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Ruby is also known as Manikya and is a precious Gemstone ruled by planet Sun. Characteristic of planet Sun itself tells a lot about Gemstone Ruby. Ruby mainly emits red, when adopted infrared & cosmic rays.


1.Ruby when adopted ives honour and position in society.

2.Ruby is helpful for those natives working in position of authority like ministers or IAS etc.

3.It boost confidence of wearer.

4.Ruby gemtone brings favor from goverment.

5.Ruby gemstone brings good health  and boost immunity.

6.Ruby gemstone helps to attain wealth.

Above given benefits are of very general nature and exact results will depend on role of planet Sun in your horoscope.

Let’s take a look on application of Ruby for different ascendants.

As a general rule of astrology a benefic planet when weak i.e debililated or in bad houses which are 6th, 8th & 12th. Should be made strong via remedies. These points should be kept in mind all the time and for planet Sun one need to consider following points also.

  1. Debilitated Sun in navamsha.
    2.Sun afflicted with malefic like Mars, Rahu, Ketu & Saturn.

Note: This natural malefic role of planets tends to change as per ascendant hence a holistic approach is needed here.

3.Close conjunction of Rahu with planet Sun.

For detailed information check affliction over planets and houses check my article HOW TO IDENTIFY AFFLICTED PLANET.

ARIES ASCENDANT: Here planet Sun becomes 5th house lord which is a trine house and in terms of strength 5th house is next to 9th house only. Ruby Gemstone should be worn here without any inhibitions.

For Aries ascendant natives, relation of planet Sun with Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Moon or even with Satrun, results in Rajyoga. If you have Aries ascendant and Sun is weak or afflicted or involved in Rajyoga then Ruby can be worn without any problem.

TAURUS ASCENDANT: Here planet Sun becomes lord of 4th house which is a house of domestic peace, luxury, house, mother and represents throne also. Ruby should should be worn in following conditions only.

1.If Sun is severely afflicted by malefics.

2.If Sun is in close conjunction with Rahu.

3.If Sun is involved with Mercury or Saturn.

Ruby should be avoided in Sun is in ascendant or 7th house.

Ruby applicability for Tauras ascendant is not easy to Judge and one should take help of a astrology who is well versed with Gemstone application.

GEMINI ASCENDANT: Here Sun is lord of 3rd and becomes a malefic planet for Gemini ascendant. Gemstone Ruby should be avoided here and birth chart should be analyzed thoroughly before making any recommendations. Use of Ruby unless required can make native to indulge in unethical behavior & wrong doings.

CANCER ASCENDANT: For Cancer ascendant planet Sun becomes lord of 2nd house which makes Sun a maraka planet for here. Now obviously use of maraka Gemstone is not advised unless there is severe affliction of Rahu-Ketu on planet Sun. Sun when invloved with planet Venus, Mars or Jupiter creates a string dhan yoga but still Ruby should be avoided.

LEO ASCENDANT: Here Sun is lord of ascendant and becomes the most benefic planet for them. As a general rule of astrology ascendant lord should be strong, so that good use of Rajyoga can be made and it also helps in countering negative yogas in horoscope. Planet Sun when invloved with Mars, Jupiter or Venus creates a Rajyoga and Ruby should be adopted here all the time.

VIRGO ASCENDANT: Here Sun becomes lord of 12th house and in normal conditions gives malefic results. Let me tell you 12th house is most interesting house in astrology and have capability to make one either a king or a thief. As a general rule Ruby Gemstone should be avoided here and shouldn’t be used since it can affect material progress. Those who aspires for abroad should use Ruby with Venus Gemstone i.e white topaz or white sapphire. Ruby should also be worn if 12th house is occupied by malefics especially Mars and same time if Sun is weak or afflicted.

LIBRA ASCENDANT: Here Sun becomes lord of eleventh house and is malefic for them. Ruby Gemstone should be avoided here and should not used on assumption that Sun will bring wealth in their life. As per Parashar 11th house is a malefic house and when involved with other malefic houses lord, it can create havoc in life. Blue sapphire should be used here all throughout life.

SCORPIO ASCENDANT: For Scorpio ascendant Sun becomes lord of 10th house. Sun rules over career and social status for Scorpio ascendant. Use of Ruby Gemstone becomes tricky here and requires holistic approach. Ruby should be worn only when Sun is invloved with Mars, Moon, Jupiter or especially with Moon. Though use of Ruby Gemstone when Mars is with Sun can cause some side effects like aggression, overconfidence & disease related with pitta dosha.

SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT: For Sagittarius ascendant Sun is lord of 9th house and becomes most benefic planet. Use of Ruby Gemstone is highly advised for whole life. Sun when involved with Jupiter & Mars creates a grand Rajyoga and other Gemstone like Yellow Sapphire and Ruby can also be used here.

CAPRICORN ASCENDANT: For Capricorn ascendant Sun becomes lord of 8th house and as per parashari rule Sun is a neutral planet here.

Now Sun if involved with Satrun, Mercury and Venus then Ruby should be worn.

Sun when involved with malefics like Mars, Rahu & Ketu then Ruby should be avoided.

Here role of Sun for Capricorn Ascendant should be understood before making recommendations.

AQUARIUS ASCENDANT: For Aquarius ascendant Sun is a maraka planet due to its lordship over 7th house. As a general rule Ruby Gemstone should be avoided here unless it is making a union with Mercury or Venus.

Also here degrees should also be checked if degrees of Mercury and Venus is higher then Sun then Ruby is highly recommended.

PISCES ASCENDANT: For Pisces ascendant natives Sun is lord of 6th house and is malefic planet for them. Ruby should be avoided here at any cost and best Gemstone for them is Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire and Pearl.

So we have seen how and where Ruby should be worn and same way analysis of lordship should be done for all Gemstones. Don’t wear Gemstones with wrong recommendation and also avoid faulty gemstone otherwise it will lead to failure of your Gem Therapy. Always adopt Jyotish Gemstones, they are worthy and value for money.

Planet Sun have rulership over one zodiac only and preferably GEMSTONE  RUBY should be worn when Sun have rulership over a benefic house.

Gem therapy which is most popular and powerful way to harness planetary energies of your functional benefic planets seems to be out of reach for the most part of the population.Major reason here the price of these Jyotish quality Gemstones. For example, a unheated and VS type Ruby is almost 4000USD per carat and for

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White Sapphire is a popular gemstone and is known to bless the native with wealth and good relationship. Due to aggressive marketing people gives preference to Diamond but the fact is that all Diamonds are treated and can’t be used in Gemtherapy. Benefits of white sapphire: 1. Gives good health and beautiful looks. 2.Brings wealth

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