Whether we like it or not but importance of money can’t be denied especially in the present era of the modern world where making money is the main priority of everyone.

Sometimes you might wonder how some people are more capable of making money than others and also born in a rich family is also a thing which makes a person not worry on account of wealth, the USA even being born in some countries like the USA, Switzerland(50 dollars per hour) can bless you with easy money rather than being born in countries with the lower economic structure

Most of the highly successful businessman’s are from USA and half of the world is using their products because the system there supports entrepreneurs.

So when you look at the above situations you might find a role of luck or destiny in it, here I will prefer to call it as Pre-Destiny.

Anytime you look into charts of people having a great amount of wealth you will find Good wealth making yogas or you can say DHAN YOGA and RAJ YOGA. 

In Vedic astrology, sages have mentioned lots of combinations of wealth and a few other things which should be checked before giving judgment on wealth.

In your birth chart, Prime importance is given to your first house which is called as ascendant and ascendant should be strong in any case if you want to make wealth or enjoy wealth.

Then 2nd(family wealth) and 11th(financial gains) houses should be checked if they are having a connection with each other and how ascendant is connected to them.

Your 5th and 9th house which are known as Trines should be checked then.
Since 5th and 9th houses are very auspicious Houses and their involvement with ascendant,2nd and 11th results in huge amount of wealth.

Businessmen like Gates, Ambani, Buffet, and many others have a direct relation to the ascendant, 2nd,11th,5th, and 9th houses in their birth horoscopes.

Now roles of planets should be checked and here the importance of JUPITER and SATURN is of prime importance though all planets have the power to bless you with wealth without the blessings of JUPITER and SATURN, nothing can be achieved in life not even a single breath of air!!

You need to look into Divisional charts as well and as per my experience best chart to check wealth is LAABH MANDOOK HORA chart, where planets in the first hora (0 to 15) degrees remains in same zodiac and planet in 2nd hora(15 to 30) goes to Eleventh Zodiac from its placement in the main chart for example your Jupiter is in Aries at 9 degrees which us less than 15 so it is in the first hora, therefore in Laabh Mandook hora it will remain in Aries only, now consider same placement of Jupiter but with 20 degrees( 2nd hora) here now Jupiter will go into 11th from Aries in your Labh Mandook Hora which is Capricorn.

Since this particular chart use reference to the 11th house, it should be checked properly using standard rules of classic astrology. Mukesh Ambani has strong Adhi Yoga in his LAABH MANDOOK HORA CHART and indicates his immense wealth.

Same way Indu Lagana is also checked for the quantum of wealth in life.

Then your Dasha also holds importance and it’s a necessary condition to be in Dasha of a planet involved in wealth giving combination, especially during prime youth, for example Mahendra Singh Dhoni started his Rahu mahadasha in 2002 when he was 24 years old and his Rahu is in 11th house in cancer zodiac along with Venus which is lord of 2nd(wealth) and 9th(luck) house and since then there was no looking back for him.

Sometimes despite having great wealth combination people suffer because of negative planets Dasha especially the 8th and weak 6th house lord Dasha though they might have many ideas and potential in them there will always be something which will either stop them or will result in financial loss.

Therefore your Planetary combination and Dasha both have an equal importance that’s why you won’t find many wealthy people around in world coz everything should work simultaneously to attain wealth i.e your auspicious combination and their Dashas.

Here I am discussing Horoscope of Kumar Mangalam Birla who started handling his family business at age of 28 when his father died and from there he completely changed the fortune of his company


Kumar Mangalam Birla is of Cancer Ascendant and Ascendant lord Moon is sitting in the 2nd house and 2nd house lord Sun is in 11th and 11th lord Venus is in  Ascendant along with exalted 9th lord Jupiter. It’s an amazing combination where 1st,2nd,9th and 11th are connected with each other and 5th lord mars is aspecting 9th house. All these combos made him a successful businessman, there is no doubt he will be making more in future.


In Bill Gates horoscope, Second lord Moon is in 4th house in direct relationship with 11th house lord Mars.

Ascendant lord Mercury is also present there therefore strOng relationship of Ascendant, second and eleventh house is present.

Same time 9th house lord is exalted in 5th house with Venus which is present in own sign.

Both are aspecting 11th house and have blessed him with an enormous amount of wealth.

He made his actual foundation in his Venus mahadasha.

Same way there are many examples which can be checked for practice.

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  1. Sir my 2nd and 9th lord mars in cancer and further I have gharan dosh kemadurma dosh and can I become rich my dob 9/12/1992; 2:16pm ,nagercoil

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