Abroad Travel- Placements For It

Abroad Travel- Placements For It

In current times abroad travel is one of the things which everyone wants to do in his or her lifetime.

Here I should tell you a thing that during the Vedic era leaving home or town wasn’t considered as a good thing and many times it was used as a punishment by Kings, as leaving away from your family was never a good thing in those days.

But now since we are in the age of Rahu aka Kaliyuga things are quite the opposite in this regard now.

Due to good living standards and currency factors, many people want to work or settle in Western countries. So here we will discuss why for some people it is easy to go abroad or why for some it always remains a distant dream!!

First I will list the houses concerned for abroad travel.

1st house- It represents the self, the native, the desire built in you.
3rd house- It represents short journeys, this stands for travel within the country.
4th house- Your homeland the place of residence.
7th house– Opposite to 1st house, meaning faraway lands and also settlement.
8th house – Though a completely intriguing sector, it does signify unknown places, which can mean places different from the native’s birthplace.
9th house- This is the most important house and signifies foreign travel.
12th house- This is foreign land itself.
Involvement of movable and dual signs promote abroad travel.
Movable signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Dual Sign: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

Now in the birth chart if someone has a connection between 3rd,7th,9th, and 12th and same time moveable signs are involved then the person is always on travel to abroad places.

You need to see Dasha’s pattern in this regard also if Dasha is favorable and connected to the above-mentioned houses then the person will travel otherwise delays can occur.

You can see many times there are people who are very fond of going abroad and for them, it’s their childhood dream now what happens in such cases is that these people have their ascendant lord connected to 3rd,7th and 12th and it makes them want to go there and it can be for many reasons like work or as a tourist and sometimes permanent settlement.

Now we will discuss the reasons for travel

90℅ of abroad traveling occurs due to work reasons and for that, a person should have a connection of 10th house with 3rd,7th, and 12th.

Few people gets settled there in abroad countries in such cases usually 4th house is quite weak and there is connection of 4th house with 12th house.

Since the 4th house rules over your homeland, its weakness can cause a person to leave his country and adopt the nationality of others.

When a person’s Navamsha 7th house is connected with the 12th house of Navamsha then usually honeymoon occurs in distant lands and since going abroad as a tourist can be a costly venture you need to check the wealth factor here in the chart, In other words, check if Dasha is supportive or not and same time a person can afford abroad travel or not.

Also, there are some seasoned tourists and for them 8th house factor works along with the 9th house.

I have met many tourist in India from other countries and in their chart 8th house was clearly active, since 8th house represent unknown hidden places these people have a keen interest in visiting places and they never stop!!

Few other placements of planets make a person go abroad like Rahu in 12th is the biggest factor that can make a person go abroad, and Sun in the 8th house, usually person with this placement faces problems abroad lands as this placement deals with wandering in foreign lands without purposes.

Mercury in the 8th house, now this placement might appear peculiar in this regard but mercury in the 8th is very helpful for abroad travel, since mercury is in the 8th house the concerned person can be very interested in foreign cultures and wants to explore places which fascinates him.

Venus in the 12th house can also make a person go abroad especially in the hotel industry same way the moon in the 9th can make a person a sailor aka a merchant navy person.

Saturn aspects on the 12th are also supportive for abroad travel especially for western countries.

There is a method in asthvarga calculation to know which direction will be suitable for you but I will not discuss it here and will save it for later.

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