Rahu & Ketu are two Nodes in astrology which tends to be very mysterious because of their their shadow nature.

In fact most of the people tend to be wrong when it comes to prediction on them and their transit.

There are certain rules which need to be followed and only then a fine conclusion can come.

You can book a consultation with me for that and I will decode everything for you.

rahu-ketu transit 2020

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions For Each Sign

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Introduction: Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020

A major transit is going to happen when planet Rahu & Ketu are going to enter Gemini & Sagittarius Sign respectively on 7th of March 2019 and will remain there until 23rd of September 2020.

This will be one of the most important transit in year 2020

And this Rahu transit 2020 & Ketu transit 2020, is looking very significant because just like Saturn and Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu are slow moving planet, in fact are second slowest among all planets and they can complicate our life easily.

Those who have difficult planetary alignments like Parivartan Yoga, Afflicted planets, weak Maraka or if their Sade Satti is going on.

Then I am sure that this transit of Rahu-ketu can complicate matters more.

Rahu-Ketu changes sign in every 18 months and naturally this coming transit becomes  very important for all of us.

As far as my knowledge is concerned Rahu-Ketu transit is concerned, they are almost equivalent to transit of Jupiter.

So in this Article I am going to cover effects and predictions for all signs.

But before we go to their predictions for year 2020, we need to cover few basics first so that you don’t feel lost and understand what I am trying to say here.

Rahu-Ketu Transit Is Going To Happen On 7th Of March & You Can expect Some Intense Moments In It.

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About Planet Rahu-Ketu

Rahu-Ketu are two shadow planets and are considered as nodes of planet Moon and that is why they have a deep impact on our subconscious mind.

Rahu-Ketu don’t own any sign and they always moves backwards i.e retrograde in motion.

Their nature is mysterious and it is always hard to predict on them because being shadow planet they tend to produce effects in following manner and additionally you have to stick to basic rules of reading a transit.

  1. The house they are sitting or transiting in.
  2. The sign they are sitting or transiting.
  3. The Nakshatra they are passing through or placed in.
  4. The aspect they are receiving from other planets especially from Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.
  5. Same way, the planets they are making conjunction with.

So you can see how mysterious they are and there is no standard formula to predict on them. You need to carefully measure all factors so that you can make conclusions on Rahu transit 2020 & Ketu transit 2020.

About Gemini and Sagittarius Signs

As mentioned before in point number 2 that Rahu-Ketu gives results of the sign they are placed or transiting through.

Which means we should know a little about Gemini and Sagittarius sign.

And, a very interesting point to note here is that some sages especially Sage Kalidas have mentioned that Rahu achieves exaltation in Gemini sign whereas Ketu achieves exaltation in Sagittarius sign.

You can refer his great work Uttarakalamrita for it.

And naturally Rahu-Ketu does good in these sign because Rahu is like Mercury ( fast, cunning, agile and very logical) and Ketu goes well with significations of Sagittarius sign (owned by planet Jupiter which is a divine spiritual growth giver).

And on natural zodiac scheme these signs falls in 3rd and 9th house.

Rahu naturally like 3rd house and Ketu well fully powerful in 9th house.

So this coming Rahu-Ketu transit in 2020 is going to be very important for all of us and I have mentioned various reasons apart from what I just stated above.

Why Rahu-Ketu Transit in 2020 Is So Important?

During 2020 until Ketu is in sign of Sagittarius there will be union of planet Jupiter with it.

So while making predictions you need to add the influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign also.

In short, Ketu won’t be alone this time and Jupiter will keep its presence with it.

Ketu is shadow planet and presence of Jupiter will affect it.

Now while making predictions and judging Rahu-Ketu effects on you, I will be taking account on all these factors.

Same time I will be looking into Ashtakvarga sheet also where my focus will be on Samudya Ashtakvarga over Gemini and Sagittarius sign.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions On Aries Sign

Aries are naturally Hot-Headed people and Mars rules them thoroughly. They have a straightforward approach in life and are not manipulative.

During 2020 Rahu will be over their 3rd house and Ketu will be over their 9th house.

Let's see how various areas of their life will be affected by this transit.


Career is going to see progress in this phase and you may feel that things are going as per your plan.

