When Maitreya raised a doubt and asked Sage Parashar, regarding inability of Humans of Kaliyuga age(dark age or age of rahu) in handling complex rules of astrology.

Sage Parashar who knew this already,assured Maitreya and described lessons on Asthvarga Astrology which is easy to learn and have some wonderful techniques for predictions. As per Sage Parashar even great Bharahaspati & Vashishta can make mistakes in astrology & humans from Kaliyuga would be more ignorant thus prone to more mistakes.

Here I will discuss each topic in Asthvarga one by one in a simple way. There are  books on Asthvarga but few topics can cause confusion, especially terms like Kakshas,Reductions and Computation of Ashtakavarga itself can be confusing especially if you are new to this topic.

Before going further let me tell you the utility of Asthvarga.
1.Asthvarga is a important tool for assessment of general strength of planets & houses.
2.To predict important events of life.
3.Judgement of longevity.
4.Predicting Transit results of planets.

Principal of Asthvarga

All planets in motion are always affecting other planets from their radical position and from lagana.

During their motion, for example planet Venus,due to its position in a Horoscope in a particular sign or house will be capable to throw rays of influence on certain places which will be auspicious,both from Venus position and from the position of other planet. Then the collective sum of these influence which is measured in benfic points or bindu will act as a agent to produce good effects of birth chart positions and its transit motion.

To understand the above statement we will compute Asthvarga of planet Mars for DOB 7/9/1986 place Dehradun and Time 21:15

Though with astrology software you don’t need to do it manually but for better understanding of Asthvarga principal, you should do few Asthvarga compution manually. Here, I will do Asthvarga of Mars from Sun and Mars itself.
1.Mars produces auspicious results in 3rd,5th,6th,10th & 11th houses from planet Sun.


2.Mars produces auspicious results in 1st,2nd,4th,7th,8th 10th & 11th from himself or you can say from its natal position


Note:There is a debate between South Indians and North Indians about the bindus and rekhas.So here we will use only benfic bindus or positive points.

There is no mention of compution of Rahu & Ketu by Sage Parashar but there is a mention of Asthavarga of Rahu in Shambuhora.

Few other things which are important to know in beginning.

Each of the 12 zodiacs are divided into eight subdivisions called Kakshas

For AV purpose each zodiac is divided into 8 parts called Kakshas. Each kakshas has a span of 3 degree 45 minutes.
In a way Kakasha are pretty similar to division of zodiacs via Nakshatras & its pada.One zodiac have 9 padas.

The 1st kaksha of each rasi is ruled by saturn, the 2nd by jupiter, 3rd by mars, 4th by sun, 5th by venus, 6th by mercury, the 7th by moon and the 8th by the lagna. This Kakasha division is unique in a way that the first three Kakshya belongs to Outer Planets Saturn,Jupiter,Mars but are placed in reverse order. Saturn being the farthest is allotted first Kakshya then Jupiter & Mars.

Sun is considered as Centre here being 4th Kakshas, then interior orbit planets are placed in reverse oder i.e though Moon is closest to earth,it lords over second last Kakshya and lagana which represent human beings or ourself comes in last Kakasha i.e 8th Kakasha

Let’s see in which Kakshas planets Saturn & Jupiter are transiting today.

On 28/12/2015,Saturn is in Scorpio at 16 degrees 38 minutes & Jupiter is in Leo at 28 degrees 57 minutes.

Now if you want to know in which Kakasha Planet Saturn is in now. Simply divide degrees of Saturn 16 degree 38 minutes or 16.63° by span of one Kakasha 3 degree 45 minutes or 3.75° degrees.
16.63/3.75=4.34,hence Saturn is in 5th Kakasha which belongs to Planet Venus.

For Jupiter, 28.95/3.75=7.7 which mean Jupiter is in 8th Kakasha which belongs to Moon.
These Kakshas are used in giving effects of Transits & Dahsa results. Keep this point in mind,we will use Kakshas extensively in future articles.

For convenience of readers i’m giving a readymade table so that you can easily check in which Kakasha a planet is in.

Span of Zodiac.    Kakshas Lord
0 to 3 ° 45′          SATURN
3°45′  to 7° 30′   JUPITER
7° 30′ to 11°45′     MARS
11°45′ to 15°          SUN
15° to 18°45′         VENUS
18°45′ to 22°30′  MERCURY
22°30′ to 26°15′     MOON
26°15′ to 30°          LAGAN

Mainly 3 types of Ashtakavarga charts are used to study the effects of the planets.

1.Bhinnasthvarga or individual Asthvarga Chart.
2.Sarvasthvarga or total Asthvarga chart.
3.Prasthara or spread out Asthvarga Chart.

The 1st type are the Bhinnashtakavarga charts, prepared for the lagna and the 7 planets – total 8 charts are made. What we did for Mars before is called as Bhinnashtakavarga.

Picture shown above shows the Prasthara Asthvarga chart of Mars of example horoscope.The zodiacs are marked horizontally by the respective Zodiacs abbreviations i.e., Ar for Aries, Tau for Taurus etc. The 8 Kakshas are to be seen vertically.

A Bhinnashtakavarga kaksha of any rasi can contain only one point. If a positive point is contributed by any planet in a kaksha it is marked by 1, otherwise by 0. So we can see that in the chart of the Bhinnasakavarga of Mars, in the sign Aries, only one benfic point is there which is contributed by Ascendent. In Tauras sign three benfic points are contributed by Sun,Saturn & Venus. The total positive points contributed in Aries are 1 and in Tauras 3. We can see the other signs similarly.

The Bhinnashtakavarga charts of planets are very useful to study the transit effects of planets. For example Mars transits a zodiac for or around 45 days. But the results he gives are not uniform throughout the 45 days.

Mars produces good results while transiting the Kakshas where there is a positive point and if negative point is there he gives bad results. In example horoscope case Mars while transiting the Last kaksha of Aries, from 26°15′ to 30 degrees will give good results as Mars has contributed a positive point there. While in other kakshas from 00 to 26° 15′ Mars will give negative results.

As Aries has only 1 positive and 5 negative points in Mars BAV chart, mars transit in Aries will prove bad for the native of example Horoscope.

The good or bad effects will have a relation with the planet contributing the point, either positive or negative. They will have a link to its nature, house ownership etc.

In similar fashion with the help of the BAV charts of the other planets we can study their transit effects.

Tomorrow we will learn more about on  Bhinna asthvarga of planets & and other Ashtakavarga chart. Its very important to Know about various Asthvarga charts then only you can master Asthvarga.

Ashtakavarga has many more applications. While analyzing the effects of a house, by studying how many total good and bad points are there, contributed by which planets, etc give several clues about the house effects.Though its a must for you to know about fixed significance of all planets like Sun is significator of father,soul,government etc. We will cover all topics but before that read this article and practice manually.

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