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You have seen my approach to analyse things and same can be done on your Horoscope also. Your Horoscope will be analysed by many angles and accurate predictions will be made on it.

Sasa Yoga- Experience The Power Of Saturn

Sasa Yoga is formed by planet Saturn and is a Panchmahapurush Yoga.

Sasa Yoga is formed when Saturn is placed in Kendra houses in its own (Capricorn), mooltrikone (Aquarius) or exalted (Libra) sign.

Sasa Yoga can be formed for certain ascendant in certain houses only which are as follows:

•1st House- In Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant.

•4th House – In Cancer, Libra and Scorpio ascendant.

•7th House -In Aries, Cancer and Leo ascendant.

•10th House- In Capricorn, Aries and Taurus ascendant.

No yoga can give results unless Saturn and Jupiter in transit favor them or activate them:


As per traditional texts, Sasa Yoga will bless the native with good health and moral conduct. The person with Sasa Yoga will own lands and buildings and will be a ruler. In comparison to Hamsa, Bhadra, Malavya or Ruchaka Yoga.

Sasa Yoga is more favorable to bless the native with power and position. Such results of Sasa Yoga are general in nature and planetary affliction over Saturn will lead to less or negligible results of Sasa Yoga in a horoscope.

Saturn when in planetary association with functional benefic or Yogakaraka planet will lead to amplified results of Sasa Yoga.

One need to know role of planets for each ascendant to assess any kind of Rajyoga and Dhanyoga.


As explained earlier Sasa Yoga is formed  for following ascendants:

1.Aries ascendant in the 7th and 10th house.

2.Taurus ascendant in 10th house.

3.Cancer ascendant in 4th and 7th house.

4.Leo ascendant in 7th house.

5.Libra ascendant first and 4th house.

6.Scorpio ascendant in 4th house.

7.Capricorn ascendant in the first and 10th house.

8.Aquarius ascendant in first house.

You can see out of 12 ascendant Sasa Yoga is formed for 8 ascendant.

But results of Sasa Yoga will vary for these ascendant due to following reasons:

1. Nature of Saturn for different ascendant. Benefic or Yogakaraka Saturn will give best results of Sasa Yoga.

2. Though there are other factors also which need to be considered like affliction over Saturn and Saturn’s planetary association with other houses and planets.

But the very basic and primary consideration will be Saturn lordship and as per that Sasa Yoga will work best for Aries, Tauras, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants.

Though it doesn’t mean that Sasa Yoga won’t work for other ascendants, if Sasa Yoga is in planetary association with functional benefits for these ascendant then Sasa Yoga will show its good results.

For example Sasa Yoga in 7th house of Cancer ascendant and aspected by Yogakaraka Mars, Moon and Jupiter then Sasa Yoga manifest fully.

In the case of SHAHRUKH KHAN Sasa Yoga in 7th house with Leo ascendant. You can see that Saturn is aspected by Yogakaraka Mars, 5th lord Jupiter and same time Saturn is Trine to ascendant lord Sun.

No doubt he has enjoyed all good results of Sasa Yoga despite Saturn malefic nature for Leo ascendant.

Sasa Yoga in Shahrukh khan horoscope.

Shahrukh Khan Horoscope

Same way for other ascendants where Saturn have lordship over beneficial houses or even Yogakaraka status.

Sasa Yoga may fail to deliver if Saturn and the associated house is afflicted.

The Final Verdict on Sasa Yoga should be done after a complete analysis and having only Sasa Yoga won’t make one very successful in life, one need to have support or other Rajyoga also.


1.BARACK OBAMA: Saturn is Yogakaraka in his horoscope and is involved in Neechabhanga Rajyoga also.

In navamsha Saturn is again in own sign making Saturn very strong.

Also Sasa Yoga is aspceted by 11th lord Sun and 9th lord Mercury. You can see here a horoscope with great Rajyoga and same time there are good Dhanyoga also and no doubt Barack Obama wealth will rise in future.

Sasa Yoga in Barack Obama Horoscope.

Barack Obama Horoscope

2. Margaret Thatcher: In her horoscope, Saturn is exalted in ascendant and is with 9th lord Mercury.

Though in navamsha Saturn is debilitated but the aspect of the 9th lord of navamsha Jupiter and 3rd and 6th lord Mercury is making Saturn strong for a political career.

sasa yoga in margaret thatcher horoscope

margaret thatcher horoscope

3.Andrew Carnegie: This horoscope shows some potent Dhanyoga along with a powerful Sasa Yoga. Andrew Carnegie wealth was enormous and is ranked in top 5 of wealthiest person ever in history.

sasa yoga in andrew carnegie horoscope.

Andre Carnegie Horocope

4.Oprah Winfrey: Her horoscope shows Sasa Yoga in 10th house and despite initial struggles in her life due to Mars-Moon in 11th and negative dashas , Sasa Yoga in the 10th house gave her success and made her an icon.

sasa yoga example from oprah winfrey horoscope

Oprah Winfrey Horoscope.

All these examples show the power of Sasa Yoga which can make one rise on top despite all odds in life.

The examples I gave here shows all these people had a very humble beginning and with persistence and support of Sasa Yoga they rose to the top in their respective fields. Also, in all example horoscope, Saturn is associated with functional benefic lords which are strengthening Sasa Yoga.


If you see Sasa Yoga in a Horoscope follow these steps before declaring results on it.

  1. Lordship of Saturn.
  2. Planetary Association of Saturn.
  3. Shadbala strength of Saturn.
  4. Asthakvarga strength of Saturn.
  5. Planetary affliction over Saturn.

If above-mentioned points are supportive than Sasa Yoga will give its best results to the native.

Always remember any yoga in astrology does not work in isolation and one yoga can not make or break you.

Do a careful analysis keeping relevant factors in mind.

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