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Following analysis of Baba Ramdev Horoscope is done via techniques of Parashari, Jaimini, and Asthvarga astrology.

Baba Ramdev was born on 25-12-1965 and Horoscope indicates Cancer sign was rising with Sagittarius navamsha. The year 1965 was a very interesting period because many famous people took birth in that year.

To name a few Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan, etc.

Baba Ramdev horoscope
Baba Ramdev horoscope


There are many promising Rajyoga in Baba Ramdev’s horoscope but to reach at top one needs to have a combination of Rajyoga and their Dasha at the right point in time.

Baba Ramdev’s horoscope shows how important is to look at Dasha in any horoscope.

1. Ascendant lord Moon in 7th house, due to which ascendant is very strong and it gave him enough confidence and courage to gain so much success despite from a very humble beginning.

2. Yogakaraka Mars exalted in 7th house, Mars due to its dual lordship over a Kendra and Trine house becomes a Yogakaraka for Cancer ascendant natives. In Baba Ramdev, birth chart Mars from seventh house is fully aspecting ascendant which makes his ascendant strong.

Also, Mars union with Moon is creating Chandra Mangal Yoga and is also a Rajyoga due to the Planetary relationship of the ascendant(Moon), lord of 5th & 10th(mars).

Mars is also generating a strong Ruchaka Yoga in his horoscope and due to the influence of the benefic Moon and Venus, Ruchaka Yoga is very strong in Baba Ramdev’s horoscope.

3.11th lord Venus in 7th house, again here Venus being 11th lord which is a house of achievement and honors is in a benefic association of Mars and Moon.

4. Exalted Rahu in the 11th house, we all know how Rahu works in the 11th house and a very good example of it is Mahendra Singh Dhoni horoscope. In Baba Ramdev Horoscope, Rahu is exalted in the 11th house which speaks of his connections with ministers.

5. Saturn in its own sign in the 8th house, such Saturn easily gives one a legacy and such people have their name stamped in history.

Apart from these Parashari Rajyoga, there is placement like exalted Ketu in the 5th house which I will explain in his Dasha analysis.

Apart from these Parashari Rajyoga, there is placement like exalted Ketu in the 5th house which I will explain in his Dasha analysis.

As per Jaimini astrology, Baba Ramdev has following Rajyoga.

1. Union of Moon and Venus, it is a Jaimini Rajyoga and works very well is in a favorable position from Karakamsa. In his case, Karakamsa Lagan is Pisces and Moon-Venus union is present in 11th from it.

2. In navamsha, Atmakaraka Mercury is in a mutual aspect with Saturn.

As per asthakvarga, his horoscope is very strong where his 3rd, 7th, and 5th house have 33, 34, and 35 points respectively. Also, his 10th house has a high score of 35 points.

Also, you can read shubha yoga in astrology which gives power and authority:


Baba Ramdev is a Yogi who got international fame due to his Yoga practice and in some sense, he revived Yoga in India again.

He did something which was very necessary especially when you see how people in western countries are doing patents on Yoga and making modifications to it as per their needs just like they tend to change the meaning of astrology rules as per their own convenience.

In astrology 4th, 8th, and 12th houses come under the scanner.

In his horoscope 4th lord, Venus is with ascendant lord Moon and Yogakaraka Mars, which makes Venus give the best results of its 4th house lordship which in his context is spiritual progress. 8th lord Saturn is in his own sign which enables him to take interest in spiritual studies and activities whereas 12th house lord Mercury is in the 5th house of learning and is in union with planet Ketu.

Also, interest his interest in Yoga and its mastering comes from Mercury and Ketu in the 5th house, exalted Mars along with Moon in the 7th house making it more prominent in his horoscope.


Baba Ramdev was born in a small village and by no chance had any luxury of opportunities and money to establish himself.

He started doing what he liked and came to Uttarakhand and started doing his Yoga and meditation practice in a famous pilgrimage spot Gangotri.

There he met his current associate Acharya Bal Kishan and together they started supplying herbs to places.

It was the year 2002 when he started coming on a channel name “Astha Tv” where he was featured in the morning yoga slot.

During this period he was in Jupiter-Jupiter which was his first step toward success.

Actually, it was Jupiter Mahadasha which started in the year 2000 and he started making efforts to spread his knowledge, and the year 2002 provided him his first break.

Jupiter is lord of the 6th and 9th houses and a benefic planet for Cancer ascendant natives. In his horoscope, Jupiter is retrograde and is in the 12th house which is a house of spiritual progress. Retrograde Jupiter Mahadasha gave him success in the field of yoga, Ayurveda, and philosophy.

Due to his Yoga shows on TV, he became very popular among the masses and went on the climb the ladder of success.

As per Jaimini’s analysis, he was in the main period of Aquarius and sub period of Pisces.