Especially those who are into sports and politics will be benefited by this transit especially Rahu transit through your 3rd house is looking very progressive for it.

Though keep in mind that running Dasha and condition of Mercury and Jupiter will matter a lot here because in the end Rahu-Ketu will be present in their arena.

Despite all the progress which is seen here, I think you may have some difference in opinion with seniors at workplace especially when you have such combinations for it and running through weak planetary Dasha.

Those who are looking for abroad opportunities will find things going as per their plans and if all factors are in symphony then yes, you will be able to go abroad for work.

Those who are having their own business or freelance work will be having a better time than those who are into salaried Job in a organization.

There will be new plans coming in your mind and you will be able to execute them effectively.

Auspicious effects of this Rahu-Ketu transit for Aries sign will be more pronounced when Saturn will leave their 9th house on January 2020.


Self-earned wealth is going to get better in this transit and definitely new opportunities at workplace will bring more money to you.

Gains for people in Business and salary hike for salaried people is seen.

Though, if you are keeping hope of money through your father then you may feel disappointed though from January 2020 to September 2020 things will get better in this regard.

If your earning depends on traveling then sure you will see rise in your wealth flow but those who are into speculation and make money via investments in shares and trading should play very carefully because on one hand Rahu will provide you courage to bet a big sum but Ketu weakness over the house of luck i.e 9th house won't allow gains from it.

But still, you will be having a wonderful window of 9 months from Jan 2020 to September 2020 to risk big sums because by that time you have been having the support of Jupiter transit.

Plz, note that you need to get your Horoscope done by a professional before making any investments because these are general predictions and the reality may be far from it.


As far as marriage is concerned things are looking well balanced, not that bad neither that great.

But equation in other relationships like with father and younger siblings may go bad, especially with father because there is an indication of having arguments with father or father-like figure and same time I see a bad impact on your father's health.

Younger sibling may do well in a career but may be physically absent from your life. Abroad chances are also looking quite bright for the younger sibling.

Overall Rahu-Ketu transit 2020 will affect the relationship with elders badly and you need to be careful on that regard.


Unless you are in Dasha of Maraka Venus or afflicted Mercury, this transit won't affect you badly.

Rather I see some surge in energy and stamina in you and will prove great for people in sports and politics.


In order to get the best out of this transition, you need to make your 9th Lord Jupiter strong via a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire or a Yellow Beryl.

Personalized remedies can be mentioned only after looking at your Horoscope.

Rahu-Ketu Transit  2020: Effects & Predictions On Taurus Sign

Taurus natives are simple and look for comforts wherever they go, they are hardworking and want results quickly.

For Taurus sign, Rahu-Ketu will be going through their 2nd and 8th house respectively.

And they usually don't produce good results in these houses, Taurus sign is one of the signs which is going to get affected badly in this transit.

Let's see in detail, effects on Taurus Sign.


Saturn is already in your 8th and is aspecting the 10th house via its 3rd aspect.

Now Saturn will be joining Saturn and things may become tough to some extent. If you are in Business, Service sector or into speculations then you need to carry extreme cautions.

There won't be any positive results, rather things will go downhill due to combine results of Saturn and Ketu in 8th house.

Don't try to risk and best is to play cool in this transit of Rahu-Ketu.

Those are doing Ph.D. or any kind of research will see some good results and those who are in Astrology, Medicine or any other type of healing work will see great benefits from this transit.

Overall a negative transit and a lot depending on which kind of work you are doing. This Rahu-Ketu transit is looking suitable for some types of profession whereas is looking negative for others.


For Taurus sign financial aspects are already weak due to back to back bad transit of Jupiter and Saturn.

And now Rahu-Ketu transit is also going downhill for you.

So I don't see any chances of improvement here and you need to take the best care of your money and don't risk any amount anywhere.

There will be disputes in inheritance and you need to go through the legal process to get your part.

Only from November 2020, when Jupiter will go to your 8th house, things will get better in this regard and inheritance will come your way.


During Rahu-Ketu transit, the presence of Ketu in 8th house is going to harm your relationship with your spouse and family.

Your spouse may go through some health issues and will be facing difficulties in his life.

