As per Phaladeepika astrologers should have some inherent qualities in them or should follow some special practices which make them a good astrologer.

  1. Every astrologer should be proficient in astronomy.
  2. Should have sound knowledge of Mathematics.
  3. Should have a good moral character.
  4. Should involve in some sadhana or spiritual practice.

Here if you dissect above points you will find the prominent role of following planets which makes one an astrologer.

  1. Jupiter- knowledge, morals, intuition, spiritual practices.
  2. Ketu-mysterious subject & Sadhna.
  3. Mercury – astrology, education &  mathematics.
  4. Moon-mind & perception.
  5. Saturn- hard work, perseverance, profession & skills.

In Horoscope your ascendant, 5th house, 8th house 9th house,10th house and 12th house plays an important part and above-mentioned planets should be involved with them.
In division charts Navamsha should also have combinations mentioned above, Navamsha is your sokshama kundali (micro birth horoscope) hence every aspect if life can be judged from Navamsha.

In Vishmansha (D-20) planet Ketu & Jupiter should be check. Involvement of Ketu with Mercury and connection between 1st,5th, and the 9th house makes a person astrologer.

  1. Apart from that our astrology scriptures have mentioned Tailor made combination for an astrologer:
  2. Gajakesari Yoga in the Ascendant, ninth, fifth or eighth house, makes a person interested in Astrology.
  3.  Mercury if located in the sign of Jupiter or vice versa, the native will have knowledge of Astrology.
  4. Atmakarka associated with 8th or 12th house with the influence of Ketu and Mercury.
  5. If the fifth lord or the ninth lord are in conjunction or share a relationship with Mercury or Jupiter, then native will be a successful Astrologer.
  6. If Mercury or Jupiter is in conjunction or shares an aspect relationship in the eighth house, then the native will be interested in occult science or astrology.
  7. Saturn-Moon relationship with auspicious Jupiter aspect on it makes a person astrologer.
  8. Moon in conjunction with Mercury and Saturn aspects both the planets or Saturn-Moon and Mercury are in conjunction.
  9. If Jupiter forms any kind of relationship with Mercury or Venus, then the person will be inclined towards Astrology.
  10. If the lord of the eighth house forms a yoga with Moon or Saturn through an aspect relationship or conjunction, or the eighth lord is in conjunction with the fifth lord, then the person will develop an interest in Astrology.
  11. If Mercury, Jupiter, Ascendant lord, eighth lord, fifth lord or the ninth lord are located in the tenth house, then the person will become a successful Astrologer.
  12. The second house is the house of speech. If the fifth lord, eighth lord, Mercury or Jupiter are in conjunction, then the person will have vaak shakti in him & will predict future with ease.
  13. If the second lord, tenth lord, Ascendant lord or else Mercury or Jupiter are in conjunction with the fifth house, or the eighth lord aspects on all these planets and their house lords, the person will become a successful Astrologer and will earn his income from the profession in Astrology.
  14. If the lord of the eighth house is located in the Ascendant with the lord of the fifth house and shares an aspect relationship or any kind of relationship with the second lord or the eleventh lord, then the person will achieve success in the profession of Astrology.
  15. In the birth-chart of the Scorpio Ascendant, if Jupiter, which is the karaka of knowledge, is placed in the second house in the sign of Sagittarius and aspects the eighth house. And Ketu aspects the eighth lord and is located in the fifth house in the Pisces sign, which is the sign of Jupiter. Sun as the tenth lord is in the fourth house, which is the house of fame, and aspects the tenth house, and Saturn as the lord of the fourth house located in the seventh house and aspects Moon in the Ascendant. The person will gain popularity and fame in the profession of predicting future and will be a successful Astrologer.
  16. If Mercury is located in the tenth house in the birth-chart of Gemini Ascendant, Jupiter is aspected by the fifth lord in the fifth house. The eighth lord and the ninth lord are placed in the Saturn Ascendant and aspect Ketu, which is the Karaka planet of mysterious arts and studies, and the second lord is in the Moon Ascendant, then the person will be proficient in the field of Astrology.

Let’s explore these points in Horoscope of none other than Shri K.N Rao.
Date of Birth: October 12, 1931
Time of Birth: 07:55:00
Place of Birth: Machilipatnam

  1. 8th lord Venus in 1st house in the own zodiac with planet Moon.
  2. Jupiter & Moon in mutual quadrant thus making Gajakesari Yoga.
  3. The Union of Mercury with Atmakarka Sun & Ketu in 12th house.
  4. 5th lord Saturn in 3rd house aspecting own house,9th & 12th house.
  5. In Navamsha Ketu is in 1st house aspecting Moon in 7th.
  6. 5th lord Sun who is Atmakarka is present in the own house.
  7. Jupiter aspecting 5th house & Atmakarka Sun.

In his Vimshamsha 5th lord Venus is in Ascendent & 9th lord Saturn is in 7th aspecting each other. Ketu is in the Tenth house in mutual aspect with planet Mercury. While Moon is exalted in 12th house. All these combinations make him a great astrologer who revived astrology during 1990’s & got recognition across the Globe. In later lessons, we will cover various karakas of houses & planets.

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    Venus mahadasha is going on … how will be Saturn transit in 10th house… can i expect a level up in career? Pl advise

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