Aquarius falls in the 8th house of the natal chart where Amatyakaraka Saturn is placed. 8th house gives sudden opportunities and Amatyakaraka there shows that the whole Aquarius was going to benefit him immensely.

Also, the 10th house from Aquarius is Scorpio which has Atmakaraka in it along with exalted Ketu in it. Whereas from subperiod Pisces Atmakaraka Mercury is falling in 11th house but Atmakaraka Amatyakaraka is 12th from it.

This means the best of the Aquarius period was yet to happen.

Jupiter-Mercury(2006): The year 2006 was a milestone in Baba Ramdev life and I still remember I was in school at that time and everyone was talking about him, he was in news headlines most of 2006.

During this period he was invited by Kofi Annan to deliver a lecture on poverty alleviation at a conference of the United Nations. He was also invited by other countries like USA, Britain, and Japan to teach yoga there.

His main achievement during Jupiter-Mercury was the establishment of Patanjali Yogpeeth and Patanjali Ayurveda which went to become a super success.

Here Mercury the Antar Dasha lord is placed in the 5th house of honors and the 5th house also has a good say in establishing an institution.

One should not forget that Jupiter is retrograde in his chart which means is acting from the 11th house also and directly aspecting his 5th house where Mercury is placed.

As per Jamini analysis, he was in the Subperiod of Cancer and Leo.

CAN 25/12/05 – 25/ 9/06

LEO 25/ 9/06 – 25/ 6/07.

Cancer falls in 5th from his Karakamsa whereas from Leo his tenth house is Tauras aspected by Moon, Mars, Venus. Not to forget exalted Rahu is there already. Most of his success in 2006 came in Leo’s subperiod only.

From there he went on to build the profiles of his institution which became a popular brand within no time where profits were high year by year.

Though all of the profit money went for social services and since Baba Ramdev is an ascetic he doesn’t hold any share in Patanjali Ayurveda Company.

His trusted friend Acharya Baal Krishnan holds 98℅ shares which today is equivalent to 2.5 Billion USD.

Though as per Baba Ramdev all the profits of Patanjali Ayurveda are used for social services but his “Bharat Swabhiman Trust” created a controversy which we will see in the next paragraphs.

Jupiter-Venus(2010): Baba Ramdev started the Venus subperiod in April 2008 which lasted until December 2010. Venus is lord of the 4th and the 11th house where the 4th house is empty and the 11th is occupied by exalted Venus. Whereas Venus is placed in the 7th house with Mars and Moon.

Some people have always criticized Baba Ramdev due to his company and political connection.

But one should understand that he build his empire to encourage people to eat healthily and buy Indian company products.

Both of the motives seem very productive and one should analyze things sharply instead of finding faults in him.

He is a great example of a success story and can inspire millions.

The 11th house is a house of networking and it tells about your circles. Baba Ramdev’s 11th house condition shows his relationship with high-profile people and during Jupiter-Venus he came close to the BJP party which was not ruling at that point of time.

Also during this period, Baba Ramdev established his “Bharat Swabhiman Trust” which was started with the sole purpose to involve in politics.

This same trust was used to support Narendra Modi in the 2014 assembly elections.

Baba Ramdev was criticized since funding or supporting political ambition is against the code of conduct of a “Yogi”.

It is also very important to know the role of other people in Baba Ramdev life, who helped him to establish his Patanjali Ayurveda Company.

During his early days, Baba Ramdev came into contact with people who helped and encourage him to establish institutions and help him to get Loans for a large amounts.

It is all due to his strong 11th house due to which he always found helpful people around him.

Since I just talked about criticism that he faces from time to time, we will now look into planetary alignments of the famous Ramlila Ground.

Jupiter-Sun(2011): Baba Ramdev entered the Sun subperiod in Dec 2010 and it lasted till Dec 2011. In April 2011 Baba Ramdev went on a hunger strike in protest of corruption and black money.

It landed him lots of trouble by govt where false promises were made and in the end, Baba Ramdev was manhandled by police and later got arrested.

Sun in astrology represents government and in Baba Ramdev horoscope Sun is placed in the 6th house which signifies accusations and enemies.

In navamsha sun is again afflicted due to its placement in the 8th house.

Clearly Sun period shows troubles through government.

As per Jaimini’s analysis, it happened in Sagittarius Char Dasha which is known for sudden events.

Currently, Baba Ramdev is in Saturn Mahadasha which started in 2016.

Saturn is placed in its own sign in the 8th house.

Saturn Mahadasha will be good for him and his deeds will cement his place in Indian history but Saturn Dasha doesn’t look supportive of his health and there may be a few health issues for him within two years from now.

Also, Sagittarius Char Dasha in his horoscope which is starting in 2023 is indicating health issues and controversy in his life.

In the end, all I have to say is that person like Baba Ramdev will always be remembered for his revolutionary ideas and vision and one should learn and inspire from his life.

Baba Ramdev Horoscope does not end here and I will be adding valuable information as time goes on.

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