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Planetary Combinations For A Air Hostess

With a lucrative salary and opportunities to travel world wide, Air Hostess has become a great option for young students.

No doubt being an Air Hostess is a great way to earn a handsome salary and same time provides one to travel and meet new people which in turn broaden one’s views and makes them smart.
But obviously getting into a Aircraft as an Air Hostess is not meant for everyone and requires some condition or criteria to be met, which are as follows:

  • Fit body.
  • Good height.
  • Elegant looks.
  • Natural ability to interact with people easily.
  • Temperament
  • Confidence
  • Analytical abilities
  • Perseverance.

If you dissect above points you will find the role of following planets and houses in it.

1.Sun- Planet Sun is natural Atmakaraka and is the significator of the first house. A strong Sun in a horoscope will give a strong body and physical strength.

2.Mercury- Mercury is our speech and a unaffiliated Mercury allows one to learn a languages easily. Same time it makes one communication skills good which allow one to speak fluently with people of various origins and country.

3.Moon– Moon governs over our hairs and a clean unaffiliated Moon gives one good hairs. Same time a unaffiliated Moon makes one good at bheaveiour and considering the hectic schedule a Air Hostess faces, this is the most important factor out of all.

4.Mercury– It represents our logic and analytical abilities because sports require you to use a lot of analytical abilities. Whereas sports like chess revolves around planet Mercury only.

5.Rahu– Rahu is Karaka of forigen things and also rules over Air travel. With Rahu in certain houses of a horoscope, can easily allow one to join such jobs where Air travel and interaction with forigen people.

6.Saturn– Getting success in any field is not a one-night phenomenon, it is a process where along with natural talent one need to practice every hour to improve their skill and here planet Saturn becomes very important. Saturn pushes you and makes sure you have enough perseverance to work at their full potential.

7.Mars- A unaffiliated Mars is very much required for Air Hostess, a well placed Mars gives one good energy level and makes one enthusiastic for work.

As per astrology the following yoga and planetary placement’s are required for getting a job as Air Hostess.

Overall in order to be an Air Hostess, in a Horoscope 1st, 3rd, 10th and 12th house should be strong and interconnected with each other and along with that auspicious dasha should be operative.

Same time 4th and the 12th house should be connected with Rahu.

In horoscope of many Air Hostess, 4th house is seen afflicted because 4th house is your stay at home and obviously Air Hostess doesn’t stay at their home most of the time.

In divisional chart D-10 4th house connection with 12th house also supports job as an Air Hostess.
Let’s check horoscope of an Air Hostess and see how above mentioned planetary combinations are applicable to them.

Example Horoscope

planetary combination for air hostess

You can see here that Jupiter is in own sign in 4th house creating a Hamsa Yoga.

The direct aspect of Jupiter over the 10th house is very supportive here and the native(a girl) joined international Air lines right away after her training at “Frankfinn“.

Many times what happens what even after their training many candidates have to wait long for a job opportunity and in such cases having an auspicious 10th house works in favor and provides one job opportunities right away.

Now as you can see her ascendant and 10th lords are same and are in exchange yoga with  12th house lord Sun, which shows that the person is connected with a job where abroad visits and stay will be very prominent.

Rahu is in 9th house and aspecting ascendant which further marks its approval here.

Same way there are other combinations also but for the sake of simplicity, I have pointed the major ones only.

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