Your relationship with him won't be smooth either and try not to stretch any matter and best is to solve the situation in an amicable manner.

Same time relationship with parents and siblings won't be smooth either.

Ketu will be in 12th House from the 9th House and this transition of Ketu can cause severe Health issues to him.


I think this will be the greyest and complicated area for your life. Saturn is already there in your 8th House and when Ketu will join it in March, then I think some explosion is bound to happen in your life.

Take the best care and out most cautions on your physical safety also because there are chances that you may Hurt your legs or feet. They may excel in their life and will get a milestone in their life.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions For Gemini Sign

Gemini natives are analytical and tend to show dual nature a lot. There is no set pattern in their behavior and can surprise others on daily basis.

During Rahu-Ketu Transit in 2020, Rahu will be over their 1st House and Ketu will join Saturn on their 7th House.

Let's see in detail, how this transition will affect their lives.


Career is something which is very dear to you and you always wanted to strive success.

Now, this transit is showing signs of progress because dreaded Ketu will be out of your 8th House and you can expect relief and obstacles won't be in your path anymore.

Though still, I consider the year 2020 much better than last year, but the beginning of good times will happen this year only.

If you are looking for promotion then it may happen in April 2020

Your reputation among your peers and seniors will be good and you will be praised for your work.

Those who are into Speculations or in Business will find better support of luck in the year 2020.

An abroad visit is looking quite strong and you will be able to change your place successfully.


As you can see Career is going to progress, same way wealth will be better this year.

Salary hike will be helpful for you to maintain a good lifestyle.

Same time those who are into Blogging and make money online will find the support of Luck and money flow will be better in 2020.


This is the main area where I see some issues because of the transition of Ketu in your 7th House.

Ketu doesn't support material possession and desires and once it will enter your 7th House of Marriage, high chances are there that you may feel annoyed by your life partner.

Same time health of spouse may not be much good and there will be a concern on this part.

Those who are looking to get married will find things not going in favor and I suggest you wait for 2020 because Jupiter transit over 7th House will definitely allow marriage.

Those who are into a love affair will find things not going with your partner.

With father also I see some chances of arguments whereas with mother things will be average.

Siblings on another hand may provide you necessary emotional support and you will find them in your favor.


Ketu plus Saturn in 7th House and Rahu over 1st House is not a good indication of a Healthy life.

High chances are there that you may suffer joint related issues and things like sprain and trips and fall can happen with you.

Be careful while driving and if you are already taking treatment for something then make sure you under the right Doctor.

All these matters will solve in 2020 and stay cautious and take the best care for your well being.


The best remedy for you is to read Durga Saptashi daily or on a single day.

Same time make your Mercury strong via a Jyotish Quality Emerald.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions For Cancer Sign

Cancer natives are the most gentle people you can ever encounter. They don't want to take unnecessary stress and try to solve the situation peacefully.

During 2020 planet Ketu-Rahu will be over their 6th-12th axis and is going to affect them deeply.

Let's see how!


If you are in the service sector then the presence of Ketu in 6th House shows improvement in and there will be excellence in your performance.

But try not to get debts on you especially in April and May 2020, because this will cause troubles for you in the future.

Go slow in 2020 and don't make any changes in Career and then go with all might in 2020.

If you are in Business and make money via speculations then this transit is not showing much good for you. There are chances of having a court case against you, especially some issues from the Government will be there against you.


Wealth is something which is going to bring some concern because there will be a lot of expenses and you need to make sure you don't go overboard with your spendings.

A marginal salary rise will help you but that is not applicable to people who are into Business.


You will be having some physical distance from your spouse and there will be some miscommunication with the spouse. There are chances that there will be some health issues to your spouse, so you need to make sure you do take full care of it.

With Fathers, you will be having a good relationship with him and the same is applicable for your Mother also.

With Children's, there will be some concerns in Health of your child, especially with the eldest child.

With siblings, things will be good and they will be sharing good bonds with you.


Health is going to remain good and you will be feeling energetic in this transit. You will be facing some trips and falls but still, things will be good on Health front.

If you are having treatments then this is the time things will fall in your favor.

