person's speed.

That is what exactly happens with retrograde planets.

They never move backward; they slow for some time.

Now the question may come to your mind, why a planet goes into retrograde motion, or in other words, why do planets slow down.

It is pretty vast and complex and is beyond the scope of this article.

Sun and Moon can't go in a retrograde state, and Rahu-Ketu is always retrograde.

It leaves other planets, i.e., Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, in retrograde motion each year.

Condition For Retrograde Period To Start

Planets become retrograde in certain conditions related to their distance from the planet Sun. For example, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter turn retrograde when the planet Sun comes to the 5th sign from them.

For example, Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius right now, and Sun is in the sign of Taurus.

When Sun enters the sign of Gemini on 15th June, it will be 5th from Saturn, which is in the sign of Aquarius, and hence the retrograde motion will start for Saturn.

When Sun is at 7th from them, planets achieve severe retrograde motion.

Mercury and Venus go into retrograde when they are 29 and 48 degrees far from the planet Sun because they can never go further beyond this and slows down to compensate for the distance. 

The duration of retrograde planets is fixed and is given below.

  • Saturn retrogrades for 140 days and remains stationary five days before and after.
  • Jupiter retrogrades 120 days and is stationary five days before and after.
  • Mars retrogrades for 80 days and is stationary 3 to 4 days before and after.
  • Venus is retrograde for 42 days and is stationary approximately two days before and after.
  • Finally, mercury retrogrades for 24 days and is stationary one day before and after.

Note, these days are approximate and depend on the sign's length; these days can be less or more.

For example, Saturn retrograde in this year will be of 142 days.

Each planet has its percentage of time when it must retrograde which is as follows:

  • 36.39% for Saturn.
  • 30.24% for Jupiter.
  • 19.76% for Mercury.
  • 9.33% for Mars.
  • 7.22% for Venus.

Let's see how you can find which planets are retrograde in the Horoscope.

How To Detect Retrograde Planets In Any Horoscope?

It is relatively easy; you need to open the Almanac and draw the chart. 

The Almanac will show you if any planet was retrograde that day or not.

Or, open the software like Astrosage and go to degrees of planets; there, you will see the sign (R) in front of planets in the retrograde state.

This is the easiest way to find retrograde planets in any Horoscope.

Retrograde Jupiter In Natal Horoscope Example No.2

Chart showing retrograde planet

You can do retrograde of planets during their transit. Now, lets move on to the effects of retrograde planets effects in astrology.

How To Read Retrograde Planets In Astrology

Reading the effects of a retrograde planet is complex. Apart from traditional rules of astrology, you need to apply the following rules while reading a Retrograde planet:

1. Strength - Retrograde planets have strong Chesta Bala and are considered very strong. This factor is significant and should not be ignored. In fact, in some astrology texts, they are even considered equal to exaltation. Having 3rd house lord is a retrograde state can make the native gain victory any way he goes.  If functional benefic in retrograde state is considered as good. Whereas, malefic in retrograde state makes it more more malefic and give power to cause damages.

2. Reverse Nature- Retrograde planets tend to give opposite results when they are in exalted or in a debilitated state. If an exalted planet is retrograde, then it will act like a debilitated planet; in the same way, a debilitated planet in a retrograde state will act like an exalted planet and deliver good results.

This is unfortunate, and high expectations with exalted planets in a Horoscope lead to disappointment only.

3. Aspect Of Retrograde Planets- A retrograde planet also cast its aspect from the previous house of its position. Suppose retrograde Jupiter is placed in the 3rd house, then always count its aspects from the 2nd house. Suppose Jupiter is in the 3rd house in Natal Horoscope due to its retrograde motion.
Jupiter will be casting its aspect on the 6th and 7th 8th houses also. It is best to have a function benefic retrograde in a horoscope because then it will be able to cover some extra houses, which is always a bonus.

4. Divisional Charts: Retrograde motion of the planets will be applicable in divisional charts also. Lord of the 1st house of any divisional chart in retrograde state cause troubles in significations of that divisional chart.

One crucial point to note here is that more than two retrograde planets in any horoscope are never considered good.

Effects Of Planets In Retrograde Sate

Planet Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the retrograde state creates different results that depend on their natural signification and functional nature in the Horoscope. The effects of these planets in their respective retrograde state can be very impactful. They can trigger significant events and amplify the Horoscope's positive and negative aspects.

It is seen that many famous people have Retrograde planets in their natal horoscope. It is also seen that many people who did not lived up to the expectations also have retrograde planets in their horoscope. But the chances of encountering retrograde planets in successful horoscope is more high.

