Timing Of Marriage Via Astrology-With Example Horoscope

Timing Of Marriage Via Astrology-With Example Horoscope

Questions related to timing of marriage like “when I will get married” are quite frequent nowadays and it is quite obvious too, as we all know marriage is the most important event in a human life.

The world itself sustain on the concept of marriage only.

The main purpose of marriage is to keep the society running with new birth and it makes a person serious about his work, in a way marriage is the basic pillar of society. It can bring a immense sense of joy and sorrow depending on the condition of the horoscope.

Many times we have seen how drastically people change after marriage in a good way because they sense the responsibility towards their better half.

The first common question is when am I going to get married?

Yes, this is the query which comes in every consultation!!

There are few methods by which marriage timing can be checked but before that it is must we analyze a horoscope to see if marriage is promised in the horoscope or not, if yes then whether it is a early or a late marriage.

Lets start with placements of early, timely, late or denial in marriage.

Classification Of Marriage

1.Early Marriage-Before 22 years.

2.Timely Marriage-22 to 27 years.

3. Late Marriage-27 to 32 years.

4. Delayed Marriage-32 to37 years.

5. Denial Of Marriage-37 years and above.

The above ages can be subjective and in some cases it is seen that people marry even in their 40’s but it is rare and don’t happen quite frequently.

Now lets see how to check in a horoscope if someone is supposed to marry on time of not, because it is important and without judging this one should not make predictions on marriage timing.

1. Early Marriage- If in a Horoscope someone have karaka of marriage which is Venus in strong position and unafflicted state then that individual gets marries very early. It is rare to have no afflictions on any planet, there is always some sort of negative planetary influence on planets. But in some cases it can happen that Venus is in very clean state and is powerful in navamsa  then in such case marriage happens early. There are other placements also which can make one marry early like planetary relationship of Venus and Mars in the 1st, 5th or the 7th house. You can understand that such native can be very relationship oriented and feels to have a partner at early stages of life. It is all bout the attraction one feels towards the opposite sex and when dasha supports it along with the transit marriage takes place. It is seen that in  modern world early marriage without completing education and experience can be negative for the fate of the marriage.

2. Timely Marriage- If in  Horoscope Venus is in 7th house or in the 1st or in the 5th house or is making a association with Moon then timely marriage happens. This is very similar to the conditions of early marriage but here usually the very strong drive to have partner is missing which is influence of Mars and Venus. Also in such cases the condition of the 7th house lord stays clean and is usually well placed. That is why everything happens in balanced way. This is the best time to marry and settle down and lately the modern world and its demands is not allowing to happen.

3. Late Marriage- From now on the role of Saturn starts to play big time. Saturn is the karaka of delays and even denial and its influence over the 7th house and its lord or over Venus can bring delays. Even in certain houses like 4th, 8th and the 12th house, late marriage can happen. In most cases delay of marriage is related to Saturn mainly. Though the condition  of the 7th house can also play a role, if the 7th house is placed in the 8th or the 12th house then late marriage happens. Saturn aspects over the Moon also makes one to not rush into marriage.

4. Delayed Marriage- Late and delayed marriage are almost same but the intensity of Saturn over the Venus, 7th house is higher. Also there is always more afflictions over the 7th house or its lord. Placement of the 7th lord in 8th or the 8th house lord in the 7th house is a well known placement for the delay in marriage. At this age native can be frustrated and develops fear and faces obstacles in finding a spouse.

5. Denial Marriage- Denial is a pretty intense situation and just like early marriage it is rare to see. In this situation the individual is the one who doesn’t show interest in marriage which means planets like Saturn and Ketu who are associated with detachments are influcing the ascendant, 7th house, Venus or planet Moon. On every well known combination which give one detachment is union of Moon with Saturn in the sign of Mars. In sign of Scorpio it is very strong and many people in filed of charity have it and they tend to work and mind their own business.

To know more about the placements for delay in marriage check the article on late marriage.

Factors To Consider For Timing Of Marriage

Before proceeding to marriage timing you should know little basic like 7th house rules over your marriage and there is Navamsa chart also called as D-9 which rules over marriage matters. The techniques which i will be mentioning ahead is based on their placements and conditions only.

