The meaning of the word “Maha Bhagya” explains the importance of this yoga. Where “maha” means Great and “bhagya” means Luck or another word which can be used to best described this yoga is  “great fortune”

This yogas have two kind of variation where for Male it applies to them when birth is in day time whereas for females it applies when birth is in the night.
Let’s look into the technicalities of Mahabhagya yoga.


For males when the birth is during daytime and the Sun, the Moon, and the Lagna are in odd signs. For females when the birth is during night, the Sun, the Moon are in even signs, Mahabhagya Yoga is said to be formed.


A male born under this Yoga will be a ruler or equal to a ruler, he will have good character and will be a provider to others. He will be generous and will have a long life. Whereas a female born in this combination will be virtuous and blessed with long-lived children, husband, and wealth. She will be kind in nature and will make her family prosper.


 It’s very obvious here that Mahabhagyayoga will result in great wealth and will make native very lucky in his all endeavours. Mahabhagya Yoga involves rising Ascendant, Sun and the Moon. We all know how important they are since they rule over Body, Soul, and Mind and their presence in odd signs which by default are strong in a day, makes horoscope strong inherently. Also, odds signs are masculine and that is why odd sign condition is for Male and this result into abundance male energy which also is a blessing of Lord Shiva. Same way even sign condition is for females since even signs are feminine in nature and strong in the night. It is a direct blessing of Mother Goddess where her kindness will prove beneficial to others.

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