Saturn mahadasha is a period of time in a person's life when Saturn is the ruling planet. This period usually lasts for around 19 years and along with its slow transit can cause havoc in our life. There is a general thinking that planet Saturn mahadasha can ruin one's life and can cause various kinds of hardships and is hardest among all Vimshottri mahadashas. The Mahadasha of Saturn is a time of hard work, responsibility, and restriction. You may feel like you are being pushed to your limits during this time, but it is also a time of great accomplishment.

Saturn Mahadasha-Effects, Remedy, Antardasha For All Ascendant

In Vedic astrology our sages has given wonderful system of timing events using dasha systems and they have given more then 100 dasha!!But out of all Vimshottari dasha is most popular one which is used by each and every user and astrologer and their lies concept of Mahadasha and Antardasha which are the two main workers in it.I am very sure you hear about people talking about their running mahadasha and antardasha and what they are talking about is actually Vimshottari dasha system.There are few astrologers who uses Jaimini Chardasha, Yogini and even Ashtakvarga to predict events in native

Concept Of Vimshottari Mahadasha & Antardasha In Vedic Astrology