Given below are the thing you need to check in your horoscope in order to make a assessment on timing of marriage.

1. Venus is the general significator of marriage for both men and women. In case of Men it is the karaka of wife, where in case of Women it is the karaka of husband.

2. Check your seventh house which planet is ruling your 7th house i.e. the lord of the sign which is present in your 7th house. For example, Aries ascendant native have Libra over their 7th house whose lord is Venus.

3. Check where is your 7th lord is placed, is it in trines houses(1,5,9) in quadrant (1,4,7,10) or evil houses(6,8,12) placement of 7th lord in trine and quadrants are very supportive to get married and generally this it gives a good life partner along with awesome married life.

4. Check planetary association over the 7th house and its lord. It could be union, exchange or any form of planetary relationship.

5. In your navamsa aka d-9 check which planet rules over 7th house and check if any planet is sitting there.

6. Check in the divisional chart navamsa if any other planets are affecting your 7th lord or not via exchange, conjunction, mutual aspects etc.

Let’s see various ways and techniques one can predict the timing of marriage.

Timing Of Marriage Via Vimshottari Dasha

Now see in your chart above-mentioned points and check which vimshottari dasha and antardasha you are in. You will get married when your dasha ruler is associated with your 7th lord as simple as that.

Now there are many ways planets are associated with each other but for keeping it simple I want you to take consideration of given example.

Suppose a native is of Aries ascendant and Venus rules over his 7th house now currently he is of 23 age and he will be having antardasha of Venus when he will of 27 age, so here there are high chances that he will get married when he will hit his Venus antardasha.

Of course here you need to see the placement of Venus in d-1 and d-9 if its weak or strong or is there any marriage delaying thing in his chart.

But for this write-up, the native’s Venus as strong and placed in a good house.

The Same way a person can get married if he or she is running Dasha of 7th lord or planet associated with the 7th house of d-9, the same aspect can be used using D-60R.

But you need to see whether or not delay is there in the Horoscope. If conditions for late or delay marriage is there then you will not marry even if your are in dasha which is connected with your 7th house or its lord.

Let’s see this with an example where the native is 37 years old and is not able to find a suitable partner for marriage despite having good looks, stable job, house and car etc. Plus he have 7th lord Venus is in own sign along with Moon, and technically he is eligible for a marriage at early or timely.

But that is not the case here.

He was born on 9th of September 1986 at 21:30 and place of birth is Dehradun.


natal chart example
Example horoscope natal and navamsa


As you can see in the image given below, he have passed through dasha periods which were capable to give marriage but it did not worked out for him and he was not able to find a suitable spouse.

dasha of example horoscope

Jupiter-Venus which started in April 2014 and lasted until December 2016 was perfectly eligible to give him the even of marriage. But due to the presence of Saturn in the 8th house in the natal Horoscope and Saturn that too in exalted state in the first house of navamsa his marriage got delayed. Despite he have 7th lord Venus in his 7th house and is making a union with planet Moon.

Currently he is in the dasha period of Saturn-Saturn and Jupiter is over his first house aspecting the 7th house and now he wil get married and before April 2024 he will most likely settles down in his life.

timing of marriage astrology example horoscope dasha sequence


The purpose here was to show you is that it can not be that easy and sometimes despite having right dasha, transit and combinations may not give marriage at the right age. One need to pay a special attention to planet Saturn who is a very karmic planet and same time is the karaka of delays.

In many cases a severe position of Saturn can cause issues in marriage also.

Since I have mentioned that in the example Horoscope the possibility of marriage is there because Jupiter is making a transit in the sign of Aries.

Lets elaborate more the role of the transit in timing of marriage.

Transit Role In Timing Of Marriage

Planet Saturn and Jupiter are the two most important planet which triggers the events which are promised by the combinations and placements in the horoscope. Here for checking the timing of marriage one need to see whether during the dasha of planets which are capable to give marriage, the transits are also indicating the same of not. There has to be the support of the transit specially the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter must activate the 7th house or its lord in the natal Horoscope.

Let’s see with a example on how the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter works along with the dasha to give the event of marriage.