Retrograde state of planets during the transits very impactful and causes events like war, market crash, recessions, accidents, earth quakes etc.

Let's see the effects of all retrograde planets individually both in natal and in transit.

Effects Of Retrograde Mercury In Natal Horoscope

Mercury is a fast-moving planet and owns the sign of Gemini and Virgo. It governs speech, intellect, and skin, which becomes twisted or suffers due to Mercury retrograde. Native who have retrograde Mercury with some affliction tend to suffer from speech-related issues. It is also seen that Mercury in a retrograde state causes skill-related problems. In the natal Horoscope, retrograde Mercury leads to problems in a personal relationship. There can be a lack of communication and misinterpretation of words, leading to arguments between the couples.

The houses owned by Mercury suffer significantly due to Mercury's retrograde state. For example, a retrograde Mercury for Aries rising ascendant, where Mercury is lord of the 3rd and the 6th house makes the native either very brave or it makes the native timid and fearful. The effects will be very extreme, which will causes troubles in native life. The balance won't be there.

Let's see the Horoscope of some famous people who have retrograde Mercury in their natal Horoscope and how it affected them.

1. Hilary Clinton: She has Mercury is ascendant lord and is retrograde in the sign of Libra. It gave her a major setback and affected her marriage. Her Husband's behavior led to disappointment and shame for her.

Mercury Retrograde In Transit Example No.1

Planetary Position Showing Mercury Retrograde In Transit on 04-10-2021

2. Narendra Modi: The current Prime minister of India have Mercury in the retrograde state in the sign of Virgo. He left his wife and dedicated himself to politics, and due to Mercury's retrograde, he took tough decisions as Chief minister of Gujrat and as Prime Minister of India. He have other prominent Rajyoga like Neechabhanga, Ruchaka etc. His Horoscope analysis can be read to under his evolution. Mercury in retrograde state have played a vital role in his life.

Retrograde Mercury In Transit Example No.2

Planetary Positions On 13-03-2019 Shows Mercury Was Retrograde On That Day

3. Michael Jackson: The greatest Pop singer of all time, have Mercury in the retrograde state in the sign of Leo, which is the sign of performance and charisma. Mercury retrograde gave him a very distinct voice, but it also gave him severe skin issues.

Mercury Retrograde Example No.3

Michael Jackson Planetary Positions Shows Mercury In Retrograde State

Effects Of Retrograde Mercury In Transit

Retrograde Mercury is the most famous when it comes to its instant effects. It is well known how a retrograde transit Mercury can affect gadgets and electronic items, which puts life in disarray. In individuals' transit retrograde Mercury affects the ability to think logically. It causes errors in paperwork. It is never advised to sign documents during the event of Mercury retrograde.

Let's see in the past when retrograde Mercury caused technology malfunction on a high level.

In 4th October 2021, when the server of Facebook and Instagram was down for almost 6 hrs.

Check the transit chart for that day; you will see Mercury in retrograde state that day.

Mercury Retrograde In Transit Example No.1

Planetary Position Showing Mercury Retrograde In Transit on 04-10-2021

Similarly, Facebook had the worst outage on 13th March 2019, which lasted for 24 hours.

Again Mercury was retrograde on that day, as shown in the image below in the transit chart.

Retrograde Mercury In Transit Example No.2

Planetary Positions On 13-03-2019 Shows Mercury Was Retrograde On That Day

The above examples show that it is crucial we take care of electronic items during transit of retrograde Mercury.

Effects Of Retrograde Mars In Natal Horoscope

Planet Mars is a significator of blood, war, aggression, riots, and mechanical technology. Its retrograde state in natal Horoscope creates unnecessary aggression in the native. It doesn't allow native to think calmly and leads to argumentive behavior.

Mars retrograde condition affects marriage of native very severely. The sexual tension with the partner is always there, and the native never understand the partner's need. In the same way, native greed for money can make him do criminal work. The sense of right and wrong doesn't work when Mars is in a retrograde state.

On the positive side, a well associated retrograde Mars can give success in sports, army, and leadership.

Let's see some Horoscope of well-known people who have Mars retrograde in their natal Horoscope.

1. Robert Dwayne Junior: Mars is retrograde in his 2nd house and has an aspect of Saturn, due to which he had severe addiction problems. Since Mars is a Yogakarka planet, it allowed him to gain wealth and success in life.

Mars retrograde transit example

Planetary Position On 28-04-2016 Indicates That Mars Was Retrograde In Transit

2. Micheal Zordan: Cancer sign rises in his Horoscope, and Mars is retrograde in it. The rule of the retrograde planet in debilitation works like an exalted planet seems to be working here fully. Retrograde Mars gave him athletic abilities and made him a sports star.

