Transit Calculator

To know the transit position for any date, use the calculator given below.

All, you have to do is Enter the date, time, and place. 

This simple calculator will give you the position of the planets on your desired date of yours.

Also, you can use it to find your rising ascendant sign.

Here are some tips for reading transits in Vedic Astrology:

  1. Know the planetary positions: It is important to know the position of the planets in the natal chart before analyzing transits. This gives a better understanding of the impact of transiting planets on the natal planets and houses.

  2. Analyze the current dasha: The current dasha or planetary period should also be taken into consideration while analyzing transits. The dasha lord can amplify or reduce the effects of transiting planets.

  3. Look for the aspects: In Vedic Astrology, the aspects of the planets are very important. When a planet transits a house, it also aspects the other houses based on its placement. This gives a clue about the impact of the transit on different areas of life.

  4. Identify the transiting planets: Different planets have different effects when they transit a particular house or sign. For example, when Jupiter transits the 10th house, it can bring career growth and success. Similarly, when Saturn transits the 4th house, it can cause challenges in domestic life. Therefore, it is important to know the nature and effects of the transiting planets.

  5. Take into account the nakshatra: Nakshatras or lunar mansions play an important role in Vedic Astrology. The placement of the transiting planet in a particular nakshatra can modify its effects on the natal planets and houses.

  6. Use intuition and common sense: While analyzing transits, it is important to use intuition and common sense. Sometimes the effect of a transit may not be very clear based on the traditional interpretations. In such cases, a deeper understanding of the individual’s life and circumstances can help in providing better insights.

By following these tips, you can effectively read and interpret transits in Vedic Astrology.

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