The Horoscope given below belongs to Bill Clinton and his life events can be tacked easily through internet.


example horoscope for timing of marriage
Bill Clinton Horoscope


Bill Clinton got married on 11-10-1975 and he was in in the dasha of Rahu-Saturn, Saturn is in the 7th house lord navamsa and gave him marriage.

Also same Saturn caused late marriage for him the age of 29 especially at that point of time when used to marry at very early age.

Bill clinton dasha for timing of marriage article

On his weeding day, transit Jupiter was in the sign of Pisces which falls into his 7th house. Saturn was in where his ascendant lord Mercury is placed thus fulfilling the conditions of marriage in his case.

Similarly there are other methods which can be used to know the timing of marriage through transits and they are as follow:

1. The sum of the Longitudes of the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord corresponds to a particular degree. Marriage is likely to happen when Jupiter transits over this degree, its trine, or the 7th from it.
2. Marriage is also likely when Jupiter transits over the point or its trine that is the sum of the Longitudes of the Janma Nakshatra Lord and the 7th Lord.
3. Jupiter’s transit or aspect on the Rashi occupied by Navamsha dispositor of the Lagna Lord is another indication of the time of marriage.
4. For males, the likelihood of getting married increases when Jupiter transits over natal Venus or its dispositor or their trines.
5. For females, marriage is likely when Venus transits over natal Mars or its dispositor or their trines.
6. Additionally, the transit of the Lagna Lord over the 7th House can also signal the time of marriage.

Timing Of Marriage Through Char Dasha

It is always advisable to confirm your findings through one more method and here it is important to check if the marriage time as seen by the Vimshottari dasha and transit is getting a yes nod from Char dasha or not.

Here first one need to identify the chara karakas based on the degrees of the planet. The planet with the highest degree is called as Atmakaraka followed by Amatyakaraka, Bhartukaraka, Matrikraka, Putrakaraka, Ganatikaraka and then the Darakaraka.

The planet with the lowest degree will be your darakarka(spouse significator) and here we need to see if it is falling on the rashi dasha, 7t from it or atleast it should aspect the rashi dasha or the 7th house from it.

Lets demonstrate this with the horoscope of Bill Clinton who have Jupiter as the darakara since it have the lowest degree among all planets excluding Rahu and Ketu.

On the day of his weeding he as in the subperiod of Aries char dasha which u can see in the image given below:

timing of marriage char dasha example

No see in his horoscope. as marked by the circle. Jupiter the darakarka is falling in the 7th house from the rashi dasha of Aries.

timing of marriage example char dasha
Se how darakaraka is falling in the 7th from the dasha

Now you have seen the application of all the methods and how u can apply it on any horoscope o predict the timing of marriage.

There are other ways which u can use to figure out when someone will marry but the one mentioned above are the main ones and if they don’t indicate marriage event then marriage will not happen.

Lets glance over some of the other ways to find the timing of marriage.

  1. Add the longitude of the lagan lord and the seventh lord, if the total exceeds 360 degrees, deduct this. The resultant point is called as Vvoaha Sabam or the marriage time. Now, whenever Jupiter or Venus will transit over Vvoaha Saham the person can get married.
  2. Using asthvarga also you can find marriage timings, open your Asthvarga table and add points from 1st to 7th house and now divide it by 27, why 27?? Because there are total 27 nakshatras and Nakshatra are the pillar of astrology. Now after dividing you will find a resultant, suppose you got a resultant of 9 now see which Nakshatra comes in 9th, no, here it will be Ashlesha. Now whenever Jupiter in case of females and Venus in case of males transits over Ashlesha the person will get married.You can find marriage time using Asthvarga Dasha also but it is beyond the scope of this article.

Same way you can use yogini Dasha or Kaal chakra dahsa or KP method but above mention, methods are quite basic and easy to use.


So you saw how dasha and transit method can be used to figure out the timing of marriage in a Horoscope and plus there are other techniques also but remember that no transit or any other technique can counter or go against the dasha. If dasha is not connected with the 7th house or its lord then marriage will not take place matter if both Saturn and Jupiter are over the 7th house together in their transit. Plus it can also happen that both the transit and the dasha are indicating marriage but still native is not able to find a spouse that’s because the native have placements for delays and late marriage and i have shown that above on a example horoscope.

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