Rahu-Ketu Transit  2020: Effects & Predictions On Leo Sign

Leo natives are daring and they have an aggressive yet calculative approach to solve any kind of situation or difficulty in their life.

During Rahu transit 2020 & Ketu transit 2020, planet Ketu will be over their 6th House whereas Rahu will be over 11th House.

And most of the aspects of their life is going to get better.

Let's see in detail how things will fair for them.


Presence of Rahu in your 11th House is looking great for Career and achievements.

You will see all around development and will make your mark in the work field.

There is a good chance of promotion and praises for your Hard work. Support from peers and seniors will be there for you.

Those who are into Business are going to see growth & expansion in it. The presence of Ketu in 5th House may cause some miscalculation or overconfidence which can cost you by end of the year 2020.

So make sure you don't go overboard with the success because some bad decision can cost you due to it.

Wait till Jupiter goes in your 5th House and then take any bold decision in Career.


Marriages and relationship with the spouse are going to stay smooth and you will share some good moments together.

Your spouse is going to see a rise in his/her Career and that will make things better between you two.

With parents also things will be going good and your relationship with them will be better.

With children especially the eldest could there will be some issues and his or her health will become a concern for you.

Regarding siblings, you are going to witness the rise of your elder sibling and your relationship them will become better.


Healthwise this transit looking better than the previous one but still I think your abdomen area and digestion will be weak.

Overall vitality will remain good and your level of energy will be high like as always.


The best remedy here is to make your 5th Lord Jupiter strong via a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire.

Same time read Vishnu Sahatranaam whenever possible.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions For Virgo Sign

Virgo natives are very down to earth people and are also very determined in work and life.

This year and in 2020, Rahu will be over their 10th House and Ketu will be over their 4th House.

This means two very important Houses are going to get affected and let's see how things will fare for them.


We all know the magic of Rahu over the 10th House and especially for Virgo natives, Rahu works very well there.

So during 2020, you will see a rise in your career, status, and influence.

Your performance will achieve perfection and people will praise your work and you may be able to get an important project in your kitty.

If you are into Business, Sports or Politics then this transit will surely bring all-around success for you.

I don't see any major issues in Career unless you are in Dasha of Mars or afflicted Ketu itself.


Despite progress in Career, there may be issues in wealth for you. Not in earning but in savings because you may end up spending on health of your near ones and same time there will be expenditures on house, car or property.

You need to make sure you balance things out because the expenditures will make you worry.

My idea is that during 2020 you won't be able to save much despite a surge in your wealth.


During 2020, the transit of Rahu transit is going to keep you very busy and physical distance from Spouse is seen.  Though relationship and mutual aspect with spouse will be there.

You may spend a lot on your spouse and will try to keep your spouse Happy by all means.

Those who are thinking of marriage year 2020 is supportive for same.

With father, you will find some coldness in his approach towards you and don't take it that seriously because it will pass.

With mother, you need to be most careful because Ketu transit over the 4th House will cause some health issues or relationship issues with her.

With Kids, I think they are going to be super busy and if they are looking to go abroad then it is the right time you take action for it because things will work in your kid favor.

With siblings, this will remain usual and you will see a good relationship with them. Apart from this, they will be seeing a lot of progress in their life.


For you, the year 2020, will be very auspicious for Health and will be excellent shape.

Your energy levels will be high and there will be a lot of positive actions you will be taking for your Health.

You may start a new diet plan and will adopt good habits which will prove good on the long term.

Those who are having some health issues will be able to figure out the right kind of treatment for yourself.


The best remedy for you is to make your Ascendant Lord Mercury strong via a Jyotish Quality Emerald on the smallest finger or right hand.

Apart from this you should devote yourself to Lord Ganesha and do the ritual for his appeasement.


Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions For Libra Sign

Libra sign is the most sensual sign and they are filled with Love & Harmony. They want an easy life and usually are lucky to get them.

Rahu will be going through their 9th House and Ketu will be over their 3rd House in 2020.

Let's see in detail how various areas of life will be affected by it.


Ketu will be over your 3rd House where it does good where's Rahu will be over your 9th House which also supports career progress.

So I think the year 2020 will be good for the career but if you add effects of Saturn and Jupiter transit on you.