Retrograde Mars Example No.2

Micheal Jordon's Planetary Position Indicating Mars Retrograde

3. Martin Luther King: Taurus sign rises in his Horoscope with retrograde Mars in the ascendant. Due to retrograde Mars, he was very courageous and had a fiery speech. Unfortunately, Mars is a maraka planet for him; he was assassinated.

Mars Retrograde Example No.3

Martin Luther King Planetary Position Indicates Mars Retrograde In Natal Horoscope

Effects Of Retrograde Mars In Transit

Now, during the transit of Mars retrograde, the number of hospitalization rises. In addition, fire in factories, road rages, forest fires, and tragic events happen more than usual. Interestingly Mars retrograde has not caused wars in past.

The worst forest fire in Uttarakhand state in India happened in 2016 when Mars was retrograde.

Mars retrograde transit example

Planetary Position On 28-04-2016 Indicates That Mars Was Retrograde In Transit

Check the transit chart in the image given below.

Effects Of Retrograde Venus In Natal Horoscope

Venus is the planet for love, sex, attraction, beauty, arts, fine food, and glamour. When retrograde in the natal Horoscope, planet Venus creates a void in the native. It affects the ability to experience joy in standard acceptable ways.

Native may be ruthless and cold in emotions. Native goes extreme ways to experience pleasure and satisfaction. It involves the ability to reproduce in Man, and retrograde Venus directly impacts sperm count. Association of Venus retrograde with Saturn afflicted Mercury or Ketu can make native Homosexual.

It also brings extreme fashion sense like obsession with tattoos, body piercing, and excessive body modifications. Having a Venus retrograde is not easy because it affects the areas related to day-to-day life.

Many famous poets, actors, and performers have Venus retrograde in their Horoscope. A retrograde Venus in natal Horoscope can give mega-success provided it is not afflicted and associated with benefic planets.

Let's check some Horoscope where Venus is retrograde in the natal Horoscope.

1. Robert De Niro: He has Venus retrograde in the sign of Leo, which is a vital sign for actors. In retrograde state, Venus allowed him a particular way of acting that people liked.

Venus Retrograde In Natal Example No.1

Robert Di Nero Planetary Position Indicates Venus Retrograde

2. Adolf Hitler: Interestingly, Hitler also has Venus in retrograde state. His relationship with women was very complicated. He was charismatic, and since Venus was the ascendant lord for him, the state of Venus retrograde made him a rugged personality and evil by nature. 

Venus Retrograde In Natal Horoscope Example No.2

Adolf Hitler Planetary Position Indicates Retrograde Venus In Natal Horoscope

3. Ellen DeGeneres: The famous talk show host has Venus retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. She is Homosexual and is known for her cold emotions. Her, planetary position indicates retrograde Venus in it.

Venus Retrograde Example No.3

Ellen DeGeneres Planetary Position Indicates Venus Retrograde In It

Effects Of Retrograde Venus In Transit

During the transit of Retrograde, Venus scandals happen. If we look back in history, the most famous Sex scandal, which involved the former President of the USA, Bill Clinton, came to light during Venus retrograde.

Check the related news using the link and check the images given below which shoes Venus was retrograde when the news of his relationship came to light on 01-01-1988

Example Venus Retrograde In Transit

Planetary Position On 01-01-1988 Indicates Venus Was Retrograde That Day

Effects Of Retrograde Jupiter In Natal Horoscope

Jupiter is the planet of tradition, hopes, wealth, values, and religion. You see Jupiter retrograde most of the time in natal Horoscopes.

In the retrograde state, it makes natives highly optimistic and visionary. It is the only planet that gives good results in a retrograde form.

In natal Horoscopes, it is seen that Jupiter retrograde brings natives to abroad places and gives them success there. It can also lead to a profound experience of a different religion. It also causes one to marry in different religion and can lead to conversion of faith in some cases.

The mahadasha of benefic retrograde Jupiter is known to bring massive success to the native. Both Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan gained massive success in their Jupiter mahadasha. Before that they were struggling in their careers.

Let's see the Horoscope of some celebrities where Jupiter is retrograde and made them who they are.

Example No.1- Mohammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time have retrograde Jupiter in the sign of Taurus. He went against the order of joining the Vietnam war and changed his religion due to the impact of retrograde Jupiter.

