In Vedic Astrology there are many ways you can asses wealth prospects of a person like wealth yogas,raaj yogas,indu lagans etc.But LAABH MANDOOK HORA is unique and gives us ample clue on quantum of wealth a person is going to gain in his life.Also it can give you some clues on sources of  wealth, weather it will be inherited,self made or from abroad sources etc.

Method to compute Laabh Mandook Hora.

Construction of Laabh Mandook Hora is based on Parashari Hora Chart(D-2) but the only difference here is that planets can go to zodiacs of any other planets unlike in Parashari Hora Chart where planets can either only go to LEO or CANCER zodiac.

Here in Mandook Hora Chart  a planet in first hora which means planets having degrees between 00 to 15 will remain in same zodiac in Mandook Hora Chart,while a planet in second hora which means planet having degrees between 15 to 30 will be placed in eleventh sign from it.

Here in Mandook Hora reference of eleventh house is being used and eleventh house in astrology stands for financial gains. In fact eleventh house is more powerful than second house in terms of giving financial gains especially for businessmans. All planets gives good results in eleventh house, the more number of planets connected to your eleventh house more financial gains you will experience in your life.

Now I will explain the construction of Mandook Hora with Chart of Late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani.

His Planetry placements are as follows:
Ascendent Sagittarius 01 36 deg
Sun            Sagittarius 13 11 deg
Moon         Sagittarius  21 06 deg
Mars              Leo        24 08 deg
Mercury      Scorpio     21 44 deg
Jupiter          Virgo       00 07 deg
Venus          Scorpio    15 26 deg
Saturn        Capricon   10 40 deg
Rahu           Aquarius   18 11 deg
Ketu             Leo          18 11 deg

Now,since in natal chart of Late Dhirubhai Ambani Ascendant is in first hora, means Ascendant degree is under 15.Therefore ascendent will retain the same sign Sagittarius in Mandook Hora.

Therefore Ascendant of his Laabh Mandook Hora will be Sagittarius.

Planet Sun will retain the same sign Sagittarius.

Planet Moon is in second hora in Sagittarius therefore in mandook hora Moon will acquire sign of Libra which is 11th sign from Sagittarius.

Same way; Mars will be placed in Gemini.

Mercury will be placed in Virgo.

Jupiter will retain its sign from natal chart which is Virgo.

Venus will be placed in Virgo.

Saturn will retain its sign of Capricorn.
Rahu & Ketu will be placed in signs of Sagittarius & Gemini

Let’s see how this hora chart works. First for assessment of wealth in a birth chart,you need to see weather DHAN or RAAJ YOGA’S are present in chart or not. If these yogas are present in natal chart(D-1) then it will reflect in other charts too. In Vedic Astrology every aspect of human life will reflect precisely in supporting division charts either Parashari or non Parashari. Nothing works in isolation in this divine subject!!

Now coming back to application of Mandook Hora Chart;here in given example of Late Dhirubhai Ambani.There are numerous DHAN yogas in his main birth chart (D-1).

The greatest being mutual disposition of trine lord i.e lord of 1st,5th and 9th house & he made his fortune in Mahadasha’s of Mars,Rahu & Jupiter.

Now see his Mandook Hora Chart 9th house lord Sun is powerfully present in Ascendent along with Rahu,5th lord Mars is in 7th house having mutual aspect with Sun.

Ascendent lord Jupiter is placed in 10th house,which is a strongest Kendra house and along with 7th lord & 10th lord Mercury and 11th lord Venus,Jupiter is involved in a grand DHAN YOGA.

Not to forget second lord Saturn is in own zodiac in own house & royal planet Moon is in 11th house,making his Mandook chart very powerful.

Here I select his chart because though his natal chart shows few grand dhan yogas but the amount of wealth and position he gained in his life is precisely reflected in MANDOOK HORA CHART

1.Seven planets in Kendra house.
2.All trines(Jupiter,Sun,Mars) & Kendra lords(Jupiter,Mercury) are mutually connected to each other;same time involvement of 11th lord Venus is also there.
3.Second lord Saturn in own house.
4.Royal planet Moon which supports independent business is placed in 11th house,which as I said before is the house of huge financial gains.

All these combinations in Mandook Hora clearly reflect the status gained by Late Dhirubhai Ambani.

For me Labh Mandook Hora is more important in judging wealth prospects in birth chart then Indu lagana,I have few reservations regarding Indu lagana which I will deal in next article. Till then you can try to make your own Labh Mandook Hora Chart and assess your wealth prospects.

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  1. – Nice article . This is first time iam hearing about this kind of Hora D2 chart . Very interesting . You have been sharing so freely . Let God bless you with more knowledge and prosperity .

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