Then I think this transition will help those more who are in the beginning stages of their career and are making the foundation.

Whereas those who are already established will find few things tough and they may feel frustrated due to obstacles in their path.

If you are waiting for a promotion then this is an auspicious time which will give you one of the best results you can expect in your life.

Your relationship with coworkers will improve though some seniors will try to put pressure on you in the end, you will be able to cool it off.

If you are into Business then this transit is helping for expansion and make investments.

If you make money via speculations and investments then this transition of Rahu is very helpful for you.

Overall a very good transit for your success and improvement in the career.


Wealth is surely going to improve and you will see a rise in your wealth during 2020.

As mentioned in the Career section, you will be seeing a rise in Career. And naturally, money will also improve with it.

You will be making investments and they will give returns in the future. Also, the old investments are going to deliver now.


The relationship is something you value a lot and this transition will make you better in it.

Marital harmony will be good and you will spend good time with your spouse. Those who are looking to get married can hold their plans because 2020 is looking more auspicious in this regard.

With Father, things may become cold to some extent but with Mother, your relationship will improve.

With children's, things will be as usual and no such changes are seen.

With siblings, there is an indication that they may get very busy in their life and you may not be able to spend time with them.


Ketu in 3rd House is considered as good for physical fitness and you may indulge in a new health routine.

General vitality will be good and you will be more active in this period.

But if you having some issues going on then you should take the best care and cautions because chances of having wrong treatment are high.


For you giving strength to yogakaraka Saturn via a Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire is must.

Same time read Vishnu Sahasranamam whenever possible.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions On Scorpio Sign

Scorpio natives are mysterious and have a tendency to keep things secretive and no one can judge them correctly.

They are swift yet calculative in their approach and knows secrets for success.

During this Rahu-Ketu transit in 2020 their 2nd & 8th House will come under scanner and usually, Rahu-Ketu don't do any good in this axis.

We need to see how things will fare for them in detail.


For you, things were going ok so far, but this transition will put an obstacle in your progress and you may need to put extra efforts now.

You will start to feel dissatisfied and may not be happy with the progress in your career.

There will be pressure on you and you may want to change your job.

Those who are into Business and have a partner in it should stay careful. There are chances of troubles from the Partner and some difference in opinion will be there between you two.

Don't take risks and put important decisions on hold. Observe the pattern and then after few months make a judgment.

If you rely on speculations then again go slow and analysis things before making a big decision.


This transit is mediocre for wealth also and though there are changes of some sudden gains due to Rahu in 8th House but still don't risk with your money.

There is an indication of property disputes and you should prepare your actions in advance and be ready for trails.


In astrology, 2nd and 8th House are directly related to your Spouse and the presence of these malefics there aren't that good.

There is an indication of Health issues to your spouse and same time your equation with the spouse may not go much good.

Those who are looking to get married will be able to find a partner and year 2019 is looking better than 2020 in this regard.

With father, things will be the same and no big impact is seen.

With mother, some issues in her health will arise.

With siblings, there will a physical distance between and you may not be able to spend much time with them.

Those who are looking for childbirth will finally see success but a lot of efforts will be needed in it.


2nd House is a maraka House and Ketu transition over it is never good. You need to take the best care on your Physical safety especially when you are in Dasha of Venus or Saturn itself.

If you are going though some health issues then make sure you are having the right treatment because some indications are there that your current treatment is not working in your favor.


The best remedy here is the use of a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire or a Yellow Beryl.

Same time fasting on Mondays will prove helpful to you.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions For Sagittarius sign

Sagittarius people are noble and kind like to enjoy their life with freedom. They are quite empathic and want positivity around them.

During  2020, Rahu & Ketu will be over their 1st & 7th House respectively.

Let's see in detail how each area of their life will be affected by this transition.


See out of whole signs I think Sagittarius people have the worst transition going on. But with this transit, some minor relief is expected because Rahu will leave their 8th House and Ketu will come out of their 2nd House.

But now they will be over 1-7 axis and Ketu will join Saturn which is there since October 2017.

So I think despite some improvement in Career still some frustrations will be there and you need to wait till Jan 2020 to get the complete turnover in your situation.

Though April 2020 will bring an opportunity you will be able to cash in only when you are in Dasha of Jupiter or Sun.

My advice is to take cautions and don't try to make any changes in 2020, once your cross this year I think 2020 will be all yours.


Saving money will be the most difficult challenge for you and your expenses may be lesser than before but still, you won't be able to save much for yourself.

If you are looking for a salary rise then don't expect many good results, and if you are into speculations then don't risk a big amount of money in 2020.

Year 2020 will bring a golden phase in your life and you will see your fortune rise in it.


Most of the Sagittarius sign people are facing issues in their Marriage and 2020 won't bring much relief in it.

There is something building up and you should try to solve your matters with important people in your life.

Marriage is going to see negative time and the health of the spouse won't be much good either.

If you are looking to get married there will be possibilities that you will be able to find the right kind of partner.

With father, your relationship will suffer the most whereas with mother things will be average.

With siblings, there will be better tuning and they may


Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions For Capricorn Sign

Capricorn natives are the most down to Earth people and believe in Hard Work. They don't do daydreaming, rather they make things work by proper planning and execution.

During this Rahu-Ketu transit in  2020 their 6th & 12th House will be affected and generally, these House are favorable for Rahu-Ketu.

Let's see in detail how various areas of their life will be affected by this.


Presence of Ketu in 6th & Rahu in 12th House is a very good placement for Career especially for those who are looking for Abroad opportunities.

Though some issues and difficulties may arise due to rules in a particular country, in the end, you will be able to make your way.

A favorable window will be available for you in April 2020 so make sure you put your all efforts in it.

Those workers are already working in an abroad place will find some tough situation and unnecessary expenditures there.

If you are into Business or Self Employment then this transit may cause some enemies and jealousy towards you.

But they won't last against you, Ketu in 6th House in Natal or Transit is known to wipe out the enemies but where your Mercury is placed matters a lot in this matter.

Generally, Capricorn sign doesn't overspend but this Rahu transit to your 12th House may tempt you to spend lavishly or on Health of your relatives.

Overall things are not looking that bad, I consider it as a period of growth and learning especially if you are of young age, for those who are already established may not like the functions of this Transit.


As mentioned before this transit is progressive for Career improvement which means wealth will also be on the good side.

But if you are in Dasha of afflicted Mars, Rahu, Ketu or Jupiter then this transit may cause unnecessary expenditures, so you need to make sure that you keep your needs to minimal because you may develop a tendency to spend crazy.

If your earning source is from Abroad then you can expect a Jump in your salary and gains.


This transition has a lot of emphasis on your mother, if she is old and has some health issues then you need to make sure she gets proper attention.

With Spouse this transit of Rahu-Ketu may cause physical distance but the affection will remain intact.

With Children's, this transition can cause some health issues to your eldest child and presence of Ketu in 2nd House from 5th House which is maraka for 1st House is not a good feature in 2020.

With siblings, I think both elder and younger sibling are bound to get benefits from this transit especially for their abroad ventures.


Ketu is highly praised in 6th House and does help one to build a good Health. So you may also feel a high level of energy during 2020.

You may start to stay outdoor more and will indulge in somebody habits like Gym or swimming.

Though I see some issues with sleep pattern and the hyperness due to Ketu in 6th House may not allow you to sleep well.

Overall a good transit for Health and if any issues are going on Health then you can except betterment in it.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions On Aquarius Sign

Aquarius is the 11th sign in Astrology Zodiac scheme and Aquarius people are sharp, thoughtful and usually very organized in their life.

This Rahu-Ketu transit in  2020 will be going through their 5th & 11th House respectively and is looking quite good for them.

Lets in detail how things will fare and how it is going to impact them in detail.


Presence of Rahu in 5th House is going to make you clever at workplace and is quite good if you are in Business or Creative filed.

On other hand the presence of Ketu in 11th House will prove better then Ketu transit in 12th House.

Now the unnecessary expenses will stop and you will see a rise in your wealth. You will be able to make a mark at your workplace and your Boss or seniors will be Happy with your performance.

You need to make sure that you use this transit properly, those who are into computers and It filed will see some very good developments in their career.

Those who are into Business and speculations will see a rise in their income and expansion in work.

Overall a very good transit for you and those who are looking for going abroad especially for studies will be seeing some great results n this regard.


Just like Career, Wealth is also something which is going to work in your favor and since expenses will stop now, you will be able to save a lot of your money.

There will be new sources of income for you and naturally, you will be attracting wealth. High chances are there that you will be making gains suddenly via speculations.

You will be able to make new investments and old investments will also bring good returns to you. Overall an amazing transit which is going to make your financial situation very good.

Though Dasha holds a major key here and if you are in Venus Dasha then the results will be better then what is written here.


I think the last transit of Rahu-Ketu caused a lot of damages in your marriage but now things will improve.

You will be able to spend some quality time with your spouse and your relationship with her will improve a lot.

Those who are looking for a marriage alliance will see luck on their side and high chances are there that you will be able to convert your love affair into marriage.

With Father, things will be good and you will be able to have proper communication with him.

With Mother, things will be usual but there are chances of your mother having health issues due to bad effects of Rahu transit.

With Kids, I think things will be quite progressive and if you are planning to send them abroad then you will find the support of luck in it.

With siblings, things will be good and they will see progress in their life and career.


Health is going to remain good, though some minor stomach issues will be there still you will be able to manage things effectively.

If you are already having some issues then there will be better response towards the treatment you are having right now.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions On Pisces Sign

Pisces natives are ever dreamy and are the jack of all trades. They tackle situations after giving a lot of thoughts.

During 2020, Rahu-Ketu will be over their 4th & 10th House respectively.

In these Houses, they perform at Mediocre level and provides mixed results.

Let see how each area of their life will be affected in it.


Ketu will be over your 10th House of Career which means Rahu transit 2020 & Ketu transit 2020 will be very significant for you.

If you have plans for expanding your business then this transition will bring some obstacles and some favors in an equal manner.

There will be losses and gains in equal amount but I think somehow transit of 11th Lord Saturn through the 10th House will save the day for you.

Those who are getting gains from Abroad will have the best results from this transit of Ketu.

Regarding salaried people, I think you will be facing issues from seniors and bosses, don't expect promotion or salary hike on time.

There will be some delays in it and middle of 2020 is looking promising for it.

This transition is good if you are into law, mining, computer or cutting industry. Rest of the industry will suffer in it.


So far you had a great time due the to combine effect of Saturn and Jupiter transit and money flow was intact for you.

Now as mention in the Career section, things will see mix results and you will be seeing gains and losses in equal amounts.

You need to make sure that you don't overspend on things and take you financial decisions wisely.

Many of Pisces natives will see their father getting retired in 2020. Which means you may have to the hare burden of expenses on Household goods and items.

There is a chance that you may money out of a real estates deal like selling land or House.

Though make sure you get the right price for it, don't take selling decision in a hurry because you may realize that you have incurred losses from the deal.


4th House is House or Mother and 10th House is House or father which means this Transit of Rahu-Ketu 2020 will be very significant.

There is a chance of a difference in opinion/fights with father especially when you are in Dasha of Sun or Saturn or if you have Sun-Saturn Union in D-1 or D-9.

Same time, the health of the father can go downhill in this transition.

Your mother may also not feel good and some emotional trauma she may have to go through due to it.

4th House represents your domestic environment and have a role in family peace especially when you are married. Your spouse may see the Physical distance with the spouse.

Your relationship with spouse will be of medium nature and some cold silence between you two.

Regarding kids, they won't be much affected by this transition of Rahu-Ketu in Gemini and Sagittarius sign respectively.

Though if your kids are planning to abroad then they may get support from Luck for this.


Health is something which is the most important aspect of one's life. And in your case Knees and Joint pain is looking prominent this year.

General vitality will remain good and energy level will be high, thanks for Jumping transit in 9th House which is casting an aspect on your 1st House.


The best remedy for you is to make your Ascendant strong via a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Beryl.


Rahu transit 2020 & Ketu transit 2020 will be a unique force to reckon with and those who are in regular touch with me knows that how much stress I am giving on this transit.

Until Saturn moves out of Sagittarius,the negativity of this transit will remain there and on top of that prediction of them is always hard due to their mysterious nature.

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