Jupiter retrograde in natal horoscope example no.1

Muhammad Ali Horoscope Indicates Jupiter Retrograde

Example No.2- Shahrukh Khan, one of the best actors of this generation has retrograde Jupiter in the sign of Gemini. He gained massive success in the mahadasha of Jupiter and married women from a different religion.

Retrograde Jupiter In Natal Horoscope Example No.2

Chart showing retrograde planet

Example No.3- Mukesh Ambani, due to Jupiter retrograde in his natal Horoscope he was born in Yemen outside of India. Jupiter is retrograde in the sign of Leo, which makes him flashy, and he owns the most expensive house in the world along with one of the best collections of cars.

Retrorgade Jupiter in Natal Horoscope Example No.3

Mukesh Ambani Planetary Positions Shows Jupiter Retrograde

Effects Of Retrograde Jupiter In Transit

Retrograde Jupiter in transit is known to cause significant impact on world level and in life of individuals. During this retrograde period changes his residence, abroad travels and spiritual awakening happens. On world level it can cause event which brings peace and it controls the chaos. Let's see a major example on how Jupiter retrograde got peace back into the world.

The day When world war-1 ended on 11-11-1918, Jupiter was retrograde in its transit. You can check the image showing planetary transit confirming the same.


Planetary Position On 11-11-1918 Indicates That Jupiter Was Retrograde

Jupiter retrograde can cause clashes due to ideologies and best example for same is the civil war of Russia, which started on 07-11-1917, had Jupiter in a retrograde state as shown in the image given below.

Jupiter retrograde in transit example

Planetary Positions On 07-11-1917 Indicates Jupiter Was Retrograde That Day

Effects Of Retrograde Saturn In Natal Horoscope

Saturn rules over hard work and dedication. In its retrograde state, it makes one workaholic. It creates a low point at some point in life and native can either choose to fall further or rise from it. It creates a impact on health and causes bones related issues, visions defects, teeth problems, premature grey hairs etc.

In the natal Horoscope of individuals, Saturn retrograde causes ambition to gain power and fame. Native has to go through struggles, and his beginning is always humble. Never does it gives an easy time, and natives always have to struggle in the early stages of his life. It is a tough placement to have but can be rewarding also.

Check out the artcile for detailed explanantion on the effecs of Saturn retrograde in different houses of a horoscope.

Effects Of Saturn Retrograde Through All Houses For All Ascendant

Let's see some Horoscope of natives who have achieved significant success with Saturn retrograde support in their natal Horoscope. The remarkable feature of retrograde Saturn is that the native is known for either his best or worst qualities and the given examples will prove that.

Example No.1- Barack Obama, the former President of the USA have Saturn retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. His beginning was very humble, and no one imagined that a person of color could become President of the USA one day. He have Sasa Yoga in his Horoscope.

Saturn retrograde example no.1

Barack Obama Planetary Positions

Example No.2-  Richard Nixon, in his Horoscope, Saturn is retrograde in the sign of Taurus, and his beginning was very humble, and he worked his way up. However, he was an outspoken and controversial president. He have outstanding Parivartan Yoga in his horoscope.

Retrograde Saturn Example No.2

Richard Nixon Planetary Positions Indicating Retrograde Saturn

Example No.3- Mark Zuckerberg, the social media mogul has Saturn in a retrograde state. He also rose from nothing, and his initial years were very controversial due to the lack of ethics in his work style.

Saturn retrograde example no.3

Mark Zuckerberg Planetary Position Indicates Retrograde Saturn In His Horoscope

Effects Of Retrograde Saturn In Transit

During transit Saturn retrograde Saturn gives significant results, it causes delays and plans seems to be stuck in beginning. But in the last few days of Saturn retrograde transit, suddenly events happens. It also cause sickness to flare up and makes on suffer on account of it. Lets see some examples where transit of Saturn retrograde caused events of large scale.

Example No.1- During the beginning of world war-2, Saturn was retrograde along with Jupiter. Check the planetary transits on 01-09-1939, as shown in the image given below.

Satur Retrograde In Transit Example Horoscope

Planetary Positions O World War-2 Shows Saturn Was Retrograde

Example No.2- The cold war between USA and Russia started on 12-3-1947, and Saturn was retrograde at that time; check the image given below for the transit position of Saturn.

Example Saturn retrograde in transit

Planetary Positions Indicating Saturn Retrograde

Effects of Saturn retrograde in transit through different zodiac signs:


Retrograde planets can be very mysterious and as evident from the examples given above, the retrograde planets are capable to give wealth nd success when present in the natal Horoscope. Retrograde planets should be given special attention because they can make or break deal. Their effects in natal and in transit holds